When A Leo Woman Is Done With You 7 Signs That Will Let You Know

When A Leo Woman Is Done With You (7 Signs It’s Over)

With her bright and charming persona, dating a Leo woman is like a great adventure, as long as you do not get on her bad side. If you have noticed a change in her attitude towards you, it could suggest that she is done with you. Try to figure out what these changes in her behavior imply for your relationship so you can do something about it.

When a Leo woman is done with you, she will most likely express it in words or actions. She may exhibit passive-aggressive tendencies, in which she tries to dominate you and continually criticizes everything you do. She may appear distant and uninterested at times, owing to the fact that she no longer cares about you.

You and your Leo partner may seem to have had an ideal relationship going on, but now that she is sending you the wrong signals and has suddenly changed her behavior, you may have to think otherwise. This article will help you recognize the signs that will let you know when your Leo woman is done with you.

What Is A Leo Woman Like In Relationships?

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People with the Leo zodiac sign, like their lion symbol, are fierce and fearless. They take pride in their intelligence, confidence, and strength. These fire signs are also proud and controlling to some extent, have a high opinion of themselves, and love being the center of attention.

On top of these qualities, a Leo woman is passionate, sensual, and full of energy. Her spirited and fiery personality can be very charming and alluring to potential mates.

Being strong and assertive, a Leo woman may come off as intimidating at first to some people, yet she is actually protective and caring. She puts her relationships first place, so she often takes on the role of protecting her family, spouse, and everything else that she holds dear. Thus, she needs an attentive and nurturing partner to take care of her too.

Also, when it comes to romance, a Leo woman is known for being a loving, honest, and loyal lover who puts her heart and soul into every relationship that she builds. She is drawn to people who share the same passion and dedication as she. She also values devotion, hence, she will most likely set high expectations for her lover in terms of loyalty.

The best part about the Leo woman is that she knows her value and will not tolerate insincerity or the kind of lukewarm companionship that does not suit her interests. Moreover, the element of fire reflects in her impassioned willingness to go after the things she wants.

Thus, a Leo woman gives her all once she finds someone who fits her well. If she is deeply in love with someone, she tends to hasten him into a committed relationship. She is good at getting her beloved to commit because of her courageous and determined nature.

If, however, she begins to feel unappreciated, neglected, or mistreated, the relationship may suffer from a lack of affection. Eventually, she may just decide to end the relationship and leave you at some point.

What Makes A Leo Woman Leave You?

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The Leo woman is a realist when it comes to love and cares very little about what society has to say. Although she is very devoted, she can draw the line at any time when issues arise that would compromise her relationships.

As such, if you are dating a Leo woman, she will have reservations about pursuing or keeping a relationship with you any further if she does not firmly believe in your worth in her life. In fact, she sees through all the fake, deceitful, and superficial advances that pervade relationships nowadays.

With her tendency to be jealous and possessive, a Leo woman can easily get hurt and annoyed if you do not show her the affection and respect that she deserves, all the more so if you pay more attention to anyone else but her. She wants to feel special, and she does not like being ignored.

Furthermore, she dislikes being deceived, cheated, and lied to. If you do these things to her, she will feel betrayed and note that a Leo woman does not take betrayal lightly. This zodiac sign takes their emotions and trust very seriously, so any form of cheating will leave her heartbroken.

Leos are proud people too, so when someone breaks their heart, they can easily be weighed down by their insecurities. However, due to their pride, they can still hold themselves up high and move on in spite of the pain that has been caused.

Being a fixed sign, Leo women are also unyielding and can be stubborn at times, especially when dealing with cheating partners. Her frustrations over you and your actions will cause her to change her feelings and treatment towards you and will most likely turn a deaf ear to all your excuses or apologies.

Therefore, if you have wronged a Leo woman in any way, she will be candid about it and deal with you accordingly. At worst, she may even just break up with you without notice. Whichever scenario applies, it can mean that she is not ready to forgive and forget just yet. It is thus important to know when a Leo woman is done with you so you can still do something about your relationship.

When A Leo Woman Is Done With You: 7 Signs That Will Let You Know

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A Leo woman will usually let you know how she feels about your relationship when she thinks she is over you. She may, however, choose not to communicate this to you in any manner if she is no longer interested in maintaining a connection with you.

