Taurus Man in Bed Learn Who He Is and What He Wants

Taurus Man in Bed: 12 Important Things You MUST Know

Knowing about your significant other’s sexual behaviors proves to be beneficial in strengthening the level of trust and intimacy in a relationship. One can turn to the zodiac signs to learn more about them. For instance, if you are with a Taurus guy, understanding what he is like and how to please him in bed will help you improve your sexual life.

How is the Taurus man in bed? A Taurus man is a very sensual lover. He is strong and reliable yet gentle, attentive, and nurturing of his partner’s feelings, needs, and interests. Fully immersive experiences, slow and sensual physical stimulations, and longer foreplays are elements that satisfy his sexual desires.

If you are interested in knowing more about a Taurus man’s sexuality, his preferences, what he is like in bed, and his sexual traits or tendencies, this guide will give you all the information you need.

Sexual Intimacy and the Taurus Man

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In order to keep a great and happy romantic relationship, some couples value the importance of having a healthy level of sexual intimacy with their partner. For them, sex is an essential part of maintaining a passionate and fulfilling intimate connection.

There should be a degree of trust for each other in such a manner that you can be vulnerable and are certain that your lover can handle your body with respect. You are also able to open up to him without any reserve or inhibition.

Moreover, to meet this need for satisfaction, it is vital to know whether you and your lover are sexually compatible. It would be advantageous if your sexual traits, needs, and desires are in line with each other so that both of your expectations can be met. Additionally, you may want to go the extra mile to have a pleasurable and unforgettable lovemaking experience.

It definitely helps to know more about your partner—his interests, what turns him on, and what he likes or does not like doing in the bedroom. Applying all these when you become intimate under the sheets will make you very irresistible to him and he will want to keep you and treasure you even more.

To gain a deeper knowledge about your special someone, you can turn to the Zodiac signs for guidance. These Sun signs can tell you more about a person’s sexuality, preferences, and personality in the bedroom. They can also help you gauge your sexual compatibility with each other.

Some of the signs have more sexual drive than others and they are known to be great in bed, while others have lower libido and are content with engaging in less frequent sex in a week. There are also others who may need to warm up a little longer before the main act, while some can eagerly get it on at once with just a subtle enticement.

People under the Taurus sign are one of the most sensual lovers among the zodiac signs. They enjoy making love and have a more practical approach to sex. If you are in a relationship with a Taurus man, this guide can help you better understand him and learn about his needs and preferences so you can get the most out of him in bed.

Understanding the Sexuality of the Taurus Man

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The Taurus man is a passionate and sensual lover. A natural charmer, he instinctively knows how to express his affection, and is very eager to please the man or woman he is committed to. Moreover, he values loyalty and stability in a relationship, thus he is also very faithful and requires the same devotion and sincerity from his partner.

When he is not yet in a committed relationship, a Taurus guy will look for a suitable partner that is trustworthy, intelligent, and confident. A person who possesses natural beauty and feminine elegance attracts him the most. Furthermore, he wants someone who is attentive to his needs and who can satisfy him sexually as well.

He is sensible with regard to sex. For him, it is not just an act of pleasure but it is also about the intention of wanting to show affection and about the process of building trust and intimacy with your loved one. He believes in nurturing each other’s sexual desires as well as caring about how his partner feels.

A Taurus man generally has a high sexual drive and likes to make love regularly with his other half. Because of his loyal nature, he usually does not approve of casual sex.

In addition, he doesn’t like to rush through with things, especially with sex. He takes things slowly because he wants to enjoy every moment of the experience. Being highly sensual enables him to know how to appreciate and please a woman’s body.

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A typical Taurus guy also likes to plan things ahead so he can come to bed prepared for lovemaking. He is not one to change his mind, plans, or routines. However, he can be willing to compromise or to try out new things.

Furthermore, he wants honesty and encourages his partner to open up to him about her own sexual desires or interests so he can help her fulfill them in as much as he can. Basically, he does not want to push things or impose himself too much onto his partner because he wants both of them to mutually benefit from their sexual encounters.

On the whole, if you are in a relationship with a man under this sign or if you are interested in forming one, rest assured that your Taurus guy is a great lover and a perfect partner in bed.

What are the Traits of a Taurus Man

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Below are some of the common traits to help you know what your Taurus man is like in bed. Learning more about his sexual personality, preferences, and interests can help you better reciprocate his love and form a more intimate bond with him.

  1. He is Sensual

As an earth sign and is ruled by the planet Venus, a Taurus man is all about earthy passions. He is known to be a very sensual lover and is keen on making sure to please his other half, especially when getting it on.

In addition, a Taurus man is in tune with his senses and is more receptive to stimuli that activate them. It is essential for him to be fully immersed in an experience. This is particularly true when engaging in more intimate or sexual activities. He primarily attains pleasure from the sights, touch, scents, sound, and taste during the lovemaking moments more than the arousal itself.

