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15 Most Effective Ways to Ground Yourself Spiritually

Spiritual grounding is the practice of balancing one’s energy by getting in tune with the Earth. Being ungrounded can cause severe problems, both physically and spiritually, and therefore, one needs to know how to ground themselves spiritually.

To ground oneself spiritually, one can practice grounding meditation, especially if they plan to do energy work. One can also practice physical grounding, which involves activities such as immersing in nature, sustaining the body, and drawing a salt bath. Another method is to ground oneself with the use of crystals or stones.

There’s a multitude of reasons why an individual becomes ungrounded. As mentioned, failing to ground yourself spiritually can cause detrimental harm, and thus, it’s crucial to know how to tell if you need to do grounding exercises by looking out for signs or symptoms.

How to Ground Yourself Spiritually

1. Do Spiritual Grounding Meditation

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Everyone will benefit from spiritual grounding, but it’s especially beneficial (and much needed) by people who do energy work such as psychics, mediums, or those who undergo spiritual awakening. Grounding meditation helps an individual to balance their energy with the Earth’s energy.

The Universe revolves around energies, both positive and negative. Negative energy limits a person from reaching their true potential, and it’s the source of negative emotions (that can also cause disease or illness).

One meditation exercise you can incorporate into your daily routine to get rid of negative energy is chakra meditation. Below are the steps you can follow to balance and align your chakra energies.

  • Go somewhere quiet where you won’t be disturbed.
  • Sit comfortably, but make sure that your spine is straight. Pay attention to every part of your body from your feet to your head.
  • Take three deep breaths and then close your eyes. Listen to your breath, and feel your lungs expand.
  • Visualize the air coming into your lungs, nourishing your muscles and cells.
  • Imagine energy with a yellow-orange color fusing with your aura, and envision it growing stronger.
  • Next is to energize your chakra system, starting from your root chakra, which is located in your lower back.
  • Picture a mass of energy billowing in your root chakra in a clockwise motion, and feel the energy you breathe, making this mass of energy stronger.
  • Repeat the above step with your sacral chakra, solar plexus chakra, heart chakra, throat chakra, head chakra, and the crown chakra (in that order).
  • Feel all your chakras absorbing the energy you breathe from the Earth.
  • Finally, slowly open your eyes and observe how your body feels.

2. Practice Physical Grounding

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A person’s physical body significantly affects their spiritual state. One can spiritually ground themselves by conditioning their body and reconnecting with Mother Earth. You can practice physical grounding by doing one or all of the following.

  • Stay away from distractions and immerse yourself in nature. You can take a picnic under the trees in your local park, take a walk along the beach, or sit and reflect at the top of a mountain.
  • Eat healthy food and drink water. Nourishing your body by consuming food and water will make your connection to the Earth stronger.
  • Stomp your feet or walk barefoot. Physically connecting your feet to the ground is an effective way of connecting to the Earth’s energies.
  • Balance your energy by exercising. You can run for miles, go to the gym, lift weights, or merely do some stretching at home. Choose an activity you’re comfortable with (e.g., yoga, swimming, etc.) that brings out positive energy.
  • Draw a salt bath. You can use Himalayan salt or Epsom salt, as they have natural healing properties. While bathing, visualize yourself getting rid of negative energy.

3. Random Acts of Kindness

One of the main causes of misalignment is one’s obsession with identity and self-image. Oftentimes, this steers you away from your true path and causes you to feel a lot of internal turbulence.

If you want to regain flow in your life, you need to get out of your self-absorption bubble and start thinking more about how you can make a difference to those around you. Simple acts of kindness such as buying a homeless person a meal or donating to a charity can also help you ground yourself spiritually.

4. Start a Daily Journal

Journaling is also a great tool to ground yourself and cleanse your interior space. Doing this with radical honesty will also help you gain clarity about your recurrent thought patterns, habits, and emotional blockages.

5. Connect to the Earth with the Use of Crystals or Stones

Grounding crystals and stones can neutralize negative energy and encourage the flow of positive energy from the Earth to one’s chakra system. You can include them in your grounding rituals, wear them, or place them somewhere near you. Below are some of the best crystals and stones you can use for grounding.


hematite stone

Hematite, also referred to as “stone for the mind,” comes in colors of black, silver, or brown to reddish-brown. It’s a grounding stone that helps one to feel more at present, more mindful. Hematite also protects one from psychic vampires (individuals who emotionally drain others).

Red Jasper

red jasper

Red Jasper (or the “stone of endurance”) is mostly used for protection and grounding. This stone is associated with the root chakra, and it helps in attaining emotional balance. Red Jasper can also give one renewed strength to overcome challenges and difficulties.

Smoky Quartz

crystals smoky quartz

Smokey Quartz (also known as the “stone of cooperation”) is a stone associated with the root and crown chakra. This stone is famous for its grounding and detoxifying properties. It also helps dispel negative energies brought by intense negative emotions such as fear and anger.

Black Obsidian

obsidian black

Black Obsidian is strongly connected to the Earth, and it’s a stone commonly used by people who do energy work. It’s a grounding and calming stone often used when one feels overwhelmed because it helps control emotions and provides mental clarity.

Black Tourmaline

black tourmaline

Black Tourmaline is more known as a protection stone, but it can also ground and stabilize as it’s connected to the lower chakras. Aside from the grounding energy it provides, Black Tourmaline also removes mental blockages and fends off radiation energy.


natural bloodstone

Bloodstone (also referred to as the “stone of courage and bravery”) is a grounding stone that helps one to live in the present moment. This stone is perfect for those who want to remove their emotional blockages and stimulate their root chakra.


selenite stone

Selenite, with its translucent white color, is regarded as one of the most sacred crystals. This crystal’s divine feminine energy helps banish negative thoughts, emotions, and memories. It can also serve as protection from unwarranted psychic attacks.