Instead, her behavior will give away her emotions, and you will have to understand and read through her actions, even the little things that affect her, to figure out what the problem is.

Here are 7 signs that will let you know when a Leo woman is done with you and is about to leave you. If you notice her displaying several of these characteristics, it is high time that you assess your relationship and try to work things out between the two of you.

  1. There will be less contact

You will notice that there is less eye contact than before when you are trying to communicate with your Leo woman. She would refrain from looking into your eyes when she talks to you. It may be unintentional, or it could be that she just does not want to interact with you or even see you right now.

There will also be barely any form of physical contact between the two of you as she tries to distance herself. The Leo woman may be uncomfortable around you, and you may not be able to connect with her on a personal level.

  1. She no longer makes enough time for you

If your Leo woman does not seem to have enough time for you anymore, it is a clear sign that she is over you and wants to be out of the relationship. For the most part, she appears to be preoccupied with plans and activities that do not involve you, frequently making excuses or postponing events with you.

At times, she becomes impatient with you pestering her or interfering with her day. In fact, a Leo woman is reluctant to spend time with someone she dislikes in general, and this tendency holds true even when she is dating.

  1. She becomes cold and withdrawn

Leo is typically a passionate zodiac sign. So, when a Leo is done with you, they become cold and withdrawn towards you. After all that has happened, she will not be able to trust you outright and completely.

Besides, even if you try to reach out to your Leo woman, she may just be indifferent to all your efforts. She will no longer be interested in the things that you both previously loved doing and conversations with her will also be very minimal or superficial.

Thus, if you sense that she has lost her desire for you and is not as passionate as she was before, you will know that your relationship is in a critical situation. You have to address the problem right now if you want to make things right between the two of you again.

  1. She becomes more self-absorbed

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A Leo woman typically loves getting the spotlight otherwise, she will feel mistreated and ignored. If she keeps on feeling neglected and does not get the affection that she needs from you, then she may tend to lose interest and will no longer see your worth in her life.

Eventually, she will most likely see the breakup as the only way and move on at some point. As a result, she becomes more self-absorbed and conceited, not caring about you any more than she cares about her own needs and wants. Moreover, she may demand from you, but do not expect to get anything in return.

  1. She gets more aggressive and confrontational

A Leo woman will only stick around with people who are loyal to her as well. If she finds out that you have cheated on her or betrayed her in any way, her trust in you will be broken and she will no longer want to treat you with respect nor see you as her equal.

As a result, when a Leo woman has decided that she is done with you, she becomes very aggressive and short-tempered. Her domineering behavior becomes her defense mechanism to cope with the pain you have caused her.

She will try to push you out of her life by being resentful, lashing out at you more often, and finding fault in everything that you do. Your Leo woman may even try to take revenge on you because she is set on believing that you are the root of all her problems.

  1. She tries to flirt with other men

Leos are usually easygoing and forgiving. However, when a Leo woman has fallen out of love and lost interest in you or wants to get back at you for hurting her, she will try to flirt with and lavish other men. Besides, she loves the attention that she receives from them.

Furthermore, a Leo woman stops paying attention to you and starts seeing other guys in order to make you feel miserable, causing you to consider leaving her. In other words, she is building new connections so she can quickly move on from your relationship.

  1. Sex life with her becomes dull

A Leo woman is one of those women who make every single night count. When it comes to sex, they are fiery and passionate. They enjoy being in charge of keeping the romance alive, so you are sure to have a pleasurable time together.

If, on the other hand, sex with your Leo woman has become sporadic, uninspiring, and dull, it simply implies that she no longer wants to be intimate with you. When a Leo woman decides she does not want to have any sexual contact, then this is a clear indication that she is over you.

Final Thoughts

If your Leo woman becomes overbearing and critical towards you, this can mean that she is done with you and wants to end your relationship. She may, on the other hand, treat you in a passive manner, avoiding any type of interaction with you. In either case, ending things this way will leave you both feeling bitter and spiteful.

Trying to win her back may seem difficult, but it is definitely worth a try. Pay attention to these behavioral signs so you can figure out what your best option is as you move forward with your relationship. It could mean breaking up on good terms or sorting things out in order to start over. 


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