Twin Flame Meditation A Complete Guide Towards Healing

Twin Flame Meditation: A Complete Guide Towards Healing

It’s believed that the twin flame journey is one of the most arduous (and often most painful) spiritual journeys one could go through. For this reason, it’s best for twin flames to practice twin flame meditation.

You can regard twin flame meditation as a tool that twin flames can use in every phase of their journey together to provide healing. Aside from meditation, twin flames can also use other spiritual healing methods, such as shadow work and karma processing.

Doing the twin flame meditation can prove to have many positive effects. It’s worth noting that most (if not all) metaphysical works or spiritual practices, such as meditation, require preparation. Doing so will allow you to receive its life-changing effects to the fullest.

Necessary Preparations before the Twin Flame Meditation

Below are some guidelines you can refer to when making the necessary preparations before your meditation. You don’t need to follow these step by step. It’s best to follow your instinct and do what you think works best for you, given your particular situation or circumstance.

1. Set Up a Sacred Space

sacred space

A sacred space is any place or area, at home or somewhere else (preferably in nature), where you can connect with your Inner or Higher Self. It’s a quiet and solemn space where you won’t be disturbed.

Meditating in a solemn environment can help you concentrate better and focus on the present. The following are some objects or elements you can incorporate into your sacred space:

  1. Meaningful items that invoke a positive emotion in you, such as memorable photos with your loved ones or artworks that inspire you
  2. Amulets or charms that make you feel safe and protected
  3. Candles which color best suits your intentions
  • Gold – masculine energy, spiritual growth and development
  • Silver – feminine energy, psychic attunement
  • White – truth and cleansing
  • Black – divine protection from negative energy
  • Purple or lavender – spiritual awareness, intuition
  • Red – vitality, passion, love
  • Pink – joy, positivity
  • Orange – strength, energy
  • Yellow – creativity, manifestation
  • Green – abundance, success
  • Blue – healing, communication
    • Incense, such as sandalwood, frankincense, lavender, cedar, or eucalyptus
    • Rocks, crystals, or stones
  • Clear quartz – balance and healing
  • Rose quartz – unconditional love
  • Amethyst – spiritual growth and development
  • Citrine – the destruction of negative energy
  • Obsidian – protection
  • Moonstone – new beginnings

2. Set Clear Intentions

meditation silhouette

After creating a sacred space and setting a solemn mood, the next step is to set clear intentions. According to people who practice meditation, intention-setting is one of the most significant and yet most underrated pre-meditation preparations.

Once you’ve set specific and meaningful intentions, more than half the battle is already won. After all, going on a journey without a destination is meaningless.

At this point, it’s significant to note that each twin flame journey is unique. You can’t compare your experiences with other people’s twin flame journeys.

This information is crucial because the intentions you set can’t be random. These depend on what you need at the moment. In addition to that, you must also be mindful of the current energies at play.

Some twins, for example, undergo each twin flame stage, including the excruciating phase of twin flame separation before reuniting. There are many possible reasons for this occurrence.

One cause could be due to karmic attachments. If this is the case for you and your twin flame, your meditation must therefore focus on karma processing.

Not all twins who undergo the twin flame separation phase reunite. Some don’t get back together at all for various reasons. In this case, the meditation must revolve around emotional, mental, and spiritual healing.

If you wish for healing, you must recognize what kind of healing you need. Doing this step is like anchoring yourself to focus on the goal ahead and not let your mind wander (which is common when doing spiritual work). In summary, it’s best to reflect on yourself before setting your intentions.

3. Be Open

open woman

To be open means freeing some space within you to accept new energies. It also means allowing yourself to bask in the concept of boundlessness. Doing this will ensure a fruitful twin flame meditation.

4. Center and Ground Yourself

Grounding and centering are essential before performing any metaphysical work. If you meditate without doing these two beforehand, the chances of having a successful twin flame meditation are low.

Grounding allows you to connect your energies to the earth. On the other hand, centering prepares you for twin flame meditation by balancing your mind, body, and soul.

5. Do a Breathing Exercise

calm woman outdoors

  • Wear comfortable, loose clothing.
  • Release all the tension in your body by stretching your arms and legs.
  • Once you feel more relaxed, slowly close your eyes.
  • Take a deep breath. Do it a few more times, and listen carefully to the sound of your breathing while doing so.
  • Feel the size of your chest expand as you inhale.
  • As you exhale, feel the volume of your lungs decrease.
  • Now, try to breathe through your mouth.
  • Take note of any difference between breathing through your nose and your mouth. Do what makes you feel more at ease.
  • If your mind starts to wander, bring your focus once again to the sound of your breathing.

Step-by-Step Guide on Twin Flame Healing through Meditation

meditating on deck

Before proceeding, it’s crucial to understand the kind of meditation required for twin flame healing. To fully comprehend the process, you must grasp the concept of twin flame energy first.

Twin flames are part of the same soul in different bodies. Even before they reunite in the physical realm, their energies coincide in the same wavelength.

During this whole process, all the seven chakra points of the twin flames will also align. Out of these chakra points, the twins are most connected through the heart chakra or Anahata.

You and your twin flame would share most of your affections, thoughts, emotions, and energies through this connection point. The heart chakra is responsible for developing your ability to transform your life. It’s also the chakra that helps you to empathize and connect with other people.

Because of the deep connection between twin flames, the heart chakra is the most affected when an energy imbalance occurs. The imbalance can be due to several different things, such as spiritual immaturity, lack of self-love, or wrong timing.

