The Sun Tarot Love Meaning and 5 Interpretations

The Sun Tarot Love Meaning and 5 Interpretations

Of the 78 cards in a classic tarot deck, 22 cards belong in the Major Arcana. This subset represents events, situations, and circumstances that people go through in life. The cards in the Major Arcana (numbered 0 to 21) depict the Fool’s life journey from learning significant lessons through experience to becoming the best version of himself.

The Sun, the 19th card in the Major Arcana, symbolizes vitality, warmth, happiness, fulfillment, and optimism. Drawing this card in a love tarot reading means love at first sight or a happy and passionate relationship. The Sun card can also signify reconciliation, harmony, and possible pregnancy.

Tarot practitioners who read tarot reversals need to note that the Sun reversed has a different meaning and interpretation compared to the Sun upright. You might also want to explore different Sun tarot card combinations so you’d know what cards to watch out for during your love tarot reading.

5 Sun Tarot Card Love Meanings and Interpretations

the sun tarot

The Sun card shows a naked (and seemingly carefree) child riding on top of a white horse, signifying purity, innocence, and strength. Behind the child are four tall sunflowers planted behind a brick wall. Occupying the entirety of the sky is an image of the Sun shining brightly.

Various cultures worldwide regard the Sun as a symbol of life (specifically the ability to create and grow) and the Self. Meanwhile, sunflowers signify vitality and happiness. The number of sunflowers illustrated in the card represents the four suits of the Minor Arcana (Swords, Cups, Wands, and Pentacles suit) and the four natural elements of air, water, fire, and earth.

Generally, the Sun card is a promise that your inner strength is a force to reckon with, and you’ll shine brightly and succeed even when facing crises and tribulations. You’re optimistic and the type of person to spread happiness and warmth to the people around you.

You bring joy to many people’s lives, and that’s one of your biggest strengths. If your life isn’t all peachy at the moment, seeing the Sun card in a tarot reading means difficult times are soon to be over.

Abundant energy is flowing within you, ready to be spent. Better days await. You’re in good physical health, new opportunities are available to you, and you’ll be successful in all your endeavors.

In love tarot readings, drawing the Sun card can mean different things. Overall, however, it’s a positive card to pull.

  1. Love at First Sight

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The Sun tarot love meaning signifies the happiness one gets from a new or budding romance. You might experience love at first sight and feel an intense pull. Such an incident can indicate that the person who caught your eyes is your soulmate.

If it’s not about love at first sight, the Sun card can imply the feeling of falling deeply in love for the first time. You might harbor feelings so genuine and pure you’re confident you haven’t felt this way for another person before. This person makes you feel emotions so new that it overwhelms you (in a good way).

There’s a high chance that the apple of your eye likely feels the same way towards you. Their sincere feelings might even blow you away. Open your heart and mind to new energies, to love, to happiness.

  1. A Happy and Passionate Relationship

The image of the Sun card itself can give the impression of joy and pure bliss. Hence, it’s hardly surprising that it represents a happy and healthy relationship in a love tarot reading. This card signifies that you and your partner are amazing lovers, and you truly deserve each other.

You and your partner might find yourselves falling deeper in love with each other. There’s a high possibility that your relationship will last for a long time. After all, the foundation of your relationship is mutual love, respect, trust, passion, and lots of fun.

  1. Reconciliation and Harmony

reconciling couple

Suppose your relationship has been in a rocky position for some time now. In that case, the Sun card tells you that you and your partner will be able to resolve the issues and problems harming your relationship. Take this time to rekindle the spark and bring back the passion.

  1. Positivity

For single people the Sun tarot love meaning is a sign to step forward and allow themselves to shine and spread positivity towards themselves and others. Your dream romance is only a step away from you. Don’t hesitate to show how radiant, charming, and enchanting you are (both as an individual and a romantic partner).

  1. Pregnancy

pregnant woman

Drawing the Sun in a tarot reading is a positive sign of pregnancy for expecting couples. Like the Empress, the Sun represents abundance and a call for a celebration. Hence, this card is a positive sign that a bundle of joy might be waiting to enter the world.

The Sun Reversed Love Meanings and Interpretations

the sun upside down

Generally, the Sun reversed encourages you to reconnect with your inner child. Adults tend to focus their energies on practical things like career, family matters, and the likes to the point that they forget to enjoy the little things. Remember to have fun and be carefree from time to time.

In a love tarot reading, the Sun reversed suggests falling deeper into the pit of sadness and negative thinking. Something about yourself, your partner, or the relationship as a whole caused this. You might’ve made a mistake in the past, your partner might be insensitive about your needs, or the spark between you two just died.

Try to look at your circumstances from a different perspective. The Sun reversed suggests that you might’ve been unconsciously focusing on the bad, which adds to the overall negative energy of the situation.

If you want to save your relationship with your partner, take a step back and remember to appreciate what made you fall in love with them. Doing so might help you revitalize the energy in your relationship.

Significant Sun Tarot Card Combinations You Need to Know

The Sun and the Empress

the empress tarot

The Empress is an icon of femininity and beauty. This card symbolizes abundance and one’s inherent nurturing nature. The energy of the Empress card urges you to show your caring and affectionate side to your loved ones.

In a love tarot reading, the Empress signifies healthy communication and trust in the relationship. Drawing the Sun and the Empress cards in a love reading can be a hint for marriage, pregnancy, or anything that calls for a celebration. Ultimately, these cards tell you that you can expect the days ahead to be joyful and harmonious.

The Sun and the Chariot

the chariot tarot

Some words associated with the Chariot card (numbered 7 in the Major Arcana) are determination, action, and success. Generally, pulling the Chariot in a tarot reading signifies that the Universe got your back. This card is perhaps the best encouragement you can receive if you’re hesitating to take any action about something.

In matters of the heart, the Chariot urges you to set clear boundaries with your partner. Communicate your needs, ensure mutual commitment, and express your love and affection for each other in more ways than one. If you’re single, the Chariot discourages you from entering a relationship without giving it much thought.

The Sun and the Chariot tarot card combination means victory is near. You’ll receive good news regarding your love life. Couples might also want to take this time to get out of their comfort zone and explore each other’s daring side.

The Sun and the Devil

the devil tarot

Contrary to popular belief, the Devil isn’t a negative card to pull in a tarot reading. It only gives you a glimpse of your dark side or the negative energies that come into play in a situation. The Devil card isn’t a bad omen but a warning or a much-needed wake-up call.

The Devil appearing in a love tarot reading means you need to be wary of a possible betrayal. Temptation is everywhere, and you or your partner might lose your principles because of it.

At first glance, the Sun and the Devil are cards with opposing meanings. These two cards appearing in a tarot reading about love and relationships is a kind of encouragement. Combine the positive energy of the Sun and the ambitious nature of the Devil to obtain a healthy and happy relationship.


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