24 Cosmic Signs from the Universe That Someone is Missing You

Ascended masters, spirit guides, and other beings from the higher realm work in mysterious ways. Sometimes, they let us meet certain people who shower us with love and joy but also cause us misery, sorrow, and pain. Throughout these moments of tangency, they teach us important lessons about life and ourselves.

But when your way of life can no longer co-exist with each other, you have to let go and trust the divine timing of the universe. Unless you find wholeness within, your relationship will likely just trigger and amplify the negative aspects of your personality.

The universe will always give you exactly what you need for the evolution of your soul. However, it also recognizes the soul’s longing for connection. To ease your loneliness, it might send you signs that someone out there is yearning for your presence.

Spiritual Signs That Someone is Missing You

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1. They Pop Up in Your Dreams

Dreams are widely regarded as a mirror of one’s subconscious. If you’ve been thinking about someone a lot, memories and information about them get embedded in your consciousness. If they’re also thinking about you with the same intensity, it’s possible for you to unite in the astral plane.

In the spiritual community, it is believed that if someone who’s in tune with their higher self is missing you, they might be able to seamlessly visit your dream world.

However, this shouldn’t be taken as a sign to get back together with your ex. In most cases, it’s just a remembrance of all the good times and the beautiful connection you had. It could also be your twin flame’s way of urging you to start doing your inner work so you could finally be with each other again.

2. Sudden Shift in Mood

When someone is missing you, you might also experience sudden shifts in your mood. This is especially the case with twin flames. Because you share the same vibrational blueprint, you are finely tuned with each other’s energy. You can sense whatever their feeling. You know when they’re angry, sad, joyful, or longing for you.

If you suddenly find yourself on an emotional roller-coaster for no reason, it’s possible that someone is actively thinking about you and longing to be near you. You might also experience an inexplicable melancholy and dip in your energy when someone is having an intense yearning for you.

3. You See a White Feather

white feather

Coming across a white feather is another telltale sign that someone is missing you. Because the white feather symbolizes peace, seeing one could indicate that the person who’s missing you is now ready to forgive and reconcile with you.

4. You Get Goosebumps

Goosebumps are another sign that someone is missing you. When someone is trying to attract you in their life, your body might react to their energy, causing your skin to look bumpy and make your hair stick out. You may also experience an odd chill down your spine even though you’re in a warm area.

5. Eye Twitching

In astrology, the twitching of the eye is also deemed to be a sign that someone is missing you. If your right eye is twitching, this is a sign that someone is thinking about you in a positive way. Conversely, if your left eye twitches, someone might be thinking about you with grief and hatred.

6. Repeating Numbers

1111 on phone

Angel numbers are also one of the common communication of the ascended masters. When someone is missing you, you might start stumbling upon repeating number sequences like 1010, 333, 444, 555, 1414, 666, 777, 1616, or 1717 on license plates, receipts, or your clock.

7. You Find Yourself Constantly Thinking About Them

When someone places you in the vortex of their desires, the universe might fulfill it by registering them in your consciousness. If you find yourself constantly thinking about someone, this is a huge sign that your celestial guardians are trying to pull you back together.

Archangels and the ascended masters work in a rather puzzling and obscure manner. When they push you in a certain direction, there’s usually a reason for it. Even if it didn’t work out as you hoped it would, this experience will still help you become the person you were meant to be.

8. You Smile for No Reason

When someone is missing you, the universe might forward the undercurrents of their yearning energy into your energy field. You might find yourself smiling for no reason and brimming with loving energy when this happens.

This could also be a sign of an impending reunion. If you suddenly feel butterflies in your stomach, it’s possible that you will soon come across this person who’s missing you.

9. You Feel Like Someone is Touching You

If you’ve recently lost a loved one, the ascended masters might honor their longing by letting them cross the metaphysical realm and visit you. When this happens, you might experience phantom touches on your arm or your face. You might also feel like someone is standing next to you, tugging on your ear lobe, or whispering something to you.

10. Coming Across a Butterfly

woman touching a butterfly

From an esoteric standpoint, butterflies are usually regarded as the reincarnated souls of deceased loved ones. They could also be carriers of divine messages from your celestial guardians.

If you stumble upon a butterfly when you’re missing someone, this is a sign that this person is also thinking about you. Because butterflies are also a symbol of hope and joy, having them pop up in your general direction is a sign that you will soon be reunited with the person you’ve been thinking about.

11. You Hear Their Voice Calling You

If you hear someone calling out to you even though no one’s around, this could be the universe’s way of letting you know that someone is yearning for your presence. As their longing gets more intense, the more you feel their energy in your field of awareness.

12. You Feel their Presence

When someone is missing you, their energy might manifest in your physical reality in a rather spooky manner. You might sense their lingering presence around you or suddenly get a strong whiff of their scent.

