Are You a Sirian Starseed 20 Proofs You’ve Been Disregarding

Are You a Sirian Starseed? 20 Powerful Signs To Confirm

Known as master stewards of Earth’s biosphere and noosphere, Sirian Starseeds are charged with the cosmic task of assisting Earth in its ecological, geopolitical, moral, and ethical struggles. With the vast ocean of knowledge and centuries-old experience embedded in their souls, they can groom Earth to the next phase of its spiritual awakening and techno-biological advancement.

Sirian Starseeds are hailed from Sirius — the brightest star in the Earth’s sky and colloquially known as the “Dog Star.” It is a binary star system situated in the Canis Major constellation. It was customary for the Romans to sacrifice a dog during the heliacal setting of Sirius to prevent their wheat crops from rusting.

According to scholars, the original inhabitants of Sirius planted the seed of humanity on Earth through the ‘Great Experiment.’ They infused etheric implants and their DNA with the Earth’s primates to spark their evolution and expand their level of consciousness.

With so much confusion, distraction, and division prevalent in the world today, the time has come for you to dig deeper into your soul, override your premature and limited perception of the universe and attune to the frequency of your true nature.

Here’s a rundown of the defining traits of Sirian Starseeds that could help you determine if you’re one of them.

20 Signs You’re a Sirian Starseed

1. You have a warrior mindset

worrior man

No matter how physically and mentally exhausted you are, you always push through. You understand that pain and discomfort are necessary for your growth. You don’t allow fear to stand in the way of reaching your goals. You have cultivated an extraordinary inner strength and fortitude.

You always go the extra mile in every aspect of your life. Every day, you make a conscious choice to call forth your inner greatness, rise to the challenge of living, continuously evolve, and make world-class output.

Instead of pointing fingers and feeling resentful for the bad things that happened to you, you don’t let your ego get the best of you. You delete it on your hard drive to make room for infinite possibilities. You focus on what you can do at the present moment and ignore those that are out of your control.

2. You are drawn to the Sirius star

At a very young age, you’ve always had an affinity for cosmic debris. But somehow, you are particularly drawn to the Sirius Star and the Canis Major constellation. You always find solace in gazing at these dazzling celestial spectacles.

Starseeds, in general, are frequently drawn to their most recent place of incarnation or their home planet. If you’ve ever felt lured by the Sirius star system or the Canis Major constellation, there’s a high chance that you’ve incarnated there at a certain point during the journey of your soul.

3. You see magic in the simple things in life

simple woman smiling

You see magic from the everyday things like the smell of your coffee in the morning, raindrops falling, reading a good book, hearing birdsongs at dawn, and listening to music. Every breath and breeze fill you up with joy. Every seemingly unremarkable thing looks sublime to you, and you feel immense gratitude that you get to experience and feel this wonderful work of art.

Material trinkets and carefully curated facade does not interest you. What most people spend so much time obtaining – a large house, fancy automobile, jewelry, and clothes – doesn’t impress you in the least. You’d rather spend your time in the wild outdoors and fill yourself up a delicious sliver of the moonlight, stars, and preciousness of life. If any of the above ring a bell they you might be a Sirian Starseed!

4. You don’t like being pigeonholed to concepts, stereotypes, and any form of social classification

Humans often have a predisposition to categorize things and put them in boxes to comprehend them better. However, creating segments and confining a fluid being into a box distorts perception and can even make a person become more identified with that rigid idea and stop expanding.

You detest being ascribed to a certain mental conception. It bugs you whenever someone tries to constrict you within a single concept because you know you’re more than that. You contain multitudes, and you are constantly changing.

Nevertheless, it’s important to understand that you can’t control how people perceive you. What you can control is how much power you give to other people’s opinions. You can choose to try to prove them wrong, or you can simply go about your life and live it in the most authentic and fulfilling way you can.

5. You prefer to keep your circle small

Even though you understand why individuals behave in certain ways, you still set boundaries with them. You prefer choosing a small circle of friends that you can trust and be yourself around. You’ve probably experienced betrayal from the past, so you’re wary of other people’s intentions.

