Signs A Pisces Man Likes You

35 Powerful Signs a Pisces Man Secretly Likes You

Pisces guys are known for being mysterious which most women find attractive. When someone is hard to read, this unpredictability is somehow very exciting. However, this mysteriousness may cause you to be unsure of this man’s true feelings towards you.

A Pisces man’s actions towards someone he likes can be quite contradictory. He’ll be careful about giving too much away at first, and he’ll try indirect ways to gauge his chances with you, if he’s unsure that his feelings will be reciprocated. But once he sees that you don’t reject his nuances, his behavior will definitely make you aware of his sentiments.

A Pisces man is in touch with his emotions and is highly sensitive. He has a vivid imagination and a rich internal life. He may often live in his own dream world which is another reason why it may be hard to understand how he feels. However, he’ll show distinctive signs once he’s really into someone.

What Are the Signs That a Pisces Man Secretly Likes You

1. He’s Shy and Uncomfortable Around You

shy man

He behaves differently around you as compared to with others. He might be more outgoing and sociable when around his other friends, but towards you, he can be a bit awkward. This is because he feels a need to impress you and will be more careful about his words and actions.

Because he’s shy, he’ll make up excuses to see you instead. He may go to meetings or events which he knows you’ll be in so that he can ‘bump’ into you. Although he can be shy with you in person, he may show his interest through his activities in social media.

2. He Shows It in His Body Language

While the Pisces man may only exchange a few words with you in the beginning, he won’t be able to hide how he feels in his actions. There are subtle displays that you can look for.

You’ll find that he is more often near your vicinity for you to notice him. You’ll see him gazing over at you but quickly turn away once you catch him. He’ll also smile at you if you happen to be in the same group conversation.

3. He Discloses Personal Private Information with You

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Although a Pisces man who likes you may not be into light chit-chat at first, once he gains the courage to strike a conversation with you, he’ll engage you in deep and meaningful talks. A Pisces man is a dreamer and once he’s interested, he’ll let you know about what he really wants to do. He’ll let you in on his plans and grand ambitions for the future.

He may also tell you about how he really feels about the people around him and share with you past experiences that he hasn’t told many others.

4. He Tells You About His Emotions

man expressing emotions

Being deeply connected with his feelings, a Pisces man doesn’t easily disclose them to others and prefers to keep them to himself. If he starts to let you in on his emotions, it’s a big deal and it shows that he trusts you enough to do it.

He may give you a call or text so that he can share his feelings with you more often. Once he opens up to you, he’ll start to let you know about his pain and grief, which is something he won’t do with just anyone.

5. He Tries To Get To Know You More

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Since he’s highly emotional, he tries to know you very deeply so that he can create a connection with you on every level. He wants to eliminate the boundaries between you and him.

A good example is your spiritual beliefs. Even if he himself may not be spiritual or religious, he’ll still ask you about it and he won’t be judgmental since he really just wants to know more about you. You’ll find that some of the best conversations you’ll have are with this Pisces man.

You may also catch him often staring in your eyes and this is simply because he almost wants to look into your soul.

6. He Wants To Share His Escapist Activities with You

couple watching movies

A Pisces guy has a vivid imagination and likes to have his fantasy world. Once he likes you, he’ll want you to share this with him. It can be by asking you to watch movies or read books together so that he can escape reality with you. This is also because he wants you to understand him even more.

7. He’s Very Romantic Towards You

A good thing about a Pisces man’s fantasizing and daydreaming is that he becomes romantic.

He’ll say sweet things and give you the best, sincere compliments. He’ll take you out on a picnic, or go riding a tandem bike through the park, which most other people will consider out of style. He’ll try to be more intimate by often holding your hand or by sharing his hidden desires with you.

8. He Does His Best To Please You

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Because a Pisces man is highly sensitive, he’s very aware of your needs and desires. He pays close attention to your behaviors and is mindful of even the little details about you. He’ll do everything within his power and make sacrifices for you, to ensure that you are happy and satisfied.

He’ll buy you ice cream as soon as he sees that you feel too hot. He’ll go out of his way to get you a takeout of your favorite food. He’ll go to a party with you if you ask him, even if he hates going to them.

He’ll listen to you vent out any frustrations so that he can ease your mind and share your burdens. He’s compassionate and will help you resolve these issues to the best of his ability.

