Justice Yes or No? A-Z Guide with Examples

Tarot readers can assign meaning to each symbol, structure, season, creature, clothing, expression, and number illustrated in the card. One of the Major Arcana cards with rich imagery is the Justice card.

Fairness, balance, objectivity, and perceptions are some keywords associated with the Justice card. It also represents cause and effect, making it a neutral card in a Yes or No Tarot reading.

Seeing the Justice card in this type of tarot reading requires you to do more assessment and introspection to discern its meaning and significance. Diving deeper into the different themes represented by the Justice card will help you interpret it accurately.

Justice as a ‘Maybe’ Card

justice tarot card

The Justice card (XI) shows an authoritative and wise-looking figure sitting on a solid stone throne with a crown on her head. She holds a sword with her right hand, the tip facing upwards. She also loosely carries a scale with her left hand.

The stone pillars beside the figure symbolize boundaries and permanence, two themes associated with laws and rules. Meanwhile, the sword represents the results of the verdict. The scales denote the thoughts involved in the decision-making process.

Behind the woman is a dark red (sometimes violet, depending on the deck used) veil, signifying the clear but thin boundary between the court of law and daily life. The cover drops when one makes a reasonable judgment.

Justice is part of the four cardinal virtues of the Tarot. Strength (VIII), Temperance (XIV), and Prudence are the other three. The Major Arcana only represents Justice, Strength, and Temperance, while Prudence is hidden and no longer used.

Number 11, the label for the Justice card, has a significant meaning in numerology. It expresses fairness, balance, and stability. These traits perfectly embody the Justice card, making number 11 a fitting label for it.

In general tarot readings, the Justice card represents an individual deserving of mercy but doesn’t forget to pursue much-needed retribution. This card (unlike cards associated with the water element) prioritizes logic and rationality over emotions.

The Justice card usually denotes positive outcomes only if the seeker resolves conflicts and addresses problems. After all, there’s no other card that shows fairness, honesty, and accountability.

The Justice card provides a vague reply in tarot readings that require concise answers to close-ended questions. Your will and actions would determine if the answer to your query would be yes or no.

In Tarot Readings about Love

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You’ll see the Justice card in a romance-related tarot reading if you need a reminder to decide or consider choices in your love life. If you’re single and draw this card, expect exciting times because Justice tells you that love is in the air.

For people in a relationship, Justice asks you to be honest about your wants and needs with your partner for the relationship to last. Moreover, you’ll soon realize the effects of your actions, regardless of whether they’re positive or negative.

Sample Justice Yes or No Tarot Questions and Interpretations:

Question: Almost everyone I know is happily in a relationship, engaged, married, or soon to have a child. Although I’m still content with my current single status, I feel envious. Should I put myself out there and find love?

Card Interpretation: Justice encourages you to look for the answer within. Ask yourself if you’re ready to commit and enter a relationship with someone. It’s best not to compare yourself with others and only focus on being true to yourself.

Question: My partner is accusing me of cheating, although I didn’t do anything that would hurt them. Will they believe me?

Card Interpretation: The Justice card represents the law of cause and effect. If you’re sure you didn’t cheat on them, you’ll still be able to resolve this conflict. However, if the opposite is true, you’ll soon face the consequences of your actions.

Question: I feel that my significant other isn’t treating me well. Do I deserve this kind of treatment?

Card Interpretation: Justice reminds you of the universal law of cause and effect. Some people prefer to call it karma. Before accusing the other party of unfair treatment, it’s better to consider how you treat your partner first.

In Tarot Readings about Career

board meeting

Like the scenarios mentioned above, the Justice card appearing in a career-related tarot reading means you’d reap what you’ve sown. Drawing the Justice card is a good omen if you’ve worked hard consistently to get a pay raise, apply for a position change, or get promoted.

