Dream about Fighting

Dreams About Fighting: Psychological Interpretations

Be it a physical brawl or a verbal argument, fighting is a distressing experience for most people. However, in dreams, fighting is a profound embodiment of our subconscious struggles, bearing complex symbolism and far-reaching implications for our psyche.

Dreams about fighting signify our innermost tensions and turmoil, likely caused by moral dilemmas, disturbing weaknesses, or pent-up emotions. Fighting in dreams can also denote our stress and resentment from interpersonal conflicts.

Hence, while initially discomforting, fighting in our dreams can offer prospective glimpses into our minds if we carefully reflect on its meaning. For this purpose, psychological perspectives in interpreting such dreams are instrumental.

Psychological Meanings of Dream About Fighting

Dream interpretation is a classic subject of psychology. Various approaches in this field propose that our dreams are opportunities to consciously understand our minds by unraveling the meaning of our dream experiences.

Fighting in dreams is one such jarring, although insightful, experience. From a psychological standpoint, fighting represents unconscious strife, denoting our frustrations over our insecurities, vulnerabilities, and frustrations.

Thus, fighting in a dream may likely be caused by troubling life circumstances, such as constant hardships, recent confrontations, and tense emotional climates. This can involve situations such as:

Conflict is a fundamental theme to the dreams of fighting. The source of this conflict is often drawn from real-life tensions and aggressions against others and within ourselves.

Fortunately, such dreams’ underlying theme of struggle can also point to the sources of our unresolved tensions and issues. These dreams may, on a more positive note, indicate progress toward identifying and reconciling our difficult emotions.

Cognitive Foundations of Dream About Fighting

man and woman fighting

Cognitive processes are central to the formation of our dreams. These processes involve the complex interplay of our mental activities, including thought, memory, and perception, that can all congeal into meaningful scenarios in our dreams, like fighting.

In this regard, dreams about fighting can signal the mind’s attempt to cope with conflict-related experiences. Therefore, if our lives are characterized by confrontation and stress, these elements may manifest in the dream as fighting.

Our cognitive processes can be further organized into mental schemas, which are thought patterns that help us interpret the world around us. These schemas influence how we recall and categorize our experiences, potentially trickling into our dreams.

For instance, if our schema of the concept of “conflict” is primarily associated with trauma, dreams of fighting may mean anguish. On the contrary, if ‘conflict’ is associated with resilience, fighting in dreams may be perceived as a sign of endurance.

Information processing models can further describe the relationship between our cognitive processes and dreams. These models propose that our brains continue to organize information even while asleep, influencing the content of our dreams.

Considering these models, dreams about fighting may therefore be the brain’s method of processing confrontational experiences, ‘rehearsing’ or ‘problem-solving’ these experiences in the form of dreams.

Emotional and Behavioral Aspects of Dream About Fighting

two men fighting

Emotions significantly shape our dreams. Prominent figures and impactful situations in our dreams often reflect real-life feelings. Likewise, the meaning of our dreams can be affected by intense waking emotions.

Recently heightened feelings of anger, frustration, or fear, for instance, can emerge as fighting in our dreams.

In the dreamscape, this may be refined into more specific and personalized forms like an argument, brawl, debate, or even an organized competition in our dreams.

The nature of the fight in our dreams can provide valuable insights into the state of our emotions. For example, a dream of fighting for our lives can indicate feelings of defenselessness, while initiating or dominating a fight can embody pent-up anger.

Behavior, including our actions, habits, and routines, can also affect our dreams. Research supports the continuity hypothesis, which suggests that our behaviors in waking life carry over into our dreams.

Dreams about fighting may therefore reflect real-life experiences with conflict or aggression, ranging from witnessed arguments to actual brawls. If we frequently find ourselves in confrontations, then we may be more likely to dream of fighting.

Psychoanalytic and Psychotherapeutic Approaches to Dream About Fighting

Psychoanalysis and psychotherapy have played a pivotal role in understanding our dreams and their connection to our psyche. These approaches emphasize analyzing our dreams by deciphering their symbolism and utilizing practical techniques.

