Can Black Tourmaline Go In Water (2 Essential Facts To Know)

Can Black Tourmaline Go In Water? (2 Cleansing Facts)

Legendary for being an “etheric vacuum cleaner,” this stone is known to protect its bearer against energy vampires, electromagnetic stress, and negativity. It purifies the auric field of its users, aiding them in releasing anger, anxiety, and recurring negative thoughts. But in order to function effectively, it requires regular cleansing and spiritual maintenance.

Can Black Tourmaline Go In Water? With a score of 7-7.5 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness, Black Tourmaline can be put in water. However, long-term exposure to water, particularly saltwater, as the dissolved salt can penetrate microscopic fissures and cause the stone to disintegrate.

The best way to use water with Black Tourmaline is to cleanse it under running water for a minute or two, wipe it down with a microfiber towel, and lay it flat to dry.

In this article, we’ll walk you through some tips on how to safely use your Black Tourmaline with water and other alternative cleaning methods you can use to maximize the effects of your stone.

Fact #1

Black Tourmaline works harmoniously with water. However, prolonged contact should be avoided.

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Molded from the deep trenches of the earth where steamy waters and minerals flow through, the Black Tourmaline is packed with boron, aluminum, silicon, manganese, and iron, all of which contribute to the stone’s valency and magnetic properties, which makes it a powerful protective amulet.

As a general rule of thumb, all crystals that fall under the score five or above on the Mohs scale of hardness may be submerged in water.  Because Black Tourmaline has a hardness rating of 7-7.5, it is safe to be washed under running water, preferably with fresh water that came from water, stream, or river.

It is said that Black Tourmaline works in harmony with water in deeply cleansing the stored negative energies that it has accumulated as a result of its use. When doused in water, Black Tourmaline blends harmoniously with the water, allowing the stone’s healing properties to replenish as the negative energy in the stone is transmuted.

Although there is no general consensus as to how long is the acceptable time limit when submerging your Black Tourmaline in water, various sources suggest cleansing it for a minute or two under running water and then wiping it with a microfiber towel.

Other sources also suggest soaking it in a bowl for an hour and then patting it dry with a soft cloth. Despite the fact that it is completely safe to immerse Black Tourmaline in water, we should exercise caution when cleansing this stone with water.

Fact #2

Saltwater can cause microscopic fissures that could damage the Black Tourmaline crystal.

Saltwater may be effective in absorbing negative energy and thoroughly purifying crystals. However, it shouldn’t be in contact with the Black Tourmaline for more than 20 minutes as it could cause the crystal to crumble.

It may not immediately cause damage to the crystal, but it’s highly recommended not to cleanse the Black Tourmaline with it to avoid weakening the effectiveness and physical state of the crystal. There are other cleansing methods you could try that are more effective and safer.

Alternative Methods of Cleansing Black Tourmaline


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With its extremely high vibrational output, selenite is deemed to be the most effective method of cleansing and charging Black Tourmaline. This crystal is said to bring divine light to everything it touches, which is why it’s frequently used to cleanse other crystals.

To cleanse your Black Tourmaline with Selenite, they must be in direct contact with one another. Place the black Tourmaline on top of the Selenite wand or base so it can imbibe its energies and leave it there for about 12 hours. After that, your Black Tourmaline is now cleansed and charged!


Another great way to cleanse and charge your Black Tourmaline is by letting it sit in direct sunlight for at least two hours. It is strongly recommended that you set the crystal where it will have direct contact with the earth in order to maximize its grounding powers.

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Another effective cosmic cleanse to re-energize your crystal is moon bathing. Simply put your crystal in your balcony, backyard, or windows throughout the night and retrieve it in the morning.


Smudging your Black Tourmaline with sacred herbs is also an excellent and powerful tool to purify your crystal, restore its energy and raise its vibration. See to it that a window is open for ventilation and to enable the negative energy to leave your home.

To cleanse the crystal, first, you must light up the tip of the herb of your choosing and then gently glide the stone through the smoke for around 30 seconds. Visualize that the smoke is enveloping your stone with love, purity, light, and harmony, and recite an affirmation or chant if you feel like it.

Quartz Geode

If you don’t have a Selenite lying around, you can also use a Quartz geode to rid your stone of accumulated negative energy. Quartz geode not only has potent purifying abilities, but it can also expand your auric field.

In order to deeply cleanse and amplify the energy of your Black Tourmaline, you can place it inside the Quartz geode for an entire day to let it soak in its magical healing powers.


Sound cleansing, whether via crystal singing bowl, gong, tuning fork, music, or chant, may also be an effective way of cleansing your Black Tourmaline crystal. It is also profoundly grounding, healing, and soothing, not just for you but also for the gemstone.

It is claimed that sound waves can realign energetic patterns, harmonize energy frequencies and discharge stagnant negative energy that has accumulated through time. You could use your intuition in determining which sound is suitable for your crystals.

Brown Rice

Another traditional and yet effective method of purifying a Black Tourmaline crystal is to immerse it in brown rice. To begin, you must get a bowl and fill it up with dry brown rice, and then bury the Black Tourmaline stone in it for 24 hours. Don’t add any water and immediately discard the rice after use as it absorbs the negative energy.

All in all – Is Black Tourmaline Water Safe?

To wrap it all up, though it might be safe to use water to cleanse the Black Tourmaline crystal, it’s highly advisable to opt for alternative cleansing methods such as using Selenite, Quartz geode, sunlight, incense, sounds, or even brown rice. Veer away from using salt water as much as possible as it may negatively influence the crystal’s energy, therapeutic powers, and its physical veneers.


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