Dream of Airplanes: Meaning & Spiritual Messages

An airplane is a popular mode of transportation, often used for long-distance travel. It is not unusual to have a dream about an airplane before or after a journey. However, if you experience this type of dream unexpectedly, it likely carries significant symbolism.

A dream about an airplane reflects your perceptions of your current circumstances. It represents a longing for personal freedom, the pursuit of ambitious goals, and a desire for more adventure in life. This dream urges you to take charge of your own destiny and not to rely solely on external factors.

Dreams about airplanes can be interpreted both positively and negatively. Carefully examining the details and specific situations in your dream is crucial to accurately understand its meaning.

The Symbolism and Meaning of Airplane in a Dream

Encountering an airplane in a dream represents the desire for personal growth, freedom, and the pursuit of ambitious goals. It is a signal that you should evaluate your aspirations and take the necessary steps to soar to new heights in life.

This dream could also indicate potential obstacles or changes in your current trajectory. Having such a dream is an encouragement to maintain courage, adaptability, determination, and a positive outlook.

Spiritual Meaning of Dreams About Airplanes

airplane dream meaning

1. Desire for Novelty

In most cases, dreams about airplanes typically represent the dreamer’s desire for novelty and adventure. According to brain research, partaking in new experiences sends a flood of dopamine into the brain.

If you’ve been in the same relationship, job, or place for a long period of time, your brain might be craving for a sense of newness and variety. The aircraft in your dream may be a go signal from your celestial guardians to sate this desire and try new things.

2. Reflection of Your True Emotions

Airplane dreams may also allude to the dreamer’s genuine emotions. If you want to get a clear idea of what this dream is trying to tell you about your emotional state, take note of how you’re feeling in the dream. You might also want to consider the people surrounding you in this dream and how you’re feeling as you’re interacting with them.

According to some dream interpreters, dreams that feature airplanes could also give you an insight into your true emotions about the current trajectory of your life. If the airplane in your dream is going up, it means you’re happy and contented with your path. However, if it’s going down, it means you’re feeling lost and unsure if you’re current profession is the right one for you.

The speed of the plane is also revelatory of how you’re feeling about your workload. If the plane is moving too fast, it means you’re feeling stressed out and overwhelmed with the amount of tasks you have. However, if it’s moving at a normal pace, it means you’re happy and at ease with your current workload.

3. Freedom & Success

silhoutte of two people jumping on the beach

To dream of an airplane could also portend freedom and success. This dream suggests that you’ll be able to land a job that’ll allow you to travel around and do whatever your heart desires. It could also represent your ability to persevere and push through any adversity to attain your goals.

4. Ambition

Dreaming of an airplane could also represent your goals, dreams, and ambition. It could also be your subconscious mind’s way of urging you to rise above your self-imposed limitations and go after what you truly want.

According to Christian interpreters, dreams about airplanes marks the start of a new era of your life. It also serve as a divine message reminding you that the universe got your back in whatever endeavor you chose to partake in

5. Fear of the Unknown

Dreams that feature airplanes could also be reflective of the dreamer’s fear of the unknown. It means you’re scared of taking risks and making the necessary changes in your life. There’s an endless amount of possibility lying within the realm of the unknown. Stop letting fear paralyze, hold you back, and rob you of realizing your fullest potential.

6. Take One Small Step

Another reason you might be having an airplane dream is because you’re having an existential crisis. You might be in a depressive spiral and feel like nothing you do matters. If you’re in this mental state, remember that life could mean whatever you want it to be. Simply breathe, take it one step at a time, and follow your bliss.

7. Phallic Symbol

Unsurprisingly, for Freudians, an airplane in dreams is viewed as a phallic symbol. It could also foreshadow a new sexual experience. Other interpreters also suggest that this is a sign of sexual arousal.

If you’re the one flying the airplane, this could be an indication that you have repressed sexual desires. Perhaps you were raised in a household with strict values that prohibits you from acting on these desires. Having this dream could be the green light from your spirit guides to own your sexuality and soak in the full spectrum of life.

