Are You a Lyran Starseed 23 Powerful Signs You Are One

Are You a Lyran Starseed? 23 Powerful Signs to Confirm

Known as the root race of humanoid races, Lyrans came from the constellation of Lyra, which consists of numerous stars — Vega, Delta, Sheliak, Aladfar, Epsilon, and Sulafat, among others. It is located 25 light-years away from planet Earth and is often represented in star maps as a falling vulture or a falling eagle. Its name stems from the lyre of Orpheus, a poet and musician in Greek mythology.

Lyrans, also called “felines of the galaxy” or “lion people,” are believed to have spearheaded the creation of life. They’re fourth-dimensional beings who are thought to have spawned the primordial Atlantians and Lemurians. They’re also deemed to be the pioneers of the creation of fire and the original keepers of ancient knowledge.

Starseeds from the Lyran Race are generally in harmony with the Earth’s planetary symphony. Their souls are filled with vitality, high energy, and humor, and they effortlessly contribute to raising the energy frequency of Earth just by being themselves. They flow seamlessly in oscillation between the physical and metaphysical realm, and they thrive on getting the full experience of both worlds.

Lyran Starseeds are also believed to have incarnated in other star systems such as Arcturus, Andromeda, Sirius, and Pleiades. Because of the immense inner wisdom embedded in their soul DNA, Lyran Starseeds are not easily blinded by the incessant thought machinations of the material world, and their operating manual is hinged on the path of greatest fulfillment.

In this article, we’ll go over the typical behavioral patterns of Lyran Starseeds that might prove you’re one of them. Without any further delay, let’s get right on it!

23 Sings That You’re a Lyran Starseeds

1. You trust the flow of life

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You dance with the ebbs and flow of life. You do your best in everything that you do, and you trust the universe to have your back and assist the evolution of your soul. You have a deep inner wisdom that everything will work out no matter what. You trust yourself that you have it in you to turn every lemon into lemonades and thrive in the harshest of conditions.

Even though you feel anxious sometimes, you don’t let things that are out of your control consume you. You bring awareness to the feeling and allow it to flow through you without any judgment and resistance. You have grown to learn how to process your emotions healthily and redirect your attention to discovering the optimum course of action with grace and ease.

2. You are drawn to quirky and unconventional stuff

You take great pleasure in doing silly and weird things. People might perceive you as an idiot and eccentric, but you really couldn’t care less about what they think. You’ve learned to accept yourself as you are with all your quirks and eccentricities.

You know that nothing can be gained by worrying about how other people perceive you, so you live your life as authentically as possible, and you spice it up with as much weirdness as you can. By embracing your weird self, you have the most fun with your life.

3. You’re bold and confident

You are unapologetically confident and bold. You believe in your capacity to achieve all your goals in life with all tenacity. You’re not afraid to speak up your mind and stand up for what you believe in. You don’t censor yourself to appease anybody, and you boldly live your life as you please.

You know you’re not perfect, but you’re also not afraid to fail and try again. You’re confident that you have it in you to fall, grow, and begin again. You don’t hold yourself back from fantastic opportunities because you’re afraid of failure. You show up, you fight the fight, and you shine with all your brilliance.

4. You pursue your dreams fearlessly

You have big dreams, and you don’t let anyone stop you from reaching them. You know what you want, and you go after it even when the people around you don’t understand the path you’re on. Even in the face of rejections, setbacks, skepticism, and criticisms, you still push through persistently, patiently, and fearlessly. If any of the above applies to you then you might be a Lyran Starseed.

5.  You’re drawn to the night sky

night sky

You enjoy basking in the elegance of the twinkling stars and silvery moonlight. You find yourself naming all the constellations you can recognize in the blanket of stars above you. When you stop to notice and relish in the heavenly spectra of the night sky, you find yourself inspired and in awe at the wondrous delights this world has to offer.

6. You’re a master manifestor

You have mastered the art of making your desires manifest in third-dimensional reality. Once you’ve gained clarity on what you actually want out of life, you set your intention, visualize it, and carve out your path to get there. You’ve made it a habit to focus on the things you genuinely want and unbind yourself from the fear-based thought patterns that are holding you back.

You don’t focus on things you don’t have. You don’t compare yourself to others. You don’t waste time scrolling mindlessly on social media. You invest time, energy, and effort in the co-creation process with the universe to make your dreams come into reality.

7. You’re fiercely independent

You have always been your own pillar, best friend, and parent. You’re self-sufficient, and you don’t like relying on anyone for anything. You are at peace with your own company, and you don’t need to seek validation, affection, or protection from others.

You value yourself, and you don’t tolerate being treated any less than you deserve. You know when to set clear boundaries with the people around you and declutter those that bring negativity in your life and hold you back.

8. You’re in the creative field

painting person

Most Lyran Starseeds are artists, architects, designers, and innovators. You enjoy working in collaboration with the universe in expressing itself in the world of forms. You focus more on what you can contribute to the world rather than what you can take from it. You take great pleasure in making creative outputs that move people in some way, help them or raise their energetic frequency.

9. You’re open to new ideas

You let yourself be a sponge for ideas permeating Earth begging to be expressed. You don’t anchor yourself in any concepts, ideas, or moral codes because doing so will only limit your thinking. You’re open-minded and open-hearted. When confronted with uncomfortable situations, you can easily adapt and even flourish. You’re also more open to opportunities and endless possibilities.

10. You’re drawn to astronomy and science fiction

You devour works related to astronomy and science fiction— be it on film, documentaries, books, games, or comic strips. You’re also drawn to metaphysics, nanotechnology, and space travel.

