King of Wands as Feelings Love and Relationship Meaning

King of Wands as Feelings: Love and Relationship Meaning

The tarot cards reveal insightful information that can shed light on the different aspects of our lives. One kind of tarot reading designed to answer your questions about love and romantic relationships is the love tarot reading.  If you wish to know a person’s feelings towards you through it, you might want to look out for the King of Wands.

The King of Wands is associated with the fire element. He demonstrates power, drive, resiliency, dependability, and proactivity. If you draw this card in a love tarot reading, it means a person with the characteristics of the King of Wands is deeply attracted to you. 

To better understand the meaning of this card in a romantic sense, you might want to explore different tarot combinations involving it. It’s significant to note that when two different tarot cards share similarities, they reinforce each other in a tarot reading.

The King of Wands as Feelings

king of wands

The Kings in the Minor Arcana (the King of Cups, King of Wands, King of Pentacles, and King of Swords) are the authoritative figures in their respective suits. They exude confidence because they mastered the abilities of the tarot suit to which they belong.

Essentially, the King of Wands demonstrates his competence in turning his dreams and visions into reality. After all, this card generally signifies a person’s drive, determination, and energy to achieve their goals.

If a court card appears in your tarot reading, it means someone in your life with similar characteristics to that tarot court card has a significant influence on your situation. This individual can be you or somebody else.

The King of Wands does more of the doing and less of the thinking. He faces challenges head-on and thrives even in overwhelming circumstances. More often than not, the pressure he feels feeds on his drive to complete his tasks.

In addition to that, he doesn’t enjoy sitting back to watch things unfold. The King of Wands prefers to be in the middle of the action. This trait makes him an excellent decision-maker.

The King of Wands is never one to hesitate. If he decides on something, he’ll do everything in his capacity to fulfill it. His reliability is one of his many charms which attract the crowd.

In matters of the heart, the King of Wands suggests intense feelings of love, attraction, and adoration. Someone you know (or about to know) has fallen for you. Your presence gives them a boost in energy, and they’d grab the first opportunity to tell you how you make them feel.

They’re not only passionate but also confident. This person knows they’re charming (like the King of Wands), and they won’t hesitate to use their charms to make you take an interest in them.

One of the many things the King of Wands is known for is their raw honesty. Hence, it’s not surprising that the person represented by this card would initiate the first move and state their romantic intentions clearly.

You might also observe that your lover or potential partner is very protective of you. This trait is also one of the many characteristics of the King of Wands. After all, as an authoritative figure, he ensures to take care of his people.

The King of Wands in Love and Relationships

dating couple

In a love and relationship tarot reading, the King of Wands is a positive card to draw. This card means that the apple of your eye is an affectionate, warm, and reliable partner.

As one of the King cards in the Minor Arcana, the King of Wands represents masculine energy. Hence, in a relationship, this signifies that your significant other acts as a traditional partner who makes it their mission to provide for you. They ensure you have everything you need (may it be material or not).

If there’s one word to describe the King of Wands, it’s passionate. Therefore, your relationship with your partner is best described as fiery and intense. Both of you never fail to make everything an adventure.

This card also suggests that you’re a power couple because even though you’re both capable and independent on your own, you make a better team when you’re together. The two of you can achieve great things with each other’s support.

The King of Wands Reversed in Love and Relationships

reversed king of wands

If you read tarot reversals, you might want to be cautious if the King of Wands reversed appears. In general tarot readings, the King of Wands appearing in reverse can signify negative traits, such as arrogance, aggressiveness, and hot temper.

In love, the King of Wands can be overbearing and controlling. He might give more importance to what he thinks is right and disregard his partner’s opinions. There are times when his emotions take over him, and this leads to problems in the relationship.

Things might be worse if you’re not yet in a relationship with a potential partner and you draw this card. It means the person that embodies the characteristics of King of Wands reversed is being aggressive towards you. Their approach in showing their love can be too forceful to your liking.

The King of Wands reversed also loves being in control. If ever, at one point, his power over something or someone slips, he’d feel offended and irritated. Hence, it’s best to be heedful when this card appears in a love and relationship tarot reading.

King of Wands as Feelings (Tarot Card Combinations)

King of Wands and the Emperor

the emperor tarot

The Emperor is the father archetype in the tarot system. He represents structure, control, and security. In a love tarot reading, this card can either be a positive or negative sign depending on your situation.

If this card appears together with the King of Wands, it means one of you is feeling too much pressure to the point that it negatively affects your relationship. These two cards remind you that you need to share the burden for the relationship to last.

King of Wands and the Lovers

lovers tarot

True to its name, the Lovers signifies love, romance, trust, and passion. This card is arguably the best one to draw if you’re doing a tarot reading about love and relationships. It means the stars aligned, and it’s time to fill your life with the love you deserve.

The Lovers and the King of Wands appearing together means your relationship with your partner is bound to last. You’re deeply in love, and you’re ready to do anything for each other.

King of Wands and Temperance

temperance card

The Temperance card represents tranquility and peace in times of chaos or distress. This card is a relatively good one to draw in a love reading because it suggests two people bringing out the best in each other.

Paired with Temperance, the King of Wands suggests that your partner sees you as their home. They’re deeply in love with you, to the point that they often feel overwhelmed by their feelings.

King of Wands and the Devil

devil card

The Devil is arguably one of the most intimidating tarot cards. Generally, the Devil represents restriction and self-preservation. Ultimately, it’s a negative card to draw in a love tarot reading.

The King of Wands and the Devil tarot combination implies that someone you’re attracted to feels the same way. However, they’re not planning to take things to the next level. It’s best not to expect a serious relationship with this person.

King of Wands and Queen of Wands

queen of wands

The Queen of Wands is powerful, optimistic, and full of energy. If you see this card with the King of Wands, it means you and your partner are highly compatible. Both of you share the same goals in your relationship.

Final Thoughts

If you have questions about your romantic life, regardless of whether it’s about the past, present, or future, you can ask for a tarot reading. Professional psychics who specialize in love tarot readings can help you find the answers you seek.

It’s worth noting that although these experts provide excellent insight and advice, you still have a significant role to play as the querent. The tarot cards only give guidance. Ultimately, you have free will, and your romantic destiny depends on your actions and decisions.


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