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10 Advice Tarot Spreads (Explained A-Z With Examples)

The tarot can be an excellent tool for guidance. When people need validation, support, and engagement, they can ask the tarot cards for advice. There are various advice tarot spreads available that can help one attain clarity and gain a new perspective in life.

Because tarot cards are comprised of patterns and symbols that have specific meanings, they can provide insight into a person’s unconscious as well as the human condition as a whole. Some advice tarot spreads that give general advice include the I Need Advice spread, the Ballerina spread, and the Circus spread.

Each tarot spread presented below varies in the number of cards used. Some spreads offer concise, straightforward answers, while others provide in-depth guidance. One must choose the spread the best fits their current situation or circumstance.

General Advice Tarot Spreads

Advice from One-Card Tarot Readings

chart advice tarot

One-card tarot spread is perfect for those who need straightforward answers to their questions. Because only one card is needed for this type of reading, it’s one of the most used patterns for daily readings. Each card gives concise advice, and whichever card is pulled can be perceived as the theme of the seeker’s day.

1. I Need Advice Spread

need advice spread

This five-card advice tarot spread is used when one seeks for general advice. The linear positioning from left to right reflects the flow of energy when taking action and moving forward.

Guide Questions

  • Position 1 – Describe my current state of mind.
  • Position 2 – Am I on the right path?
  • Position 3 – What is the preeminent problem?
  • Position 4 – What can help me solve this problem?
  • Position 5 – How can I make progress?

2. The Ballerina Spread

ballerina spread

Ballet is a complex art form that has many elements. The ballerina spread examines the current qualities people possess and the various factors that affect their lives.

Guide Questions

  • Position 1 – How do I let my conscious and unconscious meet to achieve balance?
  • Position 2 – What’s the best way for me to take care of my physical body?
  • Position 3 – What aspect of my life needs my utmost dedication?
  • Position 4 – What aspect of my life needs my entire focus?
  • Position 5 – What habits or practices should I cultivate?
  • Position 6 – How do I develop grace and beauty in my life?
  • Position 7 – What needs my attention at the moment?
  • Position 8 – What should I create?

3. Break Out of a Rut Spread

break out rut spread

There are times when people feel like they’re stuck. Days might feel like a blur, and there might seem to be no progress at all. The break out of rut spread can give clarity as to why one feels this way.

Guide Questions

  • Position 1 – What am I avoiding or running away from?
  • Position 2 – What am I gaining (or losing) during this period of inactivity?
  • Position 3 – How do I avoid blaming others for being in a rut?
  • Position 4 – What are the factors that affect me when making decisions?
  • Position 5 – What personal beliefs no longer benefit me?
  • Position 6 – What can I do to get me out of a rut?
  • Position 7 – What opportunities should I be open to?
  • Position 8 – How do I move forward from here?

4. The Circus Spread

circus spread

A circus is a group of many talented performers who put on a show to entertain people of various ages. Each of the performers (from the ringmaster to the acrobats, clowns, jugglers, knife throwers, etc.) has a significant role to play to make the performance spectacular. The circus spread provides general advice about a person’s life using classic circus elements.

Guide Questions

  • Position 1 – The Ringmaster: What are my current responsibilities?
  • Position 2 – The Clown: What issues should I take more seriously than I do now?
  • Position 3 – The Acrobat: How can I become more flexible in life?
  • Position 4 – The Tightrope Walker: What should I do to achieve more balance in life?
  • Position 5 – The Daredevil: What risks should I take?
  • Position 6 – The Juggler: How can I juggle everything in life without dropping the ball?
  • Position 7 – The Knife Thrower: What should be my main focus or goal?
  • Position 8 – The Freak Show: What things, circumstances, or events am I afraid of but still fascinates me?
  • Position 9 – The Human Cannonball: What direction should I take in life?

5. Conflict Resolution Spread

resolution spread

People seek advice when facing unresolved conflicts and when suffering through misunderstandings. The conflict resolution spread is best for those who want to free themselves from the negative physical, emotional, and mental effects of arguments and miscommunication.

Guide Questions

  • Position 1 – What should I do to control my pride and initiate reconciliation?
  • Position 2 – What should I do to understand that I can only control my actions and not other people’s?
  • Position 3 – What can I expect from them?
  • Position 4 – How can I communicate with them better?
  • Position 5 – How do I become a better listener?
  • Position 6 – What should I do to resolve the conflict?
  • Position 7 – How can I better understand the point of view of the person I’m in conflict with?
  • Position 8 – What’s the key to forgiveness?
  • Position 9 – What should I do from here on out?
  • Position 10 – What will be the outcome?

