30 Spiritual Meanings of Dreams About Blood (Good & Bad)

As the body’s most vital fluid, blood serves as the ultimate symbol of life and energy. Indeed, most spiritual traditions across various cultures draw a connection between blood and the soul, viewing the two as interlinked and inseparable.

With that said, a dream about blood can bear powerful meanings for one’s waking life. Blood naturally symbolizes one’s energy, passion, strength, and vitality. However, in certain scenarios, blood can be an unfortunate sign of conflict, rage, fatigue, and loss.

As with most spiritual visions, a dream about blood can have various possible meanings and it can often be a message from your inner spirit. To discern this dream’s true meaning, it’s crucial to assess its potential signs and omens alongside your life’s current situation.

Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Blood

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  1. Energy

Our body transports energy through blood. If one is lacking blood, one’s physical and mental condition becomes more easily fatigued. Blood is thereby closely tied to our life force. Hence, blood has a direct spiritual connection to energy and power.

A dream about blood may therefore reflect newfound or pent-up energy welling up inside you. This relates not only to physical energy but also to mental and emotional energy as well. You may now have the energy to take up a new hobby, project, or even career.

  1. Vitality

As an excellent representation of life and energy, blood has a strong spiritual connection with vitality, endurance, and strength. On that, some spiritual traditions regard one’s blood as essentially tied to one’s physique and physical prowess.

Therefore, a dream about blood may be a fortunate sign for your health and physical state. Your inner spirit may be assuring you of good health and agreeable developments for your body. Such a dream may also be an affirmation of a lack of diseases and a long life to come.

  1. Rejuvenation

Because of its spiritual link to life, blood is also intimately associated with physical recovery and spiritual rejuvenation. In the same way, one becomes weaker by losing blood, one is reinvigorated by gaining more blood.

With that in mind, a dream about blood can signify recuperation and recovery from life’s trials and issues. If you or your loved one is currently sick, then a dream about blood can be your inner spirit’s assurance of wholesome and speedy recovery.

  1. Passion

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As both a symbol of life and vigor, blood has strong connections with passion and determination. Blood imbibes us with energy, focus, and rigor when we pursue our hobbies and ambitions. Thus, blood can often signify motivation.

Therefore, if you had a dream about blood, this may mirror your deepest passions driving you forward in life. If you haven’t felt this way recently, then such a dream may signify that you will soon discover this passion.

  1. New Opportunities

Blood represents activity and motion in one’s life. Fittingly, it can also signify the sources and avenues of such activity and drive. Blood can thus be a sign of new and welcome opportunities coming one’s way.

Thus, a dream about blood may be a sign of new things in life to stimulate your energy and passion. These may be a new job prospect, friend, romantic partner, or even hobby. Whatever it may be, it will most likely bring more activity and motion to your life.

  1. Good Relationships

Countless spiritual traditions have heavily associated blood with kinship and interpersonal bonds. Blood often represents ties with one’s own family, and it has historically been used to symbolically affirm the ties of close friends and partners.

If you have thus had a dream about blood, then this can be a fortunate affirmation of the strength of your interpersonal relationships. Your loved ones and closest friends may be fond of the bond you share. Such a dream can also signify incoming support from your family.

  1. Fertility

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With its close relation to family and life, blood has come to represent fertility and birth. Specific manifestations of blood, such as menstrual blood or newborn blood, directly connote fertility and success in one’s family life.

That said, a dream about blood can indicate fertility in both males and females. This is especially true if one is female and has dreamt of menstrual blood. To dream of such blood can mean that one may mean more success in childbirth and child-rearing.

  1. Wealth

With its connection to life and energy, more than a few spiritual traditions have come to interpret blood as a symbol of wealth, prosperity, and fortune for one’s career. In this regard, blood is seen as a metaphor for the material things that support our lives.

If you thereby had a dream about blood, then this may be a fortunate sign of material plenty. According to certain spiritual traditions, if you’ve dreamt of clean blood flowing into you, you will most likely enjoy financial success.

  1. Youth

The life-giving characteristic of blood intimately connects it with the concept of youth and agelessness. Indeed, just as much as blood relates to vitality and physical rejuvenation, various spiritual traditions have associated blood with the restoration of one’s youth.

To dream about blood can therefore reflect the longevity and joy of one’s youth. This may also be a sign of being blessed with slow aging and the lasting nature of one’s youthful appearance.

