Father of Pentacles - Wild Unknown Tarot Card Explained

Father of Pentacles – Wild Unknown Tarot Card Explained

The Wild Unknown Tarot is currently one of the most popular contemporary decks available. It’s the fruit of artist and author Kim Krans’ desire to own a relatable tarot deck full of deep yet straightforward imagery. The illustrations of this 78-card deck are animal and nature-inspired.

The Father of Pentacles, for example, depicts an image of a mature male deer with rainbow-colored antlers. Generally, the Father of Pentacles represents an individual who’s both passionate and diligent. Steady and entrepreneurial are some of the words associated with this card.  

Learning more about this card requires keen observation of the illustration, including the smallest of details, and then determining the symbolism behind them. Those who are more familiar with the traditional tarot system like the Rider-Waite-Smith can use it for reference when discerning the meaning of each card in this modern deck.

Father of Pentacles Meaning

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The court cards to which the Father of Pentacles belong are traditionally called the Pages, Knights, Queens, and Kings. According to the deck’s creator, the Wild Unknown Tarot uses the titles Daughter, Son, Mother, and Father instead of the traditional names because family labels are more relatable.

As described earlier, the Father of Pentacles shows an image of an adult male deer with rainbow-colored antlers. The rainbow itself is a symbol of hope, joy, and completion. Still, each color of the rainbow also holds a significant meaning.

Red symbolizes passion and energy, while orange symbolizes both abundance and decay. On the other hand, the color yellow signifies happiness and optimism.

Green, blue, and indigo represent nature, tranquility, and intuition. Essentially, the Father of Pentacles denotes totality and the condition of being multifaceted.

Between his antlers is a single pentacle where black lines emanate. The outward direction of these lines illustrates how the Father of Pentacles focuses his energy on solving and dealing with external affairs (unlike the Mother of Pentacles, who deals with internal matters).

By looking at the male deer’s stance, one can notice his confidence and sense of pride. The Father of Pentacles is proud but not self-important. He’s sure of his self-worth because everything he built and acquired came from his diligence and hard work.

The Father of Pentacles exudes steady energy and a gentle aura. One of the keys to his success is his ability to stay calm in stressful, chaotic, and unpredictable situations. Because of his unique temperament, the people around him consider him reliable and trustworthy.

These characteristics suit him because a deer generally symbolizes both tenderness and strength. After all, a deer remains graceful even while running from its predators.

Ultimately, the Father of Pentacles is a passionate and ambitious individual. At work, he’s praised for his diligence and entrepreneurial skills. His goal is to maintain a stable job to ensure that his family is always secure and happy.

Father of Pentacles in a Reading

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As a court card, the Father of Pentacles is a little more difficult to interpret in a tarot reading. This card can represent a situation (or energy surrounding the circumstance), but usually, it refers to a specific person. This individual can be the querent themselves or another person in their life.

As one of the Kings in the Minor Arcana (in this case, Father), this card denotes the completion of the journey of the other court cards. The Father of Pentacles masters all aspects concerning the physical and the material. He’s adept at planning and making sure he achieves tangible results.

If you draw this card in a tarot reading, it means you’re currently possessing the traits of the Father of Pentacles, and it’s time to make use of them. Your success relies on how you utilize your talents, skills, and abilities. Focus your energy and attention on creating concrete plans, and make sure to follow them.

Final Thoughts

The Wild Unknown Tarot offers unique and profound imagery that some might have difficulty interpreting. If you wish to learn more about the cards in this deck, you might want to consult professional tarot readers.

These experts have immense knowledge about different tarot systems. Their extensive experience of practicing divination can help you dive deeper into the Wild Unknown. It’s worth noting that gaining sufficient knowledge from them can help you work with decks that deviate from the traditional tarot system like the Wild Unknown Tarot.


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