Can Tiger’s Eye Go in Water? 6 Safety Reminders To Know

Tiger’s Eye, also known as “the wolf stone” has been long regarded to bring forth fortune, luck, protection, and strength. It’s also believed to promote courage, boost creativity, deflect curses, enhance night vision, and clear the mind. Roman soldiers even wore it as an amulet when they go into battle.

Can Tiger’s Eye go in water? Because Tiger’s Eye is a hydrothermal quartz, it’s considered to be a water-safe crystal. It also has a score of 6.5-7 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness which means it can withstand being soaked in water for long periods of time.

However, because Tiger’s Eye contains asbestos and silica, it can be highly toxic so it’s best to exercise caution when handling this stone.

Tips for Cleansing Tiger’s Eye w/ Water

tiger's eye stone

1. Be Intentional

Before you cleanse your crystal, it’s important to set a clear intention, focus your attention on the crystal, and be completely present with every step of the process. This will help you build a stronger connection with your crystal and get optimum benefits from it.

2. Make Sure It Doesn’t Have Any Cracks/ Damages

As mentioned earlier, Tiger’s Eye contains silica and asbestos which could be detrimental to your health when inhaled or ingested.  So before you submerge your Tiger’s Eye into the water, make sure it doesn’t have any sign of damage. If you find a crack or fracture in your crystal, it’s best to avoid cleansing it with water and use a soft cloth instead.

3. Hold Under Running Water

running water

Cleansing a Tiger’s eye under a running water is also a great way to remove residual dirt, smudges, and dust from your crystal. It’s also highly effective in clearing stale and negative energy on your Tiger’s Eye.

Simply hold your Tiger’s Eye under a faucet or any running stream of water and let the water detoxify and recharge your crystal with fresh energy. It’s also highly recommended to use a gentle stream to avoid any damage to the stone.

4. Douse it in a Bowl of Water

Another simple way you could cleanse your Tiger’s Eye is by submerging it in a bowl of water. Let it sit in the bowl for a couple of minutes and allow the water to absorb any negative or unwanted energy.

You can also put the bowl outside or on your windowsill at night and let it bathe in the powerful vibrations of the moonlight. It’s best to do this during a full moon when the moon’s energy is at its zenith.

5. Don’t Use Salt/ Chemically Treated Water

Even though there’s still no consensus on whether or not you can put Tiger’s Eye on saltwater, it’s best to err on the side of caution. It’s important to note that Tiger’s Eye contains highly toxic elements which can be harmful to its user so it’s best to avoid using salt or any chemically treated water.

6. Thoroughly Dry Your Crystal

After cleansing your crystal, be sure you dry it thoroughly. You could air dry it or gently wipe it with a soft towel. You could also let it dry in the sun but don’t expose it too long as it can damage the crystal and make its color wear off.

As soon as the crystal is fully dried, hold the crystal in your heart chakra and allow it to harmonize with your energy. Remember to be mindful of how you’re using your stone and make sure to treat it with respect.

What Kind of Tigers Eye Can Go in Water?

Can Tiger’s Eye Go in Hot Water

Even though Tiger’s Eye is considered to be a water-safe crystal, it’s best to cleanse it with tepid or normal-temperature water as it contains highly toxic chemicals that could be detrimental to its handler.

Can Gold Tiger’s Eye Go in Water

golden tiger's eye ring

A Golden Tiger’s Eye is just an alternative name for regular brown Tiger’s Eye. Because this precious gemstone is formed naturally in nature, this type of Tiger’s Eye can safely go in water.

Can Red Tiger’s Eye Go in Water

Even though Red Tiger’s Eye can form naturally through oxidation, it’s extremely rare. Most Red Tiger’s Eye available on the market is dyed and manufactured artificially. If your Red Tiger’s Eye is a dyed version, it’s not recommended to submerge it in water as it can make the color wane.

Can Rose Tiger’s Eye Go in Water

The Rose Tiger’s Eye is another dyed version of the regular Tiger’s Eye. Even though it holds the same properties as the regular Tiger’s Eye, it’s not recommended to soak it in water as it can wash off the dye from the stone and strip it of its exquisite pink flair.

Can Blue Tiger’s Eye Go in Water

blue tiger's eye bracelet

Unlike the most Red and Rose-colored Tiger’s Eye, the Blue Tiger eye is naturally conceived beneath the Earth’s surface. The astonishing chatoyant cerulean hues of this stone is a result of certain mineral inclusions that formed during the stone’s crystallization.

Because the Blue Tiger’s Eye was naturally produced by nature, you can cleanse it with water without worrying about its oceanic colors fading out.

Can Green Tiger’s Eye Go in Water

Like the Red Tiger’s Eye, the Green Tiger’s eye is an extremely rare stone. Unfortunately, most of the Green Tiger’s Eye being sold by the market is either fake or a dyed-out version of the brown Tiger’s Eye. Therefore, you must be extremely wary when purchasing one.

If you manage to find an authentic Green Tiger’s Eye, it’s perfectly okay to cleanse it with water. However, if you’re using a dyed version of the stone, soaking it in water is highly inadvisable.

Can Orange Tiger’s Eye Go in Water

orange tiger's eye

Even though Tiger’s Eye is generally formed with a brownish-yellow hue, it could look orange when viewed in certain light. A brighter orange version can also be created through heating and coloring. If you’re using a dyed version, it’s best to veer away from using water as a cleaning tool.


Can You Shower With a Tiger’s Eye Stone?

Even though the Tiger’s Eye is considered to be water-safe hydrothermal quartz, it contains certain chemicals that are highly toxic. If you want to incorporate it into your bathing ritual, you can place it on the outer edges of your bathtub or any dry area in your bathroom. However, it’s not advisable to use it while showering.

Can Tiger’s Eye Go in Rainwater?

Yes. Rainwater is an excellent way to cleanse and recharge your crystal. However, make sure you’re not using a dyed variant as it can fade the color of your Tiger’s Eye. Also, don’t forget to dry out your crystal thoroughly after drenching it in rainwater.

Final Thoughts

So can Tiger’s Eye go in water?

As a general rule of thumb, when you’re using a man-made, polished, and dyed variant of the Tiger’s eye, it’s not recommended to submerge it in water for long periods of time. Conversely, if you’re using a raw and naturally occurring Tiger’s Eye, then it’s perfectly safe to dip it in water.

Nevertheless, it’s important to keep in mind that Tiger’s Eye contains silica and asbestos. Long exposure to these chemicals could damage your lungs and cause cancer. Therefore, it’s highly advisable to exercise caution when using it.


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