Temperance Yes or No? A-Z Guide with Examples

A traditional tarot deck consists of two subsets: the Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana. The former is the heart of the Tarot, and many tarot readers view them as “trump cards.” Each tarot card from the Major Arcana represents an archetype and can give a definite yes-or-no answer in a Yes or No Tarot reading.

The Temperance tarot card (numbered 14 in the Major Arcana) represents purpose, moderation, and balance. When this card appears in a Yes or No Tarot reading, the answer to the seeker’s query is yes. Although Temperance is mostly a bringer of positive news, it’s also a reminder to proceed with caution.

For people who give significant value to tarot reversals, seeing Temperance in a reversed position in a tarot spread can provide another meaning. More often than not, a reversed card takes on the opposite meaning of its upright counterpart. Because context is crucial, it’s worth noting that even a one-card draw like a Yes or No Tarot reading requires skill and intuitive abilities.

Temperance as a Yes Card

temperance tarot card


The Temperance card depicts an angel holding two golden cups, transferring the content of one cup to the other. They have a serene look on their face, and the halo shining around their head amplifies the tranquil aura they emit.

They handle the water with ease, and its moderate flow gives the impression of a harmonious reality and the alchemy of life. In addition to that, the steady flow of the water seems to portray union or balance.

The angel rests their left foot on a stone and the right on a small body of water, perfectly balancing themselves. The rock represents the conscious mind and the present times. Meanwhile, the water points to the unconscious mind and the tales of the past.

Two yellow irises are peeking behind the angel. The sun is shining brightly, and one can see a path forming from the small pool of water to the mountains. The imagery seems to signify a promising future, new perspectives, and hope.

The astrological sign associated with the Temperance card is Sagittarius, the Archer. Fire is its natural element, and it activates the solar plexus chakra to gain power. After all, Temperance also signifies change, salvation, patience, reconciliation, and healing.

There are three tarot cards in the Major Arcana that include an image of an angel, namely the Lovers, Temperance, and Judgment. Some tarot practitioners believe that the angel figure shown in the Temperance card is the Archangel Michael. The Temperance card primarily focuses on past, present, and future issues.

The Temperance card appears in a tarot reading when the seeker holds their ground and calmly trudges on despite undergoing a time of great distress. Things are rough, and hindrances occur one after another. Still, they remain grounded and don’t let any obstacles get to them.

Drawing the Temperance card can also be a call to remember to be patient, do things in moderation, or regain balance in one’s life. It’s the perfect time to practice deep introspection and not lose track of one’s goals and visions.

Because this tarot card exudes confidence and signifies divine intervention, the answer it gives in a Yes or No Tarot reading is mostly a yes. Something you manifested for so long will become a reality by the time you least expect. Hence, it’s best to remember to stay calm and confident regardless of whatever life throws at you.

In Tarot Readings about Love

man and woman holding hands

The Temperance card tells you to keep things in moderation regardless of whether you’re single or in a relationship. It’s best to reflect on how the other party perceives your actions. You might be too forceful or overly generous without your knowledge.

The key to a healthy romantic relationship is balance. When building the foundation of your relationship, you and your partner must be aware of each other’s boundaries. A balanced dynamic between the two of you will ensure a harmonious relationship.

Sample Temperance Yes or No Tarot Questions and Interpretations:

Question: This person and I have been hitting it off for months. I want to take things to another level. Should I go for it?

Card Interpretation: The overall energy between you and the apple of your eye is positive. However, the Temperance card tells you to consider the other person’s feelings before yours. You might unknowingly rush things and ruin the momentum because of your strong feelings.

Question: I feel that now is the perfect time to enter a new relationship. Will I soon meet a worthy person?

Card Interpretation: The Temperance card brings you excellent news. Someone that seems to be your missing puzzle piece will soon enter your life. You’ll form an instant connection, and your chemistry will be palpable.

Question: My partner and I keep fighting. Will we still be able to resolve things?

Card Interpretation: Yes, you’ll solve your relationship problems and avoid further conflicts if you practice more patience. It’s easier to point fingers, but this won’t help your situation with your partner. Recognize your faults, forgive, and make sure to compromise.

In Tarot Readings about Career

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Temperance urges you to make more effort in cooperating with your colleagues and superiors. After all, teamwork plays a vital role in ensuring productivity and success in most workplaces. This tarot card encourages you to focus on creating solutions and help cultivate a respectful atmosphere.