  1. Courage

As blood is highly associated with activity and strenuous feats, blood is also linked to the concept of courage. A vision of blood can be a sign of tremendous bravery to come, which is more valid if this vision involves drawing or shedding blood. This is a spiritual metaphor for your energy surging out in a fit of valor.

Having understood this, a dream about blood can signify a moment of great courage. You may soon be tested to your limit, but your inner spirit will allow you to triumph through these trials because of your bravery. This meaning is more potent if you had a dream as the person shedding blood.

  1. Reconciliation

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Blood is connected with reconciliation. With blood’s association with kinship and healing, a vision of blood can portend a crucial moment in mending broken ties. Therefore, such a vision can be a good sign for anyone who has tensions with their peers or loved ones.

With that said, a dream about blood can signify reconciling broken connections and reacquiring good faith from your friends, colleagues, and family. Such a dream can also mean that you will soon be allowed to reconcile your differences.

  1. Repaid Debts

As blood has been regarded as a symbol of commitment, it can come to represent debts that will be repaid. These debts can be financial or personal in nature, such as debts in deeds. Additionally, this can also mean debts of gratitude that will be fulfilled either by you or someone who owes you.

Hence, if you’ve had a dream about blood, this can mean that you will repay any debts you’ve had, be they of a financial or personal nature. You may likely be receiving a financial boon that will allow you to repay your debts. Similarly, this can also mean that a debt owed to you will be repaid.

  1. True Revelations

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Blood is a fluid tied to our innermost being. Some spiritual traditions even regard blood as an innate part of the soul. This thus links blood to the concept of inner truth. This can either mean truths from within our soul, or truths revealed to our soul.

A dream about blood may thereby be a sign of impending revelations. These can be hidden secrets that will finally be uncovered, either from a person you know or from your inner self. Your inner spirit may also soon put you through an experience that will expose an important truth to you.

  1. Honesty

Kinship, commitment, and truth also reflect the honesty of one’s being. As these concepts are spiritually related to blood, a vision of blood can be a reflection of one’s honesty and revulsion against deception. This is even truer because of blood’s close ties with our soul and innermost being.

Hence, a dream about blood can symbolize your honesty. You may soon be calling someone out for their deception. In a similar vein, you may be turning down a dishonest and dirty deal because of your honest nature. This dream can also mean that your honesty will manifest at an essential time.

  1. Loyalty

Since the early days of humanity, blood has been associated with firm ties among people, either by familial relation or by voluntarily entering a pact. This means blood has a strong connection to the positive concept of loyalty and fidelity.

A dream about blood can therefore signify the loyalty others have for you, and vice versa. Such a dream can also denote the loyalty your romantic partner has for you. It may be your inner spirit telling you not to doubt their commitment to your relationship together.

  1. Conflict

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Violence often comes with blood. Because of this, blood also has unfortunate spiritual connotations of conflict, tension, war, and disagreements. This is especially true if one’s vision of blood includes fighting with another person.

Therefore, a dream about blood can reflect conflicts— both brewing and existing— in one’s life. This may be present in your career, family, and friends. Your inner spirit may also be warning you of conflicts soon to come. This may be from people you know or a new rival whom you’ll eventually meet.

  1. Anger and Hatred

As blood can portend conflict, it also carries spiritual implications of anger and hate. That said, throughout many spiritual traditions, blood has often been associated with fury, wrath, and loss of self-control.

If you thus had a dream about blood, then this may mirror your greatest frustrations simmering just underneath the surface. Your inner spirit may be urging you to temper your emotions lest you start a costly feud or hurt those around you.

  1. Ill Intent

Blood has a strong spiritual relationship with the concept of feuds and the bloodshed that follows from such rivalries. With that in mind, blood is often symbolic of ill intent that exists within you and others.

A dream about blood can thereby signify envy or spite. People you know may feel deep negative emotions towards you. If you’ve had a recent argument with your partner, consider reconciliation.

  1. Emotional Fatigue

The draining of blood aptly symbolizes the loss of energy as well. Because blood represents one’s life force, to lose blood means fatigue and exhaustion. Such tiredness can transcend our bodies and affect our mental and emotional states.

Therefore, a dream about blood can be a sign of a drain on your emotions and spiritual energy. This is especially true if you’ve dreamt of losing blood in some way, such as bleeding from a cut. Your inner spirit may be asking you to seek the source of this drain.

  1. Loss

Blood has close spiritual ties with the concept of sacrifice. For instance, certain ancient cultures and religious traditions have rituals involving blood sacrifice or bloodletting. Such practices reflect blood’s connection with incurred losses to attain something greater.