8. Jealousy

silhoutte of a man watching two people kiss

For some, dreaming about airplanes could indicate that you’re feeling jealous about the success and accomplishments of your peers. You may be feeling behind and pressured by the people around you. Remember that everyone has their own timeline. Trust that you’re on the right schedule on yours.

Jealousy will not help you get to where you want to go. It will only kill your confidence and motivation to succeed. Stop trying to follow a socially-imposed paint-by-numbers timeline. Carve out your own path and stop comparing yourself to others. 

9. Think Outside the Box

Dreaming about an airplane could also be a message from the divine realm prompting you to get a wider perspective on things. If you’re currently struggling with a complicated problem, having this dream means you need to look at things from a bird’s eye view to find a solution.

10. Take Control of Your Life

A dream about airplanes could also be a message from your guardians that you need to take the driver’s seat in your life. Stop catering to other people’s expectations of you and start living a life that’s in alignment with your true desires and values.

This dream could also be a warning sign that someone in your life is manipulating you into doing things their way. Learn to be mindful of other people’s intentions and carefully sift through the people you’re letting influence your behavior.

Detailed Interpretation of Dreams About Airplanes

Dream About Seeing a Plane in the Sky

silhoutte of airplane on sunset

If in the dream, you see an airplane on the horizon, it means that you’re frustrated over other people’s behavior. Perhaps they haven’t been living up to your expectations. You can’t control other people’s actions but remember that you don’t have to put up with toxic situations.

Dream About Missing a Flight

Missing a flight in a dream indicates that you might have missed an opportunity recently or have been feeling like you’re missing out on something.

Other interpretations also suggest that you may be feeling detached from the world around you. It might be time to get in touch with your humanity and reconnect with your friends and family.

Dream About Small Plane

This dream suggests that you’ve been stuck in a narrow perspective. The world is teeming with a plethora of beliefs, thoughts, and stances for you to explore. You don’t have to adopt these perspectives but you need to learn to open your mind and consider other viewpoints.

Seeing Many Airplanes Flying

If you see many airplanes flying overhead, it means that you will be successful in your career path. However, if you’re a man having this dream, this could be a sign that your life has been revolving around chasing girls, but never truly making any meaningful connection with anyone.

Dream About Being Chased by an Airplane

In a general sense, this dream implies new beginnings through the end of something. It could be a new job, relationship, or change in country to live in. Other dream books also suggest this may be a warning sign that you may be blindly placing your trust in someone you don’t know very well.

Dream About Chasing an Airplane

If you’re the one chasing the plane in your dream, you might be going after something that’s not right for you. Perhaps you’re in a one-sided relationship where you’re the only one putting all the effort and making compromises. It might be time for you to walk away and wait for someone who’s actually excited to be with you.

According to some interpreters, this dream could also be a warning sign from your guardians of upcoming obstacles in your way. You need to brace yourself for these changes and remember that these obstacles hold an important lesson that you need to become the best version of yourself.

Dream About a Plane Getting Hijacked

Having this dream could be a sign that you’re feeling guilty over some things you did in the past. You might have inadvertently hurt someone who deeply cares about you and now this is eating you up inside. Your angels encourage you to make amends and address the issue as soon as possible to regain your peace.

Enjoying a Plane Ride

woman and baby smiling at an airplane

This dream plot foreshadows success and fulfillment in all areas of your life. If you’re struggling right now, having this dream means better days are coming and your hard work will soon pay off. Focus on creating rather than competing and you will be met with success better than you could ever imagine.

Dream About Being Scared During Flight

If you dream of being scared during a flight, this could be a reflection of your tendency to overthink. It means you’re the kind of person who tends to excessively analyze the actions of the people close to you and run every angle of a situation in your head.

You also have a proclivity to jump into the worst-case scenarios which often leaves you feeling lost and powerless. Your celestial guardians are prodding you to stop being consumed by the made-up scenarios in your head and start taking actionable steps towards your goals.

