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4 “Is He Cheating” Tarot Spreads To Get Your Answers

Unfaithfulness and infidelity gnaw the foundations of a relationship, and many people struggle because of such issues.  If you’re distraught over the thought of your partner cheating on you, you might want to ask for a tarot reading.

In a tarot reading concerning infidelity, some of the tarot cards to look out for are The Magician, The Tower, the Eight of Cups, and the Seven of Swords. It’s significant to also analyze the positioning of the tarot cards in the spread because it can give more insight into the overall situation.

The tarot can answer almost any question, especially when it comes to love and relationships. However, it’s better to ask open-ended questions instead of yes-or-no ones when it comes to readings about infidelity. If you want a more holistic reading, it’s best not to limit the cards from giving you more information.

4 “Is He Cheating” Tarot Spreads To Unmask Infidelity

1. Truth or Deception Spread

truth deception spread

Deception has always been used as a tool to manipulate and to conquer. This is no less true when it comes to relationships. The Truth or Deception spread can be used to navigate in a web of truth and lies.

Guide Questions

  • Position 1 – What are my spirit guides or other spiritual beings telling me about the truth in my relationship with my partner?
  • Position 2 – What are my partner’s secrets and lies?
  • Position 3 – What truth does my subconscious already know that my conscious can’t fully accept?

2. Honest Answer Spread

honest answer spread

To be truly honest to oneself is difficult, but it’s harder to obtain honesty from a person who chose to lie and hide things from you. This three-card spread can provide the seeker an honest answer that they deserve.

Guide Questions

  • Position 1 – What’s my partner hiding from me?
  • Position 2 – What are the things my partner should reveal?
  • Position 3 – Is my lover unfaithful?

3. Truthfulness Spread

truthfulness spread

The Truthfulness spread can be used to find answers about any aspect of a person’s life. If you desire to know what’s true and what’s not in your relationship, you might want to use this six-card spread.

Guide Questions

  • Position 1 – Is my partner lying to me?
  • Position 2 – What’s my subconscious telling me about the truth?
  • Position 3 – What are the causes of my doubts?
  • Position 4 – How important is truthfulness in our relationship?
  • Position 5 – How can I obtain the truth from my partner?
  • Position 6 – What should I do from here, onward?

4. The Past, Present, and Future Spread

past present future spread

The Past, Present, and Future spread is a classic spread that has been used by tarot readers for centuries. This spread is used when one needs insight into how the past affects (and will affect) the present and the future. If there were issues from the past that led you to doubt whether your partner is cheating or not, it’s best to use this spread.

Guide Questions

  • Position 1 – What events in the past led me to have doubts about my relationship with my partner?
  • Position 2 – What’s the current state of our relationship?
  • Position 3 – What’s the Universe telling me about my relationship with my partner in the future?

Tarot Card Meanings in Tarot Readings Concerning Infidelity

green cloth tarot

The Magician

In most tarot readings, the Magician means taking action, acting consciously, and experiencing power. In a tarot reading about infidelity, however, the Magician points to deception and trickery.

Moreover, seeing the Magician in reverse might mean that your partner lacks commitment. It’s a sign that they’re probably taking advantage of you and your relationship for their own gain.

The High Priestess

In general, the High Priestess encourages the seeker to use their intuition and seek guidance from within. If you see this card in a reading concerning infidelity, it’s a signal that you need to trust your inner voice. If you already have doubts about your partner, the High Priestess will affirm your suspicions that your lover is indeed unfaithful.


The Death card contains powerful energy that signifies endings and transitions. In an infidelity reading, Death means that you might want to consider ending your relationship with your current partner.

The Devil

The Devil card depicts a man and a woman chained near a half-man and half-goat creature. This card is mostly associated with hopelessness, bondage, materialism, and ignorance.

Thus, seeing the Devil in a tarot reading regarding cheating is a clear sign that you’re in an unhealthy or toxic relationship. Your partner might be hiding things from you, and you remain ignorant of the truth. The card can also mean that your partner engages in pleasure with someone else.

The Tower

The Tower represents sudden change, release, downfall, and revelation. In general, this card has negative implications. It’s a sign of sudden changes or reversals in specific situations.

In a tarot reading about infidelity, the Tower signifies that you will (or already are) having an emotional outburst due to a suddenly exposed secret. This card is a straightforward answer that your partner is cheating on you.

The Moon

Like the Tower, the Moon gives a direct answer that your partner is indeed cheating on you. This card represents your feelings of fear and apprehension.

In this case, seeing the Moon in a tarot reading is a sign that you need to gain courage, open your eyes, and unwrap yourself from your security blanket. Don’t deceive yourself only to maintain your illusions.


Seeing the Judgment card in a tarot reading concerning infidelity is a sign that you need to take a stand and make difficult choices. You might already be aware that your partner is cheating on you and already ended the relationship.

Now, this card is encouraging you to let go of the sorrows and learn to forgive. Doing this is the only way for you to heal and start afresh.

Three of Cups

In most readings, the Three of Cups is associated with finding companions or forming a group bond. This card shows three women dancing together while holding cups. In a tarot reading about infidelity, this card reminds you that three’s a crowd, and the complications in your current relationship are most likely due to a third party.

Eight of Cups

The Eight of Cups represents moving on and growing weary. If you’re asking if your partner is cheating on you in a tarot reading, you might want to look out for this card because the Eight of Cups will give you an overview of the situation that you’re currently in.

Your partner might be showing signs of restlessness, and you might find them always being distracted. Your doubt most likely blossomed when they started communicating less and less with you. The Eight of Cups hints that your partner might be walking away from you to avoid confrontation.

Seven of Swords

The Seven of Swords card shows a man who seems to be sneaking off after his successful thievery (represented by the swords he’s carrying). The Seven of Swords is associated with running away from obligations and responsibilities, as well as deceiving or being deceived. The appearance of this card in a tarot reading about infidelity is a revealing sign that your unfaithful partner is trying to hide a vile secret.

Finding a Tarot Reader

When unmasking an unfaithful lover, it’s best to ask for a tarot reading from experts. Reading the tarot on your own, especially when it’s about issues that can potentially trigger unwanted emotions, can hinder you from getting unbiased answers.


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