Healing the heart chakra through guided meditation is the best way to initiate twin flame healing. Before following the guided meditation below, make sure to do the necessary pre-meditation exercises mentioned above.

Settle in the sacred space you created and find a comfortable sitting position. You can sit on a cushion or the ground cross-legged.

To heal your heart chakra, you’ll meditate using Gyan Mudra. Gyan Mudra, also called Chin Mudra, is a symbolic hand gesture practiced in Buddhism and Hinduism.

Straighten your back and relax. Slowly release any tension you have in your body. Start from your facial muscles to your shoulders and down to your lower body.

Once the tension is released, put your hands on your knees, palms facing upwards. Connect the tips of your index fingers and thumbs. While doing this, your remaining fingers must be straight, stretched, and in a parallel position.

The next step is to close your eyes slowly and breathe deeply. Put your attention on the center of your chest and imagine a green light emitting from it.

Visualize this green light spinning clockwise. This color represents the heart chakra. As you inhale, imagine the green light expanding to your whole chest.

Revel in the pure healing energy of your heart chakra. As you breathe out, visualize the light spreading to your whole body.

You can chant affirmations after basking in the warmth of your heart chakra. Below are some chants you can use.

  • I have a tender heart.
  • I’m open to receiving unconditional love from myself and my twin flame.
  • I surrender all the pain and suffering I feel to the Universe.
  • I have a healthy relationship with my twin flame.
  • I’m at peace with myself.
  • I forgive myself and my twin flame.
  • I’m grateful and blessed to have a deep bond with my twin flame.

You can end the meditation by sitting in silence for at least three minutes. Feel the renewed energy from the heart chakra flowing within you, and then open your eyes slowly.

Other Ways to Initiate Twin Flame Healing

Shadow Work for Twin Flames

woman writing

Shadow work refers to the exploration of the shadow self. The shadow self is a term coined to represent the darkness lurking within an individual.

Each of us has a shadow self. After all, just as the famous saying goes, there’s no light without darkness. It’s part of our unconscious mind, a significant part of us and humanity as a whole.

Hence, it’s our responsibility to open our eyes and know the truth about ourselves. We can only reach enlightenment once we’ve accepted our most authentic selves, including all the good and the bad.

Doing shadow work for yourself is already challenging enough. Practicing shadow work for twin flames, however, is even more complex and taxing.

The reason behind this is mostly the amplification of energies. As stated previously, your twin flame is like a mirror. They’re the half of your soul.

Once you look at the mirror (in this case, your twin), it’s not only yourself that you see. You can also notice the shadow self of your twin. Experiencing this at the same time can be beyond overwhelming for most people.

The first step in shadow work is looking for patterns and determining what holds you back in fulfilling your divine purpose with your twin flame. There are many different ways to do this.

One method is through journaling. Journaling can help you organize your thoughts without the fear of anyone judging you.

Another way to do shadow work is through tarot reading. The tarot cards can reveal numerous things about your shadow self.

After determining the cause of the problem, the next step is to deal with it. Doing this can be beyond difficult, but it’s significant to remember that the Universe is helping you behind your back.

You can repeat these steps until you and your twin flame experience healing. Shadow work is an ongoing process. Hence, you might find yourself confronting your shadow self more than once.

Karma Processing for Twin Flames

twin flame illustration

Aside from meditation and shadow work, you can do karmic processing to initiate twin flame healing. As stated earlier, this method is best for people who undergo the twin flame separation stage.

Each of us has free will to determine which path to take with our twin flame. We can choose to accompany them in their journey, run from them, or separate from them for good.

Contrary to popular belief, soul connections such as the twin flame connection don’t rely on fate. After all, nothing is predetermined since there are far too many factors at play.

Low vibrational energies, for example, can cause twin flame separation. If you don’t work on achieving spiritual growth, your low vibration will affect your twin.

Instances like this can create an energetic imbalance between the two of you. Karmic attachments operate the same way.

Karmic attachments are low vibrational energies that stick to you from one lifetime to the next unless you resolve them. If you don’t settle them, it could affect your bond with your twin negatively.

Similar to shadow work, there are several ways to do karma processing. First, you must acknowledge the karmic attachment and accept that you must take action.

Confronting the situation can be intimidating, but hiding from it will only make matters worse. The best course of action is to embrace the pain (or any other negative emotions you harbor) and then let it go.

Once you succeed in doing this, the next step is to remind yourself that the experiences that caused you pain are lessons you must learn to achieve spiritual enlightenment. You’ll gradually feel light once the baggage you carry is lifted.

Violet Flame Healing for Twin Flames

violet flame

The color violet represents healing, transmutation, and the divine. In Reiki, violet healing energy is used to cleanse low vibrational energies and grant spiritual protection.

Twin flames need to keep their energies at the highest vibrational frequency. Hence, doing the violet flame meditation is effective for twin flames who seek healing.

This type of meditation revolves around visualization. After finding a comfortable position in a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed, imagine a violet flame surrounding you and your twin flame.

Visualize this flame burning everything that negatively affects your connection with your twin flame. It’s significant to note that this method is most effective when done with your twin.

Final Thoughts

Professional psychic advisors on this website who specialize in twin flame connections can guide you throughout your spiritual journey. They can help you learn more about twin flame healing and determine which method works best for you.

It’s significant to note that to embark on a divine quest such as the twin flame journey entails determination and great resolve. The path towards spiritual growth and enlightenment can sometimes leave us confused, frustrated, or overwhelmed. Hence, the best thing to do is seek help from experts who understand your circumstance.


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