Do Both Twin Flames Know Discover 10 Signs of Shared Destiny

Do Both Twin Flames Know? Discover 10 Signs of Shared Destiny

Twin flames are two parts of the same soul. When they incarnate on earth, they have an objective to embark on a spiritual journey together to achieve oneness. The question is do both twin flames know of their joint divine mission.

Both twin flames are aware of their shared destiny on an energetic and spiritual level. However, more often than not, one of them is more consciously aware of their soul connection and twin flame purpose than the other. Some signs that demonstrate twin flames’ shared fate include intense attraction towards each other and the development of a telepathy connection.

The twin flames’ difference in perspective and beliefs lies in several factors. It’s of utmost importance to discern the origin of the twin flame concept and understand its nature to know the reason behind this difference. Once the twin flames learn about these notions, they can move on to looking for signs confirming their shared destiny.

Understanding the Origin and Nature of Twin Flames

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As mentioned earlier, both twin flames know their shared destiny deep inside their core. The reason behind this is their spiritual DNA. Ultimately, all beings came from the same Source.

According to spiritualists, twin flames initially have the same soul. For some reason (which is still a subject of debate today), the soul split into two. Although they became two separate souls, they still have the same essence composed of the divine masculine and feminine energy.

Essentially, you only have one twin flame, and you share a soul connection no one can sever. This truth is perhaps the most distinguishing difference between a twin flame bond and other soul connections like soulmate connections.

Your soulmates’ spiritual DNA is naturally compatible with yours. After all, you came from the same soul group and created predetermined contracts to reunite once you incarnate on earth. On the other hand, your spiritual essence equals your twin flame’s spiritual core.

In addition to that, you and your twin share the exact soul blueprint. You can think of a soul blueprint as something akin to a teacher’s lesson plan. It holds essential information about the teachings you need to learn with your twin flame in this lifetime. It also carries specific instructions on what you need to do to make this happen.

Each twin flame couple has different lessons they need to learn. Therefore, it’s worth noting that your experiences are unique, and you can’t compare them with other twin flames. Regardless of the differences, all twin flames have a primary purpose: soul evolution.

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You and your twin flame need to undergo a spiritual awakening to access your soul blueprint. Only by doing so can you work your way towards achieving soul evolution. This process is the challenging and tricky part.

In most cases, twin flames don’t undergo spiritual awakening simultaneously. This circumstance creates various problems.

Firstly, a twin flame relationship thrives by sending and receiving high-frequency energetic vibrations. Suppose one of the twin flames hasn’t undergone spiritual awakening yet. In that instance, they won’t be able to understand the significance of the twin flame love.

In the worst-case scenario, the unawakened twin doesn’t even know about the concept of twin flames. Both twins must have a significant level of awareness about soul connections in general before manifesting their twin flame love into reality.

Assume that one twin flame is consciously aware of the manifestation of twin flame love and the other isn’t. The twins would inevitably have to go through the runner and chaser stage, one of the most distressing twin flame phases.

On the other hand, there are cases when both twin flames are consciously aware of their shared destiny, but one chooses to be in denial. Such instances happen often, and it’s understandable because choosing to embark on a spiritual journey with your twin flame requires enormous strength, patience, and courage. Not everyone would willingly go on such a challenging journey.

10 Signs of Shared Destiny between Twin Flames

1. You Feel an Instant Connection

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Twin flames inevitably feel an intense pull or attraction because they have the same energetic makeup. It all boils down to their vibrations. Your subconscious will tell you that someone is your authentic twin flame because you’ll feel their vibrations on a spiritual level.

The explosive chemistry between you and your twin flame will be palpable as if you’ve known each other for years. You’ll notice that being with them and basking in their presence feel like the most natural thing in the world. Although your relationship might first start with friendship, you’ll quickly be more intimate with each other.

In addition to that, you’ll naturally form an empathic connection with your twin flame. You’ll develop a sensitivity to their feelings and emotions. It can even come to a point when you question whether your feelings are yours or theirs.

2. You See Them at Unexpected Places

In divine timing, you and your twin flame will reunite in the physical realm. Regardless of whether both of you are aware of your twin flame bond or not, you’ll most likely bump into them constantly at places you never expect to see them. You might find such scenarios a bit bizarre, but everything will make sense eventually.

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3. You Develop Twin Flame Telepathy

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Twin flames can develop telepathic communication even before meeting in the 3D plane. More often than not, twin flame telepathy occurs in the 5D plane. This occurrence is possible because twin flames share the same energetic frequency, allowing them to channel and use psychic energy.