When paired with a Taurus woman, Taurus men find themselves in a union that can be profoundly sensual and deeply rooted in mutual understanding. Both governed by Venus, they are naturally inclined towards cherishing the tactile pleasures of life, making their intimate moments rich with tenderness and passion.

  1. He is Sensitive

A Taurus man readily shows empathy to his lover. He is sensitive to her needs and emotions and has the ability to understand her feelings. Being very considerate, he would put in much effort to let her feel good and comfortable most of the time.

With this trait of his, a Taurus man’s partner will feel safe and secure in his presence. She will appreciate being recognized and understood. This can lead her to become more willing to open up her heart and body to him. In addition, she will be able to attain more pleasurable arousal and fully enjoy the whole intimate experience.

  1. He is Attentive

Because he is capable of sensing the emotions of others, a Taurus man is also very attentive. He is inherently sensual so he is very keen to observe details through his senses. Known as a good listener and communicator, he can also pay attention to non-verbal forms of communication and emotional cues. These can help him understand his partner a lot better.

At times, a Taurus man would try to encourage his lover to express her thoughts, needs, preferences, and expectations about their relationship, in general, and even about more intimate details. He knows the importance of making her feel good, especially in bed, so he will go the extra mile to always have her needs met.

  1. He has Initiative

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A Taurus lover does not need much persuasion to get him into bed with his better half. When the mood is set just right and he is comfortable enough, he can initiate and will gradually turn a sweet romantic evening into a passionately amorous night.

As with a typical passive Taurus, he can sometimes initiate indirectly. He will charm his way into her heart and then wait patiently for his woman to make the first move.

It may seem to be intimidating at first but he is really not being manipulative. He simply wants the excitement of letting things go naturally between the two of them and also seeing how he can turn her on and get her off with his appeal.

  1. He is Consistent

In general, a Taurus man is consistent and particular about routines. Because he values sex and intimacy as important aspects that strengthen the trust, union, and harmony of a relationship, he aims to make it a constant part of his interactions with his special someone.

Oftentimes, he can be difficult to compromise with because he does not like abrupt changes to plans or routines. However, he is not one to force his way onto his partner. Overall, he dedicates his time and energy to consistently meeting each other’s sexual needs.

  1. He is Imaginative

Being consistent does not mean that a Taurus man is plain boring. On the contrary, he likes variety in the bedroom too. He can be quite imaginative and would use his creativity to add some flair to a romantic night.

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What also makes this man a great lover is that he can be very supportive of his other half’s sexual interests. He will try to satisfy them in as much as he can, as long as they are safe and pleasurable for both of them.

Nevertheless, spicing things up in the bedroom with a Taurus lover usually does not include going overboard with eccentric perversions. He would not be quite interested or stimulated by such tools or acts. He is generally conservative and simply wants to keep things interesting and fun between him and his partner.

On the whole, adding variety to his sexual life is a good way to keep the romance going and prevent either one from getting easily bored with each other’s company.

  1. He has Strength and Endurance

A Taurus man is also a strong lover, but one who manifests gentle behavior. He makes use of his physical strength and features to satisfy his partner in any way he can. However, being strong does not translate to him using brute force or being animalistic in the bedroom.

In addition, if the environment is right and he is sexually in the mood, the Taurus man can go on and have sex for longer periods and at more frequent times in a day or week. His endurance makes him durable and reliable at meeting his partner’s sexual needs.

What Does a Taurus Man Want in Bed?

To get the most pleasurable sex with your Taurus man, you could benefit from learning more about his sexual needs and preferences. There are some particular things that you could do to stimulate his interest in you and heighten his sexual activity. Being aware of what he wants can definitely help you know how to better please him in bed.

  1. He Wants To Take It Slow

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Keep in mind that a Taurus guy does not like to rush on with things, especially with sex. He is typically a sensual lover so he gains more pleasure from physical sensations, visual stimulation, and those other things that appeal to his senses. He wants to savor every moment of it.

Just go slowly and steadily with your Taurus lover when making love to make the most out of the experience. Doing so will make you appear more irresistible and sexy for him. Take pleasure in every movement you both make and enjoy caressing each other.

  1. He Loves Physical Contact

A Taurus man is a highly tactile person and for him, physical contact is a very important sexual stimulation. He loves touching, feeling, and kissing his lover because it helps him to connect more and create intimacy with her.

So if you are with a Taurus guy, getting it on would involve a lot of cuddles, touches, and passionate kisses. Remember to be gentle and sensual while fondling his body and take it slowly with him so that both of you can truly enjoy these physical sensations.

  1. He Wants Longer Foreplay

Being a sensual and sensitive person, a Taurus man wants to enjoy all phases of sex. He particularly loves long foreplay sessions. He likes to take his time to stimulate and satisfy his senses prior to the main act. Moreover, he uses this chance to bring in a more pleasurable experience for you, as his lover.

