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27 Spiritual Meanings of Crows in Dreams (Not Hopeful)

Dreams are considered to be the manifestations of repressed thoughts and messages hiding in one’s subconscious mind. Dreaming of crows, which are complex and mysterious birds, might indicate deep meanings.

Dreaming of crows can have different meanings depending on the context, dreamer’s emotions, and the symbols appearing in the dream.

Crows represent one’s shadow self and emotions such as guilt, hate, and shame. Sometimes, seeing them in dreams may be a bad omen and an indication of misfortune.

However, dreaming of them may also represent transformation and psychic tools. It may be an indication of attaining higher wisdom, intelligence, and control over one’s conscience. Such dreams may also assist the dreamer in finding the solutions to the things holding him back.

The Symbolism and Spiritual Meaning of Dreams About Crows

crow dreamy

Crows are historically associated with dark magic, psychic powers, and death.

Since the crows have connections with the spiritual world, a dream of them may convey a deep spiritual meaning.

Symbolically, a crow is considered a bad omen and a symbol of death; however, in the spiritual realm, death doesn’t mean the physical act of dying but only represents change, transformation, and new beginnings.

In alchemy, the crows symbolize the three phases of the transformation process i.e., death, decomposition, and rebirth. While undergoing this process, deep spiritual work is needed, and one achieves true knowledge of his inner self.

The black color of crows represents one’s shadow self. This shadow shows one’s real soul and the dark parts holding him back from the process of transformation. In the dream, the crow could encourage the dreamer to free himself from all such shackles.

Detailed Interpretation of Dreams About Crows

Dreaming of a Group of Crows

crows resting

Seeing a group of crows in the dream symbolizes the dreamer’s naivety and other’s influence on him. Possibly, the dreamer does not have a confident personality. He undermines his intellectual ability and hides behind the group.

Seeing a Flock of Crows in a Dream

Dreaming of a flock of crows is considered inauspicious and symbolizes misfortune. It indicates that the dreamer might make a wrong decision, landing himself in serious trouble. Or, he might even face death/severe illness in the family or near relatives.

Dreaming of Attacking Crows

Dreaming of an attack by the crows can be extremely frightening, and the dreamer might feel fear, hopelessness, and powerlessness.

Such a dream represents that the dreamer has lost control over his power and Inner self. It warns the dreamer that he has abandoned a part of himself and is vulnerable to attack from others.

The crows alert the dreamer that relinquishment of his inner self can cause a significant harm. A sensitive dreamer, in such cases, might lose his sense of direction and become an easy target for manipulative people.

It also alerts the dreamer of his field of work. Possibly, the dreamer’s business partner may be reaping the benefits of his subconsciousness and causing significant financial losses.

Crows Biting in the Dream

Just like attacking, seeing a crow biting in a dream is also very obnoxious and disturbing. However, this dream is a highly spiritual one and carries a positive meaning.

Crows biting or pecking in the dream indicate that the dreamer is trying to discover a higher essence of his self-being. The dreamer is in the stage of dissolving the ego and recalling his spiritual powers.

In Shamanism, being bitten by a crow is considered a spiritual gift. It indicates that the dreamer has a deep spiritual presence and is a great healer. After being bitten, the dreamer connects with his soul and try to remember his real purpose of life.

Seeing a Dead Crow in the Dream

dead crow

The crows have been associated with death or the process of death, but in dreams, they carry a very different spiritual meaning.

In the spiritual world, death doesn’t only mean the end of life, but it also relates to various phases within a life, for instance, the end of a job, the end of a relationship, or the end of a day.

The dead crows might recall the dreamer’s “bitter experience” of the recent past. However, they primarily signify that though it’s natural to grieve, the sufferings won’t persist forever. The blank space in life will be filled with new discoveries and opportunities.

A Dead crow also symbolizes reincarnation. It is the process through which one gets over that bitter experience and starts from the beginning with higher knowledge and wisdom. This process indicates evolution and growth.

Seeing a Wounded Crow in the Dream

If you observe a wounded crow in the dream, it is considered a bad omen. It is an indication that the dreamer might face issues with his family members, or there may be a disagreement with the partner.

The wounded crow also hints towards the areas holding the dreamer back in his life. They could be his habits, traits, or the people surrounding him.The dreamer must work on such areas for growth and happiness.

 Crows Flying in the Dream

flying crow

In the spiritual world, crows are considered to be the messengers between the living and the dead. They are believed to carry psychic knowledge and warning about the future events.

Dreaming of a flying crow is considered highly spiritual. Seeing a crow flying upwards is believed to be auspicious, and the dreamer might receive some positive news. If the crow is seen flying downwards, it indicates misfortune.

The crow flying over the head signifies that one can find the solutions of his problems by looking at things from a higher and divine perspective.

Seeing a Friendly Crow in the Dream

Though humans are the biggest predatory threats to the crows, the two still have a strange bond of friendship.

Seeing a friendly crow in the dream is a good omen. Since a crow represents the shadow of a human being, if the dreamer sees a friendly crow, it means he is not afraid of his darker side anymore and has moved on from all the fear and avoidance. The dreamer has confidence, determination, and self belief. He possesses strong virtues that are in sync with his mind, body, and soul.

Having recurring dreams of crows or the crows appearing synchronically in waking life indicates that one has a unique connection with birds.

Dreaming of a Friendly Crow on the Shoulder

If one dreams of a crow sitting on his shoulder, it may mean that he is carrying some constant burden. It may also relates to insecurity in a relationship or self-destructive behaviour.

