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8 Unexpected Biblical Meanings of Feces in Dreams

Dreaming about feces, in general, could feel a little awkward. It is a peculiar experience, one that is more likely associated with the not-so-pleasurable dreams that a person could ever have. This may make you feel uneasy or confused. Still, just like everything in the Bible, dreams about feces also have their own meanings and implications.

Ezekiel 4:12 implores that feces are a sign of desperation. On the other hand, Malachi 2:3 says that feces are filthy and impure. Even though the Bible says that feces are dirty, that does not necessarily imply that all dreams involving feces have a negative meaning. In fact, some of these dreams could actually have a positive consequence in your life.

Although typically seen as dirty and commonly frowned upon, feces have been used for many different things throughout history. Aiding in agriculture, they have been used since ancient times to sustain the food needs of a large population. As such, it is not surprising that verses about dung have been written in the Bible.

Seeing Feces in Dreams: Biblical Meanings

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  1. Hidden Potential

Back in the times of Abraham, cow dung was used as fuel to make bread. Using cow dung is a rather unexpected historical fact when you are accustomed only to modern cooking methods. But it’s true. It is explicitly written in some Bible passages, like in Ezekiel 4:15.

Dreaming of feces could mean that you are in the process of creating something extraordinary in your life. Bread back in the day was served in feasts for important visitors. As mentioned in Genesis 18:6, Abraham and Sarah prepared a whole bunch for their guests, with multiple passages referring to how they baked the bread.

Find time to utilize the skills you currently have. You may feel a little awkward or inadequate, but God may have reached you in your dreams to let you know that you have talent inside you. The challenges in life may present you with a lot of trouble, but believing in the Maker will give you strength.

Just like how God created everyone equally, you were also born with something unique that only you can do. If you don’t know what it is yet, stay observant. These dreams about feces may signify that you also have a peculiar gift from heaven. Feel free to explore any possibilities and learn new things around you. You may have yet to discover something that would give you the best moments of your life.

  1. Impurity

Leviticus 15:7 states that anyone touching a man with a discharge must wash their clothes and bathe with water. The passage even says that any man who does this will continue to be unclean until the evening has passed.

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Feces are typically considered unclean, both in the Bible and in typical modern-day education. They could have appeared in your dream because you may have recently done something immoral.

Be mindful if you have been engaging in uncontrolled vices recently. Be careful of the hurtful things you say to others as well. Maintaining the moral values taught in the Bible as you go about your everyday routine is essential.

If you have done anything wrong, just do not forget to ask for forgiveness in your prayers. The Almighty is kind and merciful. In His eyes, you are still as beautiful as the day He created you.

  1. Caution

If you have recently dreamt of consuming feces, then you have to be very careful. The passage in Isaiah 36:12 uses eating dung as a metaphor for impending danger. You may have recently encountered something dangerous or found yourself in a position where you could have hurt yourself. This dream could have been a warning to you from the heavens that you have to stay cautious for your own safety.

Pay attention to your surroundings. If you have recently engaged in unsafe activities, you should assess the situation first. Try to stay away from things that could end up hurting you or the people you love. You should not forego composure and try to keep a level head whenever you are in a place you do not know. Stay alert, and do not forget to pray for your own protection and that of your loved ones.

  1. Freedom

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According to the Bible, dreams about defecating can also be interpreted as a sign that you are removing something toxic from your life. It could indicate that you may be freeing yourself from something. You may have recently walked away from an abusive relationship, resigned from a job with an unfair wage, or just simply gotten rid of a bad habit. This could be the reason why you dreamt of feces.

Try to surround yourself with people who love you. There is nothing to be ashamed of when you get support from your family and friends. If not from them, you may find the strength to continue even from the words of a total stranger.

God will send you people that care for you. You are not alone in this battle, and you will never be. The freedom to walk away and start anew is a choice God has given you. If you find it hard to keep going, just remember that there will always be people who genuinely care for you.