As such, psychoanalysis and psychotherapy typically consider dreams about fighting as manifestations of latent sentiments, desires, and resentments. Essentially, these dreams may be tremors from the instinctual and aggressive facets of our unconscious.

Fighting in our dreams, according to these views, may thus be the product of unaddressed tensions within ourselves and toward others. These are likely caused by buried traumas, suppressed hatred, and perceived inadequacy compared to others.

Fortunately, because intense dream experiences like fighting are closely connected with our unconscious, they are clear signposts that point toward the source of our most difficult emotions, allowing us to identify and begin the process of healing them.

Dream About Fighting in Freudian Psychoanalysis

Freudian psychoanalysis proposes that dreams are windows into the unconscious, revealing our deepest desires, fears, and unresolved conflicts. In this approach, the content of our dreams is largely molded by aggressive and sexual impulses.

Fighting in our dreams can symbolize an ongoing internal conflict, a subconscious tug-of-war, between our impulsive desires and our own moral standards. This is likely caused by having made a reluctant decision in our lives.

Moreover, if we frequently dream of fighting, then this can indicate a long-standing unresolved issue, while the specific individuals involved in the dream fight can denote important personal relationships or aspects of the self that are in tension.

Dream About Fighting in Jungian Analysis

two man fighting on a cliff

Jungian analysis considers dreams to be avenues to understanding the self, which can be understood through the lens of symbols known as archetypes. Archetypes are universal themes intertwined with our minds, revealing insights into our psyche.

Dreaming about fighting could thus be a dramatic depiction of the archetypal conflicts within the psyche, shedding light on the state of our personal development and the unconscious forces within us that drive it.

For instance, fighting in our dreams can signify the struggle between the Shadow– the archetype representing parts that we deny or ignore– and the Persona, the archetype symbolizing the social mask one wears in public.

This struggle can be caused by recent experiences of hiding our true feelings and thoughts from others. At a deeper level, this struggle can mirror problems with our self-identity and the difficulty of being truer to ourselves.

Dreams of fighting can, in this sense, be a call to acknowledge and integrate these disparate parts of the self for achieving individuation, which is the process of attaining self-wholeness.

Dream About Fighting in Gestalt Therapy

Gestalt therapy offers a unique approach to dream interpretation. Contrary to other traditions, Gestalt therapy posits that every part of the dream is a representation of the self, with each part signifying an unrealized aspect of our personality.

Therefore, in a dream about fighting, each character involved in the conflict would be seen as an aspect of our own personality. For instance, if we dream of fighting an aggressive opponent, that opponent can symbolize combative parts of ourselves.

Moreover, the goal of Gestalt therapy would be to integrate these aspects of the self into a cohesive whole. We would be encouraged to converse with the figures fighting in our dreams, understanding their motivations, and how they reflect our experiences.

This technique is a form of direct engagement, which is a Gestalt technique that prompts us to consciously delve into the parts of ourselves revealed by our dreams, fostering self-awareness and personal growth.

Dream About Fighting in Cognitive Dream Theory

Cognitive dream theory emphasizes the idea that dreams embody one’s thoughts, emotions, and experiences from waking life. In other words, the elements of our dreams are intimately tied to our daily experiences and emotions.

According to this approach, the conflict and aggression we experience in our dreams are continuous representations of similar elements in our waking lives. Thus, if the general order of our lives is full of confrontation, we may frequently dream of fighting.

The dream may signify our interpersonal conflicts and emotional tensions that we currently face or have faced in the past. Fighting in our dreams can thereby echo our hardships, likely caused by challenging circumstances or problematic people.


While a dream of fighting generally denotes untended frustrations and tense struggles, it nonetheless offers an opportunity for us to discover and process the complicated thoughts and emotions that form the basis of conflict in our dreams.

As such, fighting in our dreams can understandably leave us overwhelmed at first, but a careful interpretation of this experience can reveal the state of our minds and its underlying dynamics, helping us to perceive and soothe the sources of our inner strife.


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