Dream About Flying First Class

first class cabin

Flying first class in dreams represents your desire for fame and fortune. While there’s nothing wrong with wanting the best quality of life for yourself, getting lost in the pursuit of external rewards such as money and recognition could hinder you from living a more joyful and fulfilling day-to-day life.

Focus on doing the best you can in everything you do and simply let fame and fortune be the byproducts of pursuing work that makes you feel alive.

Dream About Airport

Dreams that feature airport signify a major transition point in your life. It could also be representative of your desire to get away, take a vacation, and run from your responsibilities.

An airport in a dream could also be reflective of your perfectionism and chronic indecisive proclivities. You’re the kind of person who doesn’t settle for anything less than extraordinary. However, this indecision might be holding you back from actually living your life. It might be time for you to make some mistakes and pursue growth rather than perfection.

Having this dream could also mean that you’re at a crossroads in your waking life. Perhaps you’re having trouble deciding whether you should align your path with the expectations of the people around you or pursue your dreams. Your celestial guardians encourage you to follow the trails of the things that bring you joy and deeper fulfillment.

Dream About Airplane with a Loaded Cargo

To dream of an airplane carrying a loaded cargo signifies that you’re carrying a heavy burden. Perhaps your past traumas are still haunting you. Maybe you’re still holding anger and resentment toward the people who inflicted pain on you in the past.

If you had this dream, you’re being reminded by your guardians to hold space for the humanity of the people who might have hurt you and understand that they might be hurting too. It’s time to release these heavy emotions so you could move forward and fly with a lighter and graceful heart.

Dream About Delayed Flight

Having your flight delayed in your dreams is often interpreted as a sign that you might encounter some problems and disappointments in your waking life. These letdowns may be inevitable and often unbearable but it’s important to remember that it’s up to you how you respond to them.

Dream About Airplane Taking Off

airplane taking off

An airplane taking off in a dream signifies a new chapter in your life. It could be a new job, relationship, or child. It could also mean that you’re developing a higher level of spiritual awareness and new ways of looking at the world.

The airplane in your dreams could also be representative of your creative ideas and business plans. This dream suggests that it might be time to launch these ideas and make them manifest in the material world.

Dream About Not Finding a Seat on a Plane

This dream plot demonstrates the high level of competition in your professional life. If someone is sitting in your assigned seat, this could be a sign that someone is hellbent on taking your position or ruining your reputation.

Dream About Aggressive Turbulence in an Airplane

Dreaming about aggressive turbulence foretells impending challenging situations. If the turbulence is powerful enough to unbuckle your seat belt and send you flinging around the plane, it means that you need to make an effort to bring balance and harmony to your waking life.

Dream About Airplane Flying at Full Speed

In this dream, the speed of the plane reveals the pace at which your current endeavor is progressing. If the plane is flying at full speed, it means you’re improving and growing at a faster pace than most people. It could also mean that you’re currently living the life of your dreams and living up to your fullest potential

Dream About Airplane Flying Slowly

By contrast, if the plane in your dreams is flying at a slower pace, it might be time for you to get your shit together and get more serious about your dreams. The time has come for you to walk the talk and start working towards the goals you’ve set for yourself.

Dream About Airplane Landing

airplane landing

This dream scenario reflects the completion of a phase or cycle in your life. Perhaps you’ve recently completed a degree or successfully completed a task that may have seemed daunting at first. Having this dream suggests that you will soon reap the fruits of your labor and will be rewarded extravagantly.

On the flip side, if the airplane lands jarringly, it means that you might be having trouble completing a task. It could also be an indication that someone in your life is sabotaging your project. Be careful with the people you share your dreams to as they may not have your best interest at heart.

Dream About Emergency Landing

This dream denotes that something in your life has seriously gone out of hand. This could be with regard to your marriage, career, or your finance. Other interpretations also suggest that you might be adopting a questionable belief system that’s causing you to act in an unkindly and cruel manner toward others.

Dream About Waiting for a Plane to Land

To dream about waiting for an airplane to land means you’re near the end of a project, relationship, or cycle. This could also be a green light from your celestial guardians to try new things or get a fresh start in a new town.