  1. Shame

According to the Bible, dreaming about feces could also mean that you are hiding something shameful from the people around you. The Word of God explicitly says that men should cover their feces with soil (Deuteronomy 23:13). This was to preserve cleanliness and promote decency among brothers and sisters.

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Suppose you dream about burying your dog’s poop on the ground. In that case, this could be a sign from your guardian angel that you are actively trying to hide an embarrassing situation from your friends, colleagues, or family.

Remember that everyone has experienced an awkward situation before. Even the most remarkable people, and even those you think are perfect individuals, are flawed. They are human, just like you. You, like everyone else, are capable of making mistakes. And that doesn’t matter one bit. The Father loves you just as much.

If this has been a constant worry of yours, then allow yourself the time to get better. Work on the things that you can manage and improve. You can hone your talent and physique to be the person you want to be. But most of all, take the time to rest and pray. Express your gratitude towards the Creator and continue grinding to reach the tomorrow you want to achieve.

  1. Safety

The Bible acknowledges that feces are unclean. If you are dreaming of putting away animal manure, then it might be because you are doing things to keep someone tidy and safe. You may have recently done a favor for a friend without their knowledge, or you may be actively trying to help a stranger with good deeds. These are all great and righteous things to do. Acts of philanthropy, especially towards people you do not personally know, never go unseen by heaven.

If you are protecting others from harm, stay vigilant. You would not want to accidentally hurt yourself or them, especially while you are just trying to help. Try not to worry too much; you are not alone when you do this. There are other forces at work that are also trying to keep you okay. Even if that is the case, do not stay complacent and lose control of things that could easily be fixed and tidied.

Be careful. For your own sake, try to mind yourself at the same time while you watch other people. Think of yourself as well.

  1. Investment

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A dream wherein you spread manure to fertilize a field could mean that you could potentially make an investment somewhere. Some passages talk about this in the Bible, like in Luke 13:8. You may be on the verge of benefiting from something great if you put the time and effort into doing it. Your guardian angel could be giving you a clue that now is a great time to undertake a business venture or that you should start a productive hobby.

Stay alert for any potential changes in the circumstances. And be ready to take on the opportunity once it arises. The heavens could be giving you a once-in-a-lifetime chance to hit it big. Just remember to say a prayer if you are going to take a risk. Do not forget to be careful if you commit time and money to something.

  1. Privacy

According to the Bible, men used to go to a cave by themselves to have some alone time when nature called. If you are dreaming of something like this, you could be in a place where many people are privy to your secrets. Think about the stuff you have done recently. There may have been instances or conversations when you overshared information with people.

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Try to take a break from social media. You could be exposing yourself to people who do not know you. Learn to control yourself better during your social interactions, especially if you are around strangers. These dreams may be a warning from heaven that you are putting yourself at the center of attention too much. Stay careful.

What to Do Next?

Stay Vigilant

Your guardian angels are always here for you. But, as a believer, you should not just blindly hand your safety and actions to them. You should also make an effort to get yourself a better outlook and position in life.

Just like evil, the danger will always be around. It is up to you to do whatever you can to make yourself safer from harm. Always be on the lookout. Stay careful of who you surround yourself with. Keep on being yourself, but do not forget to leave a prayer before doing anything in your day.

Learn to Accept Help

God has given you people around you that can help you. There is nothing wrong with seeking assistance from them. Express your gratitude instead of being prideful and thinking that you are better off alone. Just like how you need God in your daily life, you also need your family and friends with you. Even a stranger’s help could go a long way in your life.

Accept that there are limits to what you can do and what you can achieve alone. After the events of the day have passed, include them in your prayers. And thank the heavens for bringing you people that are special. Thank the heavens because you are loved.

Keep on believing

Life is a journey. You will encounter failures and challenges throughout your journey. But it is essential to maintain confidence in God. Dreams are only there to remind you of things. The things you may be able to accomplish will fall short without the blessing of God. Humble yourself and keep having faith. If you continue to strive forward, you will be okay wherever life takes you. Remember that there will always be someone looking out for you.


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