Queen of Wands Yes or No Explained with Examples

Queen of Wands Yes or No? Tarot Card Explained (+Examples)

Some of the many benefits of tarot reading include gaining clarity, reducing anxiety, addressing issues, and obtaining guidance when you need it the most. One kind of tarot reading perfect for those who want straightforward answers is the Yes-or-No tarot reading. Here, each card is assigned with a yes or no answer.

One of the court cards, the Queen of Wands, is an affirmation card. The Queen of Wands is honest, optimistic, steadfast, independent, and passionate. If this card appears in a Yes-or-No tarot reading, it means your strong determination will help you achieve your goals and obtain your desires.

It’s significant to note that if you read tarot reversals, some of the affirmation cards can become no cards and vice versa. Essentially, the Queen of Wands reversed will take on a different meaning. To decipher the true meaning of this card, one needs to consider the situation of the querent.

Queen of Wands Yes or No? Explained

The Queen of Wands as a Yes Card

Queen of Wands

The Rider-Waite-Smith tarot deck depicts the Queen of Wands as a queen sitting on a throne with two lion head engravings. The lions signify power, strength, and courage. The element of fire to which the Queen of Wands is associated also symbolizes these characteristics.

She’s holding a sunflower in her left hand and a rod with protruding leaves on her right. The former signifies life, happiness, and fertility, while the latter represents the Queen of Wands’ creativity and innovative spirit. At her feet lies a black cat which symbolizes her shadow self.

The Suit of Wands (also called Rods or Staffs) to which the Queen of Wands belongs mainly represents the drive and ambition to turn ideas into reality. Whenever a card from this suit appears in a tarot reading, it means you must take appropriate action to make your innovative ideas come to life.

In a way, you can look at the Queen of Wands as a motivation card. This card serves as a reminder of your purpose. The energy of the Queen of Wands guides you on how you can utilize your strengths and weaknesses to benefit you.

The Queen of Wands is bold, and so are you. Don’t let anyone or anything dim your light because you have great potential. If you believe in yourself and stay determined, you can do wonders.

She also encourages you to work on your shadow self. Your shadow self is the part of you that hides in your unconscious. Knowing more about yourself, including those you dislike or wish to hide about yourself, will help you grow as a person.

If this card appears in a Yes-or-No tarot reading, it means your head is full of new ideas, and you can’t wait to create, execute, or implement them. Whatever you wish to do, right now is the best time to do it. Fruitful results await.

In Tarot Readings about Love

heart hands

The Queen of Wands is an excellent card to see in a Yes-or-No tarot reading about love. It means that you might be caught in a sudden passionate affair. Your relationship is filled with positivity, excitement, and adventure.

This card also tells you to strengthen your relationship by making sure you’re both comfortable with each other. It’s best to remember that communication is one of the keys to successful relationships. Hence, both of you must be open to each other at all times.

Sample Queen of Wands Yes-or-No Tarot Questions and Interpretations:

Question: Can I attract a great partner for me this time?

Card Interpretation: Your charming personality is drawing attention from all directions. You’ve caught many hearts, and they’re now under your spell. Let your beautiful self shine, and soon you’ll meet someone that’ll be an excellent partner for you.

Question: Will the spark between my partner and me last?

Card Interpretation: Aside from mutual trust and respect, the foundation of your relationship is also built on intense passion. The spark you and your partner feel right now will last for a long time. You’re so compatible that every day feels like an adventure for the two of you.

Question: Will my relationship with my current partner last?

Card Interpretation: You’ll be together for a long time but expect the unexpected. The journey won’t be smooth-sailing. You might find yourself in the middle of dramatic situations from time to time.

In Tarot Readings about Career

woman career glasses

If you draw the Queen of Wands in a Yes-or-No tarot reading about your career, expect good news to come your way. You might feel overwhelmed at some point, but you’ll be able to turn your hesitation into excitement. Utilizing both your strengths and weaknesses will help you reach new heights in your career.

