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Aries and Aquarius Soulmates: Compatibility Secrets Unveiled

Astrology gives light to many different facets of our life, including love and relationships. It can even provide us information to help us identify our soulmates. You can determine how compatible you and your potential soulmate are by studying your birth charts.

Aries and Aquarius, for example, are one of the creative pairs of the zodiac. Aquarius, an air sign, balances Aries’ fiery nature. On the other hand, Aries encourages Aquarius to make a move instead of getting carried away pondering about new ideas.

Many assume that soulmates are identical in personality and temperament, but this isn’t the case. Soulmates create a balance: they’re similar in some aspects but opposite in others. You can learn about your astrological compatibility by looking into the different components of your natal chart.

Compatibility of Aries and Aquarius as Soulmates

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Aries (March 21 to April 20) is the first house of the zodiac. Its symbol, the Ram, perfectly embodies this sign’s ardent and independent nature. People born under Aries are full of spirit and enthusiasm.

On the other hand, people born under Aquarius (January 21 to February 18) pave their path and walk through it with confidence. They stick to their own pace and detest glorifying tradition or anything conventional. The Water Bearers are also philanthropic and participate in humanitarian efforts.

What makes the Aries-Aquarius duo one of the best combinations in the zodiac is their ability to transform their visions into action. If there are two words to describe their relationship, it’s creative and dynamic. Their adventurous souls are highly compatible with each other.

Aries and Aquarius soulmates also have the same goal: to be exceptional in whatever they do. They’re both competitive by nature, and they help each other climb the ladder of success.

The Water Bearers are visionaries, but there are times when they find it hard to act on their vision. Hence, Aquarius admires Aries for its initiative to transform ideas into reality. At the same time, Aries adores Aquarius for its creativity and unique personality.

The foundation of Aries and Aquarius’ relationship is mutual respect and understanding. They understand that they both value independence. Hence, the pair ensure that they respect each other’s personal decisions.

Compatibility Based on the Signs’ Ruling Planets

Planet Mars rules Aries, while Aquarius is ruled by Uranus (modern ruler) and Saturn (traditional ruler). Uranus is responsible for Aquarius’ innovative ideas and progressive thinking. Meanwhile, Aquarius gets its philanthropic nature from Saturn.

Aries’ ruler, Mars, is responsible for directing all different energy into the right place. The combination of the influence of Aries and Aquarius’ planets makes this duo a dynamic pair.

Compatibility Based on the Signs’ Elements

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Each of the twelve astrological signs has an element (also called triplicities). The four elements fire, water, earth, and air are the main components of astrology. These four allow you to determine the connections between planets.

Aries is a fire sign, together with Leo and Sagittarius. These three are full of energy, optimistic, and have adventurous souls. They tend to be impatient and stubborn from time to time.

On the contrary, Aquarius is an air sign like Gemini and Libra. Air signs are intellectual people, and they’re efficient communicators. Although they’re intuitive, they can be detached from the people around them and their surroundings.

Similar to how air helps spread fire, Aquarius encourages Aries to look into new perspectives. At the same time, Aquarius stimulates Aries’ mind, and Aries takes Aquarius on unexpected and thrilling adventures.

Compatibility Based on the Signs’ Modalities

Just like how each of the signs has an element, every single one of them also possesses a quality (also called modes or quadruplicities). Each of the three modes (cardinal, fixed, and mutable) has four signs under them. These qualities are just as significant in astrology as the elements.

Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn are the cardinal signs. They’re the trendsetters and self-starters. However, their impulsive nature sometimes hinders them from completing what they started.

Aquarius, one of the fixed signs, is part of the determined bunch (joining Taurus, Leo, and Scorpio). The fixed signs are excellent at carrying through, finishing the tasks, and accomplishing their goals. When Aries and Aquarius soulmates work together, they can be successful in life.

Moon, Venus, and Mars in the Signs: Aries and Aquarius Compatibility

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As stated earlier, astrology can give us an immense amount of information about the different aspects of our life from career and finances to health and relationships. If you wish to find your soulmate, astrologers can use your synastry chart.

A relationship synastry chart allows you to know your astrological compatibility with another person. In a synastry chart reading, experts will look into the individual birth charts of two people and assess which planets are compatible or in discord with each other.

The Sun sign is usually the only factor considered when analyzing relationship compatibilities because it’s the easiest sign to know. You can obtain more information by looking into other aspects, however. Other significant components that can provide more insight are the Sun sign, Ascendant, and Nodes.

When reading a synastry chart, astrologers also look into the pair’s Planets (also called luminaries). They dive deep into three crucial components: the Moon, Venus, and Mars. Below is a brief compatibility analysis based on the three luminaries mentioned.

Aries Moon Compatibility with Aquarius Moon

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The Moon is associated with one’s emotional make-up and femininity (otherwise known as yin). We’ll learn how our circumstances in life have a significant impact on our selfhood on the emotional level by looking into the Moon in the signs.

People with the Moon in Aries tend to be mercurial and impulsive. They act without thinking twice and end up facing the consequences. Because they value independence, they can be very stubborn and try to dominate other people.

Individuals born with the Moon in Aquarius also cherish their freedom and independence above all. They tend to have a fear of commitment and close relationships with others.

Both Aries Moon and Aquarius Moon can be very stubborn. As mentioned earlier, Aries Moon tends to be dominating on an emotional level. However, Aquarius Moon would not put up with that.

There might be numerous disagreements along the way, but they still make a compatible pair. They base their relationship on friendship and loyalty, and this strengthens the bond between them.

Aries Venus Compatibility with Aquarius Venus

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Venus, the planet of love and beauty, tells us how we show our love in our relationships. It also gives us an idea of what we value in our relationships, both intimate and social.

As mentioned earlier, Aries is ruled by Mars, the planet associated with passion. People with a Venus in Aries can be assertive when expressing their desire, especially when it comes to relationships. Although a passionate love sounds ideal, people with this sign can be possessive and self-centered.

The demanding personality of an Aries Venus can be too much for someone with a Venus in Aquarius. The latter gives utmost importance to freedom and variety and dislikes possessive or jealous partners.

Aquarius Venus loves mental stimulation, however, and Aries Venus can provide just that. People with a Venus in Aries are social, and they like broadening their horizons. This behavior is attractive to the thrill-seeking Aquarius Venus.

Aries Mars Compatibility with Aquarius Mars

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Mars in the signs is associated with our drive and how we use that drive to accomplish our goals or obtain the objects of our desire. It also tells us more about our sexual and physical energy.

People with Mars in Aries always have the urge to express their enthusiasm and power. They’re natural leaders and competitive ones at that. The Ram is determined to manifest its goals.

If Aries Mars’ ultimate goal is to achieve their dreams, Aquarius Mars wants to manifest peace. Together, the dynamic duo pushes each other to attain their hearts’ desires.

When it comes to sexual compatibility, Aries and Aquarius also make a creative pair. They know what excites their partner, and the unpredictability keeps the flame alive. Although both like taking the lead, Aquarius mostly lets Aries take the reins.

Final Thoughts

Astrology readings (especially synastry chart readings) provide us with a phenomenal amount of information about ourselves and our relationships with others. Our birth charts are excellent tools in understanding ourselves, our soulmates, and our relationship with them.

Professional astrologers on this website who specialize in reading natal charts can help you discover more about yourself and give insight into how you can improve your relationships. Psychic advisors can also read your birth chart to determine the zodiac sign that’s most compatible with you.


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