Dreams About Flowers: 6 Spiritual Meanings Revealed

Flowers have been long used by poets, writers, and artists as an emblem of beauty, femininity, love, growth, elegance, pleasure, intimacy, inspiration, joy, and all that good stuff.

In dreams, flowers signify growth, gratitude, faithfulness, beauty, good fortune, deep fulfillment, and spiritual awakening. Moreover, it prompts the dreamer to bask in the small joys of life, notice the magic in the mundane things, and maintain a positive attitude.

Different types of flowers each have their own unique, profoundly symbolic meaning as well. In order to get an accurate interpretation of your dream, you must take into account the type, color, and location of the flower in your dream. You must also consider your personal circumstances and emotional state as you were having this dream.

6 Spiritual Meanings of Dreaming About Flowers

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1. Be Positive

Flowers are often used to increase a room’s aesthetic appeal and vibrational energy. If you stumble upon a flower in your dream, this is a reminder from your celestial guardians that you need to maintain a positive outlook and keep your heart open to the new opportunities, love, and abundance the universe is sending your way.

2. Growth

The appearance of a flower in a dream may also be taken as a symbol of growth and transformation. You will be forced to let go of everything you can no longer carry in the next period of your life. However, this will allow you to grow in profound ways and experience new things you’ve never even imagined.

3. Beauty

A flower in a dream may also signify truth and beauty. When you come across a flower in your dream, expect amazing things to enter your life soon. You’re stepping into a new era of your life where anything is possible. Keep showing up for your life. Your best days are on the other side of your fear.

4. Bask in the Small Joys of Life

To dream of flowers invites you to let go of all the negative emotional baggage that is holding you back from living your best life, and instead, redirect your attention to the amazing things you have in your life right now. This dream also encourages you to reconnect with nature and take a moment to appreciate the beauty that surrounds you.

5. Love & Intimacy

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Flowers actually contain the male and female reproductive organs of the plant. It’s also used by lovers to express their affection and gratitude to their partner. If you encounter a flower in your dreams, this could indicate that you’re in a healthy and mutually fulfilling relationship. If you’re single, this dream portends a new relationship or a satisfying intimate connection.

6. Express Gratitude

A dream about flowers also serves as a reminder to not take anything for granted and make sure to let your loved ones know that you care for them. Release the blame, resentment, and all negative emotions, and instead, focus on the limitless abundance in your life.

Biblical Meaning of Dream about Flowers

From a Christian perspective, a flower in a dream serves as a reminder to stop trying to micromanage every aspect of your existence and give life space to unfold. As Matthew 6:28-29 states, “And why do you worry about clothes? See how the flowers of the field grow. They do not labor or spin. Yet I tell you that not even Solomon in all his splendor was dressed like one of these.”

Spiritual Meanings of Common Flower Dream Scenarios

Dream of Smelling Flowers

You are likely to have this dream if you’re stressed out and overwhelmed with your goals. This dream encourages you to carve out some time to spend with things that truly matter to you. Trying to accomplish great things requires focus, discipline, and commitment. However, taking some time for recovery and leisure is crucial for maintaining optimum performance. So, as the old adage goes, don’t forget to stop and smell the roses.

Dream of Flowers Blooming

A flower blooming in a dream represents the dreamer’s potential. This dream prompts you to release all your fears, doubts, and self-limiting beliefs, reconnect with the infinite wisdom within, and trust that you have it in you to manifest anything you desire in this reality.

Dream of Lotus Flower

lotus flower

In many cultures, the lotus flower is considered to be a symbol of strength, resilience, and transformation. This is because lotuses bloom in the murkiest of waters. In dreams, the lotus flower signifies transcendence, growth, and rebirth.

Other interpretations also suggest that this is a sign of emotional trauma and poor boundaries. You need to learn to reinforce strong boundaries and start working on your emotional healing.

Dream of Roses

In dreams, roses signify love, romance, happiness, faithfulness, passion, fertility, and family harmony. Stumbling upon a beautiful rose in a dream represents a loving and healthy relationship. If someone gives you a rose in the dream, this shows their love, loyalty, and affection for you. If you’re the one giving a rose to someone, this reveals your longing for love, connection, and intimacy.

