Can Selenite Be in the Sun Is It Safe and Recommended

Can Selenite Be in the Sun? (5 Safer Cleansing Methods)

Selenite is a popular crystal that has been used since the time of the Ancient Greeks. It is believed to be able to cleanse negative energy, boost focus, and promote calmness in the living space. Since selenite is a widely used crystal, many have wondered if exposing it to sunlight for cleansing would be safe or not.

Can Selenite Be in the Sun? Selenite can be exposed to sunlight — but leaving it under direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time will cause discoloration and fading. It is recommended to leave selenite in a bright and sunny environment, such as a windowsill, and to time its exposure; do not expose selenite to direct sunlight for more than 4 hours.

Even though selenite is a self-cleansing crystal, there exist some methods to charge and cleanse the mineral. Since caring for crystals is hinged on intuition, alternative methods are provided to ensure total care.

Putting Selenite in the Sun

sunlight selenite

Selenite, once again, is a self-cleansing mineral, meaning it does not have to be actively cleansed. Some believe, however, that selenite must still be regularly cleansed despite its intrinsic self-cleansing properties. One of the most common ways to cleanse crystals is to expose them directly to sunlight.

Things to Consider Before Exposing Selenite to Sunlight

When exposed to sunlight for too long (4+ hours), selenite crystals start to discolor and fade. Before setting the crystal under sunlight, make sure to set a timer on your phone for not more than 3 hours. This will help you monitor your selenite’s exposure to the sun.

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Secondly, check if the sunlight is too bright or strong. At higher intensities, exposure to direct sunlight may cause fading and dullness faster. In cases like these, it is recommended to simply place the selenite in a sunny room — but not exposed to direct sunlight.

Alternative Cleansing Methods

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Sunlight isn’t the only way to cleanse your crystals. Exposure to moonlight, sound baths, water cleansing, sage cleansing, and burying are alternative methods to cleanse crystals, although not all of these can be applied to selenite. Most of these methods are recommended and are still being used by many enthusiasts now.

1. Putting Selenite Under Moonlight

The aptly named selenite can be cleansed through exposure to moonlight. By exposing the crystal to moonlight overnight, the selenite will be cleansed off of its negative energy and regain its high-frequency vibrational energy. This works because selenite resonates harmoniously with the moon, engaging with the energy of the moonlight.

2. Using Water to Cleanse Selenite

Selenite is not recommended for water treatment. The crystal’s composition makes it highly soluble in water, so leaving it in a water bath or running it through water will cause the selenite to dissolve. If you really wish to cleanse it with water, then it is recommended to dab it lightly with a wet piece of cloth. Otherwise, contact with water is not advisable. This applies to both freshwater and saltwater.

3. Cleansing Selenite by Using Sound Baths

Sound bathing is another effective alternative for cleansing selenite. Simply place the selenite in front of speakers and play sound bath recordings — recordings that make use of rhythm and frequencies to influence the mind and body. Sound bath recordings can be found online and for free.

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Alternatively, the selenite can be placed in a singing bowl or bell to initiate a sound bathing process.

4. Using Sage as a Cleansing Ritual

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Sage is an efficient method to cleanse selenite of unwanted negative energies. Sage is an easy-to-grow plant that, when burned, brings back clean energies and clears unharmonious vibrations. The burning of sage in this method is called smudging and it is a ritual performed by native Americans for centuries.

To start smudging, first, open all windows in the room. Ensure that the air is ventilated properly and that the smoke won’t fill up the room. Next, ignite one end of the sage. Once it starts smoking, directly pass the selenite through the smoke to begin cleansing. While doing so, try to think of all the negative energies captured by the selenite and envision it dissipating along with the smoke. Finally, leave the selenite surrounded by smoke for about 30 seconds before ending the cleansing process.

5. Burying Selenite as a Cleansing Method

Selenite has been found to be naturally cleansed by simply burying it in soil. Furthermore, burying selenite in salt has been proven to be an effective method of cleansing the crystal. It doesn’t even have to be completely buried in the salt — filling a bowl with salt and placing the selenite on top is enough to cleanse it.

Final Thoughts

Cleansing crystals is a personal experience. Some would leave selenite to cleanse on its own and others would actively employ the aforementioned methods for cleansing.

Proper care for selenite is dependent on the owner’s intuition and personal beliefs. Exposure to sunlight is still an effective way of cleansing selenite, but it comes with risks.

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The other methods are generally safer for selenite — but ultimately, it is up to the owner to make decisions. Each crystal differs from one another, after all, and caring for them is a personal and subjective process.


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