High Priestess and Dreams Meaning (A-Z Interpretation Guide)

Dreams and tarot cards strongly correlate because of their association with the subconscious. Some people dream of a tarot deck, while others dream of a specific card. If you dream of the latter, determine whether it’s from the Major Arcana or the Minor Arcana.

One of the Major Arcana cards heavily related to dreams is the High Priestess. When you see this card in your dreams, develop your intuition, connect with your Higher Self, and open yourself to divine guidance.

Alternatively, it’s worth mentioning that you can use tarot cards to interpret your dreams. Each tarot card (especially the cards from the Major Arcana like the High Priestess) holds immense insight because they represent archetypes of the human condition.

High Priestess Meaning in Dreams

high priestess tarot card

Individuals with inherent intuitive abilities commonly dream of tarot cards when they need to learn an important lesson or message about an aspect of their lives. It’s even more typical for people who venture into divination or other esoteric practices.

You might know nothing about tarot cards and their importance but might still dream of them for two possible reasons. First, the card’s symbols have a significant meaning for you at this period of your life. Second, it might be a sign for you to ask for a professional tarot reading.

If you dream of a tarot card, the first thing you need to do is remember the particular card you saw. Jot down everything you remember from your dream, including the card’s imagery, symbols, numbers, etc. Knowing every detail is crucial because each has a special meaning.

Once you’ve written all the relevant information from your dream, it’s time to dig deeper into the meaning and interpretation of the card. One tarot card that usually appears in dreams is the High Priestess (II).

A classic Rider-Waite-Smith (RWS) tarot deck depicts the High Priestess as a serene woman sitting between two pillars with the labels B and J. Behind her is a thin veil adorned with a pomegranate pattern. This canopy signifies two separate realms: the material and immaterial.

Generally, the High Priestess represents sacred knowledge, secrets, intuition, wisdom, the spiritual world, and the subconscious mind. If you see this card in your dream, it can mean any of the following:

Develop and Listen to Your Intuition

woman meditating on a rocky mountain

Your intuition is a powerful gift and an aspect of your subconscious that helps you navigate potentially harmful circumstances. It can also help you live an authentic life by guiding you to make empowered and well-informed decisions with the help of your inner wisdom.

If you see the High Priestess in your dreams, perhaps it’s time to develop your intuition. It’s worth noting that doing so can help you gain multiple benefits, such as improved awareness and a balanced mind, body, and spirit.

There are several things you can do to strengthen your intuition. First is meditation, which is the most effective and popular method. Meditating can also help you awaken your other psychic abilities, such as clairvoyance.

Another way is through activating, energizing, or clearing your chakra points. Reiki is an efficient method of doing these. There are also more accessible ways, such as journaling or speaking your intent before doing an intuitive exercise.

If you wish to do a hassle-free method, keep a crystal with you. Clear quartz, smoky quartz, amethyst, selenite, moonstone, and lapis lazuli can help increase one’s intuition. You can also try listening to sound frequencies that can help awaken your Third Eye chakra.

Connect with Your Higher Self

woman opening herself up to nature

Connecting with your Higher Self brings many rewards. Aside from awakening your psychic abilities, it can help you discover your soul’s purpose. Nothing’s better than a clear vision of what lies ahead of you in your journey.

By tuning into your Higher Self, you can also obtain answers to any of your pressing questions. Moreover, you can be more in control of your life and your happiness. More importantly, you’ll learn more about yourself and realize that no love is more fulfilling than love for oneself.

More often than not, reconnecting with your Higher Self can accelerate your healing process by removing energetic blocks. You’ll also start living an abundant life, aligned with the earth and the Universe.

Open Yourself to Divine Guidance

clock and statue of an angel

Many remain to ignore or doubt the presence of angels, spirit guides, and other light beings. Dreaming about the High Priestess card can indicate the need to open yourself to divine guidance from higher spiritual beings. The first step in connecting with them is acknowledging their presence.

Next, call out to them and ask for their support and guidance. Take some time to bask in the silence and listen to your spirit guide’s response. Have a journal within reach to write about your thoughts, feelings, and reflections.

Let all your thoughts flow without overanalyzing or second-guessing anything. Lastly, thank them for their unwavering love and support. It’s significant to note that practicing gratitude will raise your energetic frequency.

How to Use the High Priestess to Interpret Your Dream

1. Discern the Relation between Tarot and Dreams

white mannequin dissolving into gas

Before you attempt to use a tarot card to interpret your dream, you first need to know how they relate to each other. The common denominator between dreams and the Tarot is the subconscious.