Dream of White Rose

A white rose in a dream signifies true love, inner peace, and marriage. If you had this dream, you’re likely to be involved in a wedding. This could be yours or someone close to you. On a more negative note, other dream analysts think this dream foreshadows death, suffering, and despair.

Dream of Sunflowers

A dream featuring sunflowers indicates divine guidance, wealth, fortune, hope, and new beginnings. This dream also encourages you to nurture your relationships, cultivate golden memories with the people you care about, and express your love and gratitude to them.

Dream of Wildflowers


Wildflowers are known for growing naturally in the wild without the intervention of humans. Seeing wildflowers in a dream reflects your strength, self-reliance, and resourcefulness. Just like wildflowers, you’re the kind of person who can grow wherever you’re planted.

Dream of Red Poppies

Red poppies are considered to be an emblem of remembrance for fallen soldiers of war. They’re also known for their healing and pain-relieving properties as they contain opium alkaloids such as morphine and codeine. If you encounter red poppies in a dream, this means that you’re about to enter a period of self-discovery, self-regeneration, and emotional healing.

Dream of Lilac Flowers

Known as the Queen of Shrubs, lilacs symbolize youth, purity, innocence, happiness, passion, and infatuation. When a lilac flower makes an appearance in your dream, this is a sign of a new romance or an introspective phase in your life.

Dream of Daffodils

Daffodils, along with other members of the Narcissus family, can be quite dangerous for humans, animals, and other flowers. If eaten, they can cause severe vomiting, diarrhea, and even death. It’s also not advisable to mix them in a vase with other flowers as they release lycorine, a toxic chemical that pollutes the vase water and speeds up the decay of the other flower.

A daffodil in a dream represents the toxic people in your life that are draining your energy and resources and sabotaging your progress. This dream serves as a powerful wake-up call from the universe to protect your energy and weed out the drains in your life.

Dream of Dandelions

Every part of a dandelion can be useful. Its roots, leaves, and flowers can be used as a dye, food, or medicine. It’s also edible and full of vitamins. Seeing a dandelion in a dream marks a new chapter of your life filled with adventures, new opportunities, and spiritual insights. It also promises major breakthroughs and beautiful connections.

Dream of Tulip Flower

The interpretation of this dream varies depending on the color of the tulip in your dream. Red stands for love & romance, yellow symbolizes peace & harmony, white denotes forgiveness, purple signifies loyalty, and pink implies family harmony. If you encounter a multi-colored tulip in your dream, it means that the universe will soon shower you with abundance in all areas of your life.

Dream about Funeral Flowers

flowers surrounding a casket

Seeing funeral flowers in a dream connotes passivity, lack of responsibility, and an unhealthy lifestyle. This dream also prompts you to take a hard look at the way you deal with your emotions and identify the patterns that are keeping you stuck in toxic cycles.

Dream of Wedding Flowers

This dream inaugurates a new era of your life filled with love, beauty, and new learnings. If you caught a bouquet in your dream, this means that you need to identify what your true core values are, restructure your thinking patterns, and align your actions with your goals and values.

Dream of Buying Flowers

Such a dream invites you to nourish your relationships and invest time and effort in the things that truly matter to you. It also reflects your feelings towards a special person in your life. If you’re buying a flower for yourself in the dream, this is a go-signal from the universe to take some time to recharge your mind, body, and soul.

Dream of Selling Flowers

This dream represents your thirst for deep inner fulfillment and happiness. Your celestial guardians are prodding you to tune out the noise of the world and realign yourself with the divine source within. Stop asking other people’s opinions on how you should live your life, and begin trusting your inner guidance system more.

Dream of Receiving a Flower Bouquet

bouquet of flowers

You’re entering a blissful and prosperous era of your life. You may notice a desire to put yourself out there and try new things. Listen to this voice within and allow it to lead you to places you’ve never imagined. Brace yourself for the pleasant surprises the universe is sending your way.

Dream of Receiving Flowers from Your Partner

This dream scenario represents your feelings of gratitude and trust toward your partner. It also encourages you to release the insecurities, anger, jealousy, bitterness, blame, resentment, and other negative emotions that are holding you back from being present in your life. Extricate the poison from your system and allow yourself to be happy.

Dream of Receiving Flowers from an Ex

If you had this dream, it’s highly likely that you’ve been thinking about your ex lately. Perhaps you miss how they treated you in the past and the little surprises they made while you were together. This also indicates that you might be unhappy and unfulfilled in your current relationship.

