How To Make a Capricorn Man Chase You (11 Proven Ways)

11 Proven Ways to Make a Capricorn Man Chase You

Known as the father figure of the zodiac, Capricorn men are reliable, hardworking, highly ambitious, smart, self-reliant, and disciplined individuals. They plan out almost every aspect of their lives, and they’re always on the lookout for new revenue streams and new avenues of learning.

To make a Capricorn man chase you, you have to appeal to his ambitious and workaholic nature. This means that you need to have a strong work ethic, financial security, stable mental health, and dedication to your personal goals.

Capricorns are devoted to creating a masterpiece out of their life and can be a stickler for perfection. Because of this, they can be picky with whom they invest their energy. If you want a Capricorn man to be interested in you, you need to be as hardworking, disciplined, and ambitious as he is.

How to Make a Capricorn Man Chase You?

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1. Flaunt Your Work Ethic

The best way to capture a Capricorn man’s heart is to appeal to his hunger for greatness. Let him know that you’re also dedicated to designing the life of your wildest dreams and sculpting yourself into becoming the best version of yourself you can be.

Capricorn men are self-improvement junkies. They are constantly looking for ways to boost their productivity, upgrade their skills, and achieve financial freedom. You can captivate a Capricorn man by introducing him to audio educational programs, self-help books, or apps that can help in his quest for greatness.

2. Entice Him With Your Independence

One defining characteristic of Capricorn men is independence. Striving for individual autonomy, world-class output, and financial freedom is their game. They can be pretty selective on who and what they’re giving their energy to.

To make a Capricorn man think you’re worth pursuing, you need to be mentally and financially well-off. He needs to know that you’re the kind of person who has the necessary internal and external tools to provide yourself. If you’re needy and dependent on anyone, it’s highly unlikely that a Capricorn man will be interested in you.

3. Challenge Him

Capricorn men love a good challenge. They enjoy the feeling of accomplishment they get when they attain something seemingly impossible. They are drawn to women who are not afraid to point out certain aspects of their personality that needs improvement.

Another way to make a Capricorn man chase you is to engage him in a debate. Challenge his opinions, moral foundations, and core beliefs. Capricorn men are always seeking ways to improve their mindset and expand their knowledge. If you’re the type of woman who challenges him daily, a Capricorn man would likely want to keep you in his life.

4. Make Him Laugh

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Despite their astute, overly pragmatic, and monomaniacal tendencies, Capricorn men are actually fun to be with. They find great joy in gamifying their lives and winning at every quest they take on. However, they can also be playful and witty. When it comes to finding a romantic partner, they want someone who can match his humor and who’s gifted in the art of clever comebacks and witty retorts.

Capricorn man has an affinity for dark humor and sarcastic banter. Their humor tends to be similar to that of Jimmy Carr, Andrew Schulz, and Tig Notaro. To understand a Capricorn man’s sense of humor would require an open mind. In order to make a Capricorn man chase you, you need to have the ability to be open to the nuances, complexities, and the full spectrum of experiences this crazy world brings.

5. Take the Initiative

Another way make a Capricorn man chase you is to take the initiative and make him know that you’re interested. Capricorn men are practical and calculative. They like to weigh the probabilities as well as the pros and cons of a certain action before they act on it.

Unless there’s a minimal chance of rejection, a Capricorn man will not see the point of pursuing you. Even though they typically enjoy a good challenge, they are extremely selective in choosing which games they’re willing to play. They already have a lot on their plate. If you’re playing mind games with him, he will likely just ignore you and redirect his energy towards goal-oriented activities.

6. Highlight Your Ambitious Side

Capricorn men know exactly what they want from life, and they don’t let anything stop them from getting there. They have big dreams for themselves and are driven beyond reason. When they have a vision, they work extremely hard on making it manifest into physical reality.

If you want to make this man fall head over heels for you, you need to show him that you have a purpose, vision, and dedication. Capricorn men are drawn to women who are committed to reaching their fullest potential and making this world a better place. If you’re still figuring out where you want to go, it’s highly unlikely that a Capricorn man would make space for you in his life.