You’re very selective of the people you choose to let in your life. You care about people deeply, and you would much prefer to have meaningful relationships with few people than having small talks and ego-driven dialogues. You simply lack the necessary social drive for such an endeavor.

6. You’re straightforward and honest

Sirian Starseeds are know to be very straightforward and honest. See if any of the following traits fit you:

You don’t like beating around the bush. You say exactly what’s on your mind, and you’re incredibly blunt. You are forgiving and understanding, but you don’t like being lied to. Your default mode of communication is to be as open and efficient as possible.

You are wise, so you speak your truth with common courtesy and pure intentions. You don’t use honesty as a carte blanche to be offensive and tactless. You use it to challenge people to do better.

7. You’re the epitome of a science fiction and fantasy nerd

science fiction nerd

You love devouring works of art that bore a resemblance to your previous home planet. You are deeply fascinated with the science fiction and fantasy genre, whether in films, books, or games. You are in constant awe of the imagination and sheer creativity involved in making these masterpieces.

Moreover, you often find living in the current state of Earth’s society bloody boring and with limited entertainment value, so you immerse yourself with cutting-edge, thought-provoking, and adventure-filled works of fiction.

8. You tend to internalize your emotions

You tend to compartmentalize your feelings. You understand that these feelings are fleeting, so you’d rather direct your attention to taking action and doing things that spark joy in you. Life has taught you that focusing on your issues only magnifies them.

However, there are days where all the bottled-up feelings and unresolved trauma can make you feel suffocated and block your heart chakra. There is a point where being constantly optimistic, consumerist slave, and well-oiled machine stop being effective.

While it’s vital to focus on your locus of control, resisting the natural flow of your emotions will only cause you additional anguish. The key is to learn how to manage it effectively and understand that these feelings just want to be seen. As you already know, these feelings are transitory, and they can’t kill you. Feel all of it, give it space within your limitless nature and let yourself be fully human.

9. You have a vivid imagination

At a young age, you’ve always had a very wild and often subversive imagination. You also have a penchant to daydream and lucid dream. You get a kick out of crafting new worlds in your mind. You also use it as a sanctuary for what you want to do, places you want to go, and ideas you want to flesh out.

You can become so immersed in this mystical fantasy world you crafted in your mind that you forget what’s going on around you. Sometimes you intentionally conjure up these intensely eidetic scenarios to escape the stresses of everyday life.

10. You don’t let people have any power over you

Sirian Starseeds are know to be independent, do any of the following traits fit you?

You don’t like getting caught up in the quagmire of other people’s drama. When someone tries to talk negatively about you or at you, you don’t give them the satisfaction of being angry. You don’t let them have any power over your thoughts and emotions. You practice healthy detachment.

You use nonviolent communication to cool down and neutralize the situation, but you don’t hold much value to other people’s egos and perceptions of you. Only you know the inner workings of your mind, and you don’t expend too much energy trying to explain yourself to people committed to provoking and misunderstanding you.

11. You have a natural affinity for animals and nature

kid with dolphin

As a Sirian Starseed, you feel a deep connection to the other creatures and all living things on Earth. You have a special fondness for aquatic species like dolphins, stingrays, whales, and fish. You also get a great sense of inner peace whenever you’re around your pet dog or cat.

You’re in deep awe at how they’re free from mental abstractions and conceptualizations that plagues the human mind. They’re simply being unbothered by opinions of themselves and of others. Being around them reminds you of the joys of being and makes you become untethered from your problems and worries about the future.

12. You’re drawn to fields that involve caring for Earth’s biosphere

hands soil plant

Your core mission on Earth as a Sirian Starseed is to assist humanity in transforming arid plains into loftier terrain. You’re here to sculpt the planet into a more vibrant and fertile ground for developing a higher auric field. Because of this, you might find yourself drawn to fields such as agriculture, oceanography, geoscience, biotechnology, environmental science, or urban planning.

