Can Carnelian Go In Water Is It Safe And Recommended

Can Carnelian Go In Water? 5 Safety Reminders To Know

Resonating with fiery energy, Carnelian is a vibrant orange gemstone known to empower its bearer with determination and courage. This crystal also helps boost self-confidence and stimulates passion and creativity. Regarded as a stabilizing stone, it provides mental clarity, helps balance emotions, and enhances physical coordination.

This versatile gemstone can be used in many ways. In particular, water-based applications and cleansing methods are believed to boost Carnelian’s metaphysical properties. However, you need to ensure that it is safe for this crystal to be in contact with water before attempting to do so.

Is Carnelian water safe? Carnelian is generally safe to go in the water. It is primarily made up of silica material, which is stable, does not react with, and is not soluble in water. It is also a robust stone with a strong surface resistance, so it is not prone to chipping or breaking when immersed in it.

Before exposing your Carnelian in water, it is important to take note of the following information and guidelines on how to safely use and cleanse this gemstone with the said liquid.

Can Carnelian Go In Water?

drenched carnelian

Under normal conditions, it is safe for your Carnelian to go in the water. With Quartz mineral as its primary component, this gemstone does not dissolve or corrode when in contact with it.

The crystal’s hardness is another characteristic to be considered. As a criterion, crystals that have a 5 and below rating on the Mohs hardness scale are considered soft and are not deemed water-safe because they tend to crumble and disintegrate in water.

Carnelian has a hardness score of 7 which means that it is a hardy gemstone that does not crack easily or become brittle when submerged in the liquid. Hence, it is among the many crystals that are safe to be cleansed with water.

You can therefore harness the powers of your Carnelian crystal and let its healing energies radiate throughout your body by employing it in the following water-based applications and cleansing methods discussed below.

Carnelian Crystal Cleansing Methods

1. Rinse Under Running Water

It is essential to keep your crystals clean before and after every use, free from dirt, dust, or smudges on their surfaces. Water is an effective medium to clean crystals physically, as well as cleanse them by releasing all absorbed negative and excess energies.

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Since Carnelian is a durable stone and insoluble in water, you can safely clean it by holding and rinsing it under running tap water. Using a gentle stream will not harm your gemstone. You can also use a mild soap and a soft brush to scrub the dirt off. Rinse it well and dry it off immediately.

2. Soak in Bath Water

soaking carnelian

Charging your bath water with Carnelian’s energies and spending some time soaking in it is a rich and nurturing experience. This allows your body to better absorb its natural healing powers and let its energies penetrate deep within. Known to bring warmth, a Carnelian-infused bath also offers deeper relaxation.

Use your Carnelian stone by bringing it along with you into the bathwater or placing it near the rim of your tub. After the bath ritual, be sure to rinse off your crystal with running water and pat it dry completely.

Even if Carnelian is deemed water-safe, you still need to take caution when using other bath products along with this crystal. Adding in soap, essential oils, or bath salts can damage its surface finish and may appear rough, lose its luster, or fade in color after bathing it.

3. Cleanse in Spring Water

Fresh and clean water from natural sources are best to be used if you opt to cleanse your crystals with water. Springwater, in particular, is rich in nutrients and minerals that nurture the environment. It resonates with life-giving energies which makes it a great medium to purify and recharge your healing gemstones.

For the vibrant and robust Carnelian, using spring water is recommended and safe. You can dip it directly in an actual spring if you have access to one. Alternatively, you can take a bowl or any clean container, fill it with spring water, and soak your crystal in it for a few hours. Be sure to dry it thoroughly afterward.

4. Charge With Moon Water

The Moon is regarded by many to imbue positive energies and promote cleansing, spiritual transformation, and manifestation. Aside from basking under the moonlight, its power is also commonly harnessed through lunar infusions, often called moon water. This is a popular option for purifying and energizing crystals.

Charging and cleansing with moon water work well for Carnelian. As it is a hardy rock, infusing it with the moon’s delicate energy while immersed in water is totally safe and recommended.

Preparing moon water is a simple task. It is usually collected during the full moon phase when its energy is at its peak, or on another significant celestial event.

Fill a jar with fresh water and submerge your Carnelian in it. Make sure that the water you used is clean and potable if you plan on drinking your infusion. Cover it with a lid and place it outside or on a window sill where moonlight can reach it. Let it steep overnight and then it will be ready by dawn the next day.

