Dreaming About Snakes in Water? 4 Major Meanings Unveiled

Although many people fear snakes, ancient civilizations and several cultures around the globe regard the snake as a symbol of power, transformation, and personal growth. A dream involving snakes usually signifies transition, the unconscious, a tricky situation, or the dreamer’s fears.

Meanwhile, dreaming about snakes in water helps the dreamer to understand their connection with their emotions and find their path in life. It can also be a wake-up call to follow their inner wisdom or release their fears and anxieties.

Aside from the general meanings provided, you can dig deeper and obtain a more personal and insightful dream interpretation by using the elements in your dream as clues. Doing so will help you find a connection between your dream world and your waking life.

Meanings of Dreams about Snakes in Water

1. Control Your Emotions

Snakes are wild animals. They’re challenging to tame or train and are best to be left alone. Seeing a snake in water in your dream suggests that some things in your waking life are beyond your control, which frustrates you to no end.

Remember to focus on the things you can control rather than those you can’t. You might be experiencing an onslaught of negative emotions that leads you to act impulsively. Reflect and think of what aspects or areas of your life you need to develop rhythmically.

Perhaps you need to pay the most attention to your emotional well-being. It’s advisable to prioritize addressing your emotional turbulence, even if emotional healing is a painstaking process that requires patience and determination.

2. Discover Your Life Path

As mentioned earlier, many cultures regard snakes as symbols of change and transformation because they shed their skin as they grow. A dream about snakes in water denotes that it’s time to self-assess and observe what changes you accept and don’t accept in your life.

It’s worth remembering that facing challenges is part of finding the right path. Failing, feeling confused, and getting overwhelmed is inevitable. No map can guide you to your destination because you need to make one yourself.

3. Listen to Your Intuition

Experts argue that dreams are products of your subconscious mind. Dreaming of snakes in water reminds you to listen to the voice within you. Your intuition or gut feeling will always provide crucial information, so listening to it with an open mind is beneficial.

Communicating and listening to your body is the most effective method to be more in tune with your intuition. Your physical body tells you more about yourself and the situation than you might expect. Once you’re aware of your conscious thoughts and actions, the rest will follow.

4. Let Go of Your Fears

woman jumping off a cliff

Many people have a phobia of snakes because they’re dangerous, unpredictable, and venomous (or poisonous). If you’re one of them, dreaming of snakes in the water means you must face your fears. Doing this is by no means easy, but you can work on it step by step.

Firstly, you must evaluate your fears. Often, people fear things they know nothing about, making them seem prejudiced. Therefore, educating yourself about the risks surrounding your worries will help you take a step forward in overcoming your phobias.

Common Snakes in Water Scenarios and Their Meanings

Dream about Dead Snake in Water

In dreams, a dead snake in the water signifies abandonment, manipulation, betrayal, and pain. It also symbolizes negative emotions, such as anger, rage, melancholy, and disgust. A dream about this means you must distance yourself from people who invoke these negative feelings.

Alternatively, this dream might denote missed opportunities. You’re too preoccupied with the trivial things in life that you overlook the opportunities in front of you. You can’t take these back, but now you can be more proactive by setting goals and taking consistent action.

Dream about Snakes in Clear Water

snake in water

Not all dreams involving snakes in the water have negative implications. For instance, dreaming of them in clear water means you’ll soon find stability in your waking life. If you’re bombarded with multiple problems at once in real life, this dream is a good omen.

Another possible interpretation of this dream involves the need to gain more strength and willpower to get through troublesome situations. Problems are part of life, so you might as well try not to let them bring the worst out of you.

Dream about Snakes in Murky Water

snake in murky water

To dream of snakes in dirty or muddy water suggests that the lack of transparency in your relationship leaves you distressed. Lies and misunderstandings might be the foundations of your relationship instead of trust, honesty, respect, and healthy communication.

This dream warns you of devastating events that might happen in your waking life, so it urges you not to brush what your intuition tells you aside. If you’re aware of the negative implications of your situation in your waking life, don’t hide and directly address the issue.

Dream about White Snake in Water

According to color psychology, white represents purity, innocence, mental clarity, and neutrality. A white snake in water in your dream depicts the things that prevent you from implementing order in your waking life.

The white snake in the water encourages you to distance yourself from people who emotionally drain you. These individuals might be psychic vampires that send you psychic attacks. They might be conscious or unaware of what they do to you, so it’s up to you to stay away from them.

Dream about Red Snake in Water

snake with a lotus flower

In dreams, a red snake in the water represents people who envy you. Although these jealous people are usually unkind and toxic, try to do your best not to judge them because there might be an underlying issue regarding their jealousy. Instead of being spiteful, show empathy.

