01 01: Meanings in Numerology, Angel Numbers, Mirror Hour, Tarot

If you’re a night owl, you’ve likely seen the 01:01 hour on your clock. You might have come across 01 01 while reading a book, in an advertisement, or on a number plate. Do you think it to be a mere coincidence, or are there hidden meanings behind seeing this combination of numbers?

Seeing 01 01 is not just a coincidence. It means your guardian angel is trying to pass on a message to you. They use signs, shapes, and symbols to communicate with us, and one of the most common ways of communication is through numbers. They are much easier to notice and found to be much more reliable. 01 01 is one such number.

In Numerology, 01 01 symbolizes love’s union. If you’re single, seeing 01 01 means you might soon commit to someone. If in a relationship, big things are about to happen. You might find your Twin Flame, or if you’re going through the separation stage, it is asking you to stay optimistic and self-confident.

Tarot corresponding to 01 01 means you’re about to enter into a new phase of your life. Seeing 01:01 hour accidentally on a digital clock is a signal of hope and happiness.

01 01 Angel Number symbolizes freedom and success. It also symbolizes trust and asks you to have faith in yourself and the Divine. People guided by it love to be leaders and have the potential to reach great heights.

If you encounter this number everywhere, it means you need to realize your responsibilities.

The number “0” is a symbol of purity, truth, love, and eternity. It amplifies the vibrations of the number with which it appears.

0 is a number connecting everything together to the supreme power, God. The occurrence of zero twice could mean that the angels are telling you to let go of your fears, and to have faith in God that he’ll be there for you through your hardships.

Often, people forget their roots and stop remembering God in times of success. So, this number can also be a reminder to reconnect with God. You should be thankful to him in good times and take out time for some spiritual sessions. Even if you think you’ve crossed certain limits, don’t be afraid to make amends with him as he won’t be hesitant in embracing you back.

Then we have the number “1”, which is commonly associated with new beginnings and changes to come soon. The number 1 also symbolizes perseverance, intellectual strength, and a strong personality. People guided by this number advocate freedom and independence.

It has a spiritual angle too. It asks you to have faith in the spiritual energies to guide you. If you’re in a dilemma about which path to choose, this number can help you in making a decision. It tells you that no matter which one you choose, God is with you.

The downside of this number is strong ego, vanity, and over-ambition. Patience and control are the keys to this strong energy.

The total value of 01 01 is 2, which is a symbol of love’s union. If you’re single, seeing 01 01 means you might meet or commit to someone very soon. If in a relationship, it means you’re going to pass an important milestone.

Seeing 01 01 also indicates that you’re about to achieve great things. It encourages you to undertake the new opportunities that come your way.

01 01 Love

couple holding hands

01 01 is a very promising number in love matters whether you’re in a relationship or a singleton seeking one.

If you’re single, 01 01 could be a signal that the person you love is nearby or that someone is in love with you. Introspect and try to figure out who this person is. If you already know and think the feelings are mutual, now is the time to make the first move and talk to that person. 01 01 instills passion and confidence in you.

If you’re in a relationship, seeing 01 01 means your relationship is going to become stronger and more serious. It might make you value your partner’s love more. It also implies that your life may be about to embark on a new adventure. Big things may be about to happen, for instance, marriage or a newborn into the family.

01 01 Twin Flame

Seeing 01 01 means the Universe is trying to bring you closer to your twin flame who resonates with your views, abilities, heart, and soul.

If you’re on a twin flame journey, seeing 01 01 frequently means your spirit guides are trying to provide some guidance.

If you have done all the necessary healing work, seeing 01 01 means you are close to a new beginning. You will be offered opportunities at the right time. Go for a Twin Flame Karmic Clearing Meditation to get rid of all the negative energies that shouldn’t be carried to the new start.

If you’re going through twin flame separation, the message is to stay strong, positive, and self-confident.

01 01 Tarot

The Tarot Arcanum corresponding with 01:01 is the Magician, who stands with one arm pointing towards the universe and the other stretching down to the earth. It represents the connection between the spiritual and the materialistic world.

This card indicates that you are going to enter a new phase of your life. It relates to starting a love affair, initiating a new project, or finding solutions to your complex problems. The card is a symbol that you need to tap into your full potential and move ahead in life.