According to some dream interpreters, this could also be a sign for you to reevaluate your life and take some time to reflect on what you actually want to get out of this life.

Dream About Airplane Crashing

crashed airplane

An airplane crashing in your dream means that you might be expecting too much from the people around you. It could also be a sign that your current belief system is hindering you from living your life to the fullest and reaching your highest potential.

If you’re the one driving the plane as it crashes, it might be time for you to reevaluate your plans and alter your course. On the other hand, if you’re not the one flying the plane, this is a sign for you to stop playing the victim and take full responsibility for your life.

Dream About Airplane Crashing into a Car

An airplane crashing into a car could be a warning sign from your guardians that you might encounter people who might hold you back from going after your dreams. This dream also foreshadows an upcoming accident or health issue that will test your faith and commitment to your goals.

Dream About a Burning Plane

The burning plane in your dreams represents the emotions you’ve been repressing for a long time. You might have some internalized anger or sexual fantasy that you’re not expressing for fear of social condemnation. Having this dream suggests that something will happen that’ll trigger you to explode and spill out all your repressed thoughts and emotions in the most unflattering way.

Dreaming About an Upside-Down Plane

A dream about an upside-down plane represents your boredom with your daily task and activities. You might be feeling suffocated by the monotony of your routines and been having an urge to do something crazy and turn your life around.

Dream About Having a Bomb in an Airplane

This dream plot augurs the resurfacing of something from your past. Perhaps an ex-lover will come back to your life and ask for another chance. Other dream interpreters also suggest that someone you trust might reveal your secrets and wreak havoc in your life.

Dream About Airplane Exploding

An airplane exploding in a dream signals that you might be neglecting some aspects of your life. Maybe you’ve been taking your partner for granted or haven’t been showing up for your children. Your spirit guides urge you to be more present in your life and carve out some time for the people you care about.

Dream About Piloting an Airplane

two pilots in the cockpit

Dreaming about flying an airplane means you’re finally taking responsibility for your life and handling your affairs in order.

The way you feel as you’re driving the plane also reveals how well you deal with the unknown. If you’re feeling scared while piloting the plane, this could be a sign that you’re anxious about treading the waters of the unknown.

On the other hand, if you’re feeling excited and full of joy as you’re flying the plane, it means you’re the kind of person who actively seeks out seemingly impossible goals. Having this dream also implies that your commitment to your goals will help you overcome whatever obstacles that come your way.

Dream About Getting into a Plane Accident

Getting into a plane accident in your dreams signifies that you might have set your goals too high and are now feeling overwhelmed and doubtful about your abilities. While there’s nothing wrong with setting a high standard for yourself, you have to remember to be kind to yourself and honor your rhythms.

Dream About Jumping Off an Airplane


Jumping off an airplane means you’re ready to let go of everything that’s no longer serving you in the present. You’re ready to dive into the unknown and start choosing yourself.

Having this dream could also signify that you’re on the verge of giving up on someone you might have deeply cared about. You’ve tried your best and given it your all but time and time again they keep breaking your heart and making you feel like you’re not enough.

No matter how much you love a person, don’t ever give them the power to keep making you feel unlovable. It’s long past due for you to choose yourself. Stop lowballing yourself just to keep someone in your life. Stop settling for a stale and confusing love. You deserve more than that.

Watching Other People Jump Off a Plane

Seeing people jumping off a plane in your dreams indicates that you’re finally ready to give up on pursuing something that you’ve invested so much of your time and effort. It means you’re deeply exhausted from dealing with other people’s bs and are now ready to start setting strong boundaries with people who deplete you.

Dream About Getting Off an Airplane

Getting off an airplane in a dream is a positive omen. It means you’re surrounded by people who shower you with unconditional love and support. It could also portend a stress-free and blissful period of your life.

Dream About Falling from an Airplane

Falling out of an airplane means you need to put an end to something. This could pertain to your relationship or job that’s no longer bringing you joy and fulfillment. You have to ask yourself, who could you be if you leave these toxic situations right now? What would your life look like? Your celestial guardians urge you to reflect on these things.

