Twin Pregnancy Tarot Cards & Spreads Explained (A-Z Guide)

Twin Pregnancy Tarot Cards & Spreads Explained (A-Z Guide)

Tarot reading is a divination practice with a system reflecting the human experience. Many use the tarot cards to tune into their intuition, enabling them to read signs and obtain insight into the past, present, and future events. Generally, it can provide important information about significant life events, such as pregnancy.

Specific tarot cards signify the chances of a twin pregnancy, such as the Lovers, the Magician, and the Queen of Cups. Seeing these cards in a tarot spread suggests positive answers to questions about pregnancy. The Yes or No Twin Pregnancy tarot spread, Three-Card Twin Pregnancy tarot spread, General Pregnancy tarot spread, and Pregnancy Journey tarot spread are some helpful tarot spreads you can use.

Essentially, it’s highly advisable to consult a medical professional regarding medical-related issues like fertility and pregnancy. However, one might find a tarot reading insightful if they wish to shed light on other matters, such as the pregnancy’s overall energy.

Twin Pregnancy Tarot Cards

A traditional tarot deck consists of 78 cards. The deck has two sections: the Major Arcana containing 22 cards and the Minor Arcana with 56 cards. The former depicts the Fool’s journey, and each card in this subset represents people’s collective experiences.

Meanwhile, the Minor Arcana reflects life events on a smaller scale. Divided into four suits (the Wands, Swords, Cups, and Pentacles), this tarot subset represents the less significant occurrences in one’s daily life.

Each tarot card holds vast information about the different aspects of a person’s life. The imagery, symbols, and numerology indicated in the tarot cards stimulate the tarot reader’s intuition, allowing them to obtain an answer to any question. Below are some of the cards that hint at a possible twin pregnancy.

The Lovers

the lovers

The Lovers, the sixth card in the Major Arcana, generally answers queries related to love, relationships, harmony, decisions, choices, maturity, and growth. This tarot card’s element is air, and the chakra point associated with it is the heart chakra.

In the traditional Rider-Waite-Smith tarot deck, the Lovers card depicts a naked man and woman standing in a beautiful green landscape while the sun is beaming. An angel (believed to be Archangel Raphael) appears above them, seeming to bless the couple.

Behind the woman is an apple tree with a serpent circling on it and behind the man is a tree in flames. The former is looking at the angel while the latter is gazing at his lover. Essentially, the setting in this illustration is similar to the Garden of Eden, wherein the woman is Eve, and the man is Adam.

Contrary to popular belief, the primary focus of the Lovers card isn’t romance, love, and sexuality. Instead, it points to the difficulty of making choices and decisions and how these affect the parties involved.

The Lovers upright generally indicates the formation of a new meaningful connection. When reversed, this card represents disharmony between you and your loved ones. It can also suggest misaligned values, resulting in conflicts.

The Lovers card can signify a twin pregnancy in a pregnancy tarot reading. After all, the astrological sign of this tarot card is Gemini, the Twins. If you’re looking for signs of a possible twin pregnancy, seeing the Lovers in a tarot reading is a good omen.

The Magician

the magician

After the Fool (0) comes the Magician, which bears the number 1. This tarot card is the manifestation card, making the palm chakra its associated chakra point. The Fool generally represents action, power, success, resourcefulness, and creativity, which all relate to the air element, this card’s symbol.

This card illustrates a Magician wearing a robe and holding a wand upward in his right hand while his other hand points to the ground. The direction of his hands signifies his ability to connect the spiritual and the physical realms. One can also see an infinity symbol above his head and a serpent circling his waist.

There’s a table in front of the Magician, and on it lies a coin, chalice, sword, and rod. These objects represent the four elements and four suits of the Minor Arcana, namely the Pentacles suit, Cups suit, Swords suit, and Wands suit. With the help of these items, he can manifest his dreams into reality.

True to its designated number (one), the Magician signifies new beginnings. This tarot card suggests that nothing will happen until one initiates and takes proactive action. It’s also a powerful reminder from the Universe of the law of cause and effect.

The Magician upright denotes the need to remember that you have the power and inherent ability to turn your dreams, goals, and visions into reality. This card tells you to direct your energy to what you truly want and what matters the most because your journey is about to begin. Meanwhile, the Magician reversed indicates a possible delay, creative block, or a hidden truth.

The Magician is generally a positive card to appear in a twin pregnancy tarot reading. This tarot card is the best card to draw if you’ve wanted to be a mother of twins for so long. Remember to continue your affirmations to ensure a successful manifestation.

Queen of Cups

queen of cups

The Queen of Cups is one of the 14 cards in the Suit of Cups (also called Suit of Chalices in some decks). Its elemental symbol is water, and it’s associated with the astrological signs of Gemini and Cancer. The Queen of Cups card symbolizes an intuitive woman, making the sacral, heart, and third eye chakra its related chakra points.

Many tarot readers regard the Queen of Cups as the Minor Arcana equivalent of the Empress card. Like the Empress, the Queen of Cups exudes loving and kind energy. This card portrays a beautiful woman sitting on a throne near the sea in the Rider-Waite-Smith tarot deck.

The Queen of Cups holds a closed golden chalice, symbolizing the creation of life. Engraved on the top of the throne are two water babies, signifying Gemini, the Twins. At the bottom of the throne, another water baby is holding a fish.

The court cards (the Pages, Knights, Queens, and Kings) usually represent an actual person in your life. When the Queen of Cups appears in a tarot reading, nurturing and compassionate mothering energy is present in your situation. It can either be you or another significant individual that plays a vital role in your current circumstances.