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5. Drench In Rain Water

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Rainwater is also among the wonderful ways to organically cleanse your crystals. It is highly charged with nature’s energy and its inherent cleansing ability effectively washes away any excess and unwanted energy absorbed by your Carnelian.

You can collect rainwater to soak your Carnelian in or leave it outside on the ground during a shower. Alternatively, you can hold it briefly under the pouring rain. This gives you a more immersive experience while you take some time to meditate and charge your crystal with your intentions.

6. Infuse With Drinking Water

Drinking water that has been infused with crystal essences is believed to let you better absorb its healing energies. It is one refreshing way of incorporating your Carnelian stone into your daily life. Because it is non-toxic, durable, and does not dissolve, Carnelian can be used to infuse the water for consumption.

Take note that before brewing your infusion, you need to check whether the water that you are about to use is clean and safe to drink. It should be freshly collected and free from contamination or other toxins. In addition, make sure to clean and rinse your crystal well to remove any dirt or dust from its surface prior to dipping it in the water.

Fill your jar with fresh water and immerse your Carnelian in it. Let it steep for a few hours or overnight for a richer saturation. Remove the crystal or strain out the water to eliminate any debris or fragments that may have broken off, which can get ingested.

5 Safety Reminders Before Submerging Carnelian in Water

Carnelian is a versatile gemstone that you can use in various ways. Although it is water-safe, you still need to follow a few precautionary measures to ensure that your gemstone remains in excellent condition.

Take note of the following additional guidelines and things to avoid doing with your Carnelian before exposing it to water.

1. Do Not Soak In Salt Water

It is not recommended to soak or cleanse Carnelian in saltwater. The presence of excessive amounts of salt can be corrosive to the mineral compounds present in the gemstone. This can damage its surface, especially if it already has apparent cracks or fractures on it.

Refrain from dipping it in seawater or avoid using bath salts when planning to incorporate it into your next bathing ritual. If your Carnelian stone happens to come in contact with saltwater, rinse it off immediately with running water and let it dry thoroughly.

2. Avoid Extreme Water Temperatures

Avoid dousing your Carnelian, as well as all other crystals, in water under extreme temperatures. Water that is too hot or too cold may cause your crystals to expand or contract, respectively, putting them in a stressed state or thermal shock.

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Subjecting your gemstones in these conditions repetitively and for an extended period can create fissures on their surfaces, which may eventually lead to breakage over time.

3. Dry Thoroughly

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It is important to always keep your crystals dry after every time you soak them in water. Wipe them down with a soft cloth, especially the rugged parts and edges of rough stones. For jewelry with strings, chains, or other components, make sure to keep them dry as well.

Alternatively, you can leave them outside, under the sun, for a short time to help dry them out faster. Your crystals can also get recharged in this way. Take care not to expose them to sunlight for too long because it can cause them to lose their luster or fade in color.

4. Use Crystal Combinations with Caution

Working with more than one crystal is believed to enhance their effectiveness at healing target concerns or intentions. However, you need to be cautious if you wish to use these crystal combinations in water. Check if they are compatible together and whether they are all safe to go in the water.

For instance, Carnelian’s vibrant and warm energy goes well with Citrine. They are both safe to be used in water and they work in harmony to help you regain your vitality and enthusiasm for life.

5. Check For Cracks

Regularly check your Carnelian gemstone for cracks. This should be applied to your other crystals as well. If you notice visible fissures or deep scratches on its surface, handle it more carefully. Avoid submerging it in water for an extended period. Doing so may cause it to become more brittle or at risk of breaking.

In addition, be careful when immersing rough stones in water. Its rugged edges might be prone to chipping off and small fragments can get ingested when infused in bath or drinking water.

Final Thoughts

Carnelian gemstone can safely go in the water because it is robust, non-toxic, and not soluble in water. You can use it in different water-based applications and cleansing methods. Fresh water from natural sources is more preferable and it is best to avoid immersing it in saltwater.

On the whole, it is essential to know which cleansing method is safe and effective for your Carnelian, as well as which ones to avoid. This can help preserve its integrity and potency, so you can make the most out of its healing benefits for an extended period.


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