6. Find True North Spread

find true north spread

Life is a continuous journey. To navigate through life, one must first find their true self. The find true north spread enables one to determine where they’re going in life, where they currently are at the moment, and if they’re on the right path.

Guide Questions

  • Position 1 – Where am I at the moment?
  • Position 2 – Which path should I take?
  • Position 3 – What changes should I do to adapt?
  • Position 4 – Give me signs that point to the right path.
  • Position 5 – What kind of people will I meet along the way?
  • Position 6 – What distracts me from getting on the right path?
  • Position 7 – What challenges am I facing?
  • Position 8 – What aspects of my life need attention?

Love Advice Tarot Spreads

1. Four Chambers of the Heart Spread

four chambers heart spread

The human heart has four chambers. Two of them (the atria) are the receiving chambers, while the rest (the ventricles) are the discharging chambers. This five-card advice tarot spread can be used to gain insight into the receiving and accepting, as well as the discharging and offering aspect in love and relationships.

Guide Questions

  • Position 1 – What’s blocking me from receiving love?
  • Position 2 – How do I get better at receiving love?
  • Position 3 – What stops me from giving love?
  • Position 4 – How do I get better at offering more love?
  • Position 5 – What is the Universe telling me?

2. Right Relationship for Me Spread

right relationship spread

There comes a time when one finds the need to reevaluate their relationships. The right relationship for me spread is best for answering questions about power, control, and emotional dependency issues in a relationship.

Guide Questions

  • Position 1 – What issues in my relationship am I not aware of?
  • Position 2 – How can I open up better to my partner?
  • Position 3 – How can I resolve my issues without relying on my partner?
  • Position 4 – How can I be more independent?
  • Position 5 – What are the causes of miscommunication in our relationship?
  • Position 6 – How can we inspire each other to be a better person and partner?
  • Position 7 – How can we give more time to each other?
  • Position 8 – What should we do to maintain the foundation of respect in our relationship?
  • Position 9 – How can I make sure that my partner meets my needs in our relationship?

Work and Career Advice Tarot Spreads

1. Career Advancement Spread

career advancement spread

Almost everyone has the desire to move up the ladder, but only a few know how to. The career advancement spread can give insightful guidance on how to become professionally successful.

Guide Questions

  • Position 1 – What are my strengths?
  • Position 2 – What career path do I want to take?
  • Position 3 – How do I build connections?
  • Position 4 – What are my limits when it comes to workload?
  • Position 5 – What are the things that I should learn about to help me advance in my career?
  • Position 6 – How do I express myself better at work?
  • Position 7 – How can I offer my gratitude to the people that helped me at work (superiors, mentors, etc.)?
  • Position 8 – What are the challenges waiting for me ahead?
  • Position 9 – How do I overcome these challenges?
  • Position 10 – What does the Universe want me to know?

2. Job for Me Spread

Finding a job is no easy task, most especially when one is torn between passion and practicality. This eleven-card advice tarot spread provides people guidance when searching for their true calling, or when they feel hesitant to commit to their new job.

Guide Questions

  • Position 1 – What am I truly passionate about?
  • Position 2 – Why am I passionate about it?
  • Position 3 – What professions/jobs don’t I see myself enjoying?
  • Position 4 – Why don’t I see a future for me in these professions/jobs?
  • Position 5 – What are my strengths and capabilities?
  • Position 6 – What learnings did I acquire from my previous jobs?
  • Position 7 – What are the things that I should avoid?
  • Position 8 – How do I stop letting other people influence my career choices and decisions?
  • Position 9 – Who are the people that can help me in my search for my dream job?
  • Position 10 – What kind of work would ignite my passion?
  • Position 11 – What type of job fits me best?

Finding the Best Tarot Reader for You

Aside from choosing the right advice tarot spread for your current situation and circumstance, finding the best tarot reader for you is of importance as well. You can do a tarot reading on your own. However,  there are certain factors (such as your prejudice, biases, and negative energy) that can prevent you from getting a holistic reading.

When finding a good tarot reader, you should do research beforehand. It’s also crucial that you choose a reader that you can instantly connect with (e.g., someone who has similar energy with you).


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