01:01 Mirror Hour

01:01 Mirror Hour

Seeing the mirror hour 01:01 on your digital clock is not just a matter of chance but a signal from above. Also, keep in mind that staring at the clock waiting for this hour to be displayed will do nothing. It is only when you see it accidentally that it is effective. Now that it’s clear, what exactly does seeing 01:01 indicate?

01:01 opens the doors of hope and happiness in life. It tells you to trust yourself. It keeps you away from negative thoughts and encourages you to work hard. It also reminds you to trust others just like you trust yourself, but if at all you’re skeptical of others, at least do not deviate from your intuition.

Seeing 01:01 could also be a message for you not to expect too much from anyone. Even when someone hurts you, consider clearing things up within yourself if you want peace in life.

This mirror hour in love speaks of seeking your life partner in your surroundings. If you are single, the message is simple – don’t be shy and make the first move if you really like someone.

01:01 – Angelic Interpretation of the Hour

The guardian angel corresponding with 01:01 is Elemiah. His period of influence ranges between 1:00 and 2:00.  He symbolizes success and follows you when you are heading toward a creative field. He not only spreads inner peace in you but also induces courage to make changes in your life.

01 01 Angel Number

Angel Number 01 01 symbolizes freedom, independence, and success. People who are guided by this number celebrate these qualities. Creative vigor and imagination are also important attributes of this number.

Being guided by the number 01 01 also means your angelic guides want you to trust that they will certainly provide you with the needed power and energy to sail through life’s struggles. They want you to listen to your inner voice carefully, have faith in them, and ask for their guidance and blessings.

They want you to know that they fully support you in your life’s mission. You just need to maintain the peace of your mind, body, and soul and to complete your life’s purpose in harmony.

They also want you to make peace with your decisions. Have trust in yourself and believe that everything will fall into place.

Traits of people guided by 01 01:

  • Leadership

People who are guided by this number love to be leaders. It may be attributed to the fact that they celebrate freedom and do not like anyone to be above them. They are capable of bringing positive changes both in their own lives and in the entire community around them.

These people have the potential to reach great heights in life. They usually create energy around them and seldom have a dull day.

  • Long-lasting Friendship

Friendship with such people could last forever. Although the ones with this number are quite independent and enjoy doing a lot of things on their own, they are also very emotional and value their relationships. They see their friends as part of their souls and like to make friends with those who share a similar enthusiasm.

  • Passionate in Love and Relationships

People with this number are predatory in love and affection. They are very passionate about their relationships and love to seduce their partners. They are self-confident and do not hesitate to communicate with their potential partners. These characteristics are common to all genders.

As stated before that they love leadership, they also love to be leaders in a relationship; and there’s no harm in letting them take control.

Sometimes, however, they may be too possessive. Numerologists say that the members of Angel Number 01 01 are instinctive and sometimes act without emotions. But it doesn’t mean that they are emotionless or selfish. They are very caring and sensitive in most matters.

People with this number don’t like to be refused and are most likely to pursue you until you say yes to their proposal.

  • Mood Change

People guided by 01 01 can easily change their mood. So while they are calm and gentle at one moment, they may turn rude or violent the another. They may even be indifferent to a particular situation or problem. They are often unpredictable and may not stay with one opinion for long. It may sometimes confuse their near and dear ones.

Do you keep on seeing 01 01 everywhere?

It is a reminder for you to realize your responsibilities. Once you realize that what you assign to others are your daily tasks, you will find peace.

It wants you to believe in yourself and your possibilities, values, and visions. At the same time, it also wants you to believe in others. By that, it doesn’t mean giving him/her your terms but providing the chance for both of you to become the best versions.

What to do when you see 01 01?

Do what makes you happy. Connect with the child in you, allow free flow of ideas, and stay playful.

You are ready to show or prove the qualities that you possess. At the same time, you must know that failure breeds success. Even if you fail, you will find a strong hand (of the angel) coming for your help.

Final Thoughts

Positive ideas of love, trust, leadership, and success revolve around this number. If you see this number in any manner, there is nothing to worry about at all.

Seeing this number means your guardian angels are watching over you and will provide you strength in tough times. Just focus on your purposes instead of fears and stay positive. Take control of your life in your hands, channel your energy in the right direction, and you will achieve more and more success.


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