There’s so much you can accomplish in this period due to the energies at play. However, it’s advisable to remember to take proactive action to attain your goals. You might also want to seek guidance from an older woman you think can be an excellent mentor for you.

Sample Queen of Wands Yes-or-No Tarot Questions and Interpretations:

Question: Am I fit for this job?

Card Interpretation: Something might have happened at work that made you question if you’re fit for the job. Let go of your worries because soon you’ll find satisfaction in completing all your tasks. Even though it’s challenging, you’re more than capable.

Question: Can I finish this project successfully?

Card Interpretation: There’s no doubt that the project you’re working on will be a success. Your creative and innovative ideas, together with your determination and excellent leadership, will ensure a positive outcome.

In Tarot Readings about Health

healthy woman

The Queen of Wands suggests good health and vitality. Hence, it’s a positive card to appear in a Yes-or-No tarot reading. Your energy is through the roof, and you can do almost anything.

Sample Queen of Wands Yes-or-No Tarot Question and Interpretation:

Question: Am I pregnant?

Card Interpretation: The Queen of Wands is one of the pregnancy cards. You might want to take a pregnancy test immediately because there might be good news waiting for you.

When the Queen of Wands Means No

variety cards tarot

As stated earlier, the Queen of Wands becomes a No card when it appears in reverse in a tarot reading. This card tells you outright that the answer to your question is no. Whatever it is, things will not work out to your advantage.

It’s worth noting that this change is only significant if you specifically read tarot reversals. Otherwise, the Queen of Wands stays as a card of affirmation in a Yes-or-No tarot reading.

The Queen of Wands reversed represents passiveness, hesitation, narrow-mindedness, and lack of motivation. Hence, if you see this card in a Yes-or-No tarot reading, you need to focus your energy on rebuilding confidence and resilience.

You might need to take time to heal, whether physically, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually. It’s best to take this period to focus on your personal growth and development. Determine the cause of the negativity in your life and try to eradicate it.

In tarot reading about love, the Queen of Wands isn’t a good omen. This card means your relationship is full of passion and excitement when in an upright position. However, in reverse, the Queen of Wands implies you and your partner face complications in the relationship.

The Queen of Wands reversed tells you that there might be jealousy issues in your relationship or your partner isn’t providing your needs. The spark and excitement are gone.

One or both of you might be focusing your energies on one aspect of your lives, like your career. Lack of communication and less time spent together can lead to issues of insecurity. You or your partner might feel that you don’t love the other.

For single people, the Queen of Wands suggests that your low self-esteem might be hindering you from forming a relationship with the right person. As the famous saying goes, you can’t love others if you don’t love yourself. Build your confidence and self-esteem, and then everything else will follow.

In a career-related Yes-or-No tarot reading, the Queen of Wands reversed warns you that you’re in the wrong direction. You might be lacking the motivation to further your career. If you’re feeling too stressed, it might be because you did more than you can manage.

The Queen of Wands reversed reminds you that your work or career doesn’t define your competence and self-worth. You can’t do everything alone, so it’s best to seek help from others. Moreover, you might want to take some time to assess whether you made the right career choice.

Lastly, the Queen of Wands reversed isn’t the best card to draw in a Yes-or-No tarot reading concerning your health. This card suggests low energy levels. Furthermore, it’s a negative sign if you’re looking forward to a possible pregnancy.

Final Thoughts

There are many do’s and don’ts to remember before doing a tarot reading (even something as simple as Yes-or-No tarot reading) on your own. One of the most important rules is to be unbiased. If you wish for a successful, insightful, and objective tarot reading, it’s best to seek one from an expert.

Professional psychics on this website who do tarot readings and have immense knowledge on divination can help you find the answers you need. Before consulting a professional tarot reader, it’s significant to remember that not all tarot readings bring good news. Therefore, make sure to be open to possibilities and expect the unexpected.


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