How to Detect a Negative Energy With a Lemon (5 Easy Steps)

There exist different kinds of energy, and one of them is negative psychic energy. Negative energy refers to either destructive psychic energy or unbalanced psychic energy. You can detect negative energy in several different ways, and one of them is by using lemons.

Studies show that lemons have several health benefits, but not many know that they can also be used for spiritual practices. To detect signs of negative energy, place lemons in different areas of the house that you suspect reeks with negative energy and leave them there for seven to nine days. How moldy the lemons get (i.e., if it dries like usual or turns black) will tell you how much negative energy a specific area holds. 

Low-frequency energies can be detrimental to a person’s overall well-being, and hence, it’s crucial to detect them. The next step is to determine the root of the negative energy and get rid of it completely.

How to Detect Negative Energies with a Lemon

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Lemons are known for their various health benefits, mainly because of their high vitamin C content. This citrus fruit helps with hypertension, weight loss, throat infections, and indigestion. Not only that, but it also strengthens the immune system.

Unknown to many, however, lemons don’t only help in improving one’s health. This nutritious fruit can also help in detecting and warding off negative energy.

You might have heard of using water (sometimes with salt and vinegar) and crystals to spot negative energy. Using lemons is just as effective, specifically when used at home.

Negative energy can also come from people themselves. Sometimes, it sticks to non-living things like furniture and other possessions. In other cases, negative energies merely linger in the air in some places or spaces like the house.

It’s of utmost importance to clear negative energies because it can bring you physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual harm. To ward off negative energy, you must first detect it, and you can do that by doing the following.

  1. Procure a bag of lemons (or a few pieces, depending on how many you think you’ll need).
  2. Place one or two lemons in spaces of the house that you feel hold dense or stagnant negative energy. You can place them on your bookshelf, inside your wardrobe, or even under your bed or pillow.
  3. Let the lemons sit where you’ve put them for 7 to 9 days. Examine them each day and take good note of your observations. If the lemons don’t dry like usual (i.e., you found mold, the lemon turned black, etc.), there’s a negative vibration in those spaces.
  4. You can also compare the lemons from different locations. Take this situation as an example; if the lemon you’ve placed inside your closet became moldier than the lemon you’ve put on your bookshelf, then your wardrobe needs more cleansing than your bookshelf.
  5. During this process, the lemons absorb the negative energy around the space. Hence, it’s crucial to dispose of them properly. You need to bury the lemons in your garden and pray that mother nature absorbs all the unwanted negative vibrations and turns them into positive energy.

4 Different Types of Negative Energy

There exist both positive and negative forces, and the Universe has its way of making sure that there will always be a balance. After all, both are necessary for our journey towards achieving our highest good.

It’s of great importance to ward off these negative forces because they have unhealthy (and often destructive) effects on us, humans. Therefore, it helps to learn about the various types of negative energies and entities if you wish to detect and get rid of them.

1. Common Negative Energy

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Negative energy is both the root cause and the effect. If there’s negative energy around you, your behavior will be affected. You might feel depressed, anxious, or irritable.

At the same time, negative thought patterns or behavior produce negative energy. The underlying cause of this can be childhood trauma. Unhealed wounds from childhood remain in the subconscious, and this can bring harm in the future.

Another cause of negative thought patterns or behavior is past life blocks. Human beings undergo what’s called a karmic cycle. We’ll reincarnate from one lifetime to the next until we discover the life lessons we must learn.

Similar to childhood trauma, past life blocks remain in the subconscious. A person will feel its negative effects until the block gets cleared.

2. Psychic Vampires

A living human being who drains vital life energy from another living individual is called a psychic vampire. In the majority of cases, they aren’t even aware of what they do. If you know a person who makes you feel drained merely by spending a short time with them, there’s a high probability that the said person is a psychic vampire.

There are also times when other people’s ill thoughts or intentions affect us without our knowledge. This instance is called a psychic attack or evil eye.

If you’re on the receiving end of a psychic attack, your chakra and auric field are in danger. Typically, a psychic attack is unintentional. The offender may or may not be aware that their negative thoughts and opinions bring the victim harm.

3. Earthbound Spirits

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Spirits of the deceased sometimes stay on earth for an indefinite time because they’re held back by their residual vital life energy. Most earthbound spirits (commonly called ghosts) don’t always bring harm to the living.

