4 Physical Signs a Cancer Man Likes You

21 Physical Signs a Cancer Man Likes You (Sure Hints!)

People born under Cancer, the fourth astrological sign, are known for being emotional, sentimental, and nurturing. As romantic partners, they’re very passionate and loyal. Cancer men, in particular, are remarkably affectionate and dedicated to their lovers.

If you’re interested in a Cancer man or just started dating one and you’re wondering if they’re into you just as you’re into them, you can look for physical signs. A Cancer man will express his romantic feelings by specially treating you, sharing his thoughts and feelings with you, and being protective over you.

As one of the water signs (together with Scorpio and Pisces), Cancers tend to be sensitive, compassionate, and romantic. Their interest and affections are apparent in their actions. Below are some of the physical signs a Cancer man likes you.

Physical Signs a Cancer Man Likes You

1. He Treats You in a Special Way

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Cancers are more reserved than other signs, and thus, if a Cancer man likes you, his actions and behavior will tell. He’ll go out of his way to spend a lot of time with you, and at the same time, he’ll ask you many questions about your interests, passions, hobbies, and life plans. By doing so, he’ll learn more about you and understand you better.

A Cancer’s mood can also be as fickle as the weather. In matters of the heart, however, a Cancer man will only do and say things that he means. He’ll always look at you with adoration and longing, shower you with gifts, and even cook for you to impress you.

In addition to that, he’ll be bold enough to make you understand his feelings with his actions rather than words. He’ll show his liking for you through subtle body gestures such as touching your hands, arms, or shoulders. He’ll also go out of his way to act silly and crack jokes only to see you smile and laugh.

2. He Shares His Deepest Thoughts and Feelings with You

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The Zodiac sign of Cancer is also referred to as the House of Moods and Emotions. Aside from being associated with the element of water, it’s also ruled by its planet, the Moon. Therefore, men born under the Cancer sign are more sensitive than any other astrological sign.

A Cancer man protects himself by hiding his feelings and emotions, and thus, it’s rare for them to be open to other people. He’s very private and tends to keep to himself. If he feels something for you, however, he’ll feel safe and comfortable enough to share his thoughts or problems with you, and he might even ask for your advice.

3. He’s Being Protective Over You

If you notice a Cancer man being protective over you, it’s highly likely that they’re interested in you. He’ll always value your safety more than anything. He’ll show his affections by driving you home or asking you to message him once you arrive at your destination.

His protective nature can also go beyond the topic of safety. Cancer men tend to be jealous and sometimes possessive. If he sees other men around you, it’ll be very apparent in his actions that he’s not happy about it.

4. He’s Comfortable with Public Displays of Affection

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Cancer males are naturally timid, but when they fall in love, they can be very expressive. Although he’ll share more romantic moments with you in private, he’ll also be comfortable showing your sensual relationship in public.

He’ll interlock and grip your hands tightly while walking, link arms with you, and put his arm around your waist. He’ll also look into your eyes intimately, play with your fingers, and gently caress or hold your neck.

Other Physical Signs a Cancer Man is Into You

  • He always makes himself available to you.
  • He showers you with gifts.
  • You always catch him glancing at you.
  • He flirts and compliments you on a consistent basis.
  • He sends you music that he thinks you’ll like.
  • He looks at you when he makes a joke to see your reaction.
  • He tries to get as much time as you.
  • He goes out of his way to make you feel special.
  • He offers to run your errands when you’re sick and try to make things easier for you.
  • He gives you food or cooks for you.
  • He gets jealous when you’re around other men.
  • He keeps you updated about his daily activities.
  • He treats you like his best friend.
  • He introduces you to the important people in his life.
  • He makes future plans with you.
  • He always shows up for you.
  • He tells you.

A Cancer Man in Love

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The Cancer man is a passionate lover. He’s romantic, giving, nurturing, and sentimental. He’s both the prince charming and knight in shining armor many women aspire to have.

Symbolized by the Crab, Cancers are known for their vulnerable, soft, and sensitive side. Even the slightest wounds can cause them immense pain, and thus, they use their impenetrable outer shell to protect themselves from being hurt.

When in love, Cancer men tend to stay away from the person they like at first. Once they realize that the other party is trustworthy and shares the same feelings as them, they’ll do everything it takes to express their love and loyalty.

However, once a Cancer man develops feelings for someone, their insecurities will also begin to surface. He’ll need constant validation and security before he can keep his emotions in check. Because of the heartbreaks from his previous relationships, it might be difficult for him to trust and show his vulnerabilities to another person.

