Four of Cups Yes or No? A-Z Guide with Examples

The tarot cards have rich imagery and symbolism, enabling tarot readers to interpret even the numbers indicated in them differently. For instance, many suppose that tarot cards with the number four (e.g., the Emperor and the 4th card in each suit) represent stability and consistency.

The Four of Cups card doesn’t portray stability at first, but it signifies reevaluation, contemplation, and meditation. Hence, the Four of Cups doesn’t provide a clear answer to the seeker’s question in a Yes or No Tarot reading.

Because the Four of Cups gives an uncertain response, you might need to connect with your Inner Self to find your answer. It’s best to explore this card’s different meanings and interpretations to discern how it relates to you and your situation.

Four of Cups as a ‘Maybe’ Card

four cups tarot card

A classic Rider-Waite Smith deck illustrates the Four of Cups as a young lad sitting on the grass. He has a slight frown on his face, and he’s crossing his arms and legs, implying that he’s deep in meditation or contemplating something significant.

There are three golden chalices in a row in front of him. He seems fixated on these cups and refuses to pay attention to his surroundings. He’s too lost in thought that he doesn’t notice a hand reaching out of a cloud and offering him a fourth golden cup.

This illustration of a hand also appears in the other Ace cards, namely the Ace of Wands, Ace of Pentacles, and Ace of Swords. Despite the gloomy air around the young man, his surroundings portray a cheerful atmosphere: bright and full of hope.

The Four of Cups belongs to the Suit of Cups (also called Suit of Chalices, Goblets, or Vessels). This tarot suit focuses on feelings, emotions, intuition, and consciousness. Relationships, connections, love, healing, and cleansing are also associated with this suit.

The element associated with the Cups suit is water. Therefore, at its best, the cards in this tarot suit can signify adaptability, agility, and gentleness. On the contrary, they can also represent rage and destruction, like a stormy sea.

The Four of Cups usually appears in a tarot reading when various opportunities are present. Still, the person concerned refuses even to acknowledge them. This interpretation fits well with this card’s illustration, where the young man denies the offerings handed to him.

It’s worth noting that rejecting opportunities isn’t necessarily a bad thing. You might have a valid reason for saying no. After all, everything is up to your will.

The Four of Cups also suggests that although you might’ve said no, there’s a chance to grab the opportunity later when you’re ready. Regardless of how you interpret this card, it encourages you to realign with your Inner Self to obtain clarity.

The Four of Cups gives a vague answer in a Yes or No Tarot reading. This card tells you that perhaps now isn’t the best time to deal with the current situation. It’s best to self-evaluate and reflect before making your final decision.

In Tarot Readings about Love

i love you in a heart shaped stone

Single people would most likely draw the Four of Cups in a love and relationship tarot reading when they’re indifferent to their love life. Many people might be interested in you, but you don’t think much of it.

You might have other priorities in life at the moment, and your romance is last on the list. The other side of the Four of Cups card depicts apathy, restlessness, and boredom.

Meanwhile, pulling the Four of Cups suggests being stuck in a rut for people in a relationship. You might feel bored because the spark between you and your partner is lost. If the couple decides not to do anything about this issue, the love might slowly fade.

Sample Four of Cups Yes or No Tarot Questions and Interpretations:

Question: My partner and I have been arguing almost every day. I’m upset, and this negative feeling eats me from the inside out. Will we still make up?

Card Interpretation: The Four of Cups doesn’t provide a direct yes-or-no answer. Instead, it’s encouraging you to decide. If they’ve wronged you, it’s up to you to forgive them or end the relationship.

However, it’s best to settle your thoughts and control your emotions before deciding. Once you’re calm enough to make a judgment, think of what will be the best for you and your relationship and act on it.

Question: I don’t have the confidence to enter a relationship with someone because of previous failed relationships. Will I be able to find the right person?

Card Interpretation: Someone might enter your life when you least expect it. This encounter might be a pleasant surprise, but your lack of confidence might ruin it for you. Before you decide to get to know this person better, you must love and take care of yourself first.

Question: I’m having second thoughts about my relationship with my partner. I used to think that we’ll be a happy couple, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Will we be alright?

Card Interpretation: Drawing the Four of Cups implies that your fantasies about your relationship are different from reality. Engrossed inside your dream bubble, you failed to appreciate and love your significant other.

If you choose to acknowledge your wrongdoings and put effort into correcting them, you’ll be able to save your relationship. Still, remember that it takes two to tango. It’d be better if your partner also pulled their weight.