13. You live by your truth unapologetically

You have no qualms about living your life in accordance with the truth. You operate on the level beyond duality and see the things that seem to distinguish humanity as simply smoke and mirrors. You don’t see things as right or wrong but simply as they are.

You have a built-in urge to express whatever you find interesting. You’re not afraid to be different if it means that you’re being true to yourself and not blindly flailing around societal expectations. You are also open-minded and ready to flush your old ideas to the toilet when it’s no longer serving you.

14. You are incredibly driven and focused

You have mastered the art of motivating yourself to do the hard things. With your innate ability to laser focus on a task at hand and break your goals into small, manageable pieces, you always seem to get things done. You are an expert in getting out of your head and getting into the present moment.

You have a strong sense of purpose and self-discipline. You feel a strong call to serve humanity, and you do everything in your power to fulfill that responsibility. You know exactly what you have to do, and you don’t let any distractions make you stray away from your path.

15. You enjoy making other people laugh

Humor has always been your way of connecting to other people. You’ve been called the ‘class clown.’ You love sharing stories in very unique and amusing ways. Whenever you’re around your closest friends, you find yourself cracking heaps of jokes, and you feel comfortable being your quirky and eccentric self. If that’s you, then you might be a Sirian starseed.

16. You have an intense need to be alone

moon man alone

Even though you enjoy the company of others and bringing joy to them, being alone is still where you feel most peaceful and true to yourself. You get an exhilarating rush when doing personal projects and working on things that you deem important.

You have a space of your own, and you don’t appreciate it when anyone tries to burst out your little haven of solitude. You don’t feel the need to stroke anyone’s ego and get into their good graces. You put conscious effort into reducing the amount of time you have to interact with others so you can use it doing the things that genuinely interest you.

17. You have an insatiable thirst for knowledge

You have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, meaning, and wisdom. You have a burning desire to know about everything there is to know about the world and the unknown. From astrophysics to coding and Eastern philosophy, you devote so much time digesting information even though it’s not related to your specialized field or career choice.

You’re a truth-seeker. You’re dedicated to finding the meaning of life and your role in it. Every day, you fully commit yourself to your growth and learning something new. When you’re interested in a certain topic, you find yourself getting lost in it and spending hours, even days researching and reading about it.

18. You don’t fixate on your problems

You’ve learned that whining, complaining, and obsessively thinking about your problems is a complete waste of time. If you can do something to fix it, you simply get right on it. If not, you simply let it go and move on. You’ve learned that things have a way of working themselves out, and you have a resolute belief that the universe will always have your back.

19. You’re drawn to magic, mystic arts, mythology, and ancient civilizations

From the civilizations of the Mayans, Egyptians, and Aztecs to witchcraft, mentalism, extraterrestrials, and Norse mythology, you are captivated. You are fascinated with hexagrams, magical symbols, glyphs, cosmic portals, and the dramatic lives of the Greek gods and goddesses, among other things. You just can’t get enough of them!

You love watching documentaries and reading books about lost and ancient civilizations. You’re also drawn to native teachings, conspiracy theories, occultism, herbal medicine, astrology, numerology, crystal healing, psychic abilities, moon magic, and several other forms of magic.

20. Creativity is your jam

creative person

Coming up with out-of-the-box creative solutions has always been your strong suit. You love adding to the wealth of knowledge and arts that deeply interest you. You enjoy making music, writing fiction and poetry, as well as filmmaking. You enjoy using your distinctive voice to convey clarity, insight, and joy to others. You feel that Earth is only ‘eh’ in the absence of art.

Final Thoughts

If these traits resonate with you, you’re probably one of the galactic weavers of higher frequency and master stewards of this majestic blue planet.

As a Sirian Starseed, you’re here to plant the seed of a new level of consciousness among humanity and guide them in loosening the grip of duality and ego-driven narratives. You’re here to remind the children of Gaia of their universal interconnectedness and assist them through their transition to a higher dimension.


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