Daughter of Pentacles – Wild Unknown Tarot Card Explained

The Wild Unknown Tarot is a mass-produced deck made by the author and artist Kim Krans. It caters to tarot practitioners who wish to uncover mysteries and explore nature. This 78-card deck is filled with beautiful animal and nature-based illustrations.

The Daughter of Pentacles, one of the court cards, depicts an image of a fawn looking fixedly at the domain in front of her. This card symbolizes kindness, responsibility, and support. She’s the backbone of many plans, ventures, and schemes because of her hardworking and dependable nature.

To learn more about the Daughter of Pentacles, one needs to study the symbolism behind its imagery. Novice tarot readers might want to compare and contrast the Wild Unknown Tarot deck with other tarot systems to understand it better.

Daughter of Pentacles Meaning

daughter of pentacles

The Daughter of Pentacles is one of the 56 Minor Arcana cards. If Major Arcana focuses on pivotal life events and principal archetypes, the cards in the Minor Arcana shed light into daily mundane life. The latter gives more context to the querent’s situation.

The Minor Arcana is divided into four suits: the Suit of Wands, Suit of Cups, Suit of Swords, and Suit of Pentacles. Ruled by the element of earth, the Pentacles suit corresponds to material possessions, such as money, business, and career.

Each tarot suit consists of 14 cards. Four of those 14 cards are called the court cards to which the Daughter of Pentacles belongs. In most (if not all) tarot systems, the court cards represent an actual person in the querent’s life.

In traditional tarot decks, the court cards are called Pages, Knights, Queens, and Kings. The author and illustrator of the Wild Unknown Tarot decided to call the court cards Daughters, Sons, Mothers, and Fathers instead. Doing so allows the tarot reader and the querent to form an immediate connection to the cards.

As mentioned earlier, the Daughter of Pentacles portrays a fawn seemingly standing on the top of a hill while looking at the domain in front of her. Generally, a fawn represents innocence, peace, and illumination.

Arched above the fawn is a rainbow with a pentacle in its center. Rainbows are symbols of hope, promises, luck, and new beginnings. On the other hand, the pentacles or coins represent the material world.

As a fawn, she might still have wobbly legs, but her eyes sparkle with optimism. The young deer standing on a hilltop suggests that she’s confident and ready to learn and conquer the world.

The Daughter of Pentacles is described to be supportive, kind, and responsible. She enjoys working behind the scenes. Although she’s not one to relish the feeling of being under the spotlight, she’s respected and known for her inner strength, reliability, and hardworking nature.

Daughter of Pentacles in a Reading

man with tarot

In a general tarot reading, the Daughter of Pentacles encourages you to look at what’s around you. She urges you to take a step forward and explore. Throw your hesitations away and start learning, building, and creating.

It’s alright to be curious like a child. After all, the world is your playground. You have a long journey ahead, so seek help and guidance if you need them.

Final Thoughts

If you find working with a contemporary deck with unique imagery and system overwhelming, you might want to seek guidance from an expert. Professional psychics who have immense knowledge about different tarot systems can help you learn more about the cards in the Wild Unknown Tarot deck.

They can also teach you to compare and contrast tarot decks to gain more insight into various symbols featured in most modern tarot decks. It’s worth noting that aside from deck and system comparison, another way to understand the meaning of the cards is by learning through experience.


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