5 Eye-opening Biblical Meanings of Colors in Dreams

Every single thing in the universe was created by the Lord with a specific color in mind, but the importance and meaning of colors go beyond just mere appearance. At their core, colors evoke emotions, memories, and energies that form an essential part of the human psyche and spirituality.

According to the Bible, dreaming of colors usually indicates hope, salvation, wisdom, grace, healing, focus, protection, peace, and forgiveness. But it could also be a symbol of caution, evil, anxiety, and death in some cases.

Because dreaming about colors can have different consequences, you should try your best to consider your own personal experiences to decode the secret behind your dream. In addition, it could also be helpful to look out for heavenly signs that will surely help you sort out your mind.

The Biblical Meaning of Colors in a Dream

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1. Hope

Having this dream could be a reminder from your guardian angel that the Lord will always be by your side, especially during tough times. You will always have the chance to show that you are worthy of His love by persevering in the face of adversity.

As long as you do not forget to follow the teachings of Christ, your determination and will to keep on going will surely lead to your success one day. It may take you a while to become the person you want to be, but with Him beside you, no evil spirit can ever stop you.

2. Forgiveness

Having a dream about color is a great indication that your sins will be forgiven. However, you should still remain careful because you failed to protect yourself from temptation.

The verse from Isaiah 1:18 states, “Come now, let us reason together, says the Lord: though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they are red like crimson, they shall become like wool.”

Fortunately, you are slowly making things right because you genuinely try your best to obey the teachings of the Lord and put your relationship with Christ at the center of your life.

As a devoted Christian, your faith in the Lord should be one of the most important things you have to be mindful of. The main difference between those who continue to suffer and those who eventually find success is their belief in God.

As such, you should put your complete trust in the Almighty and obey His command. Everyone makes mistakes; there is no perfect Christian in this world. But if you stay compassionate and kind, you will still be accepted in the kingdom of heaven someday.

3. Wisdom

Seeing this dream could also be a reminder from heaven that you should not become complacent and arrogant even if you are financially well-off at the moment.

There may have been times when you lavishly bought unnecessary things because of greed. But you should always remember that the blessings you have today could be taken away from you tomorrow without prior notice, so tread carefully.

Your Christian journey will be full of difficulties, and you will never know how future events will play out. Most importantly, there is also no guarantee that the Lord will be there for you when something bad does happen. So with that in mind, you should try your best to spend your time wisely and prepare for the tough times ahead.

The verse from Proverbs 31:21 states, “When it snows, she has no fear for her household; for all of them are clothed in scarlet.”

As a Christian, you should always keep in mind that it is your responsibility to protect and take care of your family. So it would be foolish to rely solely on prayers, wishes, and promises that can only take you so far. At some point, you would have to take action and ensure that the people you love are safe from harm and evil spirits, no matter what.

Taking precautionary measures adds another layer of security, not only for yourself but also for your children. So it is well worth it in the long run. As such, learn to practice diligence and discipline in everything you do. One day, your efforts will pay off, and you will be able to weather any storm that life throws at you.

4. Caution

According to the Bible, having a vision about colors could also mean something very dangerous in some circumstances. The passage from Job 30:30 states, “My skin turns black on me, and my bones burn with fever.”

If you have recently sinned against Christ, you may start to encounter further evil schemes and temptations in the next few weeks because you are vulnerable to spiritual attacks at the moment. As such, it is most likely in your best interests to stay extremely careful for at least the next few weeks.

If you give no regard to your current predicament, you could even become sick or find yourself in a dangerous position as divine punishment for the things you have done in the past. But while things are dire enough for you to be concerned, you should still try to remain positive as much as you can.

There are still things you can do to make it up to Him, so it is not too late for you. At the very least, you can breathe a sigh of relief, knowing that you haven’t been forsaken by God yet.

However, any further attempts to stray away from righteousness could cause you to lose the favor of Christ entirely. So remember that you should pay attention to the things happening in your surroundings. Whenever something unexpected happens, try your best to assess the situation without panicking.

It could also be helpful to postpone going on a vacation, as it would be best to stay at home in the coming days. It may be hard, but you should stay alert and keep your composure when things are not going your way as well. But more than anything, you should pray to the Lord for guidance and forgiveness so that you may overcome the bad things that you may come across in the future.

5. Faith

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Interpreters of the Holy Scriptures suggest that having this dream could also be a message from your guardian angel that there is no power in this world greater than that of the Lord. In addition, dreaming of colors also symbolizes that there is no evil greater than the mercy and compassion that He gives to His children, including you.