The Queen of Cups upright denotes insight, instinct, emotional security, and serenity. This card reminds you to tune into your Inner Self and listen to your intuition. When reversed, the Queen of Cups means emotional insecurity or co-dependency.

The Queen of Cups card is one of the most positive cards you can draw in a tarot reading about future pregnancy. Because its astrological sign is Gemini, it can also indicate twin pregnancy. Remember to address all your needs to ensure a safe pregnancy.

4 Easy Pregnancy Tarot Spreads

1. Yes or No Twin Pregnancy Tarot Spread

yes or-no twin pregnancy spread

The Yes or No tarot spread requires you to draw only one card, making it one of the easiest and most beginner-friendly tarot spreads. If you’re doing this simple tarot spread, it’s best to use the cards from the Major Arcana.

It’s significant to note that many tarot readers advise not to ask questions answerable by yes or no. They believe that doing so might limit the insight, answer, and advice you can obtain from the tarot cards.

Although a Yes or No tarot spread provides a limited answer, it’s an excellent spread if you want straightforward answers. Below is a list of tarot cards that indicate yes or no. It’s worth emphasizing that the list below isn’t inflexible, and the meaning can vary depending on your circumstances.

The Yes Cards in the Major Arcana

  • The Fool (0)
  • The Magician (I)
  • The Empress (III)
  • The Emperor (IV)
  • The Chariot (VII)
  • Justice (XI)
  • The Star (XVII)
  • The Sun (XIX)
  • The World (XXI)

The No Cards in the Major Arcana

  • Strength (VII)
  • The Hermit (IX)
  • The Hanged Man (XII)
  • Death (XIII)
  • Temperance (XIV)
  • The Devil (XV)
  • The Tower (XVI)

Major Arcana Cards that Can Indicate Either a Yes or a No

  • The High Priestess (II)
  • The Hierophant (V)
  • The Lovers (VI)
  • The Wheel of Fortune (X)
  • The Moon (XVIII)
  • Judgment (XX)

2. Three-Card Twin Pregnancy Tarot Spread

three card twin pregnancy spread

The Three-Card Twin Pregnancy tarot spread, like the Yes or No tarot spread, is best for novice tarot readers. However, unlike the latter, a three-card tarot spread can help you gain more information about your situation. It’ll give you concise but meaningful insight into your pregnancy journey.

Guide Questions:

  • Position 1: Describe my current situation regarding my twin pregnancy.
  • Position 2: What should I know about my twin pregnancy?
  • Position 3: How’s my twin pregnancy affecting me?

3. General Pregnancy Tarot Spread

general pregnancy tarot spread

Guide Questions:

  • Position 1: Am I physically, emotionally, and mentally ready to be a mother?
  • Position 2: Am I confident enough to care for a child?
  • Position 3: Describe my emotional views on my pregnancy.
  • Position 4: Describe my partner as a parent.
  • Position 5: What will change once I conceive my child?
  • Position 6: What should I change in my personality, attitude, outlooks, beliefs, and behaviors to become a better parent?
  • Position 7: Will I be able to provide for my child?
  • Position 8: What risks will I encounter in my pregnancy?
  • Position 9: Will the people around me support me in my pregnancy journey?
  • Position 10: What outcome can I expect in my pregnancy?

4. Pregnancy Journey Tarot Spread

pregnancy journey tarot spread

Guide Questions:

  • Position 1: Describe my physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual state during my first trimester.
  • Position 2: How’s my child/children during the first trimester?
  • Position 3: How’s my relationship with my partner during the first trimester?
  • Position 4: Describe my physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual state during my second trimester.
  • Position 5: How’s my child/children during the second trimester?
  • Position 6: How’s my relationship with my partner during the second trimester?
  • Position 7: Describe my physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual state during my third trimester.
  • Position 8: How’s my child/children during the third trimester?
  • Position 9: How’s my relationship with my partner during the third trimester?
  • Position 10 and 11: What can my spirit guides tell me about my conception’s overall situation or timing? (You should read these cards together to determine overlapping themes.)
  • Position 12: How many children would I conceive?
  • Position 13: What’s the sex of my child?

Twin Pregnancy Tarot Card Combinations You Need to Know

The Lovers and The Empress

the lovers the empress

The Empress card is the best indicator of pregnancy because it represents fertility, abundance, success, and the cycle of life and death. Meanwhile, the Lovers card is a positive indicator of twin pregnancy because of its association with Gemini. These two cards appearing together in a pregnancy tarot reading means good news awaits.

The Lovers and The Sun

the lovers the sun

Although the Sun card depicts an image of a happy child, it isn’t necessarily a tarot card related to pregnancy. Generally, it signifies joy, vitality, victory, and growth. However, the Sun card appearing with the Lovers card might indicate a healthy twin pregnancy.

The Lovers and Page of Cups

the lovers page of cups

The Page of Cups essentially brings good news in tarot readings. It holds youthful energy and suggests creative beginnings. Together with the Lovers card, the Page of Cups can signify that you’re about to be pregnant with twins soon.

The Lovers and Ace of Wands

queen of cups ace of wands

Like the Page of Cups, the Ace of Wands is one of the tarot cards that indicate pregnancy. If you see this card together with the Queen of Cups in a pregnancy tarot reading, your plan to have twins might turn into reality sooner than you might expect. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about your pregnancy journey because you and your children will be safe and sound.

Final Thoughts

As mentioned previously, tarot readings can shed light on different aspects of your life and provide you with the answers you need. Although you can read the tarot by yourself using the spreads indicated above, you might want to ask for a tarot reading from a professional tarot reader for a more holistic reading. 

It’s also important to emphasize that pregnancy tarot readings can only give you additional insight into your pregnancy journey. It’s still best to seek professional help from medical experts.


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