Giving them back the same negative energy will only drain you. Remain optimistic and show your positive influence through words and actions. It’s better to confront these people face-to-face but calmly and composedly.

Dream about Yellow Snake in Water

Dreams involving a yellow snake in the water indicate the crushing pressure you feel in your waking life. Other people have high expectations of you, which are too much for you to handle. You’re aware that expectations can lead to disappointments, which torments you.

Taking a well-deserved break from society’s expectations of you is advisable. If you can’t eliminate the pressure, thrive under it. One way to do this is by developing internal control, balancing your strengths and weaknesses, and cultivating a positive mindset.

Dream about Green Snake in Water

You’re finally at peace with your emotions. This pleasant feeling manifests in your dream as a green snake in the water. You realized that acknowledging your feelings, including the negative ones, allows you to eliminate the emotional blockages that make you suffer.

After confronting your emotional pain and traumas, you proceeded to the next level, the acceptance stage. Remember to be kind to yourself throughout the healing process. Consider practicing mindfulness (e.g., guided meditation, yoga, etc.) to attain the best results.

Dream about a Huge Snake in Water

huge snake in water

Dreaming of a massive snake in the water sheds light on the untamed and raw emotions you must recognize and address. What you need at this moment is spiritual guidance to obtain self-fulfillment. Release your pent-up anger and frustrations to find peace of mind.

Perhaps other people mistreat you, and you’re not in a position to fight back. Not resolving such issues will negatively affect how you function and treat yourself. Bottling everything up will never solve your problems, so avoid doing this.

Dream about Baby Snake in Water

baby snake in water

Small snakes in water in dreams denote emptiness and imbalance. It’s a call to focus on your spiritual growth to obtain fulfillment. Remember that material and practical successes aren’t enough to fill the void in your heart caused by past painful events. 

Aside from the interpretation above, this dream can also have a positive connotation. It can signify security, comfort, stability, peace, and vitality. You’re doing better than you imagine, making you feel more motivated and energetic.

Dream about Snakes in Water Attacking You

A snake attacking or biting you in the water in your dream means you must manage your emotions before aggravating an already hostile environment. Your subconscious warns you about the harmful situation surrounding your home, social relationships, or workplace.

Alternatively, this dream can indicate the need to release the negative feelings you bottled up inside you. You’re on the verge of an emotional breakdown. Don’t test your limits; seek help from the people you trust who won’t judge you and your situation.

Dream about Snake in a River

brown snake in water

Seeing a snake in a river in your dream indicates your limitations. You’re facing numerous obstacles and challenges in your waking life and having trouble resolving them because of factors you can’t control. Perhaps you must first let go of the negative emotions you carry.

The snakes in the river can also signify the unwelcome changes you undergo. You’re attracting low-frequency energy without your knowledge. Change how you think and act because you unconsciously manifest the terrible things happening to you.

Dream about Snake in a Bathtub Filled with Water

Imagine a snake unassumingly swimming in your bathtub. It might be one of the most horrifying things that can happen to you in real life. A dream about this warns you that a person you trust harbors malicious intent toward you.

Keep things private and avoid oversharing because this person might use this information against you. Be cautious because you have no idea what danger this individual poses. Although their betrayal pains you, you must learn to let go of the toxic people in your waking life.

Dream about Swimming with a Snake

Fake people surround you in your waking life, and a dream about swimming with a snake warns you of that. They might harm you in ways you can’t imagine if you don’t do anything about your situation. Be cautious and don’t trust people blindly.

If these people threaten you, don’t hesitate to seek help from authoritative figures. You’re not alone, so don’t keep all your problems to yourself. Consider going to a professional psychic to ask for an energy cleansing.

Dream about Snake Getting Out of the Water

snake on a branch

A snake trying to get out of the water in your dream means you’ll encounter several problems and go through a roller coaster of emotions. Don’t lose faith and believe in your capacity to overcome whatever trials life sends you.

Avoid acting out or making significant decisions when you’re overly emotional. Keep calm and approach the problem with a rational head. You can do anything if you remain optimistic in the face of adversaries.

Final Thoughts

Your dream about snakes in water is a wake-up call from your Inner Self. If you still don’t comprehend what it’s warning or reminding you, project yourself back in your dream and try reconnecting with the snake. Recall other details that can help you understand its meaning.

For instance, ask yourself how you dealt with the snake in the water in your dream. Afterward, correlate it with how you handle your emotions in real life. Doing so will allow you to determine the factors that hinder you from improving your emotional well-being.


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