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4 Love Tarot Spreads for Singles (Examples + Questions)

People dream, hope, and wish for love to make way towards them. They might be single for too long and began to crave company, or they might be wounded before and decided to experience the beauty of romantic love once more. If one has questions about being single or wanting to find love, tarot readings can be of help.

One can receive guidance and explore any aspect of their romantic life through love tarot card readings, especially when it comes to issues of wanting to find or attract love.

Tarot patterns such as the Readiness for Love Relationship spread, Finding Love Relationship spread, and Compatibility Relationship spread can be used. In relationship tarot readings, you might want to watch out for love tarot cards such as the Lovers, the Ace of Cups, and the Two of Cups.

Because the Tarot can give glimpses of an individual’s past, present, and future, it’ll provide you with the information, advice, and guidance you need to determine the steps you shall take in your romantic journey. Below are some of the different spreads you can use to gain more insight.

Love Tarot Spread for Singles

1. Readiness for Love Relationship Spread

readiness -love

There are times when we wish to search for love and enter a new relationship without considering if our mind, body, and soul are ready for the responsibilities, emotional attachments, and commitment that come with it. Such instances can happen to people, especially to those who recently had a breakup.

The idea of healing heartbreak with love seems to be very tempting. However, there are things you must first consider. This six-card spread will help you prepare for a healthy relationship by revealing the true wishes of your heart.

Guide Questions

  • Position 1 – What’s my heart’s desire?
  • Position 2 – What lessons did I learn from my previous relationships?
  • Position 3 – What shackles hinder me from finding and attracting the love I want?
  • Position 4 – How do I know if I’m ready to enter a new relationship?
  • Position 5 – How do I know if I’m mentally prepared to handle everything that comes with a romantic relationship?
  • Position 6 – What should I do for my spirit to achieve its higher purpose when it comes to love?

2. Finding Love Relationship Spread

finding love

There are many possibilities when it comes to finding the love you deserve. Love, after all, opens not just doors but also windows that you thought weren’t there before. The Finding Love Relationship spread can help you explore those possibilities and perhaps show you what awaits you in the future.

Guide Questions

  • Position 1 – How do I know if I’m ready for a new relationship?
  • Position 2 – What are the characteristics (both the good and the bad) of my potential lover?
  • Position 3 – How will we meet each other?
  • Position 4 – What will be the characteristics or dynamics of this potential relationship?
  • Position 5 – What is the potential or possible outcome of this relationship?

3. Compatibility Relationship Spread

compatibility relationship

They say that to fall in love is easy; the real challenge is to find someone with whom you’ll stay in love. After all, it takes more than mere attraction to maintain a relationship. The Compatibility Relationship spread is a seven-card pattern that will help you see and understand the different facets of your relationships, including what will keep you together or apart.

Guide Questions

  • Position 1 – What do I want in a relationship?
  • Position 2 – What does my potential lover desire in a relationship?
  • Position 3 – What are our differences that might cause arguments and disagreements in the future?
  • Position 4 – What similarities do we have that bring us together?
  • Position 5 – How will I determine if we’re emotionally compatible?
  • Position 6 – What should I know about our physical compatibility?
  • Position 7 – What intellectually connects us?

4. Relationship Analysis Tarot Spread

relationship analysis

If you started dating and you’re beginning to wonder where you stand in your relationship, the relationship analysis tarot spread can be of help. It’s a 10-card pattern that will provide you with an overview of your partnership. This tarot spread will allow you to view your relationship from different perspectives by analyzing potential issues, as well as internal and external factors that influence your connection.

Guide Questions

  • Position 1 – What energy am I bringing in our relationship?
  • Position 2 – How do (or will) I perceive my partner (or potential lover)?
  • Position 3 – What does the Universe want me to know about my current romantic situation?
  • Position 4 – What advice do my spirit guides want me to know about our relationship?
  • Position 5 – What should I do to keep the flames alive in our relationship?
  • Position 6 – How do I perceive or view relationships in general?
  • Position 7 – How can my subconscious help me clear my intimacy blocks?
  • Position 8 – What hinders me from attaining romantic fulfillment?
  • Position 9 – What should I look forward to in the future?
  • Position 10 – What’s the potential outcome of this relationship?

The 10 Love Tarot Cards You Should Watch Out For

tarot cards pile

One underrated spread for love tarot readings is the one-card tarot draw, which is commonly used in daily tarot readings. A single card will provide you with a straightforward and concise answer to your question. Below are the love tarot cards you should watch out for.

The Lovers

In a love tarot reading, the sixth of the Major Arcana would undoubtedly be the best card you can hope for to appear. In general, the Lovers card denotes union, love, sex, and attraction. It can also signify ethical or moral crossroads.

Seeing this card in a love or relationship reading means that the bond between you and your partner is powerful. Your relationship might be to that of a soulmate connection or a kindred spirit. If you wish to end your days of being single, seeing the Lovers is a positive sign that love is heading your way.

The Empress

The Empress symbolizes motherhood, fertility, abundance, and the pleasures of life. In love tarot readings, the energy of The Empress expresses the nurturing and deepening of the bond between you and your lover.

The Emperor

In general, The Emperor is a symbol of structure, authority, and regulation. The Emperor also exudes fathering energy. If this card appears in a love tarot reading, it’s a sign that your partner will take the role of protector and provider in your long-term relationship.

The Hierophant

Because the Hierophant signifies education, belief systems, and conformity, it’s considered one of the most underrated love tarot cards. In relationship tarot readings, however, the Hierophant gives the energy of tradition and structure that denote a long-term commitment (probably even marriage).

Ace of Cups

Like the Lovers card, the Ace of Cups is a splendid card to get in a love tarot reading. It represents possibilities in the area of intimacy or relationships. If you get this card, you can view it as a sign that seeds will sprout, and you’ll most likely establish a deep and intimate bond with someone.

Two of Cups

Because the Suit of Cups is associated with the element of water (which symbolizes feelings, emotions, relationships, and connections), it’s expected that most of the love tarot cards belong to this suit. The Two of Cups specifically denotes acknowledging an attraction and making a romantic connection.

Ten of Cups

The Ten of Cups card depicts a content couple with their joyful children. If you see this card appear in a love tarot reading, it’s a sign that your romantic life will be filled with happiness and contentment. It can also be a sign that your current partner or potential lover is your soulmate.

Knight of Cups

The Knight of Cups can mean something positive or negative in love tarot readings. It can represent either the blossoming of a relationship or deception and illusion in love. Your partner can be romantic and sensitive or overemotional and temperamental.

Four of Wands

The Four of Wands symbolizes celebration, excitement, and freedom. It’s an excellent card to get in love tarot readings because it signifies a potential long-term relationship. It’s also highly likely that you’ll experience an exhilarating type of romance.

Ten of Pentacles

The Ten of Pentacles card depicts an image of a family in the marketplace going about their daily life. This card expresses affluence, permanence, and convention. In love tarot readings, this denotes a wholesome and fulfilling relationship.

Choosing the Best Tarot Reader for You

Love and relationship tarot readings can help you gain insight into your romantic life. There’s the option to read the tarot on your own to find answers. However, there’s a high probability that your emotions will get in the way of an unbiased reading.

When in doubt, it’s best to ask experienced tarot readers that can offer you holistic perspectives. When choosing a tarot reader, you must first do your research and read testimonials and reviews. Several psychic networks allow their customers to avail of a sample tarot reading, which is very helpful when determining if they’re the right psychic for you.


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