In Tarot Readings about Career

man working at his desk

Distraction and distance are the main issues when the Four of Cups card appears in a job-related reading. You focus on a particular aspect, forgetting to consider other options that will benefit you and your team.

Your unproductivity fails to boost everyone’s morale, leading to stagnation, boredom, and a lack of motivation. The Four of Cups urges you to keep your enthusiasm alive.

More doors will open for you. You’ll receive endless opportunities, so don’t hesitate to grab them. Remember that observing a positive attitude will help you attract more chances and blessings.

Sample Four of Cups Yes or No Tarot Questions and Interpretations:

Question: I feel unsatisfied with my current job. Should I quit and find another one?

Card Interpretation: Thoughts of feeling out of place or choosing the wrong profession might be bugging your mind. Worse, you might be comparing your progress with other people in your workplace, leaving you insecure and anxious.

The Four of Cups tells you to look at your situation from another perspective before quitting. You might unconsciously let chances and work opportunities slip because of your narrow vision. Take a step back and think things through.

Question: I’ve been doing this job for many years, yet I see no opportunities for growth. However, I’m comfortable with how things are now, and I’m scared to try something new in my career. Should I stay in my current job?

Card Interpretation: Whether you stay or quit depends on how prepared you are. The Four of Cups tells you not to be anxious because your fears would only hinder you from reaching your best potential. It’s best to find new paths that’ll lead to growth and progress.

On the other hand, this card warns you of long delays. Despite that, don’t lose hope and keep on moving forward. Try to keep your eyes on the goal because the challenges will be worth it.

In Tarot Readings about Health and Spirituality

woman doing yoga

Your unstable mental and emotional health affects your physical body in negative ways. Your emotions continue to overwhelm you. You’re on edge because you’re feeling exhausted, lonely, and depressed.

If you don’t address the root of your problems, your physical health might suffer. The best course of action is to balance your emotional and mental health.

It’s worth noting that always being happy doesn’t equate to having excellent emotional health. It entails having the ability to regulate your emotions. You can do this by observing yourself and noticing when distressing emotions arise before making the proper judgment.

Four of Cups Reversed Yes or No?

four cups reversed

When tarot cards appear in reverse, their meanings are usually opposite of the cards’ interpretations when upright. The Four of Cups deviates from that usual formula.

The Four of Cups reversed generally has a similar meaning to the Four of Cups upright. The only difference is the degree of discontentment. The reversed card implies more dissatisfaction compared to when it’s upright.

When reversed, this card calls for a time of introspection and retreat from the hustle and bustle of life. The Four of Cups reversed urges you to ground yourself and tune into your Higher Self. It’d be best for you to reflect in silence before going out to the world to plan your next steps.

If the Four of Cups upright means ‘maybe’ in a Yes or No Tarot reading, this card, when in reverse, indicates an outright no. You might be accepting whatever’s thrown in front of you and fail to notice the more essential things in life.

In a love-related tarot reading, the Four of Cups reversed isn’t the best card to see, but not the worst either. It suggests a period of withdrawal. This instance doesn’t necessarily mean the couple is in a dilemma.

Perhaps you or your significant other are working on your past traumas to become a better partner. You recognize how unresolved past issues affect your current relationship, so you do your best to address them.

At its worst, the Four of Cups reversed indicates apathy. You might be acting selfish and refuse to attend to your partner’s needs, leaving them lonely and frustrated. Take a step back, assess the situation, and acknowledge your shortcomings, if there are any.

Regarding career and business, drawing the Four of Cups reversed in a tarot reading can suggest themes of overexploitation and depletion of resources. However, it can also indicate new opportunities, approaches to solving problems, and inspiration.

You might have had trouble accepting other people’s ideas before. Now, you can build more connections and are open to different views and perspectives. The Four of Cups reversed tells you to restore your motivation and take advantage of every opportunity.

In health-related tarot readings, pulling the Four of Cups reversed signifies rejuvenation. If you’ve been suffering from physical health issues, this statement means you’re on your way to recovery.

The Universe is sending you positive energy, so take some time to utilize it. You might want to try some easy methods to do this, such as chanting or writing affirmations every day or doing yoga.

Final Thoughts

So is Four of Cups Yes or No card?

As stated previously, there are numerous ways to read the Tarot. The Four of Cups is one of the tarot cards that’s relatively more difficult to interpret in a Yes-or-No Tarot reading. Unlike the other cards with a preset yes-or-no meaning, this card requires you to put everything into context.

If you draw the Four of Cups when doing this kind of simplified tarot reading, you might need to do another tarot reading. Doing so will help you gain more insight into your circumstances. To ensure a successful tarot reading, consider seeking help from a professional tarot reader.


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