7 Biblical Meanings of Lizards in Dreams (Explained)

Everyone dreams, and although it is hard to remember every exact detail, some parts remain striking and difficult to forget. Dreaming about lizards is a rather widespread experience, with many different cultures adapting their own unique meanings to the quirky little creature.

Dreams are important throughout the narrative of the greatest story ever told. It can be found on many different occasions, often used to relay the divine word of God to a prophet. Lizards are seen as creatures of wisdom in the Bible, and it is forbidden to touch or eat them, for they move on the ground and are unclean (Leviticus 11:29-30).

Some societies revere them as wielders of cosmic power and divine wisdom. Some mythologies picture them as a source of eternal life, while others view them as symbols of death and destruction. Whatever the case, their different interpretations throughout history are seen as spiritual and carry intrinsic value to the dreamer.

Seeing a Lizard in Dream Biblical Meanings

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1. Caution

The bible is full of instances where spirits come as a way of imparting warnings against false prophecies and times of imminent calamity or misfortune. These misfortunes can appear to the dreamer as lizards, which are considered dangerous creatures, according to the Bible.

Considering the modern world, however, dream implications are no longer that severe. They may now be a warning that a person you know might betray you, or someone is going behind your back. This can be related to lizards because of their cold-blooded nature. God, angels, spirits, or your own psychic abilities may be the source of these warnings.

Rather than you, it may also be a reminder for people close to you. It may have come to you in a dream, so you can warn and help them instead. This can happen if you have a very strong emotional and spiritual connection with that certain someone.

2. Wisdom

In the Bible, small creatures like ants, locusts, marmots, and lizards are often seen as wise. Dreams about them may imply the need for their wisdom and abilities. The dreamers may find themselves in situations of confusion, especially in times of difficulty; not knowing what to do or where to go in life is a sentiment that most individuals have gone through before.

The insight to follow a certain path from a dream may come as a heavenly intervention to assist you in any uncertainty you are currently going through. Overcoming these obstructions can be seen as something symbolic, like lizards being able to survive using their wits.

Seeking guidance from the people around you and using the available resources at your disposal may be key in understanding this dream.

3. Potential

Lizards are seen as creatures of potential in the Bible because they can sneak past heavily guarded castles, but they only need to be caught by hand (Proverbs 30:28).

If you dream of them, it might indicate that you are at the precipice of something extraordinary in your life. You may have recently unlocked an ability that will make you successful. An opportunity for something new, an opportunity for growth. It may carry risks, but the experience you gain will prove fruitful.

Like the humble lizard, people may try and stop you, but continuing to strive forward will enable you to reach your destined self. This may be a sign from heaven to go and try to live up to your potential. Step forward and try to reach the castle you were meant for from the very beginning. The angels have given you something to look forward to. Now is not the time to stop and doubt it.

4. Impurity

According to the book of Leviticus, the Israelites held the belief that lizards were unclean animals. If you dream of lizards, this may be a sign from heaven that you have done something to make yourself unclean in the eyes of God. It is said that in Moses’ dream, everyone who eats or touches lizards, either alive or dead, will be regarded as dirty.

You may have recently done something that is considered sinful in the eyes of angels, and that is why it has come back to you in a dream in the form of a lizard. It may be a sign from the higher-ups to meditate and repent for that certain action. Luckily, the Almighty is ever merciful, and no man is not allowed forgiveness.

5. Courage

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If you are fighting a lizard in your dream, it may suggest the complete opposite of impurity. It may be because you are doing something great in spreading the good word. You may be influencing someone out of their harmful ways and converting them into better versions of themselves. If so, you are doing a great job, and it is certain that you will receive blessings that your action deserves.

Considering that, this may also be a sign of your continued perseverance in terms of adversity. Being brave is something that isn’t easy. More often than not, it is gruesome and brutal. Therefore, you should not forget to be careful because evil is always present around good sheep.

6. Stress

Stress may also be another reason why you are seeing lizards in your dreams. Lizards are symbols of regeneration and renewal in many cultures, often praised for their brilliance and wisdom. Therefore, you may be experiencing visions of them because you lack their sensible characteristics and desire them subconsciously.

Oftentimes, people are subjected to many family or work issues, and stress becomes a huge part of their suppressed thoughts. Visions of lizards may be a message from angels that you need to take care of yourself. That you need renewal and peace in your mind. It may be wise to take some time off, relax, and enjoy the sun a little.

7. Faith

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In the grand scheme of the universe, humans are all but insignificant beings. But just like how God took notice of the importance and wisdom of small lizards, all of humanity is in His heart. People are but small creatures, but everyone is still welcome in His castle in heaven. Dreaming of lizards may be a subtle reminder to keep faith in Him.

Remember that the good word was spoken through a lizard that you do not even notice on a typical day. This is a soft reminder that you should appreciate even the smallest of things in all of creation. The dreams you have about them may be a light hug from angels, reminding you to keep faith in God and spread love among everyone.

What to Do Next?

Take Meaningful Action

As a believer, it is imperative that you act and orient to the proper course of action now that you are aware of the potential sacred meanings of these dreams.

Your guardian angels are prompting you to take measures and you owe yourself the opportunity to be better. Now is the time to do something about it. It is you who should take control of your destiny. Their guidance will only take you so far.

Push Through any Adversity

If you find yourself in a time of great difficulty, do not panic. Focus on what you know and what you can control. Take things slowly, one at a time, and try to drive yourself forward little by little. The more you strive to pursue a goal despite the challenges, the easier it will be for you in the future should they happen again.

Follow your instincts. Trust your gut to know who or where the danger will come from. Distance yourself from that person or event afterward, and create as much room as possible for safety and compromise. Learn to seek help from others and, most importantly, from God.

There is no shame in trying to get assistance through prayer or advice from trusted individuals and family.

Develop Self-Mastery

Learn to continue going forward even if you already have something good going. A stronger foundation is built by piling up great hobbies and efficient practices. Steady growth is important. Learning to control certain urges that would deter you from your schedule will be beneficial to you in the long run. It is important to always have a goal, and it is just as important to learn how to gain control of certain bad habits.

Continue to build yourself up in order to become a stronger version of yourself. Take a hint from your dreams and learn to keep on pushing through the grind.

You have the ability to keep pushing forward as you were given visions of what you could be with the dreams that you had. Your guardian angel will keep on guiding you, so there should be no fear or doubt in doing what you should be doing. Go and take the time to improve and learn. The blessings and fruits of labor will soon follow.

Stay Healthy

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Stress and difficulties take a toll on the body. To keep up with everything you need to do, maintain a safe and healthy lifestyle. You can go longer and farther if you take care of yourself. If evil and temptation are always around, then take the time to protect your body from any more potential danger than it is already in.

Exercise and eat high-vibration foods. That way, if something happens, at least your body is in a much better state to handle it. You won’t lose strength immediately, and that will allow you some more time to come up with a plan or seek help. If you do this as a hobby, you will not only be spiritually prepared for difficulties but also mentally and physically up for any challenge.

Keep Your Faith

Despite the successes and failures in life, no matter the challenge, difficulty, or misfortune, it is important to keep faith in the Almighty. In the end, these dreams of a vision or omen for your current spirituality and state of mind are only there to remind you. The things you might be able to do or prepare in advance will only take you so far.

When all else is said and done, you will still find yourself humbled in his presence. Stay safe. Be prepared. Keep faith. And never stop believing in yourself and in God. You might fail sometimes, but keeping on striving for a better future is a sure way to someday achieve it.


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