When he gets over his doubts and insecurities, however, he might prove to be the most caring man you’ll ever meet. Because of his incredible sense of intuition, he’ll always be aware of your needs and provide them the best way he can.

A Cancer man also prefers long-term relationships. He’s committed and faithful, and once he’s assured about your feelings towards him, he’ll take things a step further. He might even introduce you to his family, which is a telling sign that he’s more serious about you than you initially expect.

How to Make a Cancer Man Want You

  • Prove that He Can Trust You

As mentioned earlier, Cancer men (and Cancers in general) are reserved and private people. Sometimes they even come off as aloof, but that’s because they tend to keep to themselves to avoid unwarranted conflicts that can hurt them. If you wish for a Cancer man to like you, you must win his trust first more than anything.

  • Be Understanding of Him

It takes a gentle soul to touch the sensitive Cancer man. Cancer men usually swim in a turmoil of emotions, and they have a difficult time processing their feelings themselves. For him to take an interest in you, you must have the eyes and the heart to see what lies beneath.

You must understand his emotions and what drives him to act the way he does. He crumbles from criticism, and it’ll mean a lot to him if you’ll stay by his side while he’s handling it. Show him that you support him and his dreams, and you’ll find a way to his heart.

  • Don’t Purposely Make Him Jealous

The push and pull in romance can be thrilling, and you might be tempted to make him jealous to prove a point. However, a Cancer man gets easily jealous. They tend to be possessive, and their insecurities add fuel to the fire.

It’s best to be honest with your feelings, let them know what you think about them, and avoid such scenarios. A relationship must always be built on trust, and making a Cancer man jealous will only bring disastrous results.

  • Shower Him with Affection and Assurance

Men under the Cancer sign are essentially romantic. To keep him interested, you must be comfortable expressing your affection for him. He’d appreciate it if you send him love notes, cook for him, or give him compliments and words of assurance.

Cancer Love Compatibility – Best Matches for Cancer Men


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People born under the Pisces sign are considered as the ideal match for a Cancer. As water signs, both of them have exceptional intuition. Therefore, they vibrate on the same frequency, which is one of the keys to a successful romantic relationship.

They can also sense each other’s thoughts, feelings, and emotions. There’s always a mutual understanding between the two, and they’ll provide each other with the kindness, tenderness, stability, and balance that they both need.


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The nurturing soul of the Cancer sign is an excellent match to the stability-seeking nature of the Taurus. A Cancer will provide their Taurus lover with emotional support, while the latter handles the former’s moodiness with their maturity and patience.

Both signs share the same values, principles, and aspirations. Cancer and Taurus people value their family more than anything, and their primary goal is to ensure financial stability. There are minor downsides to this match, however, such as the tendency to be overly jealous, although the couple can work on it in time.


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A person born under the Cancer sign is attracted to the strong personality of the Scorpio. Both tend to wish to take control of the relationship, although the Scorpio will win the battle of wits at the end.

This duo also has many things in common, such as their desire for a long-term relationship. They also value privacy and intimacy. In terms of personality, both are sensitive, intuitive, compassionate, and loyal.

Both can be very possessive as well. Although this is unhealthy for most relationships, the Cancer and Scorpio couple have a unique dynamic. They feel more loved and secure when one of them shows signs of possessiveness.


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Cancers and Virgos can be a great couple because the latter can ground the former when they’re feeling overwhelmed due to their emotions. Similar to the Taurus, the Virgo also values stability in the relationship.

If the Cancer is unpredictable, their Virgo partner is predictable, stable, and patient. In general, Virgos are great support systems and are very loyal to a fault. The only thing Cancer-Virgo lovers should look out for is their tendency to be overly critical of each other’s actions.


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If the previously mentioned signs have many similarities with a Cancer, a Cancer-Capricorn couple attract each other because of their differences. Cancers are inherently affectionate and nurturing, while Capricorns are more distant and analytical. This dynamic creates a balance, which is essential in a relationship.

When making decisions, a person born under the Cancer sign considers their partner’s opinions, while the Capricorn, with their ambitious nature, uses their head rather than their heart. For this match to work, both must put effort into understanding each other.

Final Thoughts

You can watch out for the physical signs mentioned above to determine if a Cancer man likes you. However, it’s crucial to take note that these are general, and individuals (regardless of their astrological sign) still express their affections in different ways.

When in doubt, it’s best to seek the help of a love expert. Professional psychics on this website who specialize in compatibility readings can provide you with accurate readings that show a thorough analysis of your and your partner’s personality as well as provide you with an overview of your relationship.


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