Bat Dreams Meaning and Interpretation

Bats, as nocturnal animals by nature, are often used as symbols of things related to the dark and mysterious. Dreaming about bats is usually associated with fear, sadness, and obscure meanings, and most people associate them with negative connotations.

Dreams involving bats can be perceived positively, however, if one looks at them through other perspectives. Looking at dreams through these perspectives can give the dreamer a more compelling dream interpretation.

Dreams about Bats: What Do They Mean?

Being Chased by a Bat

Dreaming about being chased by a bat usually has something to do with attraction and relationships. The dreamer might feel confused about another person giving them mixed signals, hence the chasing.

This kind of dream could also denote that a certain chronic disease will soon have a gradual reduction in symptoms and severity. It’s suggested that the dreamer should check their health status.

Bats Flying into You

woman asleep bats

Dreaming about bats flying into the dreamer is an alarm that they might have nearly come across a dangerous situation. The dreamer might not have an idea about what this situation is precisely about. Nonetheless, the dreamer should feel relieved knowing that they have avoided it.

Getting Attacked by a Bat

Dreaming of bats attacking the dreamer represents the recklessness of the dreamer when it comes to decision making. The dreamer should regard this dream as a warning that their risky behavior will have its consequences.

Bitten by a Bat

This dream denotes betrayal from a person who the dreamer tried to befriend and get close to. Dreaming of being bitten by bats relates to how there’s some rumor being spread around the dreamer and how this rumor is “back-biting” them. This kind of dream suggests that the dreamer should be careful around the people they think they can trust.

Catching a Bat

This dream can be a positive sign. Catching a bat in a dream denotes the possibility of being free from something that is burdening the dreamer.

It could be about an enemy or something that causes frustration to the dreamer. However, before getting rid of this frustration, they must first “catch” or recognize the negativity that these burdens bring.

Killing a Bat

Dreaming of killing a bat has a similar interpretation with dreaming of catching a bat. It also relates to the removal of negativity in the dreamer’s life. This dream signifies the removal of thought, situations, people, and other factors that contribute to the negativity in the dreamer’s life.

Different Characteristics of Bats in Dreams

A Baby Bat

baby bat

Dreaming of a small baby bat hints at self-growth. It encourages the dreamer to grow and reach maturity, especially in the spiritual sense.

A Giant Bat

Seeing a giant bat in a dream can be a representation of the things in life that the dreamer has missed, overlooked, or chose not to acknowledge. It’s a call-out for the dreamer to bring their attention to the things that need it.

A Fruit Bat

fruit bat

Dreaming of fruit bats can be an alarm for the dreamer to be more cautious and observant. This dream signifies that the dreamer is surrounded by people with ill intentions.

The dreamer should be cautious because these ill intentions might influence their decisions, which will only lead to problems in the future.

Vampire Bats

Contrary to fruit bats, vampire bats have a knack for lapping blood from their victims as part of their diet. Vampire bats symbolize the dreamer being sucked of their feelings or resources.

There might be a person in the dreamer’s life that is taking advantage of them. This dream is a sign of abuse.

A Dead Bat

dead bat

Dreaming of a dead bat is a positive sign. This dream represents the removal of danger and misery in situations which the dreamer may not directly be aware of. The dreamer should feel a wave of relief after seeing this dream.

Green Bats

Dreaming of green bats represents good intuition and communication. The dreamer can comprehend messages without the need for verbal instruction.

Red Bats

Dreaming of red bats represents the surfacing of intense negative emotion. It’s important to maintain self-control and calmness during provocations.

Brown Bats

brown bat

Brown bats represent the need for self-assessment. The dreamer is encouraged to question their life decisions to ensure that they are on their chosen path.

White Bats

Dreaming of a white bat may be a sign of losing a family member. This death is one that the dreamer might have expected to happen due to old age or severe illness.

Black Bats

black bat

Black bats may be a warning for danger in the dreamer’s future.

Other Bat-Related Dreams

Other bat-related things and bat appearances presented in a dream can give the dreamer more perspectives for further interpretation. The meanings of these dreams can be viewed positively or negatively.

Bat Droppings

Dreaming of bat droppings, or guano, symbolizes dirty money. The dreamer might come across ill-gotten wealth, but an opportunity will be presented for the dreamer to fix this wrongdoing.

Bat Wings

bat flying wings

Dreaming of bat wings represents the need to be quick in making decisions. The dreamer might have a moment of doubt, but this should not cause too much of a delay before reaching a final decision.

A Bat Cave

bat cave

Dreaming of being in a bat cave usually happens when the dreamer is depressed. This dream represents a dark state in the dreamer’s waking life.

Bat Hanging Upside Down

bats hanging upside down

Bats typically hang upside down in caves or on trees when sleeping or resting. This upside-down position can be associated with having different, usually reverse, point of view on things. Although it’s an odd way of perception, dreaming about this can bring out the dreamer’s creativity and offer them new ideas.

Bats in Your House

Dreaming of seeing a bat in the dreamer’s house is often a bad sign. It could be a sign that danger or bad luck might come to the dreamer. If it doesn’t directly happen to the dreamer, the other residents of the house might be the ones to experience some part of it.

A Single Flying Bat

single flying bat sunset

Dreaming of a single bat flying represents a small warning. It could be a minor threat to the dreamer, signaling that a problem might come their way. Despite this, the dreamer will most likely be able to sort this through.

A Swarm of Flying Bats

swarm of flying bats

Dreaming of a swarm of flying bats is a manifestation of distress. The dreamer might be in a state of negativity and disturbance. The dreamer should find a new path for themselves, somewhere that leads to a destination where they can find peace and growth.

A Large Number of Bats Not Flying

bats not flying

Seeing many bats that are not flying or at rest is a warning of an event or object that would bring torment to the dreamer and those surrounding them. The dreamer should prepare themselves and be careful in their waking life.

Bats Flying in Daylight

Some species of bats can adapt to being active during the day. When the dreamer finds a bat flying in broad daylight, it’s a sign to keep moving forward. Problems and hindrances will come along the dreamer’s way, but it’s important that they do not give up during these times.

Final Thoughts

Dreams about bats can have different interpretations. The above dream interpretations are general, and the interpretation that you think is positive (or negative) might mean the opposite for your specific case. 

To decipher its precise and personalized meaning, it’s best to seek the help of psychics who specialize in dream meanings, as they can provide readings that are specifically tailored for you. You can get in touch with professional dream interpreters on this website for a more in-depth interpretation of your experience. 

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