Dream About Dragon Meaning & Spiritual Messages Explained

Dream About Dragon: Meaning & Spiritual Messages Explained

The content, themes, and styles in which we dream are often affected by our culture and the environment. Dreaming of mythical creatures and curiosities used to be rare in regions where they are not prevalent.

A dream with dragons can mean adversary or challenge. Traditionally, dragons are viewed as foes in many folklores both in Western and Eastern cultures. They are the harbinger of calamities and destruction, which means they also represent anger, outbursts, and loss of control. 

Despite the predominant influence of culture and tradition on dreams, the ease of access to information has allowed cultures to mingle and have a wider reach. As such, dreaming of dragons has become equally widespread in cultures that didn’t have them.

The Symbolism and Meaning of Dragons in Dreams

colorful dragon

There are many types of dragons from different cultures. Each form and the scenario in which they appear in dreams will have a different implication and symbolism. In general, Western dragons, or those that walk on four legs that may or may not have wings, depict a challenge, hurdle, or subconscious stress about an issue from your waking life. It also suggests a feeling of anger with a possibility to result in an outburst.

Contrastingly, Eastern cultures regard the dragon as a magnificent creature that represents balance, freedom, and good luck. It is especially true for dreams containing a colorful, wingless, serpentine dragon similar to those from Japanese and Chinese mythology. Dreaming of such form can be interpreted as having a balanced life that is crucial for success.

Additionally, all dragons appearing in dreams can symbolize power, respect, and authority, or the yearning for these qualities. It also depicts that the person dreaming is highly passionate, which may lead to eccentricities in behaviors and reactions. Furthermore, dreaming of dragons can also mean a hidden desire for adventure and regret for missed opportunities related to childhood experiences.

From a biblical context, serpentine dragons are regarded as an evil force that brings about destruction, famine, and calamity. It is important to understand that the literature of the past often contains the wisdom of our forebearers who are more attuned to the spiritual world. As such, it is crucial to closely examine dreams with dragons in them.

Generally, dreams with dragons suggest repressed or subconscious issues and emotions of the dreamer. Oftentimes, it also implies an issue or altercation with another person.

Meaning Behind the Color and Form of Dragons in Dreams

In dreams, the various colors and forms of a dragon will have distinct meanings and symbolism. Generally, Western dragons hold a negative connotation, while the Asian dragons represent a more positive symbolism often related to wealth and fortune.

The Golden Dragon

golden dragon

The golden dragon, both Western and Eastern, is a sign of good luck, wealth, and good fortune. Dreamers who see this magnificent beast should be vigilant about opportunities that may come their way. It also signifies a sense of fulfillment from your current life and finances.

Additionally, if you see a golden dragon guarding its treasure, it represents a feeling of satisfaction in your life. In this dream, the dragon represents you, the dreamer, and the treasures are the various relationships and connections you cherish.

The treasure also represents your wealth. If you dream of a thief stealing a golden dragon’s treasure, then you must take caution and re-evaluate your current decisions and relationships. Someone may be plotting against you or someone you love.

The White and Silver Dragons

white silver dragon

White and silver dragons signify tranquility. People who dream of these creatures are content, generous, and compassionate towards others. It symbolizes happiness both in the present and in the near future.

For dreamers in a relationship, seeing a white dragon is a sign of overwhelming love and affection. Furthermore, dreaming of a radiant silver dragon depicts that the dreamer sees themselves as honorable and respectful.

The Green Dragon

green dragon

Green dragons represent the peace of mind, luck, and general well-being of the dreamer. It depicts the dreamer’s love for nature and balance. Dreamers who see this dragon are blessed with great insight and are often surrounded by great company, friends, and relatives.

If you see multiple green dragons, it implies that something akin to a quest or adventure may appear before you soon. However, despite being an adventure, its content and outcome are not guaranteed to be positive. It can also come in the form of a challenge or a trial, and rarely, a tragedy.

The Red Dragon

Dreaming of a Western red dragon depicts the loss of control and anger over someone or your current situation in life. On one hand, a fire-breathing red dragon is associated with stronger feelings such as hatred. It also implies an unconscious fear of failure or disappointing someone. On the other hand, dreaming of a serpentine red dragon represents passion and commitment.

When you dream of a red dragon fighting other dragons, it represents a conflict in one of the aspects of your life depending on the color of the second dragon: a white dragon implies conflict within your relationships; a gold dragon represents conflict or trouble with finances; and a green dragon suggests an issue with your general well-being.

