73 Questions to Ask a Psychic About Love, Career, Life

One might have endless questions about themselves, their relationships, their career, or even the universe. Psychics do readings that help people seek answers and discover truths.

You can ask psychics questions about love and relationships and whether you’ll find success in them, about career or business decisions, or life in general (e.g., future life events, challenges, issues, etc.). Whatever the question is about, one should ask open-ended questions rather than yes-or-no ones.

Forming a question, much more making a list of it, might seem overwhelming at first, especially when there are so many things one can ask. Below are some questions you can ask a psychic about different areas in your life.

Questions to Ask About Love

If You’re Single

  • How can I attract love into my life?
  • What should I do to find true love?
  • What’s keeping me from finding love?
  • Where can I find love?
  • What kind of partner should I be in a relationship with?
  • What type of person am I most compatible with?

If You’re in a Relationship

  • What will life be like with my current partner in the future?
  • What is the universe telling me about my current partner/relationship?
  • What do my spirit guides want me to know about my relationship?
  • What is holding me back from moving forward with my current relationship?
  • How can I strengthen my bond with my partner?
  • What steps should I take to improve our relationship?
  • What should I do to bring more joy and romance in our relationship?
  • Why am I feeling disconnected from my partner?
  • How can I reconnect with my partner?
  • How can we rekindle the spark in our relationship?
  • How can I heal my relationship with my partner?
  • What boundaries should I enforce to keep a healthy relationship?
  • Why am I holding on to a toxic relationship?
  • What should I learn from this relationship?
  • What blocks should I let go of from my previous relationships to thrive with my current relationship?

General Questions About Love

  • What does the universe want me to know about love?
  • How do I follow my heart?
  • What should I do to find clarity when making decisions about love?
  • How can I find the path to a happy and successful relationship?
  • Why do I keep attracting the wrong partner?

Questions to Ask About Your Career

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  • How can I find a personally fulfilling and meaningful job?
  • How can I align my career with my life purpose?
  • What type of career will best suit my personality and lifestyle?
  • What should I do to get a promotion?
  • How can I strengthen my relationship with my colleagues?
  • What can the universe tell me about my career growth?
  • What can the universe tell me about the progression of my finances?
  • How can I improve my work environment?
  • What do my spirit guides want me to know about my career?
  • How can I be more successful in my career?
  • What is keeping me from focusing on my career and reaching my goals?
  • Why is my job draining me physically/mentally?
  • How can I communicate more effectively with my colleagues?
  • Why am I feeling stuck in my career?
  • How can I move forward with my career?
  • What is in store for me in the future with this career?
  • How can I reignite my passion for my career?
  • How can I overcome my anxiety and find the confidence to change my career?

Questions to Ask About Life

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  • What is my life purpose?
  • Why am I having trouble discerning my purpose in life?
  • What does the universe want me to know right now?
  • What opportunities should I be open to right now?
  • Why am I feeling unhappy even though my life is seemingly great?
  • What do I need to do to live a more purposeful and happy life?
  • How can I break out of my unhealthy habits?
  • How can I know if I need to make drastic changes in my life?
  • What guidance can the divine offer me?
  • How can I find inspiration?
  • What is my passion?
  • How can I start embracing life?
  • What is hindering my growth?
  • How can I let go of my past traumas?
  • What should I do to take a step forward in life?
  • What steps can I take to invite joy into all parts of my life?
  • How can I better align my life with my desires?
  • Where should I be focusing my energies right now?
  • What choices and decisions should I make to lead a purposeful and fulfilling life?
  • How can I attain inner peace?
  • What should I do to start my healing process?
  • What do my spirit guides want me to know about a past life that will help me in this life?
  • What are my talents?
  • How can I utilize my talents?

Other Questions You Can Ask

  • Who are my spirit guides?
  • How can I connect with my spirit guides?
  • How can I get more in tune with my intuition?
  • What color is my aura?
  • What is my karmic destiny?

Preparing for a Reading

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Before asking a psychic for a reading, it’s important to discern your needs and assess your situation first. Let your mind wander freely and reflect.

It’s advisable not to ask questions that can only be answered by a yes or no. These kinds of questions take responsibility away from the person asking them.

Remember that the seeker is only asking for more information from the psychic; the decision still lies with the seeker. Instead of asking yes-or-no questions, ask neutral and open-ended questions instead.

It’s also advisable not to ask questions that begin with ‘should,’ as well as questions asking only about time. Formulate questions that are not too vague, but also not too detailed. Find a balance in between.

You should specify the area of interest without being too focused on one minor aspect of the problem. Lastly, be positive because the energy you will put in the question will be reflected in the answer.

Finding a Psychic Reader

Most times, people ask for psychic readings because they are facing a problem or a challenge.

Psychics have different areas of specialization and varying levels of experience and abilities. It’s important to discern one’s needs and assess one’s situation before asking a psychic for a reading. It’s crucial to find a psychic that best suits your needs.


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