Seeing the Temperance card in a career or business-related tarot reading also means now is the perfect time to dream big and set more goals. Temperance also gently reminds you to ensure work-life balance. Doing the opposite will lead to grave outcomes.

Sample Temperance Yes or No Tarot Questions and Interpretations:

Question: Do I genuinely enjoy working at my current job?

Card Interpretation: Your current career path seems promising. You receive great satisfaction while doing what you love and are good at, making you feel more accomplished. You become less stressed and more productive because you learn more about your field and have fun while you’re at it.

Question: Things aren’t going the way they’re supposed to at work, and I can see how it negatively impacts the team and me. Will I be able to help resolve this issue?

Card Interpretation: Temperance tells you not to worry because everything will soon fall into its proper place. However, this tarot card also encourages you to be more open to other people’s opinions and suggestions. The solution to some problems is the combination of different thoughts and skills.

In Tarot Readings about Health and Spirituality

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The primary message of the Temperance card in a tarot reading about health and spirituality is a balanced mind, body, and soul. You’re doing great at keeping this balance at the moment. All you need to do is continue to maintain it.

There are multiple ways to cultivate balance. Try to spend some time each day meditating and tuning out external noise. Stick to a healthy diet, exercise daily, ensure getting enough rest and sleep, and release negative energetic vibrations.

Once again, the keyword is moderation. The same thing applies to people who are undergoing their respective spiritual journeys. Spiritual growth takes time, so remember to slowly but surely digest every spiritual learning along the way.

Temperance Reversed Yes or No?

reversed temperance tarot card

The Temperance card appearing in reverse denotes an imbalance, excessiveness, or lack of self-control, leading to anxiety and stress. It signals the need to regain balance as soon as possible. You entered a period of excess, and it’s time to break this cycle that consumes you.

You lost track of your goals and walked on the wrong path. Therefore, it’s best to take a step back, correct mistakes, heal, and realign your thoughts and actions with your life priorities. In a nutshell, Temperance reversed calls for deep introspection, self-evaluation, and self-reflection.

A reversed Temperance card is a no card. Although the answer to your question is no, there’s no reason to lose hope. You can still attain balance by cutting excessive activities and practices.

Pause and reassess the situation once your gut feeling tells you that something is wrong and off-balance. The more you stay in your current imbalanced state, the more difficult it will be for you in the long run.

Your overindulgence and lack of moderation led to poor decisions, unfortunate outcomes, and negative results. The answer to your question can change from no to yes once you restore the balance in your life.

In love, the Temperance card reminds you that things aren’t black and white. There are many gray areas. For example, what started as a smooth-sailing relationship can turn sour instantly, leaving you at a loss.

If you’re in a relationship, you might lack affection for your partner. On the contrary, perhaps you were too giving, and this generosity made them complacent. They might abuse you and your overly compassionate heart.

Temperance denotes a stressful time at work in a career tarot reading. You’re doing more than you should because you wish to excel at work, sacrificing your mental health and social life. If you continue doing this, you’ll inevitably experience burnout.

At the same time, the opposite can be the case. You might be underperforming at work, negatively affecting your coworkers. It’s worth remembering that slacking off and showing a poor work ethic will damage you and everyone involved.

If stress and anxiety plague you daily, you’ll naturally feel their adverse effects on your overall well-being. Listen to your body and attend to its needs. At the same time, tune into your Higher Self to determine which action to take to achieve your highest good.

Seeing Temperance in a tarot reading about spirituality means you need to discern the cause of imbalance and correct it. You might deem familiarizing yourself with your chakra points useful. After all, clearing chakra blockages will help you attain spiritual growth and development.

Final Thoughts

So is Temperance Yes or No card?

Some tarot practitioners argue that the Temperance card (upright) doesn’t necessarily mean yes. They regard it as a neutral card rather than a yes card. To avoid confusion, it’s worth remembering that tarot meanings and interpretations differ for each individual.

If you’re a novice tarot reader, bear in mind that your intuition will guide you when interpreting the cards. When in doubt, don’t hesitate to ask for a reading from a professional tarot reader. They can provide more insightful information about your situation, given their immense knowledge and experience.


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