How Pet Psychics Communicate with Deceased Pets (Explained)

People can be overcome with grief when their pet passes away. Coping might be proven to be difficult if one shares a deep attachment with their deceased pet. Pet psychics can reassure pet owners and help them overcome grief.

Pet psychics are individuals that can communicate with deceased pets. They use both telepathy and clairvoyance, which are forms of extrasensory perception (ESP), to connect with the spirit of pets who have passed over.

People can ask pet psychics to connect with their deceased pet if they want to know how their deceased pet is faring, find out who they are with on the other side, release guilt (if there’s an unresolved conflict), or if they just simply miss them.

How Pet Psychics Communicate with Deceased Pets?

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A pet psychic uses their mind to make contact with an animal’s energy. Pet psychics visualize the animal, and telepathically calls the deceased pet’s name to attract its attention.

Once a connection is established, the pet psychic will ask the animal a question by transmitting a picture or a combination of images and words. Telepathy and clairvoyance are unique abilities that enable a pet psychic to communicate with animals in the form of impressions, thoughts, images, or feelings.

Pet psychics will then imagine the animal responding and wait for a response. Whatever the pet psychic receives from the animal, they will relay to the animal’s owner.

The basic premise of animal communication is that it revolves around detecting energy and transmitting messages using that energy. A pet psychic can detect a specific animal’s frequency.

Sometimes pet owners see signs that their deceased pet is trying to send them a message. If you want to more about this, here’s a list of signs that your departed pet is trying to communicate with you.

What to Ask a Pet Psychic About Your Deceased Pet

  • Is my pet faring well on the other side?
  • Is putting my pet to sleep the right thing to do?
  • Where is my pet?
  • Does my pet need help in crossing over?
  • Does my pet remember me?
  • Does my pet miss me?
  • Is there something my pet wants to tell me?
  • Does my pet forgive me for my shortcomings?
  • Did my pet have a good life?
  • Is my pet waiting for me on the other side?

Pets and the Afterlife

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The human soul experiences a rebirth, and it transverses in one lifetime to the next. The same goes for animals, albeit it’s believed that only less than 50% of pets undergo rebirth.

Immediately after an animal passes away, they will be in the form of spiritual energy. If the animal doesn’t reincarnate, they might become guardian pets or pet spirit guides and are most likely waiting for their owners in the spirit dimension.

Some occurrences and instances might prove that pets will join their owners in the afterlife. There are documents of people who had near-death experiences saying that they saw their deceased pet accompanying them during their visit into the Light.

Pet psychics themselves receive information about pets and the afterlife. There’s also the supreme law that energy can’t be destroyed. It can change forms and flow in different directions, but it will not cease to exist.

Simple Way to Connect with a Deceased Pet on Your Own

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  1. Find a quiet place where you can be alone.
  2. Sit comfortably and take deep breaths.
  3. Allow yourself to relax. Release all the tension in your body and mind.
  4. Ask your spirit guide to help you connect with your deceased pet.
  5. Think of your pet and reminisce about your moments together.
  6. Imagine a cord connecting you and your deceased pet.
  7. Feel the love and joy vibrating from the chord that connects the two of you.
  8. Let the gentle peacefulness wash over you. Let go of the sadness and grief that binds you.
  9. Picture yourself in a place where your pet must feel the happiest.
  10. Be present at the moment, and naturally begin talking to your pet. Tell your pet what you want them to know. Ask what you need to ask. Know that wherever your pet is, they will receive your message.

Finding a Pet Psychic for Deceased Pets

To cope with the loss of a pet, one can try communicating with their spirit through the help of a pet psychic. Aside from connecting with deceased pets, pet psychics can also assist a pet owner who wants to communicate with their pet that is close to death. They can also perform pet energy healing and help owners understand their pets’ behavior. Pet psychics also deal with cases that involve lost or stolen pets, and you can learn more about it here.


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