He instinctively knows his way around a woman’s body and utilizes his sense of touch when making love to make it more satisfying for you both. Therefore, expect to be spending the night gently exploring and enjoying each other’s bodies.

  1. He Wants To Feel Loved

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Sex, for a Taurus guy, is not just about pleasure but is primarily about love. It involves giving and receiving affection from your lover. Being his other half, he would aim to be devoted to you and to please you when getting it on in bed. In the same way, he desires to feel loved and be adored by you as well.

He would certainly appreciate it if you can reciprocate his passions. He will be pleased to hear your love declarations and words of affirmation, or be romanced through your sweet gestures and affectionate touches. These will let him know that you love him and delight in him. In essence, he wants sex to be mutually beneficial for both of you.

  1. He Wants Honesty and Communication

A Taurus man is more aware of his sexual needs and he wants to make sure that his lover knows about them too. Likewise, he wants to learn more about how to better please her, because he ultimately wants both of them to feel good in bed.

As such, your Taurus lover would want both of you to be more open and honest with each other. For instance, if you do not like what he is doing in bed or there are parts of your body that you do not like to be touched, gently tell him about it.

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He would love to know what you like and do not like, as well as be able to establish boundaries. In this way, he will know how to handle your body and satisfy your needs more suitably.

How to Turn On a Taurus Man

You can effortlessly stimulate the sexual interests of a Taurus man if you know what excites him. As an Earth sign, he is a very sensual person. He gets easily turned on to things that appeal to his senses. Take advantage of this attribute and ensure that your Taurus lover is fully satisfied throughout the night.

  1. Set Up A Romantic Date Night

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To get a Taurus man in the mood for an amorous evening, you might want to spice things up by preparing a lovely setting at home and starting it off with a romantic date night. This is one foolproof way to warm up your Taurus lover and turn him on.

You can light some aromatic candles and play soft background music to set the room ambiance. Make your couch or bed cozier and more comfortable for you to snuggle up with your lover. This will entice him to give you a lot of cuddles the whole night.

A Taurus man in bed also loves to satisfy his appetite too, so it is best to prepare great food and wine beforehand. Have luscious sips while romancing him with love confessions and sweet nothings. This will absolutely turn the heat up between the two of you.

To make the night even more exciting, you could also include some sensual games or enjoy a romantic bubble bath together. Your Taurus guy will definitely love a fully immersive and intimate experience with you. Keep in mind though that he wants things to be neat and tidy, so avoid getting into messy activities with him.

  1. Be Visually Appealing

Since men are generally visual beings, the first thing they usually notice when they see you is your appearance. They are more sexually aroused by visual stimulation and this is especially true for the highly sensual Taurus man.

Your Taurus lover will certainly be turned on if you look very attractive to him. When you are going out on a date, wear something that is classy and sexy but not too revealing. Be very confident with yourself. He will definitely be drawn to you by your elegance and charm.

Take it up a notch and wear your sexy lingerie to bed. A little display can go a long way. As part of your foreplay, you can give your partner a tantalizing show by slowly flaunting off or undressing your body in front of him and letting him savor every moment of it.

  1. Wear Your Sexiest Fragrance

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A Taurus man’s sense of smell, in particular, is a powerful one. It is highly affected by a woman’s scent that he gets easily turned on if you smell great. The fragrance you wear, therefore, is one of the important elements to consider if you want to attract a Taurus man.

Wear a sexy perfume such as that with a sweet vanilla fragrance, sandalwood, or some earthy undertones. These scents are seductive and sensual, which can truly set off the mood for a passionate and pleasurable night.

  1. Use Physical Touch

Being a tactile person, your Taurus guy greatly appreciates being touched, hugged, or kissed and receiving other forms of intimate physical contact. It is also his primary way of expressing his affection for his loved one.

To truly turn him on, you can give him lingering kisses while tenderly stroking his body. Let him freely explore your body too. Keep in mind though that your Taurus lover does not like to rush through things, especially when making love, so take things slowly with him and caress him gently.

You can also give him a sensual massage to help him feel more relaxed and be relieved from his stresses. It improves blood circulation, which then aids in more effective arousal and better performance in bed.

  1. Whisper Romantic Words

Another way to captivate and turn your Taurus man on is through your voice. You can charm your way into his heart by softly saying romantic words to him with your sultry voice.

Get closer to him and whisper his name, endearments, and some sweet nothings to his ear. You can do this while kissing, caressing his body, or cuddling him. This is also the perfect time to compliment him and express your love for him. He would definitely love the praises and the feeling of being desired.

Final Thoughts

There will always be something to look forward to with a Taurus guy. Your relationship with him can help you both explore and enjoy your sexualities together. Rest assured that he understands your feelings, sexual needs, and desires, and aims to nurture them in a safe and loving environment.

All of the above qualities make him such a great lover. Therefore, aspire to reciprocate his passionate love so that both of you can benefit from a fulfilled sex life. Ultimately, this will lead to a healthier, more intimate, and successful relationship.


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