On the contrary, suppose you were dishonest, unmotivated, or unproductive at work. If that’s the case, expect to suffer from the consequences of your actions (or inaction). In other words, you’ll obtain what you deserve.

Sample Justice Yes or No Tarot Questions and Interpretations:

Question: I made a mistake at work. No one seems to notice it, but I still feel anxious. Should I tell my team and superior about it?

Card Interpretation: The Justice card reminds you that truth will always prevail. If you hide your mistake and don’t take responsibility, expect to face the consequences. Hiding it might seem a good solution, but it’s only temporary.

Question: I’m acting prejudiced against our new team member. Am I the problem?

Card Interpretation: The first step in resolving conflicts at work is acknowledging your part. If you think you and your way of thinking are part of the problem, address it.

The Justice card encourages you to be fair and eliminate prejudice to create a more harmonious work atmosphere. Regardless of whether you’re the problem or the other person concerned, it’ll be helpful to do your part.

In Tarot Readings about Health and Spirituality

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You’ll soon see the results of your healthy or unhealthy behavior. The Justice card implies facing the outcomes of your habits and routines. If you’ve been taking good care of your overall health, expect good news.

Meanwhile, suppose you know you aren’t paying attention to your physical, mental, emotional, or physical health. Then, prepare yourself for a possible illness or mind-body-soul imbalance.

Regarding matters about spirituality, the Justice card signifies the perfect time to challenge your beliefs and open yourself to new perspectives. If you don’t constrict yourself to a single belief system, you’ll experience spiritual growth and development.

Justice Reversed Yes or No?

reversed justice tarot card

When reversed, the Justice card signifies dishonesty, injustice, bias, discrimination, or lack of accountability. Perhaps you decided on something that turns out to be out of your favor. Alternatively, you might’ve taken bad advice from someone you trust.

You also might’ve done a morally unjust action. You’re now stuck with the thought of either spilling the beans or hiding it in hopes that not a single soul finds out. The Justice card reversed implies you’re leaning on the latter.

You might not be ready to take responsibility for your actions for now. The best course of action is to reflect and listen to your Inner Self. It’s worth noting that it’s never too late to acknowledge your wrongdoing and make things right.

If Justice upright brings vague answers, this card reversed means no. Because of prejudice or bias, you might not obtain the results you want. Justice reversed advises you to exercise fairness and be truthful to yourself and others.

Pulling the Justice card reversed in a romance-related tarot reading for single people means they view potential lovers one-sidedly. Their narrow-mindedness hinders them from finding the love they deserve.

Meanwhile, the Justice card reversed hints at betrayal for people in a relationship. You or your partner might be hiding something from you. Alternatively, drawing this card can also denote the lack of equality in the relationship, resulting in more conflicts.

The Justice card appearing in reverse in a tarot reading regarding career signifies a bad omen. You might be experiencing injustice at work. Someone at your workplace (possibly in a higher position than you) might be maltreating you.

Depending on the gravity of the situation, you might need to do something to stop it from happening again. Moreover, try to be more cautious of some of your colleagues who might offer fake sympathy. They might stab you in the back eventually.

The Justice card reversed serves as a crucial wake-up call when it appears in a tarot reading about health. This card signifies an imbalance in your core that you need to address. Perhaps your strenuous daily routine impacts other areas of your life negatively.

In addition, you might be experiencing signs of illness or disease, yet you choose to ignore them. Remember to always listen to your body. Seek professional medical help as soon as you experience symptoms.

Final Thoughts

So is Justice Yes or No card?

The Justice card’s primary theme is balance and equality. Neutral cards like this card might be challenging to decipher because it doesn’t provide a straightforward and concise answer. If you find interpreting this card difficult, consider listening more to your Inner Self to obtain guidance.

You might also find drawing another card to support your initial interpretation more helpful. Focus on essential tarot combinations (e.g., Judgment and Justice, Tower and Justice, etc.) to gain more insight. For your last resort, you can consult a professional tarot reader.


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