Can Green Aventurine Go In Water 5 Safety Reminders

Can Green Aventurine Go in Water? 5 Safety Reminders

Well known to channel in abundance and growth, Green Aventurine is a beautiful healing gemstone that is a quartz mineral variety. Its green energy resonates with the soothing vibrations of the Earth. Working with this crystal is believed to restore harmony, provide you with emotional calm, enhance vitality, and rejuvenate the mind, body, and soul.

Green Aventurine can be used in various ways. Water infusions and cleansing methods, in particular, are popular options and are said to enhance a crystal’s metaphysical powers. However, proper care must be taken before working with this gemstone in water to keep it from getting damaged when exposed to it.

Under normal conditions, Green Aventurine can safely go in the water. Its mineral compounds and inclusions do not react with and are not soluble in water, thus the gemstone will not dissolve or corrode when immersed in it. Moreover, it is a robust material with a hardy surface. It is not prone to cracking or breaking off easily.

Nevertheless, it is essential to be aware of the following information and guidelines on how to safely use and cleanse Green Aventurine with water.

Can Green Aventurine Go In Water?

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It is generally safe to put Green Aventurine in the water. Its quartz component and fuchsite inclusions are not water-soluble. Therefore, it will not dissolve if you immerse the crystal in it. The material also does not readily react with water, so you need not worry about your Green Aventurine corroding or forming rust stains.

In addition, Green Aventurine is a relatively hard material. With a 6-7 rating on the Mohs hardness scale, it will not easily break apart. This gemstone’s strong surface is not prone to chipping. However, you need to be more careful if there are apparent abrasions or cracks on your Green Aventurine. Handle it with care to prevent further breakage.

On the whole, this means that avid users of Green Aventurine can make the most of its positive energies and healing properties by using it with water. Discussed below are some applications and cleansing methods that are deemed safe for this gemstone.

Cleaning Green Aventurine with Running Water

Cleaning your crystals physically, removing dirt and dust from their surfaces, is necessary for them to work optimally according to your intentions. In addition, regularly cleansing your crystals can help eliminate any unwanted energies absorbed by them. Using water as a cleaning agent is effective for these purposes.

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Because Green Aventurine can withstand water, holding it under a gentle stream of tap or natural running water will not damage it. Using a mild soap and a soft brush to wash the dirt off is a suitable method of cleaning. Be sure to rinse your gemstone well and dry it thoroughly after washing.

Immersing Green Aventurine in Bath Water

Bathing in water that is infused with crystal essences is considered to be a potent and relaxing way of working with the crystal’s healing energies. Soaking in a bath with your Green Aventurine helps relieve stress and improves your overall well-being.

Include this gemstone into your bath routine by immersing it directly into the bathwater or placing it just near the rim of the tub. Ensure to rinse it under running water and let it dry thoroughly after bathing.

Be cautious when adding soap, essential oils, or other bath products into the water as these can likely strip off the polish of your finished gemstone, causing it to lose its shine or luster. Its color may also fade and the surface may appear rougher than before it was bathed.

Charging Green Aventurine in Spring Water

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If you wish to use water to purify your crystals, freshwater from natural sources is highly recommended. As spring water is known to be full of life-giving energies and nutrients, cleansing and charging Green Aventurine by soaking it in this liquid, or any clean water coming from a stream or a river, is a safe and preferable option.

If you are near a spring water source, simply bathe your gemstone in it. You can also fill a jar with fresh water, submerge your Green Aventurine, and let it infuse for a couple of minutes up to a few hours. After soaking it up, rinse your gemstone well and let it dry completely.

Cleansing Green Aventurine with Rain Water

Another great way to naturally cleanse your Green Aventurine gemstone is to let it get drenched in rainwater. This medium is capable of washing away all negativities that your crystal has absorbed. It also carries with it nature’s energies that can recharge and nourish your crystal.

To cleanse it, just put your Green Aventurine outside when it rains. Since it is considered a hard stone, even a heavy downpour will not harm it. You can also collect rainwater in a jar and immerse the gemstone in it. For a more engaging experience, hold your Green Aventurine under the rain and take this time to meditate and impart your intentions on it.

Bathing Green Aventurine in Salt Water

Cleansing with salt water is a widely used method known to effectively remove negative energies from crystals. Because Green Aventurine is robust and nonporous, it can generally withstand a short saltwater bath.