9. He Shows You His Creativity

man showing artwork

Because a Pisces man has a rich imagination, he tends to be very creative. Once he likes you, he’ll want to display this attribute to you in different ways. He may sing a self-composed song, or read a poem about you, or show you his artwork.

10. He Lets You Cross Lines That Other People Won’t

As mentioned earlier, Pisces can be quite shy around someone they’re attracted to. One subtle way a Pisces man shows that he likes you is when he lets you do things he doesn’t tolerate on other people.

When an introverted Pisces man who has personal space issues is attracted to you, he puts down his walls and allows you to hover around their personal space. Even though they usually like to take their relationships slow, a Pisces man who’s into you won’t mind if you sleep with him too soon

11. He Checks In On You Frequently

Another sign a Pisces man likes you romantically is when he makes an effort to consistently stay in touch with you and keeps you updated about his daily activities. When a Pisces man likes you, he will initiate contact, actively keep the conversation going, and put plenty of effort into making you smile every single day.

12. Increased Physical Contact

When a Pisces man keeps making excuses to touch you, this is a pretty good indicator that he likes you. He may try to brush up with you, hold your hand, or pat your head. However, you should keep an eye on how they interact with others, as this may simply be a part of their character. If he keeps doing this without asking you out, it’s highly likely that this Pisces man is playing you.

13. He Invites You To Do Something With Him

If a Pisces asks you out on dates, whether it’s to the movies, dinner, a concert, or any number of other activities, it’s clear he’s into you. You might also notice how he tries to get you alone as often as possible and always find an excuse to be around you.

Other Signs a Pisces Man Likes You

  • He teases you.
  • He points out things you have in common.
  • He takes notice of certain aspects of your looks and mannerisms way more than anyone else normally would.
  • You keep catching him looking or staring at you.
  • He laughs at your lame jokes.
  • He gets jealous when you’re interacting with another man.
  • He’s protective of you.
  • He compliments you.
  • He likes doing favors for you or giving you food.
  • He goes out of his way to spend time with you.
  • He mirrors your body language or copies your mannerisms or expressions.
  • He’s the one who initiates conversations with you.
  • He shows up for you.
  • He proactively puts himself on your radar by liking your social media posts or messaging you.
  • He remembers the smallest details you tell him.
  • He smiles when he sees you.
  • He does his research and knows things about you that you haven’t told him.
  • He goes out of his way to make you feel special.
  • His voice deepens when he’s talking to you.
  • He asks about your relationship status.
  • When he tells a joke, he looks at you to see your reaction.
  • He tells you.

What to Do Once You Know a Pisces Man Likes You?

If you’ve confirmed that the Pisces man is into you after knowing the signs, and you feel the same way, there are things you can do to progress in your relationship with him.

Be Patient with Him

Since he may be shy and awkward with someone he likes, it may be hard for you in the beginning stages. A Pisces man is someone who likes to take his time, but if you can be patient and stick it out with him, it’ll be rewarding in the end.

Take the initiative and lead him to get to know you more. Don’t hesitate to show him your willingness to be emotionally available to him. Once he knows that you understand him and he can trust you, he’ll open up and relax around you.

Be Consistent with Your Feelings

patient relationship view

As a Pisces man is highly intuitive, he may read more into your words and actions. If you suddenly become distant, he may focus his attention elsewhere.

If you’re clear and constant about your feelings towards him, he’s more likely to put an effort towards making you realize the many benefits and pleasures you can get from your relationship in the future. It’s best if you can directly tell him how you feel so that he won’t have any doubts.

Give Him His Own Space

man alone reading

Because of his sensitivity, there’ll be times when a Pisces man might want to enjoy his own space and thoughts. During these times, just let him be. Once he’s really into you, these occasions will be rare and most of the time, he’ll be passionate in trying to please you.

Final Thoughts

A Pisces man can be full of contradictions and if you don’t look close enough, you may miss the subtle signs that he’ll throw your way.

To be sure that you are not misreading his behavior, a psychic can help you interpret these things. Psychic advisors on this website are experts about understanding psychic information.

Learning more about the implications of a Pisces man’s attitude towards you will help you realize his real feelings. Once you get past the confusing actions of a Pisces man, he’ll be a dedicated lover and you can have a satisfying and fantastic relationship with him.


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