4 Card Tarot Spread Top 8 Spreads for Beginners & Advanced

4 Card Tarot Spread: Top 8 Spreads for Beginners & Advanced

A tarot spread refers to a predetermined pattern or template tarot readers use when laying out the cards. It tells you the number of tarot cards you need to draw. Moreover, each card position or placement in the spread adds significant meaning to the reading.

A four-card tarot spread is suitable for beginners. They can start with a Daily Draw spread, Decision-Making spread, Desire spread, Evolution spread, Strength spread, and Window spread. Tarot readers with advanced knowledge might be interested in the Four Elements spread or Four Winds spread.

There are numerous tarot spreads with varying sizes and patterns, each with a specific purpose. The trick is to choose the spread that best fits your situation or circumstance.

Four-Card Tarot Spreads for Beginners

1. The Daily Draw Spread

daily draw spread

Many people make daily tarot reading a habit because of its numerous benefits. Some prefer doing a one-card tarot draw, while others take it one step higher by drawing more cards.

Using a four-card daily draw spread is one way to set your intentions before starting the day. Intention-setting allows you to focus your energy on the things you want to achieve for the day.

In addition to that, a four-card daily draw can also be a way for you to center and ground yourself. It’s easy to get lost and overwhelmed in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Hence, using this spread can help you cherish the present and reconnect with your Inner Self.

Guide Questions

  • Position 1 – Where should I focus my energy today?
  • Position 2 – What should I do to accomplish today’s tasks?
  • Position 3 – What challenges will I face today?
  • Position 4 – How can I overcome these challenges?

2. The Decision-Making Spread

decision making spread

People seek the help of professional tarot readers when they need some insightful advice before they make a big decision in their lives. With sufficient knowledge and practice, you can also do a tarot reading on your own. The Decision-Making spread can provide you with straight-to-the-point answers to your questions.

Guide Questions

  • Position 1 – Describe my current situation, including the energies surrounding it.
  • Position 2 – What are the positive effects of this situation?
  • Position 3 – What are the things I should consider regarding this matter according to my spirit guides?
  • Position 4 – What are the adverse effects of this situation?

3. The Desire Spread

desire spread

It’s easy to confuse what you need as opposed to what you merely want. Sometimes you might not even know that you already possess what you wish for, which causes discrepancies when manifesting your desires. This 4 card tarot spread can help you gain the clarity you need.

Guide Questions

  • Position 1 – What do I currently possess?
  • Position 2 – What are my desires?
  • Position 3 – What do I truly need?
  • Position 4 – What would I receive?

4. The Evolution Spread

evolution spread

One of the many benefits of tarot reading is providing insight into your circumstances so you’d be able to act accordingly. The Evolution spread will help you assess your situation, explore possibilities, and predict outcomes.

Guide Questions

  • Position 1 – What’s my current situation?
  • Position 2 – How would my current situation evolve in the next few days? (You can change the period depending on your circumstance.)
  • Position 3 – What internal or external factors can affect my current situation?
  • Position 4 – What will be the outcome?

5. The Strength Spread

strength spread

It’s inevitable to have moments in life where you question your capabilities. This 4 card tarot spread can help you recognize your strengths, appreciate your gifts, and encourage you to be open to possibilities.

Guide Questions

  • Position 1 – How do I see or perceive myself at the moment?
  • Position 2 – What are my skills, talents, and abilities?
  • Position 3 – What hinders me from recognizing and utilizing my gifts?
  • Position 4 – How can I use my strengths to my advantage?

6. The Window Spread

window spread

The Window spread allows you to assess your current physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual state. You can use this spread if you need to know your condition before doing other spiritual work like chakra meditation.

Guide Questions

  • Position 1 – Describe my current physical state.
  • Position 2 – What’s my current mental state?
  • Position 3 – How am I dealing with my emotions right now?
  • Position 4 – What are my spirit guides telling me about my spiritual state at the moment?

Four-Card Tarot Spreads for Advanced Tarot Readers

7. The Four Elements Spread

four elements spread

The Four Elements spread seems to be an easy spread to read at first glance. However, surprisingly, it requires advanced knowledge about the symbolism of the four natural elements (as defined in the Tarot system).

This spread is a general spread that can be used for any situation. The key is to pay attention to the correlation of the element to the drawn card. Hence, it’s significant to note that you must have the required knowledge and experience when using this spread.


  • Position 1 (Earth) – the tangible, physical health, material aspects (material possessions, financial issues, money, career)
  • Position 2 (Water) – feelings, emotions, social relationships, intuition, creativity, healing
  • Position 3 (Air) – knowledge, intellectual prowess, mental health, change, consciousness
  • Position 4 (Fire) – energy, ambition, passion, drive, strength

8. The Four Winds Spread

four winds spread

Another four-card spread suitable for advanced tarot readers is the Four Winds spread. This spread is inspired by Rob MacGregor’s interpretation of the Inca Medicine Wheel. You must know the unique meaning of each position in the spread to ensure a successful tarot reading.

Guide Questions

  • Position 1 (South) – What do I need to let go or leave behind?
  • Position 2 (West) – What must I stop hiding from and instead face with courage?
  • Position 3 (North) – What must I know?
  • Position 4 (East) – What can I achieve?

Final Thoughts

Although it’s both satisfying and gratifying to read the tarot on your own, you might also want to ask for a tarot reading from an expert. It’s worth considering doing the latter when you’re doubtful about choosing the fitting spread for you.

Professional psychics who specialize in tarot readings can help you get rid of your hesitation and doubts. They can also provide you with more information about the design principles behind the tarot spreads mentioned above.


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