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If you have access to the sea, take a jar of fresh saltwater to soak your crystal in. Alternatively, you can mix sea, rock, or Himalayan salt into a bowl of clean water to make a solution. Cleanse Green Aventurine briefly by dipping it in for a few minutes. Be sure to rinse your stone under running water afterward and pat it dry thoroughly.

Keep in mind that with this cleansing method, your Green Aventurine should not be submerged in saltwater for an extended period. If abrasions or cracks are already present on its surface, salt molecules can seep deep into its crevices and can potentially cause corrosion when it gets in contact with metallic impurities. This may discolor your gemstone or result in a tarnished appearance.

Infusing Green Aventurine in Drinking Water

Drinking crystal-infused water is a delightful way of keeping hydrated and letting you incorporate the healing benefits of crystals into your daily life. Since Green Aventurine is non-toxic and it does not corrode or dissolve in water, harnessing its nurturing energies through water infusions is deemed safe and fit for consumption.

Prior to steeping your gemstone, ensure that you are using fresh potable water and a clean container. Verify that your water source is not contaminated. Moreover, wash and rinse your gemstone thoroughly so that it is free from dirt and germs before immersing it in water.

To make the infusion, fill up the container with the prepared water and soak your Green Aventurine. Let it steep for a few hours and remove the crystal once done. It is recommended to filter the water before drinking to remove any fragments that may have chipped off. This could pose a potential health hazard if swallowed.

5 Safety Reminders Before Soaking Green Aventurine In Water

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Although Green Aventurine is typically water-safe, you still need to be cautious when using it, or other stones and crystals for that matter, with water. This is to keep them always in excellent condition, as well as to ensure your health and safety while working with your gemstones.

Before subjecting your crystals in contact with water, it is important to take note of the following safety reminders and tips.

  1. Dry Crystals Thoroughly

Always ensure to thoroughly dry your crystals after using or cleaning them with water. Use a soft cloth to wipe them down. Pay attention to the rough parts and edges of raw stones as they are prone to retain moisture. For jewelry, the thread or chain used to hold the components together should be kept dry as well.

You can also place them under the sunlight for a short time to dry them out. This can help your crystals get recharged too. Be careful though not to let them sit out under the sun for an extended period because it can tone down their colors, lose their luster, or become more brittle.

  1. Do Not Use Water Under Extreme Temperatures

Do not soak or douse your Green Aventurine, as well as all other gemstones, with water that is too hot or too cold. Exposing your crystals to a rapid change in temperature can result in thermal shock, causing tension in your crystals as they expand or contract at an increased rate.

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Although it might not instantly cause significant damage, frequently subjecting your gemstone to these conditions can create minute fractures on its surface and increase its potential to crack or break over time.

  1. Use Tumbled Stones or Smooth Crystals

When charging the water with your Green Aventurine, opt to use tumbled stones or smooth crystals. They are easier to clean, dry out, and they are less prone to breakage than rough or unprocessed stones.

With raw stones, their crevices and rough corners can easily break or chip off. Bits and fragments of the rock crystals might be ingested accidentally and this can be harmful to your health. Also, their rugged surfaces allow moisture to adhere more easily. This may eventually weaken the stone and become more prone to fracture.

  1. Apply Crystal Combinations with Caution

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Infusing water with more than one crystal is a good way to boost their healing benefits and enhance your bath ritual experience. Use crystal combinations with caution though. Make sure that they work compatibly together. Moreover, check the crystals individually and see whether they are safe to go in the water.

For example, Green Aventurine and Rose Quartz are a good combination for your heart chakra and emotional healing. They are both water-safe so you can use them together for your crystal water bath.

  1. Always Check for Cracks or Fractures

Regularly examining your crystals for abrasions or cracks on their surfaces is important. If fractures are already present on one, ensure that you handle it more delicately. Refrain from soaking it in water for too long as it may potentially damage it over time. Water sitting in crevices may cause them to widen, which can promote chipping.

Final Thoughts

So can Aventurine go in water? Green Aventurine is durable, non-toxic, does not corrode, and is not water-soluble, thus it can be used safely in various cleansing and charging methods involving water.

Proper handling must be employed for this gemstone and all the other crystals, in general, to ensure that you keep their structure, luster, finish, and color in excellent condition. Caring for them can help preserve their effectiveness so you can benefit from their healing powers for a long time.


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