When Will “It” Happen: Tarot Time Reading Explained

Human beings tend to fear the unknown. That’s why once they know something will happen (or even if they’re not even sure if it will happen), their desire to know when exactly it’s going to occur increases. The tarot has a way to answer that.

One can predict when an event will occur by using the divinatory meanings, suits, and elements of the tarot cards. Although these can help you estimate when something would happen, it’s best to ask what you should do to make it happen instead of asking when.

In a tarot reading, asking what is needed to do for something to take place gives you more clarity and insight than asking for a specific timeline. This process is called manifestation. Nevertheless, one can also find answers about timelines through the methods indicated below.

Time Tarot Reading

time piece tarot

For tarot readers, answering the questions that are related to timing is a challenge. This is because nothing is set in stone, and the future is constantly changing due to the actions and events that are taking place at present.

In addition to that, individuals have free will. Their choices greatly affect the events of the future and predicting the time when certain events will occur is difficult, if not impossible.

When tarot readers answer time-based questions, they don’t give an exact time and date. Even if they do, it’s rare; and it’s mostly backed up by other forms of divination such as astrology and numerology.

Making specific time-sensitive predictions are usually only achieved by tarot readers with a remarkably strong psychic sense. However, as most people say, everything is possible. You can try asking a time-based question in your next tarot reading by using the spreads below.

The “When Will I…?” Tarot Spread

when will it happen tarot spread

Guide Questions

Card 1 – What’s the current energy surrounding [my desired outcome]?

Card 1 will help you assess the current situation. This card presents the challenges that need to be addressed first before manifesting the desired outcome. It will also tell you if there are blockages that prevent the energy to flow freely.

Card 2 – What might I experience when I [achieve my desired outcome]?

Card 2 enables you to discern whether your desired outcome is truly what you want. This card will help you delve deeper into the outcome that you truly desire to achieve.

Card 3 – What needs to happen before I [achieve my desired outcome]?

For card 3, you might want to draw two or three cards to create a ‘story.’ These cards will help you discover life lessons (Major Arcana cards), daily events (Minor Arcana cards), or aspects of yourself (Court Cards) that you need to know and understand before you can achieve your desired outcome.

Card 4 – What are the signs I should look out for when I’m about to [achieve my desired outcome]?

Card 5 – What are the signs I should look out for when it’s not yet the right time to [achieve my desired outcome]?

Card 6 – What do I need to know about the general timing of [my desired outcome]?

Card 7 – What might I experience in the next 1/3/6/12 months?

For card 7, you need to draw up to four cards to draw a timeline.

The Timeline Tarot Reading Spread

timeline tarot reading spread


  • Card 1 – History
  • Card 2 – Recent Events
  • Card 3 – The Present
  • Card 4 – Near Future
  • Card 5 – Far Future

7 Methods for Estimating Timing Using Tarot

The tarot allows us to seek answers and discover truths. Although the tarot is a powerful divination tool, it’s not the best in providing specific time-frames of when something will occur or materialize.

Nevertheless, there are tarot timing techniques that can help you predict when an event will occur. One can use the divinatory meanings of the tarot cards, the suits and elements of the cards, or use astrology with tarot.

1. Looking at the Divinatory Meaning of the Tarot Cards

tarot cards meaning

The divinatory meaning of the cards not only gives you an insight into when an event will occur but also how it will occur. For example, your question is about when you will get a new job after getting fired.

If you draw the Five of Cups, it means the opportunity will only arise when you first let go of the disappointment and regret. Release them first so you can move on and create a positive change in your career.

When looking at the divinatory meaning of the cards, it’s also important to take note of reversed tarot cards. When the cards appear in reverse, they usually mean that an event is unlikely to occur any time soon.

2. Looking at the Suits and Elements of the Tarot Cards

suit elements tarot

Each of the suits has respective elements that correspond to periods and seasons. The suit of Wands corresponds to days or spring, while the suit of Swords is associated with weeks or autumn.

The suit of Cups represents months or summer, and the suit of Pentacles corresponds to years or winter. For instance, the Seven of Cups specifically conjures images of choices, illusions, and dreams, indicating a time of uncertainty and introspection.

If you want to get a more time-specific answer in a tarot reading, looking at the suits and elements can be of help.

3. Looking at the Imagery of the Cards

tarot cards imagery

Some cards portray the seasons in their imagery. In a standard Rider Waite Smith deck, the Hermit depicts an old man walking in snow at night. This card might mean winter.

4. Combining tarot with other forms of divination (e.g., astrology or numerology)

5. Looking at the number on the card

6. Looking at the aces in each suit (Ace of Cups for the first quarter, Ace of Wands for the second, Ace of Swords for the third, Ace of Pentacles for the fourth)

7. Some tarot cards as specific days:

MondayThe High Priestess (Moon)

Tuesday – The Tower (Mars)

Wednesday – The Magician (Mercury)

Thursday – Wheel of Fortune (Jupiter)

FridayThe Empress (Venus)

Saturday – The World (Saturn)

SundayThe Sun (Sun)

What the Tarot Cards Really Tell You

pairs of tarot cards

As previously mentioned, the future is constantly changing due to the actions and events that are taking place at present made possible by people’s free will. It’s extremely difficult to answer questions that need time-specific answers.

The tarot can’t exactly tell you what will happen, how it will occur, and when it will exactly take place. It will, however, show you what you should do now to manifest whatever you want to achieve in the future.

You are the driver of your destiny. It’s best to make a list of questions that puts you in power when consulting the cards. Decide what you want to achieve, understand your circumstances, predict the future based on the present, and manifest your goals and dreams.


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