Unknown to many, the subconscious plays a vital role in tarot reading. After all, the answers needed by the seeker lie in the subconscious. The tarot cards help access this information but reading them require practice and heightened intuition.

The same logic applies to dream interpretation. As stated earlier, your dreams are reflections of your subconscious. You can find numerous symbols and archetypes in them, and it’s up to you to unravel their meanings and significance.

2. Jot Down Your Dream as Detailed as Possible

If dreams are reflections of the subconscious, they can help you access vast information about yourself and the collective. Dreaming helps you bring together memories. It can also help you handle your emotions, discern your deepest desires, and learn ways to face possible dangers.

The most effective way to remember your dream is by using a dream journal. Once you wake up, write everything you recall down to the smallest detail. You can try sketching or drawing if that’s more conducive for you.

Below are some questions you can ponder on while writing or sketching in your dream journal:

  • What’s the setting of your dream? What can you see around you? Is it somewhere familiar, or is it an unknown location?
  • What emotions did you go through while in the dream? How are you feeling now?
  • Do you know anyone in your dream? What were they saying or doing?
  • What’s the most striking thing you remember (e.g., the weather, recurring symbols or signs, etc.)?
  • How does your current reality influence your dream?

3. View the High Priestess Card and Write Your Impression of It

notebook and calligraphy pen

For those unfamiliar with tarot cards, search for the image of the High Priestess online. Because there’s a myriad of tarot decks with different illustrations available, look for the RWS depiction of the card.

The classic RWS deck is the most used and popular tarot deck because of its concise imagery, which is helpful for novice tarot readers and enthusiasts. If you’re an experienced tarot practitioner, you can use whatever depiction of the High Priestess you want.

Look at the image of the High Priestess and write down your first impressions. Focus on the illustrations and take everything in, including the different elements, symbols, objects, background, scenery, colors, numbers, and more.

4. Use the Imagery and Symbols on the High Priestess Card to Make Sense of Your Dream

  • The Two Pillars

Engraved in the two pillars in the High Priestess card are the initials B and J, referring to Boaz and Jachin. These names are in the posts in the Temple of Solomon, according to the Old Testament.

The pillar on the High Priestess’ right is black, while the one on her left is white. These contrasting colors signify duality: the divine feminine and divine masculine, the conscious and the unconscious, the earth, the heavens, and light and darkness.

Keyword: duality

Question to ponder: Do you recognize the duality within you?

  • The Scroll

The scroll which the High Priestess holds is called the Sefer Torah, otherwise known as the Book of Torah. It represents her vast spiritual wisdom. Only half of the scroll is visible, implying that you can only access sacred knowledge if you see beyond its theoretical implications.

Keywords: spiritual knowledge

Question to ponder: Are you willing to go on a spiritual journey to discover divine knowledge?

  • The Veil and its Pomegranate Design

The veil behind the High Priestess signifies the world beyond the material realm. Meanwhile, its pomegranate design symbolizes female fertility. You can also see pomegranates in the Empress card, but the High Priestess reveals this fruit’s mystical side.

Keywords: boundary and fertility

Questions to ponder: How do you maintain boundaries? How do you use divine feminine energy in your life?

  • The Moon

The moon, which symbolizes the subconscious, appears in other tarot cards aside from the High Priestess. In association, the High Priestess signifies intuition and emotional understanding. She knows the secrets you keep and the truths you hide.

Keywords: intuition, emotions, the subconscious

Question to ponder: Do you listen to your intuition?

5. Do a Tarot Reading with the High Priestess

dream interpretation with the high priestess

You can do a tarot reading with the High Priestess to know more about your dream. Place the High Priestess card on your left, shuffle your deck, and draw three more cards. Afterward, position them in a row with the High Priestess.

Guide Questions:

  • Position 1: What does my dream mean?
  • Position 2: What does it want me to know?
  • Position 3: What should I do?

Final Thoughts

Dreaming about tarot cards such as the High Priestess might have more significant meaning in your life than you think. Therefore, it’s best not to dismiss them as mere coincidence. Allow yourself to tune into your subconscious to unravel information that’ll lead you on the right path.

If you wish to know more about your dream, you can consult a psychic advisor specializing in dream interpretation. Meanwhile, you can seek guidance from a professional tarot reader if you want to use tarot cards as a tool to decipher them.


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