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How To Make a Libra Man Obsessed with You? 17 Clever Ways

Ruled by the planet Venus, Libra men are wickedly charming hopeless romantics who always go the extra mile for their loved ones. They are remarkably dashing and intensely loyal, but they can also be controlling and possessive.

Captivating a Libra man is a sophisticated art form. Although they are renowned for being true-keepers and amazing lovers, they’re also notorious for being fickle, flirtatious, and indecisive. In order to bewitch a Libra man, you need to keep him on his toes and add depth and mystery to your personality.

If you’re wondering how to make a Libra man obsessed with you, this article will arm you with the necessary tools and tactics on how to cast a spell in a Libra man’s heart.

How to Make a Libra Man Obsessed with You?

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1. Be Authentic

Libra men, much like Libra women, have strong intuition. If you’re curating a persona to get their approval, they’ll likely see through it. Therefore, if you want to bewitch a Libra man, you must be true to yourself and confident in your own skin. Libra men are drawn to women who don’t live according to someone else’s standards but their own.

To make a Libra man truly obsessed with you, you need to stop obsessing over getting his adoration and just live your life. A woman who is secure within herself doesn’t sit around scheming about how to get a man to worship and follow her around.

If you’re trying to figure out how to make a Libra man obsessed with you, stop looking outside yourself and tap into your infinite well of abundance. Libra men are generally loving and nurturing creatures. They like bringing out the best in people and celebrating their unique qualities.

A Libra man would be more likely to choose you if you’re just being yourself and not trying so hard to create an inauthentic persona. Even if a Libra man ends up not liking you for who you are, then the relationship is doomed anyway. So, just be yourself and stop overcompensating to get a stranger to like you.

2. Speak Eloquently

One of the key traits a Libra man looks for in a woman is eloquence. In order to enchant a Libra man, you must have a wide vocabulary and great oratory skills. Because Libra men are known to be diplomats who choose their words carefully, being able to interweave words in a unique and inspiring way will definitely turn him on.

Widely regarded as the most sensitive sign of the zodiac, one surefire way to capture his heart is to move him with your words. Don’t just sprinkle intellectual jargon on your discourse. To make an impression on a Libra man, you must be mindful of how your words are making him feel. Make sure your words are invigorating, uplifting, entertaining, and intellectually stimulating.

3. Show Off Your Sense of Humor

Libra men are known to have a biting wit and amusing personality. In order to make a Libra man obsessed with you, you need to be able to match his idiosyncratic humor. When dating a Libra man, don’t be afraid to show off your dorky and goofy side, as it can make him feel more comfortable around you.

4. Dress with Class

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Much like most males, Libra men are visual creatures. If you want to make your way into this man’s heart, soul, and libido, you need to appeal to his narcissistic tendencies. Libra men are infamous for obsessively caring about how other people see them. They’re very concerned about their social status, so they want a woman they can show off to the world.

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Libra men like to surround themselves with fancy trinkets and exquisite ornaments. They have an insatiable desire to get the best of everything. When picking someone to date, they’re likely to choose someone they’re attracted to physically, intellectually, and psychically.

To keep a Libra man on the hook, you need to take care of your looks. This doesn’t mean that you’re going to slab your face with layers upon layers of cosmetic spectacle. Libra men are hygienic and very organized. They’re drawn to women who take care of their bodies and are mindful of the food they consume.

If you’re planning to make a Libra man obsessed with you just for the fun of it, the best way to catch his attention is to dress elegantly. Libras have an impeccable sense of style. If you want to be able to see through a Libra man’s eyes, you could consult a Libra friend when choosing what to wear for your date.

5. Be Confident

Another way you could entice a Libra man is simply by being confident. Libra men are drawn to women who are bold, free-spirited, and fearless. If you want to make a Libra man obsessed with you, walk with an air of spunk and dauntlessness.

When choosing a partner, Libra men pay careful attention to how a woman carries herself. To disarm a Libra man, you must hold yourself to a high level of dignity and self-assuredness.

Confidence is a very crucial trait to have in getting what you want from life. As Goethe points out, “Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.” So if you want to be able to navigate life with more ease, you need to cultivate self-confidence and believe in your ability to make things happen.

6. Be an Advocate of Peace & Equality

Libra men care deeply about peace, fairness, and equality. They fight for justice and strive to have harmony in all aspects of their lives. To get a Libra man to devote himself to you, you must demonstrate diplomatic attributes and an egalitarian mentality. One way to captivate him is to see things from different perspectives, engage him in debates, and play the devil’s advocate when necessary.

7. Exude Positive Energy

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Another way you could bewitch a Libra man is to radiate positive energy. Make gratitude, meditation, and kindness a part of your daily agenda. Libra men are very optimistic and open-minded creatures. If you want to attract him, you need to match his vibrational blueprint. If you’re a negative and self-deprecating person, a Libra man would likely veer away from you.

To get a Libra man to fall head over heels for you, you need to make every interaction with him filled with joy, magic, and positive vibrations. Showcase your lust for life and be completely present in everything you do.

8. Be Independent

Libra men are social creatures. They can’t stand being alone. People have a tendency to be attracted to someone who possesses the qualities they lack. If a Libra man sees you doing well on your own, he’ll likely look up to you and pursue you in hopes that your independence will rub off on him.

If you’re already dating a Libra man, make sure you have a life outside your relationship. Never let your life revolve around him, and don’t lose yourself trying to appease his desires. Do things that genuinely bring you joy and continue pursuing your dreams.

9. Give Him Compliments

Another tactic you can use to disarm a Libra man is to stroke his ego. Libras are notorious for being self-centered and vain. If you want to get this man eating out of your hands, you can exploit his narcissistic tendency by giving him compliments and showing him your faith in his untapped potential.