However, there are cases when they absorb vital energies from humans (either accidentally or on purpose). This occurrence is called energy vampirism.

Some earthbound spirits are aware of their ability to absorb vital energy from humans, and they continue to feed off the energy of the living. In such cases, the victim will experience detrimental health problems. The effects can range from feeling drained to a loss of body heat and severe fatigue.

One type of earthbound spirit is addicted and deranged ghosts. This kind chooses to stay on earth because of their addictions (to alcohol, drugs, sex, etc.). Sometimes, it’s their intense negative human emotions (e.g., desire for vengeance, greed, wrath, etc.) that tie them to earth.

4. Succubus and Incubus

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A succubus (female) and an incubus (male) are evil entities that feed on the sexual energies of living humans. These negative entities attack people in their sleep, which leads to partial or full sleep paralysis.

Although such occurrences are frightening, these evil entities don’t hold much power. If the victim doesn’t give the succubus or the incubus permission, they wouldn’t be able to exploit the victim further.

Signs and Symptoms of Negative Energy

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Your Energy is Drained

The most common symptom of negative energy is energy drainage. In most (if not all) cases of attacks from negative energies or entities, the victims feel drained and exhausted most of the time. They might also suffer from nightmares and experience sleep disturbances.

You Experience Direct Attacks

Direct attacks from negative forces such as earthbound spirits, succubus, incubus, and other entities with malicious intent cause a tingling on the spine, loss of body heat, stabbing pains, and unexplainable fear. Such attacks occur at night when they’re often the strongest.

You Suffer from Unusual Ailments

Another subtle sign of negative energy working on you is unusual ailments. You might suffer from skin conditions, such as hives, rashes, and eczema. Allergies, various infections, and stomach problems are also some of the most common symptoms.

Your Pre-Existing Weaknesses Resurface

Negative entities exploit the weaknesses of their victims. For instance, if you have anger management problems, negative energies will magnify this to obsessive levels.

Those suffering from addiction are easy targets for negative entities. They’ll use people with addiction to feed their essence. Such cases are the reason why it’s crucial to get rid of them as soon as possible.

You Experience Psychic Attacks

Psychic attacks can range from sweating, dizziness, exhaustion, and breathing difficulty to something severe like vomiting, fainting, and paralysis. Such attacks are due to a forceful energy exertion from a person with a strong personality. In general, psychic attacks can be unintentional, deliberate, or circumstantial.

How to Ward Off Negative Energy

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After learning about the different types of negative energy and recognizing the signs that you need to look out for, the next step is to learn how to take protective measures. To put it simply, if you know the cause of the negative energy, you must address it immediately.

For example, if you know the person who consciously or unconsciously precipitates a psychic attack towards you, it’s best to talk to them and deal with the problem. However, this approach isn’t possible all the time. The next best thing you can do is stay away from the attacker and reduce all possible contact with them.

There are also times when the negative energy isn’t due to external forces but ourselves. The negative emotions that hide within our subconscious can bring us harm. When this happens, we must connect with our Higher Self to resolve our internal conflict.

Another significant thing to note is that negative feelings and emotions attract unwanted energies and malicious entities. Your attitude towards yourself, other people, and life, in general, has a considerable impact on what kind of vibration comes your way.

It also helps to remember that negative forces barely have power over you. They still need your permission before they can interfere with your life.

There are many instances when people give their permission unknowingly. If you’re already feeling the symptoms, it means this is precisely the case. You might want to ask your spirit guides for protection and chant positive affirmations to revoke the permission.

Sometimes, negative energies linger in spaces or places without reason. Because you don’t know the cause, it’ll be hard for you to address the underlying issues. When this is the case, the best thing you can do is to stay away from such places at all costs.

Finding a Psychic Healer

If the above methods don’t work for you or if you have trouble warding off negative forces on your own, it’s worthwhile to seek the help of psychics, spiritual healers, or even priests. Spiritual healers are experts in all forms of bodywork, including Reiki, acupuncture, chakra healing and reflexology.

Psychic advisors can help you determine the root cause of your problems through psychic readings. They can also teach you how to cleanse and ward off negative energy. In addition to that, psychic advisors can guide you in working with your Higher Self so you can protect yourself better from malicious entities and unwanted energies.


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