With that in mind, a dream about blood can perhaps indicate the coming of a great sacrifice that you must make. This may be a financial loss or even the loss of a close relationship. Your inner spirit may be assuring you that this loss will come with an even greater reward.

  1. Personal Struggle

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As blood is tied with the concept of sacrifice and conflict, blood also relates to the personal battles that we fight day by day. Truly, blood can mean not only a struggle with others but also a struggle with our very selves.

A dream about blood can thereby be a representation of your inner conflicts that may be constantly challenging you. It may also be an indication of a great personal struggle to come, whereby you will very likely improve as a person.

  1. Illness

Numerous diseases and ailments involve losing one’s blood, either internally or externally. This weakens the link between life and blood, as draining blood means the loss of life. This meaning is more potent if one has seen a vision of losing blood.

To have a dream about blood may thus mean the coming of illness and the deterioration of one’s health. If you had dreamt of losing blood in any way, then this meaning may be more relevant. Your inner spirit may be urging you to seek a medical check-up.

  1. Physical Harm

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Tragic accidents and painful injuries almost always involve bloodshed. Similar instances of physical harm, such as scratches or bruises, are also associated with the loss of blood. That given, blood has spiritual ties to any physical damage to one’s body.

If you thereby had a dream about blood, then this may be an urgent warning from your inner spirit. You may be more likely to suffer from an accident or bodily injury in the coming days, and you must thus be wary of your surroundings and be prepared for the worst.

  1. Denial

Blood connotes great energy coursing underneath the skin. Therefore, it can come to symbolize denial or the repression of one’s true feelings. Like blood, such powerful emotions may be hidden under the surface.

A dream about blood can thereby denote the forceful suppression of one’s true thoughts and sentiments. Your inner spirit may be urging you to release these feelings to avoid their drain on your emotional health.

  1. Envy

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With blood’s negative spiritual connection to resentment, anger, and conflict, it can also connote great envy and conspiracy against you or against a person you dislike. In addition, blood can signify romantic jealousy. Others may be frustrated over your relationship, or you or your partner may be envious of others.

In any case, a dream about blood can have the negative spiritual implication of envy and jealousy over others. You may be a source of envy for someone you may or may not know. The reverse can also be true. Your inner spirit may be warning you of envy growing inside you against someone else.

  1. Destruction

Blood’s unfortunate spiritual link to violence and conflict also connects it to the concept of destruction and devastation. This can mean the destruction of property but it can also mean the destruction of one’s inner self. Such a meaning is even more potent if one has had a vision of bloodshed.

Therefore, a dream about blood can be an omen of destruction to come to your wealth or property. This is especially true if you’re in an area prone to environmental risks or are entering such areas. Your inner spirit may be cautioning you against taking risks that may lead to physical disaster.

  1. Over-commitment

As blood is positively linked to the meaning of commitment and dedication, it is also linked to the excess of such positive traits that can lead to unsavory outcomes. One such excess is over-commitment. This can manifest as having too much dedication to an endeavor or devotion to a person.

If you hence had a dream about blood, this may be a reflection of too much passion or determination toward something or someone. Your inner spirit may be urging you to relax and reevaluate your priorities or else neglect the other important things in life.

  1. Isolation

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Associated with conflict and tension, blood can also come to mean tense isolation or deliberate cold-shouldering by our colleagues, friends, and family. Indeed, blood can come to represent the stress and resentment flowing under the surface between you and your peers.

That said, having a dream about blood can indicate a period of cold-shouldering by people who matter to you. You may currently be experiencing deep tension alongside them that makes your blood boil. Your inner spirit may be cautioning you to evaluate these feelings before they erupt into direct conflict.

  1. Lethargy

As mentioned, blood, especially the loss of blood, is spiritually linked to emotional fatigue and a lack of motivation. This fatigue can extend not only to one’s mental or emotional state but also to one’s physical being. It can also mean a growing weakness in one’s body.

If you thereby had a dream about blood, this can be a sign of physical lethargy that may be brought about by sickness or by age. Your body may soon need to rest and recuperate before taking upon a new and strenuous endeavor. Additionally, your inner spirit may be urging you to improve your physique.

  1. Anxiety

The spiritual meaning of blood can be connected to one’s worry and concern over life’s issues, especially if one has seen themselves bleeding. The panic over the draining of one’s blood reflects the anxiety one might feel in life.