Dream of Throwing Away Flowers

This dream instructs you to reassess your social circle. The people you surround yourself with can have a huge influence on how you think and live your life. It might be time to restructure your network of friends and disconnect from people who are no longer adding a positive value to your life.

Dream about Giving Flowers to a Stranger

This dream plot marks new beginnings in your social life. It might be time for you to let someone in your little world and allow yourself to bask in the full spectrum of your human experience. Another interpretation also suggests that this is a sign from the universe to start working on your dreams and sharing your gifts with the world around you.

Dream of Cutting Flowers

Such a dream serves as a directive from your celestial guardians to immerse yourself in the beauty of the world around you and soak up all the amazing things this life has to offer. However, this dream could also be interpreted as a warning sign about a potential threat, accident, or loss.

Dream of Planting Flowers

This dream shows that you are determined to meet the best version of yourself in this lifetime. Your guardians are prodding you to shed off all the fears and self-doubts, and boldly transform into the most confident, empowered, and successful version of you.

Dream of Picking Flowers

Such a dream commands you to review your life path, intentions, and values. It encourages you to clean out the emotional clutter in your mind so you can regain clarity and reconnect with your true soul purpose. Some dream analysts also suggest that this signifies wealth, financial security, and spiritual growth. 

Dream of Dropping Flowers

This dream portends an unexpected loss in your life. It could also be a sign of a serious health issue, major setbacks, or a breakup. Your celestial guardians are urging you to let go, accept things as they are, and open yourself up to the support of the universal provider.

Dream of Yellow Flowers


The color yellow is often associated with happiness, optimism, warmth, energy, and growth. Dreaming of a yellow flower signifies your enthusiasm and thirst for life. It also portrays your joyful, optimistic, and vivacious spirit. Other interpreters claim that this indicates life-changing experiences and new opportunities coming your way.

Dream of Blue Flowers

A blue flower in a dream represents your desire for peace and solitude. You are likely to have this dream if you feel stressed out and overwhelmed with all the pressures, demands, and expectations of the world around you.

Dream of Black Flowers

This dream prompts you to release the black sludge of guilt, blame, and fear from your system and take some time to heal old wounds that are causing unhappiness in your present. Other dream books also indicate that this is a sign of sorrow and misfortune.

Dream of Purple Flowers

Seeing purple flowers in a dream implies luxury, prosperity, elegance, and maturity. If you had this dream, you might receive an unexpected wealth or inheritance from a relative who is very fond of you. This dream also encourages you to step out of your comfort zone and inject some joy, aliveness, adventures, and genuine connections into your life.

Dream of Red Flowers

The interpretation of this dream varies according to the context and other elements present in a dream. In general, a red rose in a dream symbolizes love, courage, confidence, passion, and romance. However, it may also represent anger, bitterness, and even death.

Dream of Orange Flowers

This dream calls you to honor your divine calling and co-create with the universe. It might be time to start working on your dreams and putting your creativity to work. This dream also prompts you to release the guilt, blame, and regret and shift your attention towards your goals and the life you want to manifest in this reality.

Dream of White Flowers

white flowers

A white flower in a dream denotes purity, love, self-regeneration, peace, and tranquility. This dream encourages you to take some time for incubation and deep introspection. The shift in your consciousness will open up a whole new world for you. You may also feel the need to review your goals and plans for the future.

Dream of Pink Flowers

If a pink flower appears in your dreams, it means that an abundance of blessings is heading your way. It also serves as a reminder to nurture your relationships, forgive those who might have caused you pain, and spend more time doing things that make you happy.

Dream of Fake Flowers

Dreams that feature artificial flowers mean that someone in your life might not be who they’re projecting themselves to be. If you had this dream, it’s possible that you’re being manipulated and exploited by someone close to you. It might be time for you to reassess your social circle and be mindful of the people you share your ideas, opinions, and deepest secrets with.

Dream of Dead Flowers

A dead flower in a dream implies disappointments and failures. Your celestial guardians want to remind you that this setback is merely a stepping stone to your growth and success. Sometimes, what you want is not exactly what you need. Allow things to unfold the way they’re meant to, and gracefully release the things that are not meant for you.


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