There may have been moments in the last few weeks when you doubted His existence. You may have even done something terrible to other people at some point. But the Creator is merciful and compassionate, so He will still surely watch over you and the decisions you make in life.

Despite your uncertainty, the Almighty may have spoken to you in your dream to make you realize that believing in Him will grant you the strength to change for the better. You will face a long, arduous road, but over time, you will be able to improve your spiritual connection with God and receive His blessings.

The passage from Ezekiel 1:28 reads, “As the appearance of the rainbow in the clouds on a rainy day, so was the appearance of the surrounding radiance.”

The passage would then continue, “Such was the appearance of the likeness of the glory of the Lord. And when I saw it, I fell on my face and heard a voice speaking.”

Always remember that you are not alone and that the Lord will always be rooting for your success. It may also be helpful to seek the advice of your family and friends. You could face a lot of hardship along the way. But as long as you remember the Christian values that you have learned at church, then you will eventually find your footing and become successful.

Decoding the Meaning of the Colors of Life

The Biblical Meaning of Red

According to the Bible, the color red is mainly associated with power and strength. It is the color of blood, the life force of the human body. So more than anything, it symbolizes passion and love. But if you aren’t careful, it can also mean struggle, pain, and heartache. Like a double-edged sword, love can move mountains or crush someone entirely under them.

The Biblical Meaning of Orange

In Christianity, the color orange represents the sun. So it is a symbol of warmth, compassion, new beginnings, and positivity. Seeing the color orange in a dream could be a sign that you will live a long prosperous life.

However, there are dangers in staying under the sun for extended periods of time as well. Life will not always be happy and full of laughter. If you immerse yourself in too much happiness, you may slowly lose the strength to overcome even the slightest amount of sadness.

The Biblical Meaning of Yellow


Yellow is the color of sunrays and starlight. It is the symbol of knowledge, optimism, and life itself. Therefore, having this dream could mean that the Lord is offering clarity and focus in your life. It could even be a sign that you will improve in your chosen craft tremendously in the next couple of years. But most importantly, it is a symbol that your confidence is an inspiration to other people. So do not ever doubt and hold yourself back; you are the star of your own story.

The Biblical Meaning of Green

The color green is the symbol of nature, fertility, and energy. Therefore, it represents everything that the Lord has created in this world. Seeing the color green in a dream could be a sign from heaven that you have to appreciate life more. Additionally, this color could represent growth and money as well. So keep your eyes peeled for a great business opportunity that may come your way in the next few weeks.

The Biblical Meaning of Blue

The color blue represents the sky and the ocean. It is the symbol of progress, freedom, potential, mystery, and success. For most people, it also has a soothing effect on the mind that reduces stress and anxiety. However, there is a slight chance it affects your mood negatively as well. But as long as you pray to the Lord for guidance, having this dream is a great sign that you will be successful in life.

The Biblical Meaning of Purple

According to the Bible, the color purple is usually associated with the Christian values of imagination, wisdom, and faith. So it could be a symbol that your spirituality and connection with the Lord are getting stronger. Additionally, it could even be a sign that you are a person who values the truth and friendship above most things in your life. So as long as you follow your intuition, you will be on track to achieve lots of great things.

The Biblical Meaning of White

White is the color of innocence, purity, faith, and peace. But too much white can also be a symbol of emptiness, isolation, and loneliness. Therefore, seeing the color white in your dream could mean entirely opposite things depending on your current situation. Whatever the case may be, this color is a clear sign that you will be able to start anew with enough effort and determination.

The Biblical Meaning of Black

black things

Black is the color of the soil and the night sky. But it can also be a symbol of death, cruelty, and mystery in some cases. Therefore, seeing this color in your dream is rather tricky to decipher. For some people, it can be a symbol of strength and courage. Yet, for some, it can be a sign of despair and pain. Whatever the case may be, you would have to look deeply within your mind to discover what it truly means for you.

Final Thoughts

The meaning of colors in dreams may have both positive and negative consequences, depending on your current situation. But you have to keep in mind that there is a hidden message behind everything that the Lord is attempting to reveal to you.

Unlocking the secrets of your dream may be tricky. But if you manage to reveal its true meaning, then you may be able to avoid mistakes in the future. Fortunately, the Holy Scriptures contain all of the wisdom and information necessary for you to interpret the meaning of your vision as accurately as possible.


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