To dream about blood can thus be an indication of your anxieties in life. This is especially true if you’ve dreamt of losing blood in any form, such as through bleeding or being drained of blood. This may symbolize your anxieties siphoning you of energy and life.

Traditional Meanings for Dreams About Blood

Biblical Meaning of Dream About Blood

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Blood has been described numerous times in the Bible. In both the Old Testament and the New Testament, blood has been ascribed sacred significance and represents various aspects of our being.

For instance, there is a clear biblical connection between blood and life in the Old Testament. As Deuteronomy 12:23 states, “Only be sure that you do not eat the blood, for the blood is the life, and you shall not eat the life with the flesh.”

Most significantly, in the New Testament, the blood is shown to be a means to purify oneself and cleanse one’s sins, as stated in Hebrews 9:22, “In fact, the law requires that nearly everything be cleansed with blood, and without the shedding of blood there is no forgiveness.”

Dream About Blood: Meaning in Islam

One of the greatest Islamic dream interpreters, Abu Bakr al-Bassari (or Ibn Sirin), wrote about the meanings of many dreams in his book, The Interpretation of Dreams. According to this book, a dream about blood can be attributed to both good health and particular unfortunate scenarios.

For example, according to Ibn Sirin, a dream about blood can be a sign of an evil deed done by another upon you. It may also be a sign that you’ll be involved in certain illegal activities, such as receiving dirty money.

Dream About Blood: Meaning in Hindi

In Hinduism, blood has various spiritual meanings depending on its context. For instance, a blood sacrifice can hold positive meanings as it is often done as a form of commemoration, worship, and a plea for aid during dire times.

However, in Hindu astrology, seeing blood in a dream has a mostly negative interpretation. According to the Hindi interpretation, a dream about blood means misfortune heading one’s way. This may be physical harm or accidents, or rivals plotting against you.

Meaning of Dream About Blood in Egyptian Culture


Ancient Egyptians were tremendously concerned about the meaning of their dreams. In an Ancient Egyptian dream book, the interpretation of a dream about blood depends largely on the context of its appearance in one’s dream.

If one sees blood, then this can be a sign of good fortune. Timely support or assistance may come your way, which may be decisive in solving your current problems. This can be financial aid or help from your loved ones.

If one loses blood, then this is an unfortunate omen. You may soon encounter disappointment in your endeavors. This likely means new and unexpected problems will arise.

Meaning of Dream About Blood in Norse Culture

The ancient Norse (or the Scandinavian peoples) viewed dreams to be signs of fate. For the Norse, dreams were more than just reflections of thought or emotion, but true visions of the future.

In the Norse interpretation of dreams, a dream about blood is associated with ancestry and violence. This was evident in the famous dream of Queen Ragnhild, who dreamt of the future of her bloodline which involved conflict and a long line of heirs.

Meaning of Dream About Blood in Greek Culture

The Greeks had a rich tradition of dream interpretation. In the 2nd century AD, the ancient Greek diviner, Artemidorus compiled the product of such tradition in his famous book of dreams, the Oneirocritica.

According to this book, a dream about blood depends on its exact characteristics. For example, to dream about vomiting blood is good fortune for a person who’s suffering financial difficulties. If the blood is corrupted, then the meaning is reversed. One will instead lose wealth.

If one sees blood flowing, then this signifies that one’s efforts to hide will be futile. If you’re attempting to dodge a specific problem or person, then you may soon be forced to face them.

Meaning of Dream About Blood in Chinese Culture

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The ancient Chinese royal noble, the Duke of Zhou, provided insightful interpretations for various dream scenarios and symbols in his book, The Interpretation of Dreams.

According to his dream book, a dream about blood portends good fortune. It can also mean the coming of wealth and the endurance of one’s prosperity. However, such a dream can also be a bad sign. It can also mean sickness and ill health.

Final Thoughts

Because blood is both a symbol of life and a symbol of violence, this vital body fluid can have a diverse range of spiritual meanings and signs for one’s waking life. With that in mind, a dream about blood generally reflects one’s life force and energy.

However, because of such dream’s wide set of meanings, you must pay close attention to the specific appearance of blood in your dream. When you’ve noted the exact characteristics of blood in your dream, compare this with your life’s current issues and events.

This process will aid in fully uncovering the meaning of your dream about blood. Once you’ve discerned the meaning most relevant to your life’s real circumstances, then you’ll be much more prepared to welcome good fortune and deter ill omens.


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