The dreamer should figure out such insecurities or burdens by resonating with the incidents going on in the waking life and take control over them.

Crows Inside the House in a Dream

In the spiritual world, the house represents the soul and the ego. If a crow enters one’s house in the dream, it indicates a deep shadow work, and one needs to explore his past and inner subconsciousness, as there may be something holding back.

This dream relates to the matter of the first chakra, which includes security and survival needs. The crow suggests that the dreamer needs to make some internal changes in himself in order to have a strong base for future safety.

By taking cues from the other details of the dream and the waking life’s situation, one can determine what needs to be changed for long-term security and happiness.

Crows Talking in a Dream

communicating crow

Crows communicate in a complex manner, using a variety of tones, rhythms, and volumes to convey information.

If a crow talks to the dreamer, it means there is a strong spiritual message for him. The crow represents the soul, and the message indicates the true inner voice of the soul. This message can help the dreamer in making the right decision in a situation of conflict or dilemma.

Dreaming a Number of Crows

The symbolic and the spiritual meaning of the dream depends upon the number of crows the dreamer saw.

  • Seeing a single crow is considered to be a bad omen
  • Seeing 2 crows indicates an auspicious dream of good luck and fortune.
  • Seeing 3 crows is an indication of good health
  • If one sees 4 crows, it is a highly suspicious sight, representing that the dreamer will experience abundance, prosperity, and good fortune
  • Dreaming of 5 crows is again viewed as a bad omen, bringing in misery, poverty, or illness

Dreaming About a Crow Following in the Dreams

A crow following in the dream is seen as a good omen. It is believed that the crow follows to give very powerful psychic gifts to the dreamer. The dreamer can take the help of an intuitive healer to bring these gifts to the surface.

It is also believed that the crow may be following the dreamer to make him spiritually active.

Crow Hitting the Head

The dream of a crow hitting the dreamer’s head is quite rare. Still, it indicates that the dreamer has done something wrong to others in the recent past, and those holding grudges against the dreamer want to take revenge for the same.

In this situation, the dreamer needs to introspect and figure out whether he has accumulated a negative karmic debt due to his past conduct. Clearing the debt will help to release the negative energy.

Crow Looking or Staring in the Dream

crow staring

A staring crow in the dream may give an ominous feeling; however, it is not a negative sign. It signifies the dreamer’s unique communication or connection with the crow that made the crow look upon him.

For someone who once had a romantic relationship that is now over, such a dream means a check whether that spirit is still hanging around him.

Dreaming of Catching a Crow

catching crow

If a person dreams of catching a crow, it is a good sign. It signifies that the person has figured out the causes holding him back and is now trying to avoid or remove them completely from himself through his gut feeling and intuition.

Dreaming of a Crow Stealing Something

Seeing a crow stealing something in the dream is not a good sign. It indicates that the dreamer might get involved in a bitter quarrel.

Dreaming of Eating Crows

Eating crows in a dream indicates financial gains. It may also mean that the dreamer is going to reap the benefits of the hard work he undertook in the past.

Dreaming of Crow Nests

crow nest

Seeing a crow’s nest in the dream indicates that the dreamer is helping someone who does not deserve such help, a betrayer, for instance.

The dream represents a situation where the dreamer is forced to help someone who grossly mistreated him and took advantage of his generosity and kindness in the past.

Another belief is that this dream points toward the relationship problem– the trust issue between the dreamer and his partner, and the latter moving ahead in life with someone else.

Dreaming of Killing a Crow

If one kills a crow in the dream, then it hints that the person has attained success dealing with his rivals or enemies in the business or the personal life.

Dream of a Crow in hand

The dream of a crow landing on the dreamer’s hand indicates that the dreamer is undergoing great hardships both in his personal and professional life, and he doesn’t have the courage or will to set things right and get over them. The dreamer expects others to do it for him and undermines his own strength.

Crow Circling Someone or Something

A crow circling something in the dream suggests that the dreamer is about to make a final decision whether or not to end a particular relationship. The dreamer needs to listen to his inner voice regarding that person and trust it.

Dreaming about Crows Feet and Wings

The crow’s feet in a dream are a representation of upcoming hardships and difficulties.

Dreams of a crow’s wings usually come when someone blackmails the dreamer for doing a wrongful act.

Dreaming of a White Crow

A white crow in the dream indicates either something exceptionally good or extremely bad to happen shortly.

On the one hand, it may promise luck, fortune, and wealth, while on the other, it may indicate trouble in the form of poverty and illness.

Dreaming a Red or Golden Crow

The red crows in the dream are an indication of disagreement with others. The dreamer may have strongly heated arguments with someone which might turn into a bitter quarrel.

A golden crow in the dream is viewed as a good omen and indicates that all the misfortunes and the losses may convert into pure profits in the near future.

Other Indications of Crows

Dreaming of a crow sitting by the window is usually a warning that the dreamer is about to go through tough times.

Seeing a crow eating flesh is an indication that the dreamer’s ancestors are saving him from all the dangers.

Dreaming of a blind crow indicates that one is following one’s intuition blindly.

Seeing a crow burning means there are chances of abandonment of a project or a business.

Dreaming of a crow laying eggs signifies that the dreamer is going to reiterate the same mistake as in the past.

Final Thoughts

Crows are deeply connected to the spiritual realm, so if one dreams of them, it is likely to be a spiritual message.

To decipher the real meaning of dreams, the dreamer should pay attention to the details of the dream vis-a-vis the happenings of waking life.


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