Capricorn men are attracted to go-getter, career-driven women who are willing to work long hours to achieve their life goals. Because they tend to care a lot about their reputation, they want to be with someone who can improve their social status and enhances their image.

You can strike a chord in a Capricorn man’s heart by walking him through your plans for the future and sharing your dreams with him. Because they’re looking for someone who reflects good on him, dressing well and holding yourself with class can also compel him to chase you.

7. Don’t Obsess over Him

Known as the zodiac’s most reserved and stoic sign, Capricorn men don’t play well with intense emotions. They are extremely logical and pragmatic. The idea of obsessing over a single person is preposterous to him.

As previously mentioned, Capricorn men place a high value on their freedom. They need space to fertilize their ideas and work on their goals. If you start obsessing over him and monitoring his every action, it can make him feel suffocated. Simply focus on yourself, nurture your friendship connections, and let him come to you.

Capricorn men have an inherent desire to control everything in their lives. They don’t like being micromanaged, and he certainly doesn’t want you hovering around him, watching his every move.

If you start dating a Capricorn man, you might notice that he invest more time and effort in his goals than in the relationship. A Capricorn man may not be for you if you have an insatiable desire for adoration and affection.

8. Be Financially Independent

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As an earth sign, Capricorn men are very down-to-earth and pragmatic. They take pride in working hard and showing up every day to achieve the things they want. When it comes to finding a partner, they want someone who works as much as they do and who’s not dependent on anyone for anything.

Capricorn men can be extremely frugal with their money. They don’t allow themselves to get lost in a hedonistic treadmill and are more interested in producing great work and accumulating their money. They admire a woman who can provide for herself because they know how much self-control, discipline, and effort it takes to be financially independent.

To make a Capricorn man chase you, you need to know how to handle your finances well and be able to discuss business and investment strategies with him. He wants a woman he can build an empire with, not someone who sits around and spends every dime he worked hard for.

9. Support Him

In order for a Capricorn man to make room for you in his life, you need to acknowledge his efforts and appreciate him. Capricorn men can be madly obsessive with accumulating wealth, increasing their status, and receiving accolades. For a Capricorn man to open himself up to you, you need to get onboard on his quest and not make him feel bad for wanting these things.

Capricorn men also have a hunger that never seems to be quelled by anything. Therefore he needs someone who can ground him and take him back to the present moment. Even if he keeps a cold front and prides himself on being self-reliant, he still needs someone who can hold a space for him on his darkest days.

10. Showcase Your Talents

You can also bewitch a Capricorn man by flaunting your God-given talents or masterfully honed skills. Capricorn men find it cool when a woman has exceptional talents and extraordinary skills. If, for instance, you are proficient in coding or playing violin, he might want to learn from you or have a daily dose of amazing music in his life.

11. Focus on Becoming the Best Version of Yourself

The best way to make a Capricorn man chase you is to create a masterpiece out of your life and sculpt yourself into the person you’ve always wanted to be. Pursue your dreams, work on your flaws, unlearn your limiting beliefs, break your bad habits, and learn to practice radical acceptance towards yourself.

Stop trying to fit into his idea of a perfect woman. If you’re creating a fake persona to get a Capricorn man to like you, you’re wasting your time. He would likely see through the facade and take pity on you. If you want someone to love you for who you are, you must be willing to show them exactly who you are.

Final Thoughts

Capricorns are represented by the sea goat, which is the emblem for success, career planning, creativity, and optimum productivity. Capricorn men are hardworking, practical, and self-reliant. If you match this kind of energy, he will likely be drawn to you.

So is it even worth making a Capricorn man chase you? Instead of spending too much energy getting him to chase you, focus on being the best version of yourself and let him come to you. To attract all the great things in life, you need to stop obsessing over a man and redirect your energy towards your own goals and dreams.


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