If you don’t have a good history with the person missing you, you might also get a short burst of anxiety or a heavy weight in your chest when they’re thinking about you.

13. You’re Agitated

If someone is craving your company and longing for your touch, this intense energy may be passed on to you, making you feel restless and agitated. You might also feel stressed, annoyed, and have trouble sleeping.

14. Your Environment Suddenly Feels Cold

When someone is missing you, you might also experience a sudden wave of coldness in your surroundings. You might feel shivers all throughout your body even though you’re in a warm environment. You might also find yourself thinking about this person and the memories you share together.

15. Nose Itching

woman touching her nose

According to some superstition, if you find yourself absentmindedly scratching your nose, this could be an indication that someone is thinking about you. It could also mean that this particular person is coming to visit you soon.

If you’ve recently lost a loved one or a pet, an itchy nose could signify that their spirits are around you. In some cultures, this could also mean that these spirits are sending you spiritual insights or gifts of wisdom. Breast itching, on the other hand, could mean that your ex is missing you and wants to get back together. 

16. Upset Stomach

Your body is constantly picking up on the energy around you. When someone is missing you intensely, the receptors in your body could pick up this energy. This is especially the case with twin flames. Your souls can intuit each other’s thoughts and emotions.

Considering that you’ve ruled out all possible medical culprits, an upset stomach may denote that you have an unresolved issue with someone. Perhaps you are harboring a lot of repressed anger, or you haven’t gotten closure from your ex. This could also be reflective of your fear of change and new beginnings.

17. Using/ Blurting Out Their Name

If you’ve ever found yourself unconsciously using or blurting out someone’s name, this could be an indication that this person left an impact on your life and is deeply embedded in your neurons. Other psychic interpreters also consider this as a sign from the universe that someone has been thinking about you.

18. Nostalgia

Experiencing random pangs of nostalgia could also be a sign from the universe that someone is missing you. If you’re reminiscing about the good stuff, this could be your celestial guardian’s way of subtly leading you back together.

However, if you find yourself mainly remembering the bad things, this could be your angel’s way of reminding you why things didn’t work out with this person and why you need to move forward.

19. Random Hiccups

According to Russian folklore, getting hiccups means that someone is thinking about you. Some also regard it as a sign from the universe that it’s time to let go and release everything that is only holding you back from reaching your fullest potential.

Other interpreters also suggest that this is a sign of spiritual awakening. They believe that having hiccups means that you’re shifting into a higher level of awareness or having a spiritual revelation.

20. A Psychic Confirms It

A real gifted psychic possesses an uncanny ability to tune into someone’s source energy and see things about their past, present, and future. If you’re wondering whether someone particular is missing you or if you simply just want to get clarity about something in your life, it might be a good idea to get a psychic reading from a genuine psychic advisor.

Make sure to keep an open mind but don’t be afraid to have a healthy dose of skepticism. Learn to think for yourself, trust your instincts, and be proactive with your life decisions.

21. You Hear Music That Reminds You of Them

In most cases, hearing songs that reminds you of an ex is generally a sign that you haven’t fully moved on from the relationship. If you still find yourself associating every song with them, it’s probably because they’re still lingering in the antechambers of your subconscious mind.

However, if you haven’t thought about this particular person for a while and you suddenly start coming across a special song that reminds you of them, this could be a sign from the universe that this person is missing you.

22. Sneezing Fits

woman about to sneeze

In East Asian and Polish cultures, sneezing is considered to be an indication that someone is talking/ thinking about you. In some countries, it implies a psychic attack.

Some psychics also claim that sneezing is one of the many ways that the universe communicates to us. Getting random sneeze fits could be a sign that someone is missing you. It could also mean that you need to expel everything that’s bringing toxic energy into your life.

23. You Keep Bumping on Them

Constantly bumping into someone could also be one of the subtle ways the universe shows you that you’re meant to be together. Or it could also mean that you have a stalker. Trust your inner guidance system. If this seemingly random occurrence makes you feel unsafe and uncomfortable, it might be best to set healthy boundaries or avoid the places you’re constantly seeing them.

24. Telepathy

Twin flames who are in tune with their highest selves are believed to have the ability to exchange thoughts and emotions with each other. Your twin flame might directly communicate their longing for you by using their psychic senses. Throughout this process, you might feel like you are hearing their thoughts even if you’re miles away from each other.

Final Thoughts

To wrap it up, there are various ways the universe uses to show us that you are loved and cared for. When someone is missing you and longs to be with you, the universe might set the path to bring you towards this person. If you’re a vibratory match to each other, recoupling is feasible.

However, you must be able to find your wholeness within so you avoid amplifying each other’s toxic behavioral patterns and have a deeply fulfilling, life-enhancing, high-level spiritual connection.


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