The most common manifestation of twin flame telepathy is shared intuition. It can also present itself through dreams. Some twin flame couples can even communicate in the astral plane.

4. You Separate and Reunite

Your spiritual journey with your twin flame won’t be smooth sailing. After your meeting, you might find yourselves in a cycle of separation and reunion. Despite being painful, this process called the chaser and runner stage is part of the twin flame journey.

5. Divine or Unconditional Love Overwhelms You

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Unconditional or divine love is unlike materialized love. The former came from the ultimate Source. Meanwhile, the latter’s essence revolves around human beings’ inherent nature, which corresponds to selfishness, possessiveness, greed, and lust.

The core of twin flames vibrates with divine love. Once you meet your twin flame, you’d feel this intensity overpower you. Aside from harboring unconditional love for your twin flame, you’d also feel a sense of wanting to work on your spiritual growth independently.

6. You Discover Your Purpose in Life

Another telltale sign that you have a shared destiny with someone is when you suddenly come into self-realization of your life’s purpose after meeting or being with them. It’s like seeing a ray of light in a sky covered with dark clouds. Essentially, your twin flame (and even your divine protectors) will guide you to the right path.

7. You Notice Synchronicities

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Twin flames will notice synchronicities throughout their journey. Before your twin flame’s arrival, you might repetitively see unique number sequences, such as 1111, 1155, 1252222, 33, 411, and 444, at random places.

These number patterns, otherwise called angel numbers, can reveal numerous information about your twin flame and your relationship in general. You might also encounter angel numbers right before your twin flame reunion.

Regardless of when you recognize angel numbers in your twin flame journey, you’ll find discerning their meaning beneficial. Aside from angel number synchronicities, you might also notice you and your twin having exact or similar birthdays.

8. You Share Many Similarities

Because twin flames share the exact soul blueprint, it’s natural for them to harbor many similarities. Once you learn more about your twin soul, you might realize that you have the same life principles, beliefs, goals (may it be short or long-term), and even background stories.

Some twin flames also resemble each other physically. However, it’s significant to note that this isn’t always the case. Physical similarities between twin flames remain a topic of debate until today.

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9. You Undergo Spiritual Awakening

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Spiritual awakening is a vital part of the twin flame journey. Transforming your mindset, finding inner peace, having empathy for humanity, and cultivating self-love are signs that you’re undergoing a spiritual awakening.

Presume you experience these spiritual awakening signs right before or after meeting someone. In that instance, you can regard it as a guarantee that this individual is your authentic twin flame. Both of you are about to embark on a journey towards fulfilling your divine mission.

10. You Sense A Divine Occurrence Happening

Once you’re nearing the beginning of your twin flame journey, your intuition or Higher Self will tell you that something bigger than you, something divine, is at play. The Universe is doing its work to help you accelerate your spiritual awakening. You’ll also realize that your angels, spirit guides, and ascended masters try to show you the right direction.

How to Deal with an Unawakened Twin Flame

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As stated previously, only the more spiritually aware twin knows about their twin flame destiny. If you’re the awakened twin, you might be distressed about dealing with your unawakened counterpart. There’s no specific guideline on how to approach this situation.

Firstly, it’s worth emphasizing that the twin flame journey doesn’t primarily focus on your relationship with your twin flame. In other words, regardless of whether you have an awakened twin or not, you have a mission you need to fulfill on your own.

Although it’d be best for twin flames to help each other in every stage of their spiritual venture, there are instances when this isn’t possible. Your other half might be wary of the twin flame concept in general, or they don’t want to have anything to do with your shared destiny. If this happens to you, remember not to fret.

Your primary purpose as a twin flame is to focus on your happiness, spiritual growth, and development as an individual. You’re a complete being on your own, and you don’t need your twin flame to attain a sense of wholeness. In addition to that, if you focus on your spiritual growth and increase your vibrations, you might help awaken your twin flame in the process.

Final Thoughts

You and your twin soul’s knowledge about your shared divine path significantly depend on your spiritual awareness. You can obtain more insight into your twin flame connection and your shared fate from the collective experiences of twin flame couples around the globe.

Although relating your unique experiences to others is beneficial, you might need specific answers to your queries. After all, it’s natural to have doubts and worries about your twin flame journey. If this is the case, you might want to ask experts for a twin flame reading to gain clarity.


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