Dream About Fighter Planes

Dreaming of war or fighter planes denotes that you’re fighting a war within yourself. You’ve tried your best to stop these self-destructive thoughts but it never really goes away. You’ve tried to adopt healthy habits and it may have worked for a while but you seem to keep reverting to your old ways. The battle rages on and it’s exhausting.

Dream About Toy Airplane

toy airplane

A toy airplane in the dream of an adult depicts your childish nature. You’re not the kind of person who takes things too seriously and you always look at things with a childlike wonder.

According to some dream interpreters, it could also be a sign that you’ve been neglecting the needs of your inner child. It might be demanding more love and attention but you’re so caught up in how you look to others rather than actually doing things that truly bring you joy.

Dreaming About an Invisible Airplane

This dream is a reminder from your spirit guides to stop judging and trying to pigeonhole people into certain categories. They’re prodding you to look beyond your narrow perspective and remember that there’s so much more about a person’s narrative than the assumptions you’ve made about them.

An invisible airplane in dreams could also reflect your uncertainty over a particular situation. Perhaps you’re on the fence about staying or leaving a relationship. You might want to feel loved and cared for but at the same time, you need your own space and freedom.

Dream About Fuel Leaking Out of an Airplane

To dream of fuel leaking out of an airplane could be a sign of betrayal or a blind spot. It could also be an indication that something is going wrong with your business or creative project. Brace yourself for these hurdles and be mindful of the people you share your secrets with.

Dream About an Empty Airplane

empty passenger seat on a plane

Dreaming of being alone in a plane could be a reflection of your current life circumstance. Perhaps you’re feeling lonely, misunderstood, and detached from the world around you.

If the plane is miles above the ground, this could be a sign that you’ve achieved everything you thought you ever wanted but you have no one to share it with. Another interpretation also suggests that you may have reached a higher plane of awareness and have been feeling some sort of Nietzschean elation.

Missing Friends & Family While in a Plane

If in the dream, you find yourself missing your friends and family, it could be a sign that a new chapter in your life is about to unfold. You have to learn to let go of the past, focus on what’s in front of you, and give more room for new experiences and people in your life.

Dream About Flying an Airplane with a Friend

To dream of flying an airplane with a friend means you’ve found yourself a person who’s willing to come with you everywhere you go and support you in every endeavor you partake in. The person in your dream could be someone you know you could depend on to bail you out of jail and keep your secrets to the grave.

Dream About Being on a Plane with Significant Other

This dream could have several interpretations depending on how you’re interacting with each other. If your partner is constantly nagging you in your dreams, this could be a sign that you need to be more accountable for your actions.

On the other hand, if you’re comfortable and enjoying the ride with your significant other, this could be a message from your celestial guardians to take your relationship to the next level or plan out a new adventure together.

Dreaming About Airplane on the Runway

If in the dream, you see a parked airplane on the runway, this could be a message from your subconscious to be more patient and kinder to yourself while reaching your goals. Remember to enjoy the journey and surround yourself with people who support and care about you.

Dream About Boarding an Airplane

people boarding on a plane

This dream plot signifies that you’re ready to be more honest with yourself about your destructive ways of being and make the necessary changes. Other dream interpreters also suggest that you need to set healthy boundaries and start prioritizing your peace and happiness.

Dream About Being Trapped in an Airplane

If you’ve found yourself trapped in an airplane, this could be a sign that you’re feeling held back, stuck, and suffocated in your waking life. It’s possible that you might have been identifying with some self-imposed limitations to fit your current narrative and look good in front of your peers. However, this is only making you feel like a fraud and unhappy with your life.

Final Thoughts

Airplane dreams could have several interpretations that vary depending on several factors. When decoding the true meaning behind your airplane dreams, it’s important to consider the details of your dream as well as your current life circumstances.

In addition to that, the context of your dream and the way you’re feeling as you were having this dream could also give you an insight into what your subconscious mind or celestial guardians are trying to tell you.


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