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To successfully woo a Libra man, you must be attentive to everything he says and pay attention to what makes him tick. Libra men are highly organized, neat freaks. They are extremely conscious of the way they present themselves to the world. To make a Libra man obsessed with you stroke his ego by complimenting him on his dapper look or the way he smells.

10. Think for Yourself

Libra men are also drawn to women who can think for themselves and are not bounded by any type of identity. They are captivated by women who are elegant, self-reliant, and versatile. If you want to know how to make a Libra man obsessed with you, you need to be an independent thinker, open-minded, and willing to explore different points of view.

These men are not easily dazzled by women who don’t challenge them mentally. Even though they’re passionate lovers, they get bored easily. They crave novelty and constant stimulation. If you want to keep him obsessed with you, you must be able to go beyond the herd-bound way of thinking and astonish him with your free-spirited and exceptional thought process.

11. Keep Him on His Toes

If you’re wondering how to make a Libra man obsessed with you, you need to exude an air of mystery in your personality. Never give him all of you. Set boundaries and don’t give him full access to you. Only show bits and pieces of yourself. Orchestrate a pattern of rewards and frustration and seduce him with promises of great pleasure but never offer full satisfaction.

If you want to know how to make a Libra man obsessed with you, you must first learn how to place a higher value on your worth and your time. Call him out when he steps out of the line and show him that you’ve got other options and are not afraid to walk away when you want to.

When it comes to your sexual relationship, Libra men are notorious for being great in bed. So don’t be afraid to try new things, be sexually aggressive, and demand what you want. Set his loins on fire by spicing things up in the bed, mastering seduction skills, and learning new sexual techniques.

A surefire way to cast a spell on any man’s heart is by hypnotizing him with your alluring body, charming him with your devilish wit, and bewitching him with your amazing sexual skills.

12. Go Out on Adventures

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Libra men are drawn to women with youthful impulsiveness and spontaneity. They want to soak their life with as much adventure and fun as possible, so they pick a partner who also has an adventure-seeking soul. A Netflix and Chill kind of relationship will feel more like a death sentence to them, and they’d be likely to run away.

If you want to make a Libra man obsessed with you, encourage him to go out of his comfort zone, plan wild adventures, and make surreal memories together. Moreover, you must also learn to be completely present when you’re around him and have the presence of mind to be a wonderful companion. Also, don’t forget to challenge him to grow on a daily basis and expose him to new experiences and ideas.

13. Nurture Your Passion & Hobbies

To make yourself stand out in front of a Libra man’s eyes, you need to nurture your passion and hobbies. Don’t just focus on trying to make yourself look pretty and fuckable. Libras are naturally drawn to women who are naturally artistic and creative. They have an insatiable thirst for knowledge and are continuously seeking out ways to learn new things and upgrade their skills.

So, if you want a Libra man to fall head over heels over you, don’t be afraid to show off a bit and talk enthusiastically about something you’re genuinely passionate about.

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14. Appreciate Him

Libra men are true keepers. They go to extreme lengths for the people they love. However, they often find themselves in a position where they’re always the ones giving and not receiving as much effort as they put in. If you want to make a Libra man obsessed with you, make sure to appreciate his efforts and reinforce the behaviors you want to see more of.

Appeal to his hero instinct by asking him to do something for you and being grateful for everything he does for you and your relationship. Stimulating this fantasy will give him a sense of accomplishment and boost his confidence, which will ultimately compel him to procure his dose of ego boost from you.

However, if you’re interested in a long-term relationship with a Libra man, don’t forget to spoil him every once in a while, as constantly asking him for help might make him feel like he’s being used and drive him away from you.

15. Plan Out Something Romantic for Him

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Ruled by the planet of romance, Libras are very sentimental and romantic. If you want this man to be obsessed with you, surprise him by planning a romantic getaway or purchasing tickets to his favorite game or musician.

It could also be as simple as making a Spotify playlist or a handwritten letter for him. It might seem a bit mushy, but it’s rare for guys to be romanced, so he’ll surely appreciate your efforts. Because they’re a very sensitive sign, making a Libra man feel special, loved, and appreciated will likely make him latch on to you.

16. Show Up for Him

Another way to woo a Libra man is to simply show up for him and be there when he needs you. Let him know that he can always count on you and make an effort to make him feel loved, cared for, and appreciated.

Support him in his endeavors, laugh at his jokes (if it’s actually funny), and be present when you’re together. Nurture him, call him out on his bullshit, and challenge him to become the best version of himself he can be while also allowing him to be completely himself with you and showing compassion even when it seems like he doesn’t deserve it.

17. Love Yourself

The master key to getting anyone attracted to you is to love yourself, show up for the life of your dreams, and give yourself everything you want. When you’re operating from a place of security and abundance, you’re more likely to attract people on the same wavelength.

You are the most important investment you’re ever going to have. Stop focusing on curating a persona to fit someone else’s ideals and start living your life according to your own standards. Stop waiting around for someone to fall madly in love with you and focus instead on being present in your life and squeezing every ounce of magic, wisdom, and beauty this life has to offer.

Final Thoughts

Libra men always go the extra mile for the people they love. They’re loyal, romantic, and passionate. However, they can also be fickle, flighty, and indecisive. A Libra man might also try to hide his feelings until he’s absolutely sure he wants you in his life. 

If you want to cast a spell on this man’s heart, you need to add a mystifying feature to your personality. Keep him on his toes and always leave him wanting more. You could also try taking a more active role in your sexual life and surprise him with romantic shenanigans.

On the other hand, if you want a truly fulfilling relationship with a Libra man and not just keep him on a leash, just be true to yourself. Don’t try to be anyone you’re not. This will likely put him off and drive him away.


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