Daughter of Wands - Wild Unknown Tarot Card Explained

Daughter of Wands – Wild Unknown Tarot Card Explained

Visionary author and artist Kim Krans created the Wild Unknown Tarot deck to serve as a companion for tarot readers who wish to understand what’s going on in their lives. This deck consists of 78 cards full of illustrations based on nature and the animal kingdom.

The Daughter of Wands is the 11th card in the Suit of Wands. She’s creative, ambitious, and passionate, just like the other cards in the Wands suit. Moreover, she’s occupied with accomplishing her dreams and transforming to be the best version of herself.

The cards in the Wild Unknown Tarot seem to give straightforward answers but hidden behind them are insightful discoveries about the world. One way to learn more about the meaning of this card is by making sense of the imagery and symbols depicted by it.

Daughter of Wands Meaning

daughter of wands

The Daughter of Wands, one of the 56 cards in the Minor Arcana, sheds light on the small but significant factors (actions, circumstances, etc.) that make up major life events. The cards in this subset represent what happens in the querent’s daily life and how it affects them.

The Minor Arcana consists of the Suit of Pentacles, Suit of Swords, Suit of Cups, and Suits of Wands. The Wands suit is associated with the fire element, a symbol of creativity and motivation.

Each of the four tarot suits has 14 cards. The first ten are numbered 1 to 10, while the 11th to 14th cards are called court cards. As mentioned earlier, the Daughter of Wands is the 11th card (and the first court card) in the Wands suit.

Many tarot decks that follow the traditional Rider-Waite-Smith or RWS system call the court cards Pages, Knights, Queen, and Kings. The creator of the Wild Unknown Tarot decided to name the court cards Daughters, Sons, Mothers, and Fathers, respectively.

The Daughter of Wands shows a delicate-looking snake coiling around a wand, her body forming a shape that looks similar to an infinity sign or the number eight. Different cultures portray snakes in polarizing images. Some associate them with evil, while others perceive them as symbols of good luck.

One can view the figure eight or infinity symbol as the Daughter of Wands’ boundless potential. It’s worth noting that few flowers are blooming from the wand. These signify creativity, visions, and dreams waiting to come alive.

The Daughter of Wands is also a figure who ensures to turn her dreams into reality just like the other court cards in the Wands suit. She’s both an excellent planner and an efficient doer.

She’s willful, strong, and brave, and she’d continue to grow emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Ultimately, her passionate heart and determination will help her achieve her dreams and accomplish her goals.

Daughter of Wands in a Reading

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If you draw this card in a general tarot reading, it’s a sign that now is the time to utilize your talents, skills, and potentials. The Daughter of Wands tells you to take a step outside of your comfort zone and start paving a path for yourself.

Make sure to use your youthful energy in productive endeavors that will contribute to your personal growth and development. You’re confident, albeit a bit naive. It’s best to learn how to utilize your strengths and weaknesses to reach your destination.

Final Thoughts

If you wish to learn more about the cards in the Wild Unknown Tarot, it’s best to consult an experienced tarot reader. Professional tarot practitioners have extensive knowledge and various experiences in deciphering the meanings behind tarot card symbology.

These experts have studied different tarot systems, which enable them to provide accurate descriptions and interpretations. They can also give you tips on how to do tarot readings on your own.


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