15 Spiritual Meanings of Bats in Dreams (Good & Bad)

Bats are nocturnal animals and are often used as symbols of silence, mystery, spirituality, wisdom, and darkness. Seeing them in a dream is a way for our subconscious to communicate with us.

Dreaming of bats is usually associated with fear, sadness, and the dreamer’s hidden feelings. They symbolize the challenges that the dreamer is experiencing in his waking life. They can be considered as a warning for the dreamer to focus and thoroughly assess his decisions.

At the same time, this dream is a reminder for the dreamer to be courageous in facing his problems and be optimistic with his overall journey. 

These dreams may also have positive connotations. A dream about bats may represent positive changes, good luck, solitude, happiness, rebirth, and growth.

Dreams involving bats can be perceived positively but one must look at them from other perspectives. It’s important for the dreamer to fully understand the underlying meaning of these dreams to properly assess his situation and plan his course of action.

15 Spiritual Meanings of Seeing a Bat in a Dream

bat wings

1. Face Your Fears

Bumping into a bat in a dream means you need to stop letting fear get in the way of living your best life and face it head-on. If you’re petting the bat in your dreams, this is a sign that you’re in the process of mastering your fears and exploring the hidden dark side of your nature.

2. Negativity

Due to their negative media portrayal, sinister look, and penchant for the dark, bats are often linked with evil and darkness. If bats appear in your dream, it means that you’re about to enter a difficult period in your life. It may also represent a toxic person in your life who’s constantly putting you down and draining your energy.

3. Challenges

Dreaming of bats may also portend upcoming challenges coming your way. According to some dream books, it may even foreshadow the death of your parents or the loss of your limb or sight. If you’re not afraid of bats, having them in your dream means you will be able to overcome these challenges and may even have an opportunity to gain massive financial success.

4. Seeking for Life’s Meaning

From a biblical perspective, bats signify the dreamer’s spiritual journey and search for truth, meaning, and purpose. Having them in your dreams means you’re not seeking money and other superficial status symbols. You’re more interested in gaining new experiences, wisdom, beautiful connections, and all the wonderful treasures this life has to offer.

5. Listen to Your Intuition

During the nighttime, bats rely on their sonar abilities to navigate and hunt. From a spiritual lens, they’re strongly associated with intuition and psychic abilities. If you stumble upon bats in your dream, this is a divine message prodding you to listen to the voice of your spirit and follow your internal guidance system.

6. Internal Blockages

Dreaming of this winged creature could also serve as a metaphor for the emotional blocks that are impeding your growth and happiness. This could be with regard to past traumas, hidden resentment, anger, guilt, or shame. Your celestial guardians implore you to stop letting past hurts rob you of the present.

Regardless of the circumstances you’re in or what others might have done to you, the only person that’s really standing in the way of your success and happiness is you. You’re a limitless being and you’re the only one who’s keeping yourself in chains. It’s time for you to liberate yourself and take responsibility for all aspects of your life.

7. Consider Different Perspectives

Because of their unique physical characteristics, bats can comfortably sleep upside-down. It’s also a great way for them to hide from predators and danger. If you see a bat hanging upside-down in your dream, this is a reminder to step outside of your own meta model, expand your mental horizons, and explore other perspectives.

8. Letting Go

Dreaming of a bat also serves as a message from your celestial guardians urging you to let go of the past and allow the universe to show you new doors of opportunity and wild adventures. This dream also directs you to dismantle all your outdated and self-limiting beliefs and trade them with more empowered ones.

9. Find Your Tribe

Bats are also highly social and live in large colonies. Dreaming of bats invites you to find people who match your vibes and who challenge you to become the best version of yourself you can be. Having this dream also denotes that you’re highly sociable but extremely discriminating in terms of the people you choose to welcome in your life.

10. New Beginnings

The presence of bats in your dream marks a new chapter of your life. This period will be filled with expansion, growth, and challenges. You may be asked to let go of everything that is no longer serving you. The universe is redirecting you towards the path that’s most in alignment with your true soul purpose. Trust that everything will soon work out in your favor.

11. Toxic Habits

Bats in a dream represent your unhealthy coping mechanisms and irresponsible way of navigating life. If you come across these creatures in your dream, this is a message from your spiritual support team nudging you to rectify your bad habits and replace them with healthy ones.

12. Be Mindful of What you Consume

Most bats feed primarily on insects such as bugs, spiders, moths, mosquitoes, beetles, and termites. They can even eat up to 1200 mosquitoes per hour. Although they help reduce the chances of diseases spread by insects, bats are also hosts of a range of viruses.