You are filled with excitement every time you immerse yourself in these topics. Your eyes also spark every time you talk about it to your friends. It’s probably because it reminds you of your previous incarnations in your Lyran homeland.

11. You’re always on the lookout for new adventures

adventurous person

Your soul craves new thrills, experiences, and adventures. You know the world is a magnificent place, full of breath-taking wonders, and you want to marinate yourself with as much splendor as you can. You’re a wild soul, and you’re not scared to dive into the unknown headfirst at the speed of light.

You’re not afraid to leave everything behind if it means that you’ll be living your life to the fullest, gaining more perspectives, and growing in the process. No matter how many places you’ve visited, you always want more, and you will go to any lengths to sustain your adventure-seeking lifestyle.

This strong impulsive desire to seek out new euphoric experiences might make it hard for you to preserve relationships. You’ve always had an ‘itchy feet,’ and you’re hesitant to establish roots anywhere.

12. You crave variety

You have a propensity to make a mental list of the next projects, adventures, or even careers you want to pursue. You tend to get bored easily, and you feel depressed when you stay in one place for long periods of time.

You struggle to find a sole passion to focus on because you’re interested in a lot of things. People might regard you as a “jack of all trades, master of none” because you want to try out different channels to express your ideas and dig into everything that piques your interest.

13. You love learning about history, lost lands, and ancient civilizations

You have an unquenchable thirst for learning history because you love stories. You want to learn about the interesting tapestry of stories about humanity as a whole and the individuals who reside in it. It also gives you a deeper understanding of the causes of the behavior of people and groups.

Lyran Starseeds also have a predisposition to consume every literature about mythology, folklore, and legends they could get their hands on. They’re also fascinated with conspiracy theories and anything related to magic.

14. You enjoy making other people laugh

You find delight in making other people laugh with your clever comebacks and witty retorts. You’re highly likely to pursue a career in the entertainment industry. You love expressing yourself in a creative, unique, and fun manner, which is usually why people are drawn to you.

You also have an uncanny ability to point out the ridiculousness of the world, and you express it in a way that really hooks people to the story you’re telling.

15. You have an affinity for cats

adorable cat

You probably have a cat pet and feel like you understand cats in the same way you understand humans. You have an independent and self-sufficient personality, and you see yourself in them. You also often have dreams about being a humanoid with feline features.

16. You love engaging in sports and other physical activities

You enjoy partaking in physical activities that keep you fit, such as sports, exercises, and even manual labor. You’re drawn to doing high-risk endeavors that usually make other people’s kidneys shudder in fear. Because of your fearless and adventurous nature, you’re magnetized to extreme sports activities such as rock climbing, paragliding, bungee jumping, volcano boarding, and skydiving.

You see life as a game and strive to gain as many experiences, crazy adventures, and successes as you can in this epic quest. You let yourself be fully immersed in the now, and you continuously go all out to get to the next level.

17. You’re highly energetic

Lyran Starseeds are know to be very energetic, if any of the below signs apply to you, then you might be one:

People often call you ‘the life of the party’ because you never seem to run out of energy. You have strong boundaries that help you balance your crazy adventures with deep relaxation. You also make sure to surround yourself with a vibrational atmosphere that is conducive to your adventurous nature and healthy state of function.

You try to liven up the space in every social situation and electrify the room with your vitality. You have an uncanny ability to transmute any negative energy to a more positive, zesty, and fun-filled atmosphere. You also seem to have an unlimited reservoir of energy that defies biology and physics.

18. You’re skeptical about most things

You can easily spot BS, and you have no tolerance for it. Even though you have a gentle, warm, and positive demeanor, you’re not afraid to call out dishonesty and deception. You’re also highly intuitive and intelligent, and you often find yourself over-analyzing and reading too much into things because you don’t want to be blindsided.

Even though you want to see the good in people, you often find yourself questioning the purity of people’s motives. You usually demand evidence, and you’re not easily swayed by persuasions of people in the position of authority regardless of their credentials or affiliations.

19. You fight for justice

fight for justice

You understand that in order to create change, you must challenge the status quo and outdated systems. You demand for true justice to be served, and you fight for worthy causes. You fight for a better world. You’re not scared to speak out against the abuse of power and use your anger to make permanent changes in the world.

20. You’re strategic

You have excellent organizational skills, and you have a strategic plan for every goal you set for yourself, no matter how big or small. You’re very hardworking, but you still strive to find ways to get things done more efficiently and effectively. You know how to manage your resources and invest your time into things that fulfill you.

21. You value your health

You value your health in all aspects: physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual health. You are in tune with your body’s needs. You only consume high vibrational foods, and you surround yourself with people operating on higher frequencies.

22. You have an affinity for the fire element

Ever since you were a child, you’ve always been drawn to the fire element. You love playing with candles and watching campfires. You love the way it radiates during the dark and its warm glow, giving you a sense of security.

23. You live your life to the fullest

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Lyrans are considered to be the most grounded type of Starseeds. They are renowned for pushing past their physical limits and fully immersing themselves in what the physical world has to offer. Because they understand the transitory nature of life, they do the most ridiculous things with wild abandon.

As a Lyran Starseed, you don’t let fear predominate your life. You don’t let anyone else opinions get in the way of you living your best life. You make every moment of your life count. You constantly challenge yourself to get out of your comfort zone and fill your life with fulfilling adventures.

Final Thoughts

To wrap it up, Lyran Starseeds are adventure-seeking who are bold, fearless, and full of zest. They’re in harmony with themselves and the universe. They’re very intelligent, emotionally strong, and they love making other people laugh. They continuously seek to broaden their horizons and inject as many adventures into their lives as they can.

If these traits resonate with you, it’s highly likely that you belong to this star race.


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