Can Clear Quartz Go in Water 10 Tips Before You Submerge It

Can Clear Quartz Go in Water? 10 Things You Must Know

The Clear Quartz crystal is generally revered as a powerful tool that brings clarity, healing, and transformation in its beholder’s life. It serves as a prism that opens up a vast spectrum of infinite possibilities, limitless opportunities, and higher levels of awareness. With its magical healing properties, it can optimize health, purify your soul and expand your auric field.

Psychic healers usually dip these magnificent gems in water in order to imbue them with healing properties. Although some crystals tend to rust, dissolve and deteriorate when doused with water, Clear Quartz is totally safe to go in water.

Can Clear Quartz Go in Water? The general rule of thumb when assessing whether or not a mineral is safe to be submerged in water is that it should have a hardness level of 6 or above on the Mohs scale of hardness. Because Clear Quartz scores 7, it may be submerged in water without danger of being damaged.

In the following sections, we’ll go through several tips you should keep in mind before you submerge your Clear Quartz in water. Let’s dive right in!

1. Meditate

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Before you submerge your Clear Quartz in water, it’s essential to clear your mind of any negative energy that may transfer to the crystal. It is a widely held belief in the psychic community that crystals are very sensitive to the energy in their surroundings.

Recentering yourself can also strengthen the visualization of your intention and establish clarity to manifest your objectives effectively.

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2. Be Intentional & Fully Present When Cleansing Minerals

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By establishing clear goals and focusing all of your attention on your Clear Quartz crystal, you can strengthen the connection between your personal energy and your crystal.

This powerful bond has the potential to open up a bridge between the spiritual and physical worlds, allowing magic to flow between them freely. This could also aid in making your visualization come to fruition.

3. Do Your Research

Another way to establish a strong connection between your energy and your crystal is to be aware of the physical properties they are made of and the processes that facilitate their formation. Taking the time to get to know your minerals and learn how to care for them may help you develop a deeper bond with them.

Knowledge of how crystals and elements interrelate with one another and with other elements can be beneficial in achieving the maximum benefit of crystals and avoiding destructive clashes of energies.

4. Bathe Them in Saltwater

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Sprinkling a dash of salt in a bowl or soaking it in sea salt can detoxify your Clear Quartz with negative and unwanted energies. It can also purify the crystal and restore its therapeutic properties.

Clear Quartz is a hard crystal, so you can opt to leave it in a bowl overnight to cleanse your crystal thoroughly. Adding lavender, basic and dried sage to the saltwater can also enhance its healing and metaphysical properties.

5. Use Running Water

Simply holding your Clear Quartz under running water is also a highly efficient and effective cleansing method. Cleansing and purifying your crystal is essential if it has been subjected to extensive usage or has been infused with negative energy.

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Water is a potent cleansing element in and of itself, and it can be used to eliminate all of the negativity from your crystal and refuel its energy frequency.

6. Monthly Moon Baths

Establishing a monthly moon bath ritual every full moon can maximize the efficacy of your Clear Quartz. Placing crystals underneath the moonlight will allow them to soak up the powerful and supercharging lunar energy.

The feminine energy transmuted from this dazzling celestial element can also provide solace and enhance the healing properties of the Clear Quartz.

However, you might want to veer away from brewing it with moon water during a lunar eclipse. Eclipses can be gloomy and emit negative energy that may transfer to the crystal, so you should avoid charging your Clear Quartz during this particular moon phase.

7. Incorporate It in Your Bath Time Routine

Because Clear Quartz doesn’t corrode when submerged in water, this is the best crystal to incorporate in your bathing ritual. Sinking it in your bathtub can be a great way to absorb its recharging properties, bring harmony to your body and alleviate many medical, spiritual, or emotional conditions.

Aside from its magical healing properties, Clear Quartz is also claimed to have the ability to regulate blood pressure, regenerate cells, and reoxygenize tissues. They’re also known to boost metabolism and strengthen joint elasticity and connective tissues.

Furthermore, it also has anti-inflammatory properties that could clear blockages from your chakra and re-align your soul with the vibrational rhythm of the cosmos.

8. Play Some Music!

With the perfect mix of upbeat, folk, or softcore music, you can raise the vibrational frequency in the energetic field surrounding the crystal. This could help harmonize the energy within and outside the crystal.

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You could also chant your personal mantra or play with any musical instrument of your choosing. Not only will it fill you with bliss, but it could also heighten the vitality of the crystal and make them more radiant.

9. Smudge Your Crystal

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Using a burning sage or any herb of your choice to smudge your stone is said to purify its energy and enhance its magical qualities. Allowing the incense to dance around the crystal for several slivers of moments can infuse it with supernatural powers. Don’t forget to open the windows to let the bad energy disperse as much as possible.

10. Cleanse Them Regularly

Make sure to cleanse your crystal before and after usage to ensure that they are in perfect working order. Crystals quickly pick up on the energy of their environment and their beholder. Therefore, it is necessary to cleanse, purify, and re-energize them on a regular basis, as well as to provide a safe atmosphere for them.

Final Thoughts

Clear Quartz is generally regarded as the “master healer” because of its therapeutic and detoxifying properties. This crystal can bring harmony, clarity, and solace both for its beholder and its environment. It can draw off negative energy, balance the rhythm of your body and neutralize any discord around it.

They are widely treasured among various cultures for their healing properties and rejuvenating emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical planes of being. They are also said to enhance psychic ability and aid in astral projection.


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