Indigo Gabbro

Indigo Gabbro can provide insight and help one connect with their higher consciousness (hence its nickname the “wise soul”). However, it’s also an excellent grounding stone that’s mostly used for meditation. It provides grounding and stabilizing energies needed for energy work.


Carnelian is known for its revitalizing properties. However, it also provides grounding energy that prevents one from taking self-destructive actions caused by negative energies. This stone brings peace, love, and positivity.

Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s Eye has a color that ranges from gold to red-brown. This stone is linked to the solar plexus chakra, which helps one to gain mental clarity and dispel negative energy. The properties of the Tiger’s Eye aid in grounding and centering, especially when one is in a state of chaos.

Other Ways to Ground Yourself Spiritually

6. Create your own tea ritual

Carve out some time in your day to simply slow down and sip your favorite herbal tea or any non-caffeinated drink. Teas made from chai, chamomile, hibiscus, ginger, and dandelion root are among the most effective teas for grounding.

7. Savor your food

Start by smelling your food and appreciating its aroma. Think about the journey your meal traveled before it arrived at your table. Consider pausing for a moment to say grace to all the animals, plants, and people who brought this food to you. Slowly chew and savor every bite. Using your non-dominant hand while eating can help you be more mindful and even strengthen neural connections in your brain.

8. Practice conscious breathing

The most simple way to do this is by breathing deeply and bringing your awareness to your breath as it moves in and out of your body.

9. Hug

Hugging is also a powerful way to ground yourself while connecting with the people around you. It also reduces stress, eases anxiety, and boosts oxytocin levels. If you’re feeling disconnected and out of alignment, try seeking out mutual limb enclosure with a friend or your partner. You could also cuddle with your pet or a stuffed toy.

10. Eat raw chocolate

Eat raw, organic dark chocolate. Nibbling into some chocolate can also be a great way to ground yourself spiritually and emotionally. It’s also proven effective in improving digestion, enhancing mental well-being, and neutralizing free radicals in your body.

11. Listen to your favorite song

Music is a wonderful tool for influencing your mood. Singing your heart out can also revitalize your soul and raise your overall vibration.

12. Do a silly dance

While blasting your favorite song, you can also move with the rhythms of the song and allow your body to flail around in weird and frenzied ways.

13. Immerse yourself in creative work

Do something simply for the sake of doing it. Whether it’s painting, writing poetry, or making a song, don’t concern yourself about the outcome. Tune out the inner critic and simply enjoy the process of creation.

14. Get a massage

Massage therapy allows you to release stagnant energy, reduce inflammation, mitigate stress, and stabilize your entire spiritual energy system.

15. Decluttering your space

Another excellent grounding technique is decluttering your space. Your environment plays a major role in influencing your state of mind. A cluttered environment increases cognitive overload, ramp up your anxiety levels, and prevents you from focusing on a task at hand. Clearing out your space can help you regain control and peace of mind.

Some Signs of Not Being Spiritually Grounded

The people who often become ungrounded are those who do energy work (e.g., psychics, those who experience a psychic or spiritual awakening, etc.). However, anyone can experience it, and the signs differ from person to person because each of us reacts to the energies surrounding us differently. Below are some symptoms of not being grounded.

  • You often feel fatigued.
  • You experience lightheadedness.
  • You feel disconnected from everyone and everything around you.
  • You feel like you’re floating as if you’re not living in the present.
  • You’re often in a daze, and people or situations overwhelm you.
  • You have difficulty focusing or concentrating.
  • You’re physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually drained, which makes you feel vulnerable and less secure.

Why Spiritual Grounding is Important

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Spiritual grounding has numerous benefits, which explains why many people practice it. First and foremost, it’s significant to note that it doesn’t only bring spiritual benefits. Spiritual grounding also helps one’s physical, emotional, and mental condition.

As previously mentioned, spiritual grounding is beneficial for everyone, but it’s necessary for intuitives, empaths, and everyone who uses or works on their psychic abilities. Negative energy surrounds us, and people who are highly sensitive to psychic energy are more susceptible to it.

To protect ourselves from negative energies, we must anchor ourselves to the Earth’s energy because it provides physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual balance. For people with activated psychic senses, grounding helps them control their abilities.

An influx of psychic information can leave one immensely overwhelmed, and this can leave them confused, anxious, or terrified. Psychic boundaries must be set in place, and spiritual grounding helps with that.

People tend to lose themselves because of a certain situation or because of overthinking, and this makes them feel disconnected from the present. The Earth’s energy brings our attention to the here and now. Aside from helping one gain mental clarity, spiritual grounding also releases anxiety, promotes empathy, and helps people deal with emotional sensitivity.

On Grounding and Psychic Protection

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Spiritual grounding involves tying oneself to the Earth’s energies to attain balance. Going hand in hand with spiritual grounding is psychic protection, also referred to as psychic shielding.

A psychic shield protects us from negative energy and psychic attacks. It also prevents us from involuntarily absorbing the energies from the people around us or our surroundings.

To perform psychic protection, imagine a psychic shield enveloping you. The psychic shield can be anything that makes you feel safe and secure – an enormous umbrella, a giant transparent bubble, etc.

You must ensure that this psychic shield you envision is both unbreakable and impenetrable. The key to creating a powerful psychic shield is the belief you put into it that it will protect you from all the negative energies around you.


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