Dreaming of bats serves as a gentle reminder to be mindful of the food and information you consume. Be vigorous in questioning the veracity of the news you consume and fuel your mind, soul, and body with highly nourishing nutriments.

13. It’s Time to Fly

As the only mammals capable of true flight, bats in a dream remind you to stop waiting for the perfect conditions before you pursue your dreams and live your life. You’re doing yourself a great disservice by sitting on the sidelines and waiting for others to give you permission to live the life you want. Your life is happening right now. You’re ready. It’s time to fly.

14. Make the Most out of Any Situation

Aside from fertilizer, the feces of bats also contain high amounts of potassium nitrate which can be used in making gunpowder and explosives. If bat droppings happen to fall on you in a dream, this is a reminder from your celestial guardians to live an explosive life and make the most of the opportunities life gives to you.

15. You Matter

Despite being a reservoir of viral infections, bats are actually remarkably useful for humans and the earth as a whole. They’re excellent pest exterminators and they help produce some of our favorite foods such as bananas and avocadoes. To dream of bats serves as a reminder that you matter. Despite all your flaws, debaucheries, darkness, and weaknesses, you matter. Your voice matter. So step forward, speak your truth, and live as your most authentic self.

Different Meanings of Dreams About Bats

Being Chased by a Bat

Dreaming about being chased by a bat usually has something to do with attraction and relationships. The dreamer might feel confused about another person giving him mixed signals which are symbolized by the chasing.

This kind of dream could also denote that a certain chronic disease will soon have a gradual reduction in symptoms and severity. It’s suggested that the dreamer should check his overall health status.

Bats Flying Into You

woman asleep bats

Dreaming about bats flying into the dreamer is an alarm that he might have nearly come across a dangerous situation. The dreamer might not have an idea about what this situation is precisely about. Nonetheless, the dreamer should feel relieved knowing that he has avoided it.

Getting Attacked by a Bat

Dreaming of bats attacking the dreamer represents the recklessness of the dreamer when it comes to decision-making. The dreamer should regard this dream as a warning that his risky behavior will have its consequences.

Bitten by a Bat

This dream denotes betrayal from a person who the dreamer tried to befriend and get close to. Dreaming of being bitten by bats relates to how there’s some rumor being spread around the dreamer and how this rumor is “back-biting” them. This kind of dream suggests that the dreamer should be careful around the people he thinks he can trust.

Catching a Bat

This dream can be a positive sign. Catching a bat in a dream denotes the possibility of being free from something that is burdening the dreamer. It could be about an enemy or something that causes frustration to the dreamer. However, before getting rid of this frustration, he must first “catch” or recognize the negativity that these burdens bring.

Killing a Bat

Dreaming of killing a bat has a similar interpretation to that of catching a bat. It also relates to the removal of negativity in the dreamer’s life. This dream signifies the removal of thoughts, situations, people, and other factors that contribute to the negativity in the dreamer’s life.

Different Characteristics of Bats in Dreams

A Baby Bat

baby bat

Dreaming of a small baby bat is a symbol of personal growth and self-improvement. It encourages the dreamer to grow and reach maturity, especially in the spiritual sense. It also represents the dreamer’s spiritual or psychic abilities and hidden talents. This dream denotes that he is equipped to succeed in life and the dreamer needs to take gradual and steady steps to achieve his dreams.

A Giant Bat

Seeing a giant bat in a dream can be a representation of the things in life that the dreamer has missed, overlooked, or chose not to acknowledge. It’s a call-out for the dreamer to bring his attention to the things that need it.

A Fruit Bat

fruit bat

Dreaming of fruit bats can be an alarm for the dreamer to be more cautious and observant. This dream signifies that the dreamer is surrounded by people with ill intentions. The dreamer should be cautious because these bad motives might influence his decisions, which will only lead to problems in the future.

Vampire Bats

Contrary to fruit bats, vampire bats have a knack for lapping blood from their victims as part of their diet. Vampire bats symbolize the dreamer being sucked of his feelings or resources. There might be a person in the dreamer’s life that is taking advantage of him. This dream is a sign of abuse.

A Dead Bat

dead bat

Dreaming of a dead bat is a positive sign. This dream represents the removal of danger and misery in situations that the dreamer may not directly be aware of. The dreamer should feel a wave of relief after seeing this dream.

Green Bats

Dreaming of green bats represents good intuition and communication. The dreamer can comprehend messages without the need for verbal instruction. This could be a sign for the dreamer to express himself more and communicate more effectively with the people around him.

Red Bats

Dreaming of red bats represents the surfacing of intense negative emotion. These signify the unpleasant feelings that are deeply buried in your heart. These dreams could also be a manifestation of the dreamer’s guilt and regrets in life. The dreamer needs to maintain self-control and calmness during provocations.