The Black Dragon

black dragon

The black dragon is associated with fear, mystery, and in some cases, fortune and wisdom. People who dream of black dragons often receive good fortune in the near future if the dream was peaceful. However, bad luck may come to those who dream of a destructive black dragon. Specifically, it symbolizes an imminent threat or unfortunate event. As such, one must be attentive to their surroundings after dreaming of a black dragon.

Contrastingly, if you see a black dragon hovering over you protectively, it generally suggests that good fortune is upon you. It is also a kind of protection from your enemies and adversaries, and depicts the dreamer’s unwavering will.

A Baby Dragon or Dragon Eggs

A juvenile dragon or dragon egg symbolizes the innocence of the dreamer. It represents one’s desire for a fresh start and the effort to transform oneself for the better. In addition, it may also imply the dreamers yearning for a challenge or to see the result of their hard work.

Sometimes, it can also signify the beginning of something new or a change is about to happen to a dreamer’s life. These changes are generally positive and may include a new business venture or opportunities, an unexpected raise or promotion, and even a child.

Sea Serpent/Sea Dragons

Cultures and societies living near a great body of water such as an ocean, sea, and lakes often have legends of sea serpents or sea dragons. Dreaming of such was generally regarded as a bad omen and a warning of a disaster. It is also a warning of incoming hurdles that may derail the dreamer’s plans.

If you dream of a sea dragon attacking a ship, it can either be a positive sign or a negative one. If the passengers of the ship are your enemies, then the dream suggests a reckoning is about to happen to your adversaries. In contrast, if the passengers are your family members, people you are on good terms with, the unfortunate event may affect them instead.

Different Scenarios and Actions When Dreaming of Dragons

Aside from the color and form of the dragons, the different scenarios associated with their appearance add a layer of symbolism.

Seeing a Dragon

blowing fire dragon

As mentioned before, the dream’s scenario and the form of a dragon in it influence the dream’s interpretation. If you dream of observing a dragon without having any interactions with it or without it noticing you, then it generally symbolizes your avoidance of the important things from your life.

On one hand, if you dream of seeing a Western dragon, it suggests that you’re subconsciously avoiding an issue or a problem in your life. On the other hand, if you dream of seeing an Eastern]dragon, it might point to unrealized opportunities that you are unable to perceive.

Riding a Dragon

Interacting with a dragon in your dream is a positive thing. It reflects the dreamer’s aspiration to overcome their problems. It also depicts a level of control over your emotions and life in general. How well you ride the dragon will reflect your control over the different aspects of your life.

If you dream of riding a wild dragon and nearly falling off, it suggests a feeling of anxiety and apprehension towards your recent ventures. However, if you dream of riding a calm dragon that you can freely control, it symbolizes the feeling of satisfaction and expertise towards your job and business.

Slaying a Dragon

Slaying a dragon in your dreams suggests a desire to turn around your life. In addition, if you dream of killing a dragon right after a positive, significant event in your life, like a promotion or a business venture, then it implies the build-up of confidence and a sense of pride.  It is something the dreamer should take advantage of.

It also represents your triumph over the different challenges that may come. On one hand, if you dreamt of slaying a golden dragon, it suggests that you may receive some form of wealth or money in the future. On the other hand, if you dreamt of slaying a black dragon, it symbolizes your victory over your rivals and enemies.

Taming a Dragon

girl dragon

Unlike slaying a dragon, a dream of befriending one implies the dreamer’s unconscious feeling of accepting their current issues and endeavors. It signals change and is the first step to healing traumatic experiences. It can also mean having a sense of confidence about the dreamers’ undertakings in their waking life.

When you dream of taming a golden dragon, it suggests a feeling of satisfaction and confidence that you are financially established, now and for the future. Alternatively, when you befriend a black dragon from your dream, it implies your will to accept and move on from your traumatic past.

Becoming a Dragon

A dream of transforming into a dragon can have a positive or negative side depending on your actions after you change. If you dream of destruction while transformed, it represents a subconscious or repressed anger towards someone or your current situation. It also depicts a yearning for power or status and the dreamer’s desire to exact revenge on someone. Oppositely, a peaceful dream that includes roaming and flying suggests you desire adventure and freedom.

Getting Attacked by a Dragon

flame dragon

Dreams that include a dragon breathing fire on you or attacking you point to unconscious fear and anxiety towards issues in your life. It is one of the mind’s ways of telling you that you have an unperceived stressor that needs to be addressed. Moreover, it also depicts a subconscious sense of defeat from whatever the dreamer is currently facing.


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