Brown Bats

brown bat

Brown bats represent the need for self-assessment and reflection. The presence of brown bats in a dream is a sign of poor decision-making that may be influenced by fear or bad experiences. The dreamer is encouraged to take caution and think his life decisions through before acting on them to ensure that he will not commit mistakes that he may soon regret.

White Bats

Dreaming of a white bat may be a sign of losing a family member. This death is one that the dreamer might have expected to happen due to old age or severe illness. It may also symbolize an end of something. The dreamer is encouraged to focus on the positive side of things rather than dwelling on depression or anxiety.

Black Bats

black bat

Black bats represent bad luck. This denotes an unpleasant event in life. This dream may also signify the disturbing thoughts and negativities inside the dreamer’s head. The dreamer is given a warning of danger as this dream symbolizes forthcoming personal disasters. It’s best for a person dreaming of black bats to conduct a spiritual clean-up for himself and the people who are close to him.

Other Bat-Related Dreams

Other bat-related things and bat appearances presented in a dream can give the dreamer more perspectives for further interpretation. The meanings of these dreams can be viewed positively or negatively.

Bat Droppings

Dreaming of bat droppings, or guano, symbolizes dirty money. The dreamer might come across ill-gotten wealth, but an opportunity will be presented for the dreamer to fix this wrongdoing.

Bat Wings

Dreaming of bat wings represents the need to be quick in making decisions. The dreamer might have a moment of doubt, but this should not cause too much of a delay before reaching a final decision.

A Bat Cave

bat cave

Dreaming of being in a bat cave usually happens when the dreamer is depressed. This dream represents a dark state in the dreamer’s waking life.

Bat Hanging Upside Down

bats hanging upside down

Bats typically hang upside down in caves or on trees when sleeping or resting. This upside-down position can be associated with having different, usually reverse, points of view on things. Although it’s an odd way of perception, dreaming about this can bring out the dreamer’s creativity and offer them new ideas.

Bats in Your House

Dreaming of seeing a bat in the dreamer’s house is often a bad sign. It could be a sign that danger or bad luck might come to the dreamer. If it doesn’t directly happen to the dreamer, the other residents of the house might be the ones to experience some part of it.

A Single Flying Bat

Dreaming of a single bat flying represents a small warning. It could be a minor threat to the dreamer, signaling that a problem might come his way. Despite this, the dreamer will most likely be able to sort this through.

A Swarm of Flying Bats

swarm of flying bats

Dreaming of a swarm of flying bats is a manifestation of distress. The dreamer might be in a state of negativity and disturbance. The dreamer should find a new path for himself, somewhere that leads to a destination where he can find peace and growth.

A Large Number of Bats Not Flying

Seeing many bats that are not flying or at rest is a warning of an event or object that would bring torment to the dreamer and those surrounding him. The dreamer should prepare himself and be careful in his waking life.

Bats Flying in Daylight

Some species of bats can adapt to being active during the day. When the dreamer finds a bat flying in broad daylight, it’s a sign to keep moving forward. Problems and hindrances will come along the dreamer’s way, but he must not give up during these times.

Holding a Bat

A dream about holding a bat symbolizes success or the completion of a goal. This is a sign of a long-term positive effect on the dreamer’s life. This denotes that the dreamer needs to embrace and cherish the pleasant things that will soon come his way.

A Bat Sitting on Your Head

Seeing a bat sitting on your head in a dream represents the dreamer’s distractions and heavy thoughts. These mental and emotional burdens affect the dreamer negatively. It’s a reminder to address these issues as soon as possible and seek inner peace.

Bats Inside A Bedroom

This specific dream is similar to a dream of a bat sitting on your head. It signifies restlessness and disturbing thoughts that are stressing the dreamer. This dream is a sign that the dreamer needs to face the challenges in his life instead of denying or ignoring them.

A Talking Bat

The interpretation of seeing a bat in a dream varies on what the bat said to you. This dream symbolizes a significant event in your life. You have to prepare and be courageous with whatever it is that comes your way as this change may be positive or negative.

A Crying Bat

This dream is a representation of the dreamer’s sadness, disappointment, and other negative feelings. The dreamer may be undergoing a very difficult phase in his life and his unpleasant thoughts manifest in his dreams.

Final Thoughts

Dreams about bats can have different interpretations. The above dream interpretations are general, and the interpretation that you think is positive (or negative) might mean the opposite for your specific case.

To decipher its precise and personalized meaning, it’s best to seek the help of psychics who specialize in dream meanings, as they can provide readings that are specifically tailored for you. You can get in touch with professional dream